2.17: Something Drastic

It’s been a few days, and I think Jade and I finally decided.

If Mari doesn’t come out and talk to us by the end of the weekend, we have to do something drastic.


I don’t think either of us even know what that ‘something’ is, but… We can’t let this go on any longer. She’s gotta grieve. I get that. But this just isn’t right. It isn’t normal. And it’s scaring the Hell out of all of us… Including her sisters.


Seeing Gabi try to make sense of it all has been the worst, I think. I mean, she’s only 10. She doesn’t really understand, you know? But she’s always asking questions.

Tonight at dinner was especially hard. She kept asking if her sister was finally going to eat with us, and wondering when Mari and Diego would be friends again. Jade and I just looked at each other, waiting for the other one to speak up.


Luckily Lina’s always been so good with her little sister. “They might never be.” I remember her saying. She stepped right in to help, without even hesitating. “Diego did a really bad thing, remember?”

Probably the understatement of the year… But I’m glad she put it that way, instead of trying to go into the details again.


We’d tried our best to explain it to Gabi as simply as we could. But having to tell a 10-year-old what Diego did has been leading to a lot of questions… Ones she’s not ready for yet. But she keeps asking them, again and again –Like how Diego put the baby in the other lady’s tummy. Or why he can’t just put a baby in Mari’s tummy too, so it’s “fair”…

What the Hell were we supposed to say to that? It would almost be funny, if this whole thing weren’t so goddamn terrible.

Anyway, I feel like I’m kind of rambling now… I’m really just trying to keep myself busy tonight anyway. Jade swears she heard the shower running about an hour ago, and the sound of a closing door too. I was downstairs when it happened, so I can’t be sure…

But since she has to work in the morning, I ended up on Mari-duty tonight. So now I’m just sitting here, listening and waiting to see if she

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56 thoughts on “2.17: Something Drastic

  1. YOU! You got my door picture!!!! Darn it. Anyways, unrelated.

    I love the way Alex was able to reveal it all, and like him, I wanted to laugh at Gabi’s innocent questions! Ah, Diego, you messed up bad. Really bad. (Love the picture montage at the end, perfect!!)

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  2. Mari! Come back here and tell us where on earth you’re going. Alex, follow your daughter! Love the update Citizen, but even though I have spoilers, I now have about a thousand questions. And I want answers.
    Lol! I can’t wait for the next update!

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  3. Here is the thing though…aren’t we glad they never really went ‘there’!!?? Yes Diego you are an idiot :smacks him upside the head with her purse:: but thank the orange plumbobs he never did the ‘nasty’ with our girl Mari…PS I had a sneaky suspicion there was cheating involved but this was a severe level of cheating… I mean there is the ‘hey baby I was drunk and this girl kissed me and I was like hey! OK” and then there is “hey baby my downstairs mixup has produced an heir in some other womans uterus”…I can see why the Alex and Jade where concerned for Mari, but I would have thrown a party or something…DING DONG the D^$&* is DEAD…

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    1. But, you know what though? I still feel like we don’t know everything yet! We know that Diego was a d-bag and didn’t wait for Mari (or do we??), but we still have no idea what happened at The Bluffs! Maybe they did do stuff there and she found out after? I think Ms. Author here is holding her Aces lol.

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      1. OOOoo Jes2G…for truths and lament, why oh why didn’t I think of that!! ::GASP:: if Diego did do the nasty and then told her etc…I will go in game and tar and feather him!!

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    *screams into a pillow to get it out before I do something I’ll regret*
    Honestly, I expected this from Jade in the first generation, not from Diego in the second generation. Though I suspected this would happen! I suspected this a long time ago!!!!!!

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    1. You make good predictions! Hahaha. And yeah, I kinda faked everyone out with this one… Jade seemed like she might be bad news, but turned out being Alex’s true love and everything worked out great. Diego seemed like Mari’s true love, and then, well… I am cruel. 😛

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          1. You’re welcome. XD Just spamming likes. I realized I forgot to like some chapters and decided that, since I downloaded the desktop app, I’d go on a like spree.

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  5. HOLD UP!!! Not only did Diego not wait for her, but he got someone else pregnant too?! What the plumbob? I love the slow reveal of what happened. When I’m on Origin I’ll share with you what I was thinking about happened.

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  6. “Mari-duty”? Nice. Maybe Alex should put a tiny camera in Mari’s phone or on her necklace or anyplace he can think of so that he can keep an eye on her.

    I wonder what Mari will be up to? I shall keep going!

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  7. Ahhhh man Diego….I guess there was some truth in Natalia’s statement. He was being patient with Mari because he was getting it elsewhere. Dirty little dog. Oh Mari where are you going and please don’t do anything crazy.

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  8. Ahhhh the suspense! I mean, at least I finally know what Diego did – you took something horrible (cheating) and made it so much worse 😌 Sucks for your characters of course, but I do actually love the plot twists! – but I can’t wait to hear from Mari’s perspective.

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