1.7: New Friends

Remember what I said about wanting to get to know Jade’s friends better? Well, the five of us, we’ve been going out a lot lately – getting completely smashed at the bar, tearing it up on the dancefloor, dragging ourselves home, and doing it all again the next night.


It’s absolutely draining (and, admittedly, hasn’t been doing wonders for my work performance). But damn, is it fun!


Still, I’m not so sure if I’m completely ready to dive into their, uh… lifestyle. And it’s not for lack of trying on their part. They’re all so damn charming and persuasive. And being completely drunk off my ass definitely doesn’t help things.

One night, even Paolo was trying to put the moves on me. And  believe it or not, for one crazy moment, I looked at him and almost

Okay, you know what? I think I’m just gonna stop right there. The point is, nothing happened (Thank God!). But I definitely have to be more careful…


Anyway, Jade’s the only one I’m interested in… But nothing’s happened, even after all these months together. Not even one lousy kiss.


She’s told me so many times that I’m her best friend. And I really think she means it… But Paolo and Marcus are her friends too, and I know for a fact she’s done a Hell of a lot more than just kiss the two of them.

I dunno… Part of me thinks I should just give up. I mean, could it be that I’m really in the friendzone now? Couldn’t it at least be the friendwithbenefitszone?

Sometimes I get nervous that she doesn’t think I’d be good enough… I mean, maybe she can tell I still haven’t —  I mean, I’ve never… you know. Been with anyone before… (Oh God, did I seriously just write that? I need to remind myself to burn this thing when it’s full).

But I guess it’s more than that. I don’t just want her body. I want… Everything. All of her. I mean, I don’t wanna start throwing around the “L” word or anything, but…

I think I’m really falling for her. Hard.

Anyway, I feel like maybe it’s time to just man-up and tell her how I feel.


I mean… What’s the worst that could happen?

31 thoughts on “1.7: New Friends

  1. Awwwwww I feel bad! I kind of want her to say no, to say that it’s not “like that” with him, but I don’t want his heart to be crushed!!!!! I don’t want him to feel “dead inside!” *wink wink*

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    1. OMG I AM DYING LAUGHING RIGHT NOW!!! XD Seriously, my boyfriend is staring at me. 😛

      Also, is it awful that I think, with enough alcohol involved, Alex would probably have done it? Oh goodness. Okay I’m stopping now. 😛

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    1. Haha yes, you will see soon how things go for him! He’s definitely having a bit of a shaky start here, falling for a party girl XD It won’t be long before we find out whether things fizzle out or if they can make it work!

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  2. Ahahahhaha, this was freakin’ hilarious. I mean, poor Alex…but that part about Paolo, hahaha.
    And this line “Been with anyone before… (Oh God, did I seriously just write that? I need to remind myself to burn this thing when it’s full).” There’s just something so cute about this kind of worries.
    But I really think she’s only reserved, because she feels something, too. Like she wants a serious relationship with Alex, not just the “non-committal woohoo” she’s engaging in with her friends. Because seriously, who in their right mind wouldn’t want Alex? 😀

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    1. Thanks for your comment Maruska! 🙂 I had fun writing Alex’s woohoo-related worries hehehe and you might be on the right track with your prediction about why Jade’s reserved 😉 You’ll see very soon 🙂 Thank you for reading!

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  3. First of all – the barista in the background had me laugh out loud HARD!!!! Alex honey, i have a feeling Jade likes ya right back I mean who wouldn’t babe?!

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  4. Awww I love this chapter and all of his internal monologue! The way he talks is so great!!! I really hope it works out 😦 I like Jade! Then again it could get messy.

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