1.6: Nothing Serious

So… Last night was pretty interesting. Interesting enough to be worth writing about, at least.

It all started when Jade called me and invited me to her place to hang out.


Now, believe it or not, in all the time we’ve been spending together, this was the first time she ever invited me over… And it would be my first time meeting her roommates too. I’ll be honest, I was pretty nervous… And I found out later that so was she, actually. That’s why she’d never introduced me before. And, looking back, I guess I can kinda see why. But I’ll explain a little more about that later.

Anyway, when I first got there, I was impressed by just how big the place was. And, I won’t lie… I was kinda jealous. Thinking about the tiny little tent I’d been calling home for the past three months was so humiliating, especially compared to the beautiful brick house in front of me.


I tried not to let it bother me as I finally mustered up the courage to knock, and headed inside to meet Jade’s housemates at last.

And, to my relief, they were actually awesome.


I mean, Eva’s a little bit of a snob, I guess… But she had some pretty hysterical stories to share. Paolo and Marcus seemed cool too… They went on and on about sports, and seemed really interested to hear some stories about when dad was playing for the Knights.


All of them just seem so fun and free… I’m not quite sure how else to explain it. But I’m definitely looking forward to getting to know them better.

It wasn’t until later, when Jade walked me to the door, that I understood just how ‘free’ they really are.

I could tell how nervous she was by the way she stared at the floor when she spoke. She took a deep breath, and explained to me that she and her friends are all about having fun – Drinking, partying… and hooking up. Often, and usually with each other.

“It’s nothing serious.” Jade assured me. “But… If we’re going to keep hanging out together, I thought maybe you should know.”

I wasn’t quite sure what to say, so I did my best to shrug it off. “Don’t worry, it’s cool.” I told her as I tried to ignore the sinking feeling in my stomach.

To be honest, I’m still not quite sure what to make of it all… I dunno. Maybe I need to sleep on it.

But what I am still sure of is that I still like Jade. A lot.

And… I don’t think I’m too crazy about the idea of her sleeping around like that. But it’s not like I have any say in the matter.

After all, we’re just friends.

23 thoughts on “1.6: Nothing Serious

  1. Here is a sorta-kinda author’s note 😛

    It was really hard to determine how to portray Partihaus in this story! For people who don’t have Get Together, they are a club whose rules are to drink, dance, and be romantic with everyone XD So of course, my reaction to learning that Alex was falling for the leader of this club was “Oh great…” XD

    Anyway, we’ll see how things work out now that Alex knows about Jade and her friends’ fast and free lifestyle 😉 Will Alex ever confess his true feelings? Will Jade’s casual hookups tear them apart? Can Alex cope knowing what Jade does when he’s not around? Will she change her partying ways for him? Or are they simply not meant to be?

    Tune in next time to find out 😉 (*turns off announcer voice*) 😛

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    1. XD Oh, yeah… The leader of the “club” you say. I still don’t think she’s the one! Even more so now! I stand behind my choice! I say there’s another girl out there!!!! I say keep looking Alex!!!!!

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      1. Hahahahaha you will see soon! 🙂 I did it where I let Alex “pick” who he ended up with… You will see soon whether he was able to change jade’s ways hahaha

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      1. Haha thank you for the input, Jes!!! 🙂 I’m glad it came across okay. (also… Go get Get Together so you can meet Partihaus yourself! 😛 hehehe)

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    1. Hahaha I’m glad it came off as a twist! 😛 I don’t know if you saw my comment, but literally their three club rules are “drink bar drinks”, “dance”, “be romantic with everyone”. XD Oh Alex. Why did you have to pick such a promiscuous girl to have a crush on? 😛


    1. Hehehehe could history be repeating itself? 😉 (also, thank you so much for reading! I think I remember you commenting on D2D too, so I’m really glad you’re reading this story too. Thank you!!!)


  2. Thank you, Jade, for inviting Alex over!! It took like he had a blast with your fellow Partihaus BFFs. Eva is so pretty and Paolo and Marcus are so cool! Once I get Get Together, I better be careful and not let my married Sims into the hands of Partihaus because I don’t want them being flirted by the members of Partihaus! Otherwise, if their spouses are there, they’re NOT going to be pleased. 😛

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  3. (Mitchell is his name ^_^) This whole Partihaus thing was so unexpected haha Alex really clicked with jade, and only after it was too late did I realize she was the leader of Partihaus!

    You’re right that this kinda lifestyle isn’t Alex’s thing :-/ But he really is developing serious feelings for Jade. So the question now is whether it will work out between them in the long run!


  4. i started earlier today. i loved this complicated but a fun read. he likes her she has no clue.

    when you think about it most relationships are complicated because you have to think about the other person.

    i wonder if a sim counts as a person.

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