1.5: Slowly but Surely

It’s been almost a month since I wrote anything in this old notebook… But I really haven’t had a lot of time.

Mostly it’s work. Things are getting… more tolerable, I guess. But I just feel like this job really isn’t for me, you know? Too bad I can’t find anything else right now… And I’m really tight on cash. Like, embarrassingly tight. I haven’t even invited Jade over for a visit yet. Maybe I will after I can afford a real bathroom… So I guess I’ve gotta stick with it, for now.

And whenever I’m not working, well… I’ve been trying to see Jade as much as possible.

12-08-15_10-10-33 PM

She’s so funny, and smart too. She’s been teaching me a little Portuguese, and even helping me brush up on my German. I can almost carry on a whole conversation with Bjorn now, thanks to her.

And I can beat her at chess now too, thanks to him.

12-08-15_10-16-48 PM

So… Things are finally getting better, I think.

Slowly but surely.


31 thoughts on “1.5: Slowly but Surely

    1. Hahaha thanks! Believe it or not, there are three chapters coming that are 60 words or less! But that isn’t the norm, don’t worry 😉


    1. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it, despite the length! There are a few chapters coming that are even shorter… Like, literally 1/3 the length of this one 😮 Haha but most are not quite that short 😛

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    1. I know the answer to that question but I cannot answer it 😛 (also I just saw your comment on the forum hahaha did you miss the chapter where he met jade maybe? I am doing a new chapter every day, so if it’s been a couple days that means you missed a couple chapters :P) Thanks for reading!


      1. I kind of missed everything after 1.2… I don’t remember seeing an update in the forum… But alright. Every day… I’ll check back at the end of ever day!

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        1. Hahaha so you only missed two chapters! 🙂 You should go back and read so you meet Bjorn and Jade XD And yes, check daily 🙂 I try to update on the sims & friends thread every day! But I may have forgotten? I have a story thread I definitely update daily too though 🙂

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  1. “I can almost carry on a whole conversation with Bjorn now, thanks to her.”

    I read that sentence and thought, “well, that’s good!” Both learning another language, and being able to speak with someone in that language.

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    1. He’s broadening his horizons for sure! 🙂 I feel like that would be super important. Thank you for reading, by the way!


  2. I know I’m only a little bit in, so I’m aware this could change, but I am loving these chapter sizes. I love to read long chapters, too, but it’s nice to read a story-driven legacy that says so much with so little!

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    1. Thanks! ^_^ It does change as we go on, but my chapters are still shorter than my D2D ones, overall! ^_^ In Gen 2 I introduce “interlude chapters”, which are told in third person and tend to be longer.

      But the legacy remains told through journals (written by my heirs) and the journals average about 500-600 words or so these days (I’m in gen 5 now).

      Alex’s were more like 200-300 average… but most D2D chapters were over 1000. So still shorter! ^_^

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