Interlude: Serious

Note: This chapter is still rated PG-13, but it references sex a bit more frequently and explicitly than usual. So this one is on the strong side of PG-13.


Okay, much better. Clara ran the towel between her legs one last time for good measure, then looked down hesitantly at the piles of clothes that littered the floor around her. Jesus, he really needs to invest in a hamper. She rolled her eyes in amusement before dropping her towel into a pile with the rest of Florian’s dirty laundry.

07-20-16_12-20-12 AM

Clara leaned forward and retrieved her bra and panties from the closest pile and pulled them on. The rest of her clothes were here too, somewhere. But there was no point in putting them on just yet – they were only taking a break. She knew it was only a matter of time before Florian was ready for round two. Well, really round… eight? No, ten? Clara tried to correct herself. She’d lost count a while ago.

At first, Clara had thought Florian was joking when he proposed an “all day sex marathon” before she headed back to school. But she quickly realized just how serious he was… A small smile curled onto her lips at the memory of how she and Florian had spent their morning.

07-20-16_12-21-44 AM

God, I’m gonna miss him so damn much. Clara thought as she finally emerged from the bathroom and made her way to the stairs. Normally Florian drove out to Falkenburg every-other weekend to visit while she was away at school. But not this time. Less than a week after she headed back to school, he and Lucas were going on tour with their band for nearly four months. Four months.

It was hard enough being without him for weeks. But months? Clara’s heart sank at the thought. It was the oldest cliché in the book, but she really felt empty whenever they were apart. Incomplete. How would she last until Christmas without him?

07-20-16_12-23-41 AM 07-20-16_12-26-58 AM 07-20-16_12-28-39 AM

“Hey, beautiful.” Florian’s entire face lit up at the sight of her. “I just ordered a pizza.”

“Italian sausage, extra onions?” She asked, returning his smile.

He nodded. “Light on the sauce.”

Perfect.” Clara laughed as she closed the distance between them. “I knew there was a reason I love you.”

07-20-16_12-32-08 AM

“Because I’ve memorized your pizza order?” He raised an eyebrow at her.

“Yup! And you never leave the toilet seat up.” She giggled and planted a kiss on his cheek. “What more could a girl possibly want?”

07-20-16_12-39-29 AM

“Hmm… do you really need reminding? Again?” Florian smirked playfully as he pulled her toward the bed

07-20-16_12-42-08 AM

“Mmm…” Clara sighed at his touch before pushing gently against his chest, shaking her head. “Pizza first.” She teased.

Her boyfriend nodded slowly. “Pizza first.” He agreed, then leaned in close, whispering softly in her ear. “But I think I know what I’m having for dessert.” Clara felt his fingers tug playfully at the waistband of her underwear. With a tiny wink, he rolled off of her and rose to his feet. “Wanna watch Game of Thrones til the food gets here?” He suggested. “I think there are some episodes on one of the On Demand channels…”

07-20-16_12-56-52 AM

Clara covered her mouth to stifle her giggles. Only Florian could go from sex-god to total geek in less than ten seconds. At last, she swung her legs over the side of the bed. “As long as it’s not Season Five.” She said with a smile.

07-20-16_12-59-42 AM

“Pfft! Are you kidding? After how they fucked up the whole Dorne storyline?!”

The young woman giggled, relieved. “Alright, let’s see if there’s a good Jaime and Brienne episode.”

07-20-16_1-01-58 AM


07-20-16_1-16-05 AM

“Hey, do you want another piece?” Clara asked a second time as she nudged Florian with her elbow.

But I bet it’s already cold… She realized, glancing down at the nearly empty pizza box. It was nearly four o’clock… The pizza had arrived almost three hours ago. So much for ‘dessert’… Guess our sex marathon turned into a Game of Thrones marathon. Clara almost laughed at the thought. She really didn’t mind. Just being with Florian was enough for her.

He still said nothing. “Um, hello? Earth to Florian?” Clara reached up, snapping her fingers in front of his face.

“Huh? Oh… s-sorry…” He pulled away from her slightly as he spoke. “Erm… What’s up, babe?”

07-20-16_1-14-52 AM

She eyed him curiously. He’d barely spoken for the entire last episode, and now he wasn’t even paying attention to a word she said. It wasn’t like him to zone out like that. Usually he’d be analyzing every detail of the episode and going into a rant about all the book-to-show changes. Even pizza didn’t get his attention… Something’s definitely up. “I was just asking if you wanted another slice.” She repeated.

“Oh. No, I’m good. Thanks.” Florian replied uncomfortably.

With a heavy sigh, Clara lifted the remote from the coffee table and turned off the TV.

07-20-16_1-14-19 AM

“You’re not ‘good’, Florian. What the hell is wrong with you?” It didn’t make any sense. He’d been fine all morning. More than fine. Despite her frustration, the thought still made her go weak. “Why are you being all weird?”

He took a slow, deep breath. “Clara. There’s something I want to talk to you about.” Florian moved in closer to her and reached out, taking Clara’s hands in his. “I… I’ve just been thinking a lot lately. A-about ‘us’, and stuff.” The words spilled awkwardly from his mouth. “I love you. A whole fucking lot. You know that, r-right?”

07-20-16_1-17-32 AM

Clara nodded nervously.

“And I th-think I… I wanna get married.” He appeared almost relieved as he finally managed to spit out the words. “Um, to you, I mean. Duh.” Florian added quickly.

07-20-16_1-20-26 AM 07-20-16_1-22-19 AM

For a moment, Clara said nothing.

Then, she burst into hysterics.

07-20-16_1-25-35 AM

“Hey, what the hell, Clara?! I’m serious!” Florian burst angrily. His cheeks reddened in embarrassment as he spoke.

It was several moments before Clara was able to calm herself down enough to speak. “No, you’re not.” She said at last, shaking her head. I should really be pissed right now. She thought to herself. That joke was pretty fucking mean.

“I am!” He insisted. “I mean it.”

07-20-16_1-27-30 AM

Clara had to choke back another burst of laughter. “Florian. You’re seriously proposing to me in your boxers, on your lumpy old couch, while eating pizza and watching Game of Thrones, after we spent the entire morning fucking like animals on every horizontal surface in your house?”

“Um… yes?” Florian shrugged, helpless. “What’s your point?”

This time, Clara’s amusement was replaced with annoyance. “Proposals are supposed to be all spontaneous and romantic!” She sighed heavily. “Y’know, a candlelit dinner? A romantic stroll through the woods? A walk on the beach? A poorly organized but well-intentioned flash-mob? Not… this.” She gestured at the room at large. “So quit pulling my leg. I know you’re just messing with me.”

07-20-16_1-29-10 AM

“What do you mean?!” Florian asked defensively. “How is this not romantic?”

“Um, do I need to go through the list again?”

He rose to his feet, furrowing his brow in frustration. “I made reservations for us at La Belle Vie tonight, okay?” His voice was growing louder. “I was gonna wait and do it there. All that cheesy romantic crap you talked about? That was my plan!”

07-20-16_1-30-54 AM

Florian paused for a moment. “But it felt so cliché. Like… fake, I guess.” He shrugged his broad shoulders. “All that stuff you just talked about – hot sex, cheap pizza, binge-watching geeky TV shows… That’s real, Clara. That’s us. And I don’t care what you think… To me, it’s the most romantic thing in the world.”

07-20-16_1-30-35 AM

Oh my God, he was serious. Clara’s stomach dropped as the realization hit her. I’m the biggest piece of shit ever. “Florian…”

“But I guess if you really wanted to marry me, you wouldn’t give a shit where I propose or how I do it… So it looks like I’ve got my answer.” He turned away from her as he spoke.

Clara felt the hot sting of tears creeping into the corner of her eyes. “Florian, wait!”

07-20-16_1-32-40 AM

He stopped at the sound of her voice.

“I’m sorry.” She continued as he finally turned around to face her. “I didn’t mean to be such a bitch… I swear to God, I thought you were kidding.” The young woman shook her head slowly as she spoke. “But I should have known you were serious…” A small smile came to Clara’s lips. “You’re usually so goddamn smooth. You only stutter like that when you’re nervous.”

“More like scared shitless.” Florian’s own mouth curled into a tiny smile.

07-20-16_1-33-30 AM

“And you were right…” Clara continued. “It was romantic.” She reached up and placed her hand against his cheek. “It was real, and honest… And I should never have laughed. I’m sorry.”

07-20-16_1-35-16 AM

Florian said nothing for a moment. “It’s okay.” He replied at last. “I know I sounded like a fucking moron. No wonder you thought it wasn’t real…” He sighed. “I had this big speech all ready for tonight, but the minute I looked at you… I kinda forgot it.” Florian laughed softly. “I even forgot to grab the ring…”

Clara’s eyes lit up. “There’s a ring?!”

“You seriously thought I’d propose without a ring?”

“Well, I dunno… You’re going all non-traditional on me, aren’t you?” She teased. “And besides, ring or no ring, my answer’s still the same…”

07-20-16_1-40-20 AM

“Is that a yes?!”

Clara just winked at him. “Spoilers.”

It was Florian’s turn to laugh. “You did not just pull some lame Doctor Who reference on me, did you?” He rolled his eyes. “Give me like five seconds.”

07-20-16_1-42-22 AM

It took him nearly five minutes to dig through his messy dresser and find the ring box.

“Alright, time for take two…” With a deep breath, Florian dropped to one knee.

07-20-16_1-43-57 AM

“Clara Elisabeth Klein, you are the most incredible, beautiful, amazing person I’ve met in my entire life. You’re funny and smart and creative… And a total freak in the sheets, which, y’know, is a nice bonus.”

“Oh my fucking God.”

07-20-16_1-48-18 AM

“And the point is… I wanna be with you for the rest of my life. So… Will you marry me?”

07-20-16_1-44-29 AM

This time, Clara did not even try to hold back her tears. “Of course.” She said softly.

07-20-16_1-59-51 AM 07-20-16_2-16-34 AM

“I love you.” Clara repeated the words again and again as she peppered Florian’s face with kisses.

He smiled and leaned forward, planting a soft kiss on her neck.

07-20-16_2-01-13 AM

“But, um… if anyone asks, you totally proposed at La Belle Vie, right?”

Florian laughed, nodding. “As a matter of fact, our reservations are in about an hour, if you still wanna go.”

07-20-16_2-03-34 AM

She nodded eagerly. “So… I guess we should think about getting dressed if we’re gonna leave for dinner, huh?”

“Sure.” He agreed. “But… I think I’ll have dessert first.”

07-20-16_2-05-30 AM 07-20-16_2-06-48 AM 07-20-16_1-55-33 AM


Note: I will still be updating my story while I’m gone, but I’m actually gone for the next four days to go see one of my favorite bands, The Last Shadow Puppets. I won’t be updating my chapter index at that time (just a heads-up!), but my chapters will still be posted on WP, and on the forums too! I’ll also have my phone with me to respond to comments, I just might be a bit brief in my replies!

And speaking of The Last Shadow Puppets, one of their songs is actually the song that I consider to be Clara and Florian’s “song” (his point of view, to her) ^_^ It’s romantic, but also a bit silly and also sexy… Just like their relationship! (Plus the line “You’re the first day of spring with a septum piercing” is simply too perfect, no? 😛 )

Here, if you would like a listen!

76 thoughts on “Interlude: Serious

  1. Hahaha spicy, romantic, and geeky is the perfect way to describe their relationship!!! They both share the geek trait and are totally head-over-heels haha and are quite a sexual couple as well (a la YA Alex and Jade haha) So glad you’re onboard this ship 😀 I love them together, if I do say so myself!

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      1. Haha they do have great personalities too. And they seem to have the ideal relationship. For now *looks at Amanda with suspicion* That’s a long time apart they’ll have to get through…

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        1. Four months is definitely a long time! I think that’s part of why Florian chose to people right now — he wants to promise her that commitment, y’know? No need to be suspicious… 😇

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  2. Daawwww Congrats you two!! I love their tattoos just are perfect (even her feet!) – their personalities complimentary and so flipping beautiful – I know its random but Clara’s pic when she is turning off the tv is stunning ❤ thanks for the update ❤

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    1. Thanks Lee! They are my new favorite couple hehe and I’m so glad you liked that picture of Clara ^_^ They appreciate the congratulations too 😛

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  3. Okay slightly longer comment now: I’m happy for them. Clara is still not my favorite, but I like her better now that she’s a little older. She seems more calm and peaceful, which is nice.

    And the proposal was adorable!

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    1. Clara is a lot calmer now haha maturity and being in love has had a good effect on her 🙂 And thanks! Florian was so adorably awkward haha he really loves her so much and he totally panicked XD


  4. Squeeee! I love them so much.

    If it’s any consolation, Clara, my fiance didn’t say ANYTHING when he proposed. Literally just kinda awkwardly got down on one knee and offered me the ring. But I did tell him I hated him before I said yes…

    Anyways. That ring really suits her, I think. Super pretty!

    Have a good time on your trip!

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  5. Aww this was so sweet. Btw that picture of the two of them on the sofa after eating pizza – the one with the pose – Clara’s hand is through Florian’s boxers! It made me laugh.
    I do think it was very romantic surroundings, but he shouldn’t have proposed while they were sitting in the sofa. He should have done it like the second time – get the ring and get down on one knee. That was definitely romantic!

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    1. Haha in that shot, her arm is actually bend upward, so her hand is near her shoulder 🙂 But clipping can definitely happen a lot with poses lol

      And yeah, Florian kinda had this weird moment there haha he just felt really close to her and kinda did it without thinking… Poor guy 😛 Not conventional, but he was definitely romantic the second time 😀 Thanks for reading!

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    1. Hahaha that was definitely the most “honest” one 😛 I think Clara is a little blinded by stereotypical ideas of love and romance. But thankfully she realized that eating pizza and watching GoT in their underwear can be romantic too 😉

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    1. Hahahaha! I’m glad you liked the Doctor Who reference! 😛 I really wanted Clara to have a DW tattoo 😦 but I couldn’t find a good one so she just has an HP one hehe


  6. *shakes head* Typical Clara. And typical Florian. Hehehe :p
    So many tattoos! Really me laugh for some reason!
    And you’ve read the books and not just watched the TV series? I am immeadiatly in love with Florian. Not because I like GoT (too violent for me) but because he’s actually read the books! Too many people wouldn’t have even heard of the books! (No offence to anyone who just watches the series but we’re all writers and readers here i think its alright for me to say that 🙂 )

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    1. Hahaha the tattoos are very appropriate for them XD And I’m glad you appreciate that Florian has read the books 😉 So have I 😀 Way better than the show (though the show got better last season haha)

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  7. I love the picture of them on the couch, her hand has disappeared into his boxers, lol. Great chapter, I do believe you’ve got everyone shipping Clara and Florian. I can’t wait to see their wedding. Maybe Joce can meet someone there?

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    1. Hahaha as I told kaffepigen, if you look again, her arm is actually bent upward, it’s not in his boxers! Haha

      I’m glad everyone is shipping them! Their wedding won’t be for a while. But who knows? Weddings are definitely good places to meet people 😉

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  8. Loved it…They are perfect together. ❤ So cute! Clara is really pretty and the purple hair and overly done piercings and tattoos suit her. And I would say she has definitely recovered from her horrible experience with Julian. I agree, another favorite couple. Great update.

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    1. Thank you Audrey! I’m glad you love Clara’s new look, and her relationship with Florian 🙂 I kinda made this chapter a little extra-sexualized to help make the point of how far Clara has come — she is in a loving relationship with lots of sex that she ENJOYS and does not feel pressured into 🙂

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        1. I’m glad she won you over in the end though hehe YA Clara is still rough around the edges, but she softened up a lot. Being in love will do that to you 😉


  9. YOU NOTICED THE TATTOO!!!! 😀 It’s my fave Hahahaha

    And yes, that’s how you know it’s true love 😉 Hehe I’m glad this felt real ^_^ Clara and Florian have a very “intense” love (they are totally smitten. You’ll see a bit from Clara’s POV soon haha) but they are really laid back and comfortable with each other ^_^ (like going from having wild sex to eating pizza and binge watching a geeky tv show like its nothing LMAO) thanks for reading 🙂


  10. Oh, and I’m glad you liked the ring! I downloaded like five different ones and that one ended up being my favorite 😀


  11. That song is so perfect for them thanks for posting it for us! Hope you enjoyed seeing the band. My favorite line from this chapter: “A poorly organized but well-intentioned flash-mob?” LMAO!

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    1. Hehehehehe I’m so glad you liked the chapter and liked the song too! I imagine it’s how Florian feels when he leaves Clara to go on tour 🙂

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    2. OH! I just realized that I forgot to reply to your “I hope you enjoyed seeing the band”. They were SO AMAZING LIVE *and* I got to meet them after one of the shows 😮 My life was made hehehe (and they played Clara and Florian’s song at both of the concerts! 😀 I was excited and totally thought of them LMAO)

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        1. Aw man, try to get to a concert when you can. Going to concerts is like, a hobby of mine hahaha. I have even flown all the way to London just to see my favorite bands (not this one, though they are in my top 5 favorite bands!). I live for concerts 😀

          Sorry for all the gushing haha I’m still on a bit of a concert high LOL

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          1. That’s so awesome! I’m really bad with crowds so I’d probably just have a panic attack but I’m still so jealous.


  12. That was so romantic and sweet – I love how real it was. This had me smiling so much 😀 That was such a great way to propose to Clara XD
    I also LOVE their tattoos, they look incredible ❤

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    1. YOU KNOW THEM??? 😀 Do you like Arctic Monkeys too? They were SO amazing live and I MET THEM after the show!!!!! I was shaking so much when I met Alex that my selfie with him is all blurry 😂

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      1. ofc I do.. what kind of question is that “do you like arctic monkeys?” like.. does the sun rise every day? haha
        and yep I loked shadow puppets their style of music is nostalgic (best way to describe it somehow haha)

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  13. It’s so cool, isn’t it? I love ti! 😀 And that’s how I feel about Clara’s Dark Mark tattoo haha I’ve wanted one for as long as I can remember, but I can’t have it because I’m a teacher (and I think it would be a bit much LMAO I already have five tattoos but none are of skulls/snakes hahaha)


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