9.48: Moving Forward

Thanks so much for your patience! ❤ I promised “by the end of the month”, and look! I just barely made it! LOL

The next chapter is already in the works and I’ve been feeling extra-inspired to write all of a sudden, so I promise you it won’t be two months again before the next chapter (or even one month, if I can help it!) You guys are all so awesome for being so patient and supporting. I appreciate it very much!

And now without further ado… Our first Ollie chapter of the adult arc 😉 Enjoy!


A heavy sigh passed Ollie’s lips as he looked around at the sea of cardboard that now littered his living room floor. He’d almost forgotten just how exhausting it was to pack up your entire life in a bunch of moving boxes — and this was already the second time he’d done it in less than two years.

11-29-20_9-22-33 PM-002

God, I need a beer break

As he made his way through the maze of boxes to the barren kitchen, Ollie could feel the dangerous stirrings of bitterness creeping up in the back of his mind. This meant it was twice now that he’d had to move. Twice his entire life had been turned upside down… Because of her.

11-29-20_9-23-21 PM-003

The first was right after their divorce — He’d moved into an apartment and let Natalie keep the house. Ollie had taken the high road and didn’t fight her on it… Or at least, that’s what he’d told himself at the time. 

Maybe I was really just letting her walk all over me. Maybe she really DOES have me whipped… even now. That’s the line that some of his former coworkers had liked to tease him with, and as much as he’d brushed it all off at the time, maybe there had been some truth to it after all. Hell, over a year after their divorce and here he was, moving across the entire country for her. 

11-29-20_9-25-55 PM-004

Not for her, Ollie reminded himself, thinking of his sweet little girl. For Violet.

Still, he wouldn’t be fooling anyone if he said this wasn’t exactly what Natalie wanted. And his wife had always gotten what she wanted — She could be so harsh and overbearing. That was a large part of what led to their constant fighting and resentment of one another (and, ultimately, the end of their marriage).

11-29-20_9-04-40 PM-001

And yet… 

She could be so fun too. So sweet. So loving. So protective of their daughter — and even of him, back when things were good. 

11-29-20_9-30-24 PM-006

He’d never forget his mother’s terrifying (and, thankfully, successful) battle with cancer several years back. On top of all the stress of surgeries and chemotherapy, the paparazzi had been absolutely ruthless. And, after one particularly difficult day at the hospital, he and Natalie had been bombarded as they made their way back to their car after a visit.

Ollie tried his best to shrug them off, but they knew exactly who his mother was, and refused to back down. Of course, Natalie put an end to that pretty quickly, at the cost of two broken fingers on her right hand, and a lawsuit from the bloody-nosed photographer.

Fortunately they were able to reach a reasonable settlement (which Callie was more than happy to help pay off), and were able to look back on it with laughter. “That’s what they get for messing with my husband,” Natalie used to say, with a playful smirk on her lips.

11-29-20_9-09-16 PM-002

Ollie smiled into his beer. There was a small part of him that still loved her, a little. Maybe he always would. It was hard not to, when there were so many good memories mixed in with the bad. And he missed those good days so much, even now. But he also knew that there was no going back. Their relationship was over — it had become much too painful and toxic for both of them.

The only way now was to move forward. And, if things went the way Ollie was hoping they would, maybe that would mean moving forward with Asher…

11-29-20_9-28-31 PM-005

Reaching out to him a few months back had been a crazy, selfish whim, but it was one that Ollie was immensely grateful he had listened to. Ollie was still kicking himself for his part in letting them drift apart from each other for so many years. But they were both going off to college; living thousands of miles apart; and, as kids that age so often were, figuring themselves out. They each had a lot of growing up to do, and now fate had finally brought them back together when they were older and wiser. Maybe it was for the best after all.

11-29-20_9-31-38 PM-007

Of course, it still drove him insane wondering what would happen between them now. That night they’d spent together had brought back so many old feelings, and part of him couldn’t help but think ‘What the hell are we waiting for?’ Hadn’t thirteen years been long enough? But Asher had made it clear — he didn’t want to rush into anything, and, much as he didn’t want to, Ollie had agreed. 

07-31-20_10-40-32 PM-013-001

Because really, what other choice did he have?

A sudden high-pitched sound broke him out of his reverie. Ollie balanced his beer on a nearby box and sat down on a small folding chair as he removed his ringing cell phone from the pocket of his jeans. Asher? He thought hopefully as he glanced down at the screen. 

He tried his best to hide his disappointment as he answered. “Hi Nat.”

11-29-20_9-33-36 PM-008

“Hey, Oliver!” His ex-wife replied cheerfully. To his amusement, she was the only person outside of his professional life who ever called him by his full name. And he’d always secretly liked it. “Just wanted to check in… How’s the packing going?”

“Slowly.” He let out a soft chuckle. “But it’s getting there.”

“Think you’ll be all set for tomorrow?”

11-29-20_9-34-37 PM-010

“Nope, the movers are gonna start heading across the country with a big empty truck.” Ollie replied, his tone playful. “Nah, seriously though, I’ll be fine.”

“Good.” He could hear the smile in Natalie’s voice. “Well, I know I’ve already told you a million times, but thank you. I know this isn’t easy, but you have no idea how much it’s gonna mean to Violet to have her daddy back again.” She paused. “And speaking of our little diva, I’ve gotta go drop her off at daycare in a few minutes… Wanna say hi?”

Ollie smiled. “Of course!”

11-29-20_9-34-17 PM-009

Natalie’s voice suddenly sounded muffled and far away. “Violet… There’s someone who wants to say hi to you!” 

“No!” A little voice shrieked.

Ollie laughed heartily. 

11-29-20_9-36-12 PM-012

“Are you sure?” He heard Natalie ask. “It’s Daddy!” 

The sound of tiny pounding footsteps flooded his ears for a moment, and then, “Dada!”

“Hey, Mouse! How’s it going?”

“Good! Dada, you comin’?” The three-year-old asked hopefully. “We goin’ jumpin’?”

Man, I got her obsessed with that trampoline place, didn’t I? Whoops… Ollie smiled to himself. “Not today… But guess what?”

11-29-20_9-35-06 PM-011


“In just a couple days, Daddy’s coming to visit… But he’s staying this time. And then we’ll see each other all the time again! Isn’t that great?”

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” Ollie had to pull the phone away from his ear at the sound of her excited cries. “We go jumpin’ allllll the time!” 

“Yes, Daddy will take you jumping.” He laughed softly. “This weekend, okay?”

11-29-20_9-37-27 PM-014


His chest grew warm with happiness. “Love you, Mouse.” 

“Love you too, Dada! Biggie much!”

“I love you very much too.” He replied gently. “Have fun at daycare, honey. You can give the phone back to Mommy now, okay?”


11-29-20_9-36-35 PM-013

There was the sound of tiny stomping feet again for a few moments. 

“You’ve got her hooked on that trampoline place.” Natalie laughed as she picked up the phone once more. “Might have to get her one for her birthday to help tide her over between visits… Anyway, I’ve gotta run. But I’ll be at the airport on Friday to pick you up, alright? See you then.”

“Thanks, Nat. See you Friday.”

11-29-20_9-38-46 PM-015

“Bye, Oliver.”

Ollie returned his phone to his pocket with a sigh, and took another long sip of beer. Of course it had been wishful thinking to believe that Asher would be calling him. It was only seven in the morning on the west coast. Asher was either getting ready for work, like Natalie; at work, already in the midst of a long shift; or getting some well-deserved rest. 

Guess I just really miss him, Ollie admitted to himself, grateful that in just a few days, he would no longer have to go weeks without seeing Asher anymore.

11-29-20_9-39-51 PM-017

It had been particularly hard since their last visit. To Ollie’s dismay, Asher had been more distant and unavailable than usual the past few weeks. At first, Ollie had panicked. Had he done something wrong? Scared Asher away? But his friend had assured him that he was just busy. ‘Work’s been a total shitshow,’ Asher had told him during their last phone call. ‘But I’m sure it’ll calm down soon.’

Ollie certainly hoped so, though with his new job with the firm out in LA starting soon, he knew he’d soon be swamped too. Maybe it was never really the distance that had been the real problem. Maybe it was just how busy their lives were becoming as they got older.

11-29-20_9-39-36 PM-016

Ugh. Adulting fucking sucks. Ollie sat back in the chair, turning on the large television in front of him. He barely watched real TV anymore, but it would be nice to have something on in the background while he continued his packing. He flipped mindlessly through the channels for a minute or two until a familiar name caught his ear from an entertainment news broadcast.

11-29-20_9-41-35 PM-018

“– arriving at Del Sol Valley Medical Center. Representatives of the couple have declined comment, but sources say it was Levon Jeffries who made the call to 911, leading to some speculation that it was Samantha Murdock who was brought in by ambulance late last night.” The perky woman onscreen spoke, interspersed with several shots of the hospital where Asher worked. “We will update as more information becomes available. Samantha Murdock is, of course, best known for her role on Strangerville with Dax Matherson and, most recently –”

11-29-20_9-44-51 PM-019

Ollie shook his head, tuning out the next few lines from the news anchor. And to think Mom wants to follow me and Violet back out there… With how bad the paparazzi still treated his mother here in New York, it was almost easy to forget just how much worse they were back home.

Those poor people… Doesn’t anyone realize they’re human too?
Despite his talent onstage, Ollie never regretted his choice to not follow in his mother’s footsteps. No amount of money was worth it. Not in his eyes, anyway.

11-29-20_9-45-26 PM-020

“And, as you might remember, it’s been a star-studded few weeks over at the hospital.” The anchor continued. “Nearly three weeks after his motorcycle collision, sources say that Bobcats quarterback Landon Littlehale is being transferred from Del Sol Valley Medical Center to a rehabilitation facility this weekend. Littlehale has released the following statement –”

Ollie felt his jaw tighten. The reaction was almost visceral. Had he just heard what he thought he heard?

11-29-20_9-46-30 PM-021

He pulled his phone out, doing a quick Google search for Landon’s name.

Sure enough, he found dozens of articles from a few weeks ago. In town for a fundraiser, a motorcycle accident, rumors of a spinal injury… the details of each article were more or less the same, including two things: That he was brought to the emergency room where Asher worked, and the date of the accident — The last time Ollie had seen Asher in person.

He got called into work that day… So he…

11-29-20_9-47-15 PM-022

Ollie shook his head, physically trying to snap himself out of it. Don’t go into this weird ‘jealous boyfriend’ mode. He scolded himself. After all, Asher wasn’t his boyfriend. Not yet, anyway.

And Asher wasn’t obligated to tell him he’d seen Landon again, was he? Would’ve been nice though…

Plus, Landon was practically ancient history now. Just some stupid high school relationship that didn’t really mean anything… right? Yeah, just like me and Asher were… He felt his stomach slowly sinking as the thought crossed his mind.

11-29-20_9-51-52 PM-023

No matter how hard he tried, Ollie couldn’t seem to shake the feeling that Asher had been hiding this from him on purpose. Was it really work that had been keeping Asher so distant? Or…

Ugh. I need to stop all this insecure bullshit. I’m sure I’m reading too much into it. Hell, maybe Asher didn’t even see him. There are plenty of other doctors working in the ER… 

Still, Ollie knew that there was only one way he could feel better. One thing that could ease his mind. His fingers were moving before he’d even consciously made the decision.

11-29-20_9-52-18 PM-024

It rang five times before Asher finally picked up.


“Hey, Asher…”

11-29-20_9-53-39 PM-001

24 thoughts on “9.48: Moving Forward

  1. Oh no! Poor Ollie! 😢
    It looks like he has discovered that he is once again trapped in the infinite triangle drama.

    I’m glad he’s having a sensible relationship with his ex and a loving relationship with his daughter after all. He will need all the hugs he can gather in the near future. 🥺❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The love triangle drama cannot be escaped! 😈😂

      He is very lucky in having those stable family relationships (including a good coparenting relationship with his ex). Hopefully they will help him as the drama sets in… 😬


            1. I’m on a break from it right now, but it will be back eventually! 🙂 If you use the “next chapter” buttons at the bottom you can see more info about why! I am pregnant (being induced tomorrow, actually!) so I’ve been really busy with doctor appointments/getting ready/etc and also had a lot going on mentally that made it hard to focus on writing, and now with a newborn it will also take up a lot of my time until I get back into a routine of my “new normal”. I love A2A and want to come back, but I needed a break to focus on my upcoming baby.

              My hope/dream is to be back in December or January! But I don’t want to make any promises yet. Thank you so much for reading and sorry for being missing for so long!


  2. Asher didn’t HAVE to tell Ollie. They aren’t dating. Just had one night. BUT I understand Ollie being worried. I understand Asher being confused also. Damn writer of this story loves making confusing messy triangles for her characters. lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly — He didn’t really do anything *wrong* by not telling, and Ollie knows that buttttttt there’s a lot of history there and Ollie is feeling very nervous 😬

      And Asher is… well, you’ll see 😂 (You’ll also see how Landon is feeling too 😉 😈)

      I’m awful, I know! Hehehe

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I loved seeing Ollie’s point of view. Those boxes! Brings back bad memories! Lol. I’m sure everyone knows that feeling. So, he still have some lingering feelings for his ex which is interesting. Although it is over. Maybe that’s good so they can get along for Violet’s sake. And I loved the phone call with his daughter. That was adorable!

    Then the newscast. So sad how they don’t leave anyone alone! I loved that Natalie punched a photog in the face! Lol. But then the look on his face when he realized Landon was at Asher’s hospital and Asher didn’t tell him. He felt so betrayed and jealous. Poor Ollie. Poor Asher. They are almost back where they started. Of course Landon does have a boyfriend. So not exactly.

    Happy to hear we might have more frequent updates! Yay!

    And thanks for the shout out to Samantha Murdock and New Beginnings! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ugh yes, moving is the worst! Poor Ollie 😂 There is definitely a bit of nostalgia and lingering affection for his ex, but he knows he needs to focus on moving forward now. Luckily they have a good relationship though, which helps with parenting cute little Violet! (She is heavily based on one of my nieces actually 😂)

      Hearing that Landon was at Asher’s hospital definitely dug up a lot of old jealousy and insecurity 😬 Poor Ollie. I think he just wants Asher to be honest with him.

      Thank you for letting me mention Sam! It was really fun to have these chapters coincide 😁😁😁

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ahhh!!! Ollie…you’re so right. Asher DIDN’T tell you because he’s still in love with Landon and he was feeling guilty. And if Landon didn’t mean anything to Asher, he definitely would have mentioned it. Not made up crap that he was just “busy”.

    Ollie’s right…he can’t go into jealous boyfriend mode or he’s going to drive Asher away from him. But I’m glad he’s going to make Asher tell him straight up. Also, it’d be good to know now before they really start anything. If Asher is carrying a big torch for ol’ Landon, I hope Ollie backs away before he gets hurt. 😭

    Love the nod to Aud’s story! Lol!!! Feels like it all fits together! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeahhhhhh Asher was 100% hiding this on purpose 😬 And I think Ollie knows that. Hopefully their phone call will help work things out! 🤞🏻 We shall see… There’s a lot of potential for hurt here, for many people. Let’s hope it won’t come to that though? Only time will tell… 😈

      Glad you enjoyed our mini crossover!!! It worked out perfectly! Little did Sam know that her professional and caring ER doctor is in the midst of some drama of his own 😂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Truth! His problems are nothing compared to hers right now, poor girl 😬

          And yeah, luckily he’s pretty good at going into “Doctor” mode. Dr. Rosebrook has his shit together. Asher though? Not so much 😂

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  5. I also am pleased to see Ollie’s pov. Reading this reminds me of the people on the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows dating and falling in love w/ multiple people how confusing. I am not sure I could do it heck even talking I try to stick to one maybe two. Ah moving, I’ve been 6 yrs in my house and there is still stuff in boxes I don’t’ want to get into (mainly paperwork) lol. I love that Ollie is able to coparent with his ex and that phone call was adorable. I hope it doesn’t change ever…little girls need both their parents. I can’t wait to read more and no worries if you take awhile…as a fellow educator I know this year has been crazy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha yes omg I don’t know how people can juggle feelings for multiple people at the same time! 😂 My characters have told me it’s not fun LOL

      Hopefully that good coparenting dynamic lasts! Like you said, she definitely needs both of them ❤️ And Ollie is so excited to be back in her life full time again soon!

      Thanks for your understanding! My goal is next chapter within the next two weeks, but we shall see 🤞🏻 Hope you’ve been doing alright during the crazy!


  6. Ollie sure makes it easy to like him in this little bit. I wonder what happened between him and his wife. Ex-wife. He is having really hard times right now, and I really want to see him happy. But this jealousy isn’t a good start. Being all jealous because the guy he wishes to date is a doctor that might be treating a hot guy? Seriously? Sure, Asher and Landon do have backstory. But Ollie is going from 0 to 100 far too fast. They are not dating, Asher owes him no complete “persons I might be dating essay”. There is so little trust here. And it would have been a nice gesture if his first thought would have been something like “I’m sorry for my old classmate, hope he will be okay” instead of this.
    In any case neither of these guys is a school kid anymore. They should be able to use words to solve their issues (even if I suspect a hereditary Rosebrook weakness here). Just go and ask. If it goes on like this the true threesome is some miles away.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally thought I replied to this comment, sorry!!! I saw it back when you wrote it!

      Happienss might be in the future for Ollie… But how he will find that happiness is another question entirely. And you’re right — he’s totally slipping back into a immature and jealous mindset… his immediate reaction was to feel the way 17 year old Ollie would have! Hopefully he can calm down and take a more mature approach soon…

      And rooting for a threesome? LOL You never know! 😛


  7. Ugh, I feel so bad for Ollie. He’s going through such a rough patch, and trying so hard to make the most of it. He shoukdn’t be so hard on himself for being the bigger person! And his admission of still partly loving Natalie is very healthy – it is impossible to entirely dismiss the feelings you’ve had for someone that you shared such a long-term bond with. Or at least, it is impossible if you are a caring person. I’m glad he’s so honest with himself, if that makes sense.

    Aww, he has it bad for Asher. As he damn should, haha. And here comes the news. Honestly, it’s a good thing Landon is a freaking celebrity, knowing the Rosebrook communication skills, Ollie would probably not even find out for ages. So this has forced some type of a discussion to happen. Oof, but the two of them are still on such fragile ground… thks is nerve-wrecking…

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    1. Yeah, this is such a low point for Ollie 😦 Lots of changes and he’s just trying to get by! And I’m glad you liked his admission to still having some love for Natalie. Like you said, it’s impossible to 100% erase those feelings. But of course, that just helps to make the situation even more difficult for Ollie. Poor guy haha

      And yes, he definitely has it bad! Though Asher does suffer from the trademark Rosebrook lack of communication 😂 At least Ollie found out. Now the question is how that conversation with Asher will go… 😬

      Thanks for reading, as always! I’m slow as molasses right now (literally about one chapter a month) so I’m sorry there really isn’t much to catch up on haha just this and the next one! (But chapter 9.50 is underway!!!! 🤞🏻)

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  8. I’m finally back on track! I’ve been away for a few months, was about 30 chapters behind 😮
    All caught up now! Man If you can read through them all at once (like I did last nice), what a rollercoaster of emotions!

    My boyfriend was totally confused that I was sad and happy and angry all at once, just by staring at some sims 4 screenshots 😁

    This is my favourite love triangle so far. And I really get it too, the confusion, the hearache, the happiness. Can’t wait for the next one!

    “Love you too, Dada! Biggie much!” 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s great to see you here again! I’ve been very slow lately (like one chapter every 1-2 months 😬) because my life has been a little chaotic. So I apologize now for the slowness!

      So glad you’re enjoying the triangle! It’s been so fun! Though sorry for the rollercoaster too 😂

      I think there is actually one more chapter after this! (But I think I forgot to put it on the chapter index 😱 I should go do that!)

      Thank you again! ❤️ Hope you’re doing well, and I’m hoping to have the next chapter out eventually 😬🤞🏻


  9. I’m all caught up. Still wondering who Asher will end up with. One thing the Rosebrooks seem to have in common with each other is a lack of communication. Asher doesn’t owe Ollie a complete novel on who he might be dating. I mean, Ollie and Asher weren’t in a relationship at this point.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe the mystery goes on… 😉 And you are so right about the Rosebrook communication issues! Unfortunately it’s like a plague for this family…. 😂

      (and actually, there is one more chapter! I think I forgot to put it on the chapter index page! But you can find it with the “next chapter” button).

      Thank you so much for this big binge! Sorry that the story is on a mini-break at the moment. I do hope to get back to it soon. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read!!!! ❤️❤️❤️


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