Interlude: Spill

Content Warning: This chapter touches upon a topic that may be sensitive for some readers. Please read with discretion.


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37, 38, 39… Clara’s eyes flicked back and forth as she continued her mission of counting all the individual rows of color in the fabric of her bedroom rug. The different shades of gray and black blended together almost seamlessly — her record was 56 last time. Maybe today she’d go higher.

“Alright, screw this.” Lena’s voice called her back to the present.

Clara watched, confused, as her friend rose to her feet and crossed the room to the stereo, flicking the power switch.

07-08-16_10-17-12 PM

Lena had brought over the new Frozen Gorillas album to let Clara borrow it, and the two friends had been listening to it together for the past half hour. Or at least, Lena had been listening.

Clara was too busy letting her mind wander. She’d been doing a lot of that lately.

“Hey! What the hell? Clara cried as she scooted over to the edge of the bed. “That was a good song.” I think. She added mentally. The bassline had started off pretty cool, hadn’t it? Or maybe that was the song before this one… Clara couldn’t remember.

Lena just rolled her eyes, returning to join her friend on the bed. “I didn’t come over here so we could sit around doing nothing like a couple of social rejects.”

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Clara raised an eyebrow. “But… That’s what we always do. And we are a couple of social rejects.” She replied, her voice serious.

Her friend ignored her. “Come on, Clara. Spill.”

She felt an uncomfortable twisting sensation in her stomach at Lena’s words. “What are you talking about?”

07-08-16_10-26-05 PM

“I haven’t seen you in like two weeks!” Lena sighed, clearly annoyed. “Well, except at school, but that doesn’t count.” She added quickly. “I need the dirt on you and lover-boy. Obviously things must be getting pretty damn serious if you’re even ignoring me now.” The girl chuckled softly to herself. “So tell me what’s going on.”

Clara just shrugged. “Nothing’s ‘going on’, Lena.”

“Bull. Shit.” Lena shook her head. “You’re acting so fucking weird. Something’s up. You’re… different.” She paused, and appeared to be looking Clara up and down for a few moments. Then, her eyes widened.

“Oh my God. No fucking way!” Lena laughed gleefully. “You had sex with him, didn’t you?”

07-08-16_10-31-29 PM

Clara tried to smile, then nodded slowly.

“Ahhhhh! You fucking bitch!” She shoved Clara’s arm playfully. “I was so sure I’d beat you to it.” Lena smiled. “Not that I’d ever lose my v-card quite the same way as you… Duh. But Rachel let me get so friggin’ close last summer.” She sighed almost wistfully. “Too bad her psycho parents put an end to that.”

“Heh. Yeah.” Clara forced another smile. “I remember.”

07-08-16_10-34-21 PM

Lena leaned closer to her. “So…?”

“So what?”

“Come on, Clara! What was it like?”

07-08-16_10-35-40 PM


Clara sighed softly as Julian’s mouth moved against hers, and savored the feeling of his strong, powerful hands holding her close to him.

It was hard to believe it had already been a month since the first night they’d met at Lucas’ awful concert. Julian had taken her to the movies to celebrate, not that they’d paid much attention to the film… In fact, Clara had to admit that she usually spent the majority of her time with Julian staring at the inside of her eyelids and studying the geography of his mouth with hers.


Not that she minded very much, but Clara always loved talking and laughing with him more than anything. She just wished they could do more of it.

“Woah there, mister.” She laughed, pulling away from him.


One of Julian’s hands had begun to stray a bit further than she was comfortable with. It felt like she was always reminding him to slow down.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” He asked softly. His voice was so rich and deep — the sound of it always sent a pleasant shiver down Clara’s spine.


She smiled softly at him. “It’s getting late… I should probably head home. My parents will have a freakin’ conniption if I’m out past midnight again.” Clara rolled her eyes.

With a soft sigh, she rose to her feet, stretching her arms over her head for a moment. She really was getting tired. I guess all these late nights are starting to take their toll.

“Hey, who gives a shit about your parents?” Julian grumbled from his spot on the bed.


Oh God, this again. Clara mentally shook her head. It seemed like her boyfriend was putting up more and more of a fight lately every time she headed home. Doesn’t he get that I have school in the morning?

“Unfortunately, I do.” She replied with a small chuckle. “Against my better judgement, of course.”

In an instant, Julian was on his feet and swept in to stand in front of her. Seconds later, his mouth was on hers.


All Clara could manage was a soft “Mmm” as he slowly backed her up onto the bed once more. She smiled against his lips. “This is nice,” She whispered between kisses. “But I’ve really gotta go.”

“Like hell you do.” Julian replied, climbing on top of her. “Tell them you stayed over with that little friend of yours.”

Before Clara could reply, he silenced her with another kiss.


Staying over? She felt butterflies in her stomach at the thought – and not entirely pleasant ones. He knows I’m not ready for that.

Clara shook her head and gently pushed him off of her. “I can’t.” She said. “I’m sorry.”

Julian narrowed his eyes at her, then rolled over, flopping back onto the pillows with a heavy sigh.


A wave of guilt washed over her. He must think I’m such a fucking baby… And maybe I am. Clara thought sadly. But she couldn’t help the way she felt. “Maybe another time.” She said softly. “But not tonight. Sorry.”

The young girl shifted her weight and prepared to rise to her feet when she was startled by a sudden firm grip on her wrist. “Stay.” Julian said. It didn’t sound like a request, or a plea.


More like a demand.


Before she even had time to react, he’d pulled her down onto the bed. In moments he’d climbed on top of her, straddling her body and holding her down against the pillows with his powerful hands.

“Julian, what the Hell?” She sputtered, still shocked by how quickly he’d moved. “What are you doing?”


He smirked down at her. “Convincing you to stay.” Julian replied playfully.

Despite his light-hearted response, there was something in his eyes that sent another flurry of unpleasant butterflies racing through her stomach.

Clara swallowed hard against the sickening feeling. “Very funny.” She forced a laugh as she wrenched her arm from his grip and pushed against his chest.

He chuckled softly, but said nothing.


“You’re such a goofball.” Clara continued, smiling as she pushed a bit harder and began trying to shift her body out from under his. “But the joke’s over.”

A panicked gasp passed Clara’s lips as she felt herself slammed back against the pillow once more, much harder than the first time. What was he doing? She felt her heart pounding relentlessly in her chest.

“I’m not joking.” He whispered harshly, staring deeply into her eyes for a moment.

Julian bent forward then, planting soft kisses all over her face and neck. “Relax, baby.” His tone was much gentler than before. “I just wanna have a little fun… Don’t you?”


Clara bit her lip. “I… I don’t know.” She struggled to find her voice. Fuck. Oh my God. What’s he doing?

He pulled back from her slightly, locking eyes with her once more. “I love you, Clara. And I want you. All of you.”

She said nothing. For a moment, time seemed to stand still.

He loves me? Clara’s heart leapt as she replayed the words again in her mind. “I love you, Clara.” No one had ever told her that before… Not in the way he just had. How long had she dreamt of hearing someone say those words to her? Much longer than she was willing to admit.

He loves me. She thought. This time, it was not a question. And I love him too, don’t I? Clara still remembered what her mother had said when she’d interviewed her for the blog. “When you love someone, you give them everything.”

Clara took one slow, deep breath. “I love you too.” She said at last. Then she closed her eyes, and allowed her lips to meet his…



At last, Clara opened her mouth to speak. “It hurt a little at first.” She admitted. “But then it felt pretty good. Julian definitely knows what he’s doing.” For a moment, she almost smiled. “I guess it just wasn’t exactly what I’d been expecting… Not the first time, at least.” She shrugged.

“First time?” Lena raised an eyebrow, clearly impressed. “So, uh… How many times are we talking here?” She laughed.

“I dunno. A bunch.” She replied, her voice flat.

07-08-16_10-36-46 PM

It was all Julian wanted to do now, ever since that first night. They never went anywhere, or did anything, or even talked to each other anymore. He was practically ripping her clothes off from the moment she’d walk through his door.

It’s making him happy. She reminded herself. He loves you….

Then why does it feel so wrong? Another little voice seemed to ask.

Before Clara even knew what was happening, she found herself bursting into tears. Fuck. She cursed herself mentally as she struggled to regain her composure. Get a goddamn grip.

07-08-16_10-51-36 PM

“What the hell, Clara?! What’s wrong?!” Lena reached out to put her arm around her friend, but Clara shrugged her away.

“It’s nothing.”

“Yeah, right. I’m not a fucking moron. Talk to me.”

Clara took a few slow breaths, calming herself as much as she could. “I guess… I just feel like maybe I rushed into this whole sex thing.” She shrugged. “I wasn’t ready the first time, Lena. And I think I’m still not ready.”

07-08-16_10-57-09 PM

It should have felt good to finally speak the words out loud. Instead, Clara felt nothing but shame.

“Then why are you doing it?!” Lena burst, the shock apparent on her face.

“Because he loves me! He wanted to do it ever since we first met, and he was patient with me for weeks. It’s not fair to hold out on him any longer just because I’m too much of a fucking coward.”

Lena’s eyes narrowed. “No, it’s not fair to YOU to rush you into something you’re not ready for! Sex is a big fucking deal, Clara. Did you tell him you didn’t want to?”

Clara nodded.

Lena paused and appeared almost nervous for a moment. “I mean… He didn’t like… force you or anything, did he?”

07-08-16_10-57-43 PM

“WHAT?! No!” Clara could not believe what her friend was saying. “I mean yeah, I didn’t want to, at first… But I changed my mind.” She insisted. “And I liked it! I’m fine now. I don’t know what I was getting all worked up about before.”

“You’re not ‘fine’, Clara! We wouldn’t be having this conversation if you were. Now cut the shit and tell me what’s happening.”

Clara hesitated. Talking to Lena about this was a huge mistake. She knew it was. But she also knew she couldn’t lie to her friend. “Okay, okay… Sometimes I just kinda feel like it’s all he wants to do now, I guess. I mean, he texts me and invites me to his place and… that’s all we do. And it kinda makes me feel like I’m…”

“A booty call?”

07-08-16_10-59-50 PM

She glared daggers at Lena. “It’s just not what I was expecting. That’s all. But I’m fine, Lena. I’ll get over it. This sex thing is still new to me. I’m just getting used to it.”

Her friend shook her head slowly. “Clara, what the fuck are you doing?! I can’t believe you never told me about all this… Why are you still with this guy?”

“Because I love him!”

Lena just sighed. “Maybe you do, but he doesn’t love you, Clara. He wouldn’t treat you like this if he did. He’s using you for Christ’s sake, can’t you see that?” Lena’s voice was growing louder and louder with every word. “Are you that fucking blind?”

07-08-16_11-19-40 PM

Clara couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She’d been expecting her friend to be supportive… To tell her everything would get better. That she was making too big of a deal out of this whole thing. That Julian loved her, and she was doing the right thing…

She hadn’t been expecting this.

In an instant, Clara was on her feet, her hands balled into fists at her sides. “And what the fuck would you know about love, Lena? You’re just jealous because you’re a loser virgin who can’t keep a girlfriend for more than two weeks.”

07-08-16_11-23-02 PM

For a moment, Lena almost looked like someone had slapped her. “Okay.” She said at last, rising from the bed. “I’m gonna let that one go because clearly you’re not yourself right now. But Clara, this guy sounds like bad news. You can’t keep letting him use you like this.”

He loves me.

“I never thought I’d say this, but maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to talk to your parents about –”

07-08-16_11-25-22 PM

“Shut up, Lena! Shut up!” Clara closed her eyes and fought to calm herself. It almost worked. “Thanks for bringing the CD.” She said softly. “But shouldn’t you be heading home?”


“Bye, Lena.”

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92 thoughts on “Interlude: Spill

  1. D: No!!! I mean, I figured it would happen eventually, but this was worse than I could have imagined.
    A close family member of mine has also been raped by her ex, and although she can’t tell me much without breaking into tears, I feel like the situation you’ve described here is terrifyingly realistic. Thank you for neither sugarcoating nor dramatising that scene. I can tell that you put a lot of work into making it respectful and suspenseful at the same time.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you SimMim, I worked very hard on portraying this scene as best I could! I am so sorry your family member had to go through that! That’s awful 😦

      Julian definitely pressured her heavily (both physically and verbally) and manipulated her by saying he loves her… :-/ It’s a very gray area, so it can be considered rape depending on your perspective. In Clara’s eyes, it wasn’t since she technically consented in the end. But the means to get her to consent was definitely not right at all.

      Thank you for reading. This was a tough one to write.


  2. Wow. O_O
    So, I’m a firm believer that manipulating someone to sleep with you is rape. I get the grey area of trying to get your partner in the mood, and how that wouldn’t be rape, but Julian screwed with her emotions and forced her to stay when she said she couldn’t multiple times. He’s a dick. Plus, he’s 24 and she’s 16. Since she’s a minor, she can’t give legally give concent, so legally it would be rape.
    I’m a little passionate about the subject. A family friend was raped at a party, and my mom was raped by her boyfriend. It was similar to Class’s situation, but the boyfriend was clearly told no several times.
    Anyways, great chapter! So intense. I just want someone to knock some sense into Clara, but know that’s be difficult. She thinks she’s in love, and it can be hard to get people to see around that. *sigh*

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Totally rape in my book too! The sneaky part is he masked it to feel like choice, but what gets me is how long would he have kept her there if she kept saying no? That’s what really makes in rape in my book. I fear he wouldn’t have let her go on her own, he’d already stopped her like three or four times, each one getting worse.

      Clara, you know this doesn’t make you feel good, and that’s the clincher, you can stop any time, and if he won’t stop…and I doubt he will…you got to be rid of him fast, before you end up in more trouble.

      Ugh, even I can’t find a silver lining on this guy’s behavior. No happy endings for him! He doesn’t deserve the same treatment poor Diego did.

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    2. Unfortunately in Germany the age of consent is 16, so in the eyes of the law, it’s legal :-/ But I agree that it was basically rape. He manipulated her horribly 😦 I am so sorry that you had family members in similar situations! That’s so horrible.

      Clara is blinded by love. Or what she THINKS is love. I hope she can snap out of it 😦

      Thanks so much for reading!

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      1. Ah, that makes sense then. You learn new things everyday!
        Really hoping she can snap out of it! Also kinda hoping someone beats the carp outta Julian, haha (this would be a great moment for Stefan to drop by for a visit… Then he and Tobi could ‘have a talk’ with Julian… XD).
        Thanks for writing this! I am seriously in love with this family.

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  3. Poor Clara. 😦 That was worse than I thought – I was hoping she would be able to stop him, but he manipulated her so badly that she doesn’t see it for what is really is even though deep down she knows and when Lena called it, it made it painfully clear, she could no deny what happened and was still happening. I hope she takes her friends advice and is strong enough to confide in someone soon. She needs help big time. This will only get worse for her the longer she waits. And what will happen the next time he texts her. Will she go? I bet he starts bragging about getting her in bed kinda like Anna bragged about dating Tobi – they do go to the same gym and the ass knows she is Tobi’s sister so Tobi could find out from Anna.

    I am afraid Clara’s guilt that she thinks she encouraged the jerk and it was consentual will keep her from seeking out someone. Somehow I think Tobi will find out and confront her but I don’t see her going to him first. If he does find out, I can see Tobi charging over and beating him to within an inch of his life which he totally could do, but of course that wouldn’t solve anything. I don’t see her going to Jocelyn either, it would be too humiliating. Maybe Jocelyn will go to Tobi and let him know something is wrong with Clara and he will ask her. All in all, Mari seems the logical choice for Clara but I am not clear how strong their bond is for Clara to feel comfortable enough to open up. Seriously, this dude needs to be locked up and soon and Clara needs help dealing with what happened and to know it wasn’t her fault. 😥

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Your comments are always so insightful! I love all of your thoughts on what could happen. It’s all very possible at this point…

      We’ll see where it goes. But hopefully something happens soon. Poor Clara 😦


  4. Her family was so right about him! She really needs to open her eyes. It’s so sad. Julian practically raped her! She doesn’t love him and he sure as hell does not love her. She’s way too young for this kind of relationship. It’s gonna mark her forever.

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  5. *waits for heart-rate to slow down*
    *waits for hands to stop shaking*
    *waits to stop sweating and then realises that it’s 35 degrees so it’s never going to happen*

    Clara, you’ve been raped and you know it. This Julian is worse than I thought.
    Come on Clara, you must have a trusted adult you can tell.
    *hugs Clara*

    Very powerfully written, Citizen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. (Don’t worry about the autocorrect, I knew what you meant 😉 ) And yeah, Clara really needs to stop being so blinded by her dreams of love and open up to someone! 😦

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  6. Oh, Clara. You poor thing.
    I promise he’s not worth it! Even if he did love you (which he obviously doesn’t), you deserve someone who treats you how you want to be treated. Doesn’t make you feel how you do.

    I hope Tobi gets over himself and his fear of Colette finding out about Anna and can be there for her.

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  7. Come on, Clara, you are stronger then this. You are too smart to stay a victim forever. Kick Julian in his crown jewels and dump him. You can’t love a guy with whom you stay locked at his home all the time. Use your writing skills and your blog. You’re angry at wrong people. Use the anger for something good, like telling the world what a s.o.b. Julian he is. This is not you.

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      1. This is so unlike the image of her I have in my mind. The cheeky girl who sees through everyone quickly. I know love is blind, but even a blindman is not completely helpless.


        1. Clara puts on a very tough act, but if this were TS3, she would have the “hopeless romantic” trait. She’s a naive 16-year-old girl. She has these teenage fantasies of love and romance and she doesn’t want to accept that that’s not what this is. Deep down, she knows the truth. But she is in major, tobi-like denial right now.

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  8. It is a very sensitive subject … My eldest daughter was date raped when she was a teen … She saw the red flags but thought she could handle it … He handled her. You did a great job with it .. Sadly for most young women in her shoes they end up in a long term abusive relationship … Always hoping that Prince Charming will emerge from that toad.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry that your daughter had that horrible experience! That’s so sad. 😦 This could definitely be the start of a dark path for Clara unless she finds a way to snap out of it soon. Let’s hope she does… :-/

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  9. This makes me even more furious at Tobi. You let a 16 yo CHILD manipulate you into letting her stay in a dangerous situation. So selfish and unforgivable. If this was your daughter and she had something on you would you let her stay in a harmful situation? She was manipulated by a much older guy and pressured and pressured and BULLIED until she broke.


    1. You bring up a really good point here. If Tobi hadn’t kept her secret, it probably wouldn’t have gotten to this point… :-/ I hope you don’t hate him forever. But I understand your anger.

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  10. ❤ I promise to get back to a normal schedule in the fall work has been killing me literally but know that I am reading and this update was impacting. It goes to show that even tough girls can get played 😦

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  11. It made me think to that gaga song…
    Till it happens to you…
    I have been lucky with boys and taught well about sex and feelings when I was 13 as back then I desperately fell in love with someone 7 years older than me so u can relate with the age difference. Anyway I told my parents since moment one and they got to meet the guy and his parents too and we were given strict rules at the beginning. We waited 3 years before doing anything and anyway we have been together for 6 years…
    OK. We can blame Toby. But I haven’t really see Mari and Jonas talk a lot with her or even being worry about her routine.
    Few posts ago it was clear that the family is aware of her blog and yet seems noone cared to ask why she had stop write in it.

    I am sorry but I think Mari is more to blame. She is so fragile and everyone has to worry about her. I kinda can’t stand it. How she acted for the whole Josh thing… Mari is not a child. I really hoped Clara would have been her chance to prove she could be a good mother but I think she failed this too.

    Mari should have recognize the symbols because of what she been trou.

    I know that most sympathize for Mari. But can you really imagine how hard it is grow up with her as mother? A complete Hell


    1. Wow, harsh words about Mari! We have already seen that she and Jonas have been talking to Clara but she is still making excuses and hiding secrets from them. She’s not being a horrible or negligent mother, she just has a moody teenage daughter who won’t open up to her. So far, Mari has had no indication that there’s anything seriously wrong.

      Mari is not fragile or over emotional anymore. She has finally moved on from it and matured in the past six years. She is a caring and devoted mother who loves her children. I assure you that Clara, Tobi, and Stefan would never call it “hell” to have her as a mother! 🙂

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      1. Having a dysfunctional mother who always holds a pout and people have to understand her because of her past is an hell, believe me… did we forget how poorly she dealt with claras questions about Josh when she was just a kid? Maybe I am reading it wrong but I have had a mother like Mari, I know what it means sadly to have a parent stuck in their healing process and of course they neglect parenting. And the consequences fall down on the kids. On Clara in this case.


    2. I am sorry if my reply sounded harsh or something haha I was just really surprised by your comment. Mari really hasn’t done anything wrong in this gen (yet! Haha you never know what might happen)


      1. Nooo please not being sorry!!!!
        I am always thankful for your story! I grew so close to your sims that I am naming mine after yours from this legacy 🙂
        I think to this as it was a real story and so maybe I am over reacting


  12. Clara, you broke my heart 😦 I was crying, sick and very angry reading this chapter. I want to give her a big hug and punch Julian in the face along with a great big kick in the balls! 😥 😡

    He doesn’t love her, not one bit! It was just another form of manipulation to get her to relent to his advances! I don’t care how long you ‘hold out’ on a guy, If they really loved you and cared about how you felt, then waiting however long – even years – wouldn’t be too much to ask!

    I’d put the prick behind bars! Clara you were sexually assaulted, whether you realise it or not, and also have been mentally abused as well. This is not good at all. I’m really worried for her. Please Lena, tell someone – or even you Clara. It’s good she opened up to her friend, but her family really needs to know (trust me on that…I know).

    I was cheering on Lena in this part, even if it was a bit harsh the way she said everything – Clara kinda needs to hear it either way. GO LENA!!! (I hope something is done about this soon, it’s a very bad situation).

    Thank you for the chapter. It was hard to read, but it certainly moved me! I want to reach through the screen and give that guy a big ass kicking!!!

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    1. I’m sorry if I got really angry, but around seven years ago I was molested and it’s still hard to deal with to this day 😦 I kept it a secret for 3 months, until I finally let my mum know and it was the best thing I ever did. I can say that one of the reasons I never mentioned it was because I didn’t want to believe that it had happened, that it was real – Maybe Clara feels that way too?

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      1. It’s totally fine of you to get angry, and oh my goodness I am so sorry you had to go through that! That is so so awful! 😦


    2. I’m glad this chapter had such an impact, but I’m sorry it was so hard to read. It was very hard to write too 😦 You are so right about the situation — someone (an adult) needs to know what’s happening, and Julian needs a massive kick in the balls for sure (and maybe a few other places…)

      We’ll see whether Lena does anything…

      Thank you for reading!


  13. Oh my Gawd! this was intense! 😍 I absolutely loved the screenshots and it’s so well-written, too!
    I feel sad for Clara, I hope she starts listening to everyone around her and realizes what a huge mistake she’s making! 😦 She’s deceiving herself and that’s not good at all!

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    1. I’m sorry it wasn’t clearer. I consulted with a few of my readers before publishing this about how to word the disclaimer, and the consensus was that being more vague would be best, as it would not spoil the plot but would still let readers know to be on alert (so that they could stop reading if things are too much for them).


      1. Yeah I know it would be a spoiler. I don’t know if WordPress has a spoiler tag of sorts? It’s just, if this is a trigger for someone, by the time they realise where this is going it might be too late.


        1. As far as I know, WP doesn’t have one. I feel really, really horrible right now. I’ll change the disclaimer.


        2. I changed the disclaimer. I’d rather spoil the story than risk upsetting and offending others in the future. I’m really, really sorry.

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  14. Yeah, this is a super painful situation 😦 Writing this was so hard! I think Mari and Jonas are really struggling because they KNOW something’s up with Clara, but she will NOT talk ( as we kinda saw in Joce’s last chapter). She really needs to open up to someone besides Lena about what’s gonig on :-/


    1. Lucky for you, I post five chapters a week 😛 So I don’t keep you waiting long 😉 But I totally recommend a Thoreau binge regardless! 😀

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      1. Haha! Usually I don’t have time too, it’s often just a chapter before work while I’m eating breakfast, but I was able to binge on a few chapters this time. Let’s just say that I “hate” cheating and that shit that Julian pulled, makes me so mad! 😀

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  15. “Frozen Gorillas” IS THIS THE FREAKING ARCTIC MONKEYS XD I love it
    Oi, I wrote that part of the comment before reading the rest. That was tough to read. It happens to so many people, and especially young people that just want to feel loved. I’ve known a handful of girls that have gotten into really bad situations because they hated themselves and wanted to feel loved. They were willing to do anything, even if they didn’t want to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ok to get the fun part out of the way… yes 😂 AM is one of my favorite bands, so I couldn’t resist 😉 (actually as a YA Clara has a legit Arctic Monkeys sticker/poster thing on her wall that I downloaded 😂)

      But yeah… the whole situation she’s in is really sad. 😦 and not uncommon either, as you said. This one was very difficult for me to write. It made me sad and uncomfortable 😦 Poor Clara


  16. This is very surprising. I feel like it’s out of Clara’s character. I know she is a teenager in love. But this level of self-destructive behaviour is disturbing. The way she clinges to his “I love you” made me feel like she was a neglected child who never got to hear that from her parents – and I know that’s no the case, so I don’t understand where are her emotional issues coming from. :/


    1. Sorry this felt out of character to you! She was not neglected but she has always felt like a misfit and wanted love. She’s a hormonal teenage girl without a lot of friends who finally has a boyfriend. She’s been loved by her parents but has also grown up in a very large and full household full of drama haha so I think she really wants the attention as well. To me this makes sense for her.

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      1. Don’t be sorry! I don’t mean to criticize you or something (I would never do that! It would feel like criticizing J.K. Rowling.) I’m just curious about the thinking process behind the writing 🙂
        As for Clara, she had me fooled, I guess. I understand her confidence is just an act but I find it… well, unbelievable that she would stay in a relationship like that.


        1. Clara is actually very insecure, much like her mother. She actually doesn’t see it as abuse, because she’s been manipulated


  17. I know I’m a year late commenting on this, but I started reading A2A after finishing the Bloomer Legacy. This chapter was very well written. Honest.

    I have PTSD from being sexually abused for seven months when I was fourteen (in 21 now). He was eighteen. He used the same tactic of “love” to keep me infatuated, and so this chapter was difficult for me. I had to step away multiple times to keep calm.

    Because of that, I want to congratulate you on this chapter. (And all the rest so far! Very wonderful!) I always love an author more when they can touch my emotions. I’m excited to see how Clara progresses and recovers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow, thank you for sharing your experience. I’m so sorry that you went through that. That’s terrible! 😦 I’m also sorry that this chapter was so difficult for you. It was definitely painful to write as well.

      I really appreciate you reading my legacy. Thank you so much ❤


  18. She needs to talk to her mom NOW! Their situations may not have started the same way, but Clara can very quickly go down the same path her mother went because of this. Mari would be extremely upset but would understand and possibly be able to head Clara off onto a different path.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m afraid Clara has inherited her family’s horrific lack of communication 😦 But you’re so right — Mari would be upset but understanding!


  19. I was so happy when Joce got Tobi involved – someone strong to stand up to Clara. But then he let his own issues endanger his younger sister 🙄 I knew something like this was going to happen, there’s only one thing that guy would want from a 16-year old, and it’s not a serious, loving relationship – poor Clara.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah unfortunately she manipulated him super easily 😦 And without him to convince her to walk way, well… Ugh. This was so upsetting to write. The poor thing!

      Liked by 1 person

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