6.61: Interlude – Both Ways

Note: Sexy screenshot at the very end of this one. Proceed with caution!

“Nice work today, ladies.” Melissa smiled slightly as she spoke. “You’re both good to go.”

Harper glanced up from the small pile of books she’d been going through, and tried her best to return the older woman’s gesture. It was still so difficult to find reasons to smile these days. “Thanks.” She replied at last.

Even despite how long and tiring their workday had been, Harper’s coworker easily returned their boss’ smile. ‘Mama’ (as the other inmates liked to call her) always seemed to be so warm and positive, no matter what. Harper liked working with her.

“Sure you don’t want us to finish up here?” The old woman gestured at the remaining books on the table. “Not like we really have anything better to do, you know.” She teased.

The librarian laughed softly. “I appreciate the offer, but I’ve really gotta close this place up on time today.”

“Ah… Teaching your class tonight?” Mama asked.

Melissa nodded. “And speaking of which…” Her eyes flicked toward Harper then. “Registration’s still open for next semester, if anyone’s interested…”

Harper shook her head slowly, finally managing a small smile. “Nice try, but you know what my answer’s gonna be.”

“Well, it was worth a try… I’ve still got a couple more weeks to try and change your mind anyway.” Melissa’s smile widened. “See you tomorrow.”

Mama shook her head slightly as she and Harper headed for the door. “I don’t think she’s gonna give up til you say yes, you know.”

“Yeah, well she can try all she wants.” Harper replied. “My answer’s not gonna change.”

A soft laugh passed Mama’s lips. “I’m not sure if I’ve ever met anyone as stubborn as you, Honey. And I’ve been in and out of this place more than once over the years, so that’s saying something.” She paused, shaking her head for a moment. “I’m not sure why you won’t just give it a try… It might not be as bad as you think it’ll be. You might be surprised.”

Harper liked Mama, but she hated it when she talked to her like that. The old woman’s kind gaze and encouraging words always brought to mind someone else…

“Look, I’m telling you, it’s just not for me.” Harper insisted, her tone a bit harsher than she’d intended.

Thankfully, Mama knew better than to push any further. “Whatever you say.” She gave Harper a small shrug before heading off down the hall.

“They’re still trying to talk you into taking that class, huh?” The sudden sound of a voice from over her shoulder made Harper jump.

Ivy smiled playfully at the sight of the other girl’s shocked face. “Sorry… Didn’t mean to sneak up on you like that.”

Harper’s expression softened slightly. “You stalking me or something?”

“Sorry, no such luck.” Ivy teased. “Just heading for a little walk before I see Dr. S… I couldn’t stand another minute in my cell. Elly was starting to drive me a little crazy.” She confessed.

“Sam again?”

Ivy nodded as she continued down the hall with Harper at her side. “I guess their anniversary’s coming up… First one they’ve ever spent apart. And she’s a total mess about it. And I get it. I seriously do. I feel bad for her. But she just… won’t stop talking about it.”

“Yeah, she can get kind of carried away sometimes.” Harper smiled in understanding. “Damn, that’s gotta be tough though.”

“Oh, definitely… Apparently she’s gonna put in a request with the prison director for a conjugal visit though.” She added with a laugh. “So maybe that’ll help soften the blow a bit.”

“Wait, you can seriously do that? Ha!”

Ivy nodded. “Apparently! So maybe Kelly and Tim finally won’t be the only two getting any action around here.”

“Lucky bitches…” Harper laughed softly to herself. She hadn’t had anything but her hand in a long, long time. And even that was rare these days. Sharing a room with Katie made it really hard to find any kind of alone time.

“No special someone coming to visit you then?” Ivy asked. “I mean, you and your baby’s Papa… You guys aren’t…?”

Harper shook her head, her heart sinking slightly. “No. We’re not.”

“Oh… I’m sorry.” She replied seriously.

Harper shrugged slightly. “It’s okay.” Well, maybe it didn’t feel completely okay. But Harper was looking forward to the day when it finally did.

As they finally crossed through the door and out into the garden, Harper couldn’t help but notice that Ivy seemed to be eyeing her somewhat questioningly. It made her feel strangely nervous.

“What is it?” She asked.

It was Ivy’s turn to shrug. “I dunno… I know you don’t have any conjugal visits in the near future.” Her lips curled into a slight smile. “But I was kinda hoping you’d say you had another kind of visit lined up or something…”

“Well, I’m supposed to see my two best friends next week, if that’s what you mean.” Harper couldn’t help but smile at the thought of seeing them again. It felt so amazing to have Rylie and Devin back in her life again. She’d been calling both of them at least once a week since Jocelyne’s funeral, but she was finally planning on letting them visit her for the first time. It would probably be really strange, and even embarrassing… But Harper knew she’d been putting it off long enough. “I told you about them, right? Rylie and Devin?”

To Harper’s surprise, Ivy’s face seemed to fall a bit. “Yeah, you’ve mentioned them before… It’ll be nice to see them, I bet.” She did a poor job hiding her obvious disappointment as she spoke.

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing… I was just kinda hoping you’d say your Papa was finally coming to see you or something.” Ivy muttered softly.

Harper’s brow furrowed slightly in confusion. “But I just saw him yesterday… Mom too. With Phoenix.”

“Oh, come on. You know what I meant.”

She sighed softly, but did not reply. Of course. Even after nearly three weeks, Katie and Ivy were still trying to convince her to talk to her father. And Dr. Savage had been just as annoying during all their sessions. Why couldn’t they just leave it alone? Didn’t they understand how hard it was?

As the silence continued, Ivy stepped forward and looked up at the blue sky above their heads, taking a slow, deep breath. The sunlight seemed to dance across Ivy’s face, bathing her in a soft glow for a few moments. It was a breathtaking sight.

“Man, I don’t get outside enough anymore… I missed this.” Ivy muttered to herself before turning her attention back to Harper. “It’s always nice to clear my head a little before Dr. S tries getting inside it.” Her lips curled into a smile as she spoke.

“It gets easier.” Harper assured her gently. “Hell, it even actually helps sometimes, believe it or not.” She added, smiling.

“Oh, I believe it…. It feels pretty good getting all that stuff off my chest.” Ivy explained softly. “It’s kind of nice opening up a little, for a change.”

Harper hesitated as her reply danced on the tip of her tongue. She’d known Ivy for nearly three months already, but there was still so little she truly knew about her. Harper knew she was incredibly kind and caring, even toward those she’d just met. She knew she was very soft-spoken, but still liked a little playful teasing every now and then. She knew she had a smile that could light up any room, and eyes that shined just as brightly…

But that was it. Harper knew next to nothing about Ivy’s past, or her life on the outside. All she’d ever mentioned was a younger brother named Finn, who was a student at a nearby university. Harper had seen him come to visit her a couple of times.

She wasn’t even sure what Ivy had done to end up in prison. Though she’d discovered one important clue back during Ivy’s first week there.

Their paths had crossed in the bathroom one day, and Harper’s eyes couldn’t help but wander a bit…

But then she saw the bruises on Ivy’s legs. And Harper recognized them instantly. They weren’t normal bruises from taking a hit or a hard fall… They were something much worse. Something Harper had been all too familiar with, thanks to Erik.

Ivy’s track marks had faded since then, but so many of Harper’s questions still remained. Why all the secrecy? Didn’t she trust her?

At last, she replied. “Y’know… You can always open up to other people too.” Harper eyed the other girl significantly as she spoke. “I mean, I know I kinda ended up spilling my soul to you after my Oma died. And like, I’m not expecting you to go that far or anything, I just…” God, this is coming out all wrong! “All I’m saying is that you’ve really been there for me these past couple weeks. And it means a lot to me. And if you ever need me to return the favor, you know I’m willing to listen. That’s all.”

Ivy’s smile sent a flurry of butterflies through Harper’s stomach. “I know. Thank you.” She lifted her hand and reached toward Harper, but seemed to hesitate for a moment. What was she reaching for? Harper’s hair? Her cheek? In the end, her fingers brushed gently against Harper’s shoulder.

She lifted her hand and placed it gently over Ivy’s in return, smiling softly. Could this be it? Was Ivy finally ready to open up to her?

Ivy pulled her hand away too soon.”I know you wanna hear my sob story…” Her lip curled slightly in amusement for a moment. “But I just… can’t share it all right now. I have a really hard time talking about that stuff. With anyone.” She paused before continuing, her expression suddenly serious.

“I do have something I wanna tell you though. One thing I want you to think about. I’ve been meaning to say it for a while… It just never really felt like the right time…” Ivy bit her lip nervously as she spoke. “Do you know how I ended up in here? Do you know who turned me in for what I did?”

Harper shook her head.

“My brother.” She replied softly. “Finn. He found out I was doing something really stupid… And really dangerous too. But he knew it wasn’t something I could get myself out of on my own.” Ivy paused for a moment. “So… he made a tough call. One that landed me in here. And I know how much he regrets it. He’s always telling me how guilty he feels… But the only one who should feel guilty is me.” Ivy’s voice hardened slightly. “I was the one who made terrible choices. I was the one who put him in the position to have to make that decision. And I know it wasn’t easy for him. But he made it because he loves me.”

Harper wasn’t sure what to say. It was clear what Ivy was trying to say. She could read between the lines. But why couldn’t Ivy understand that it wasn’t that simple? Not for her, anyway. “Look, I think I know what you’re getting at.” Harper spoke at last doing little to hide her annoyance. “But things with me and my Papa… They’re just… They’re different, okay?”

“Are they really though?” Ivy asked. “At the risk of sounding like Dr. S… Maybe it’s something you need to think about? I’ve just been thinking about everything you’ve told me… And I get the feeling Finn and your Papa aren’t so different.” She hesitated. “And… maybe we aren’t either?”

Harper felt her cheeks grow warm — and not in the way they usually did when she was with Ivy. Why was everyone always lecturing her about her and her Papa? And how the hell could Ivy stand there and pretend she had any right to give her advice?! Especially when she’d barely opened up herself. The thought was making Harper’s blood boil.

“Well how the hell am I supposed to know whether we’re alike or not?!” She snapped at her. The frustration she’d been holding back finally came bubbling to the surface. “I barely know you, Ivy. I keep trying to, but you won’t let me! How the hell am I supposed to keep taking advice from someone who doesn’t even trust me?!”

“I do trust you!” She insisted. “It’s just not easy for me to open up to people, okay? But I’m trying.”

“Well, try harder!” Harper cried. “Talking about all the shit that made me end up in here is no picnic for me either… But I’ve told you because I trust you! And trust is supposed to go both ways!”

Before Ivy could reply, one of the guards made his way over to them, his face stern. “Is there a problem over here, ladies?” He asked.

“No, no problem.” Harper muttered, feeling her anger slowly replaced by shame and sorrow. “I was just leaving.”

How could everything be going so wrong? For a while, Harper had felt like things were finally starting to get better… But for every step forward, it felt like she’d taken two back.

She never apologized to her Oma. She was too much of a coward to face her father. And now, she’d been a total bitch to one of the only friends she had left. She was pushing Ivy away, just like she’d pushed Rylie and Devin so long ago. Her quick temper had been her downfall, just like always.

Nice going, Harper. She’ll never trust you now… Why do I keep fucking shit up?!

Questions flooded Harper’s mind as she made her way back inside. She couldn’t stop thinking about what Ivy said — That it was her own fault she’d ended up in here. That her brother was just trying to help her by turning her in…

And that maybe things with Harper and her father weren’t so different.

Shit… could she be right?

Maybe the problem wasn’t her Papa after all. Maybe everything that happened really was her fault. Maybe she was the problem…

But what the hell am I supposed to do to fix it?

Happy Valentine’s Day! I made a little gift for you all (it took literally hours to do this pose, but I knew most of you would enjoy, so it was worth it! 😉 Hehehehe)

(For Valentines Day purposes only 😉 Don’t get your hopes up! 😛 )

59 thoughts on “6.61: Interlude – Both Ways

  1. Hahaha I’m glad you still have some love for her! 😛 It’s hard right now, I know haha

    And as for what Harper really wants… I don’t know if she can even answer that question right now! 😛

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  2. Did anyone see that pig fly? Okay, jokes aside she’s finally got there. Ivy appears to have given Harper something to think about. She is definitely Zayne’s daughter as it takes someone else in a similar situation to get through to her.

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  3. Look at her, finally starting to seriously think about what people are telling her. I am starting to have some hopes for Harper. I mean, i never really stopped having hopes for her, but they are getting stronger. She also needs to stop pushing people away by yelling at them because she can’t handle hearing the truth.
    Hopefully Ivy will open up to her now. I understand Harper’s argumentation though. It is hard taking advice from someone you are supposed to know but don’t really know much about. Especially when that other person knows a great deal about you. Can’t be easy.

    And i LOVE the Valentine picture 😀 Happy Valentines Day to you too ❤

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    1. She’s finally making some steps forward! This is pretty big for her 🙂

      I agree that I understand her frustration with Ivy though. She just didn’t express it in the best way 😛

      Glad you still have hope for Harper! And glad you liked that Valentine pic too 😉

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      1. I Was actually a bit unsure what you meant with the bruises on Ivy’s legs. And that Harper knew what it Was thanks to Erik. Did Erik hit Harper??? Or Was it on himself, due to his druguse? And how would that give him bruises?


  4. Whoa! That was a giant leap for Harper. Not a baby step. Yes, Harper Honey….Is YOUR fault! 😂😂😂 Go Ivy! So glad she thought more about what she said. I think it’s because she has the hots for her. But who cares as long as she got through her thick skull.

    I think Harper woulda preferred that valentines card be her and Ivy. ❤️ She is seriously checking her out.

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    1. Haha Harper definitely seems kinda attracted to her new friend, huh? Well, like you said, what’s important is that something finally got through to her! Ivy is a miracle worker lol

      This was definitely a step in the right direction… But now Harper has to go farther!

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  5. SQUEEE! On the last pic! And Yaaassss, it gets my hopes up! Lol!


    Thank you for the sweet gift (I was hoping for something like this) 😜

    Okay, onto the chapter…

    Harper made leaps and bounds of progress here. She actually THOUGHT that all of this “might” be her fault. Good thing for her she has a good friend in Ivy who I believe won’t abandon her just like Dev and Rylie didn’t abandon her either. (She’s very lucky that way).

    Looking forward to seeing how this friendship progresses and hopefully, Ivy will start opening up!

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    1. Hehehehe I knew you’d love it 😉 I had soooo much fun getting that shot. Very much worth it 😉 Hehe 😛

      And yes, this was huge for Harper! Losing Joce has really changed her… for the better. Even though it hurt. It’s opened her eyes to a lot.

      Ivy is definitely shaping up to be a great friend. She’s definitely someone Harper is willing to listen to! She just wishes Ivy would be a little more open. Maybe eventually…

      Thanks for reading, Pammie! ❤

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  6. I’m gonna add another FINALLY here. Thank god, Harper is maybe realizing that she’s the one to blame. The old lady’s right, nobody’s as stubborn as Harper.

    And damn, she keeps checking out that prison ass. Interesting that Ivy and Harper seem to have something major in common…

    Hoping we get to see more Dev and Rylie soon! ❤

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    1. Harper is next-level stubborn, it’s true! Even as the author I kind of wonder what would have happened if she hadn’t lost Joce. Her death had such a profound impact on Harper, as we can see here. But if she hadn’t lost a loved one, I wonder if anything else would have ever gotten through to her…

      Harper definitely enjoys checking out Ivy LMAO. Harper suffers from pancake-ass, so maybe it’s envy? 😉 😛

      We hear from Erik Saturday. Sunday… Well, stay tuned and you might get your wish 😉

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    1. I’m glad you’re excited about the new update schedule! 🙂 Harper’s been in prison for almost 5 months at this point. Nearly 1/4 of the way through her sentence, so she’s getting there haha


  7. Looks like Harper is finally realizing that she is at fault for her choices, not her father. Sometimes tough love is the only love. Dad finally figure that out. He loved her enough to make her take responsibility for her actions. GO DAD!!!

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  8. OH wait .. wait now .. *hand up leaning close to her computer .. am I hearing hints of maturity and responsibility .. will I close this page with a hopeful heart ❤ ❤ (no not from the pic .. cute as it was)

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  9. My fantasy is true in my dreaaaaams!
    *cries a lot*
    I’ve got too many ships. lololol Harvy is pretty great, Kaper is wonderful. I’m not feeling Harik though, sadly. 😛

    *ahem* This was a great chapter 🙂 I’m glad Ivy and Katie are trying to show Harper the ways of the my uncle, Dr. Savage. It will help her sooo much ❤

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  10. Happy Valentine’s Day! Great chapter!

    Well, they say “you never know what you’re missing ‘til it’s gone”. It’s no secret that I can’t stand Harper, but even I feel a tiny bit sorry for her having such a bitter outlook that she had to learn that lesson the hard way.

    Loving Ivy. Sounds like she will be a good friend. I wonder how stable she is, but she’s smart enough to see the truth about herself, and strong enough to admit it. Harper needs to see that kind of strength. A kind of quiet, gentle, yet powerful “slap in the face”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That phrase definitely applies to Harper. Joce’s death has affected her very deeply… this is a huge turning point for her. But unfortunately, it had to happen in the worst way 😦

      Glad you love Ivy! She is a really kind and pretty sensible person. But also one who really doesn’t like opening up either (though maybe that will change?)

      Thank you for reading! ❤

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  11. Alright that last image is just a tease. And yay character development for Harper! Sort of! Still pushing people away, but it looks like she’s regretting it. Maybe having Rylie and Dev back reminds her what it’s like to have friends. And dang, she’s got it bad for Ivy. She likes ’em tall, dark, and fighting addiction.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hehehehe sorry for that tease 😉 And yes, big steps for her! She’s really starting to recognize her own mistakes. This is huge 😮

      Also “She likes ’em tall, dark, and fighting addiction.” This was hysterical! And MOSTLY accurate, but Erik is actually shorter than Harper 😉 But Ivy is taller 😛


        1. Haha only by a little (his height is at +10 and her height is set as +25 on the height mod) Most screenshots they end up looking about the same height (or some poses unfortunately made him taller haha) but at certain angles you can see that she’s a little taller 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh cool. I thought the high mod would mess it up when they would be romantic together. Like kissing their lips wouldn’t meet correctly


  12. Why are all your NPCs ridiculously good looking? The cop that arrested Harper, the prison guard in this chapter . . . Is there a law that says all law enforcement officers have to be models or something? Whew. *fans self*

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahahaha you can thank my readers for that! ^_^ A lot of my NPCs (including those guards) are from my casting call earlier this gen 😛 (Rylie, Devin, and Katie were from that casting call too actually!)

      Thank you so much for reading ❤️


  13. Finally! She is Finally realizing she Isn’t the “victim” of this whole situation! When I read the warning for sexual content and saw Ivy and Harper together I was like” Oh my…ohhhh myyy…” And who knew that the best place to find nice people would be prison?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can fix it, must be a problem with the link 🙂 Thanks for letting me know about it! (And thank you very much for reading!)


  14. Poor Elly missing her anniversary with her husband. Poor, poor Elly. But that visit sound fun! Heh heh. Even though I am still Team Harper and Elly. Also I SAW MY SHIP MAKING OUT! I SAW THEM! #TeamTelly! Yum.

    And Harper is growing up! Whaaaaat? She’s actually not going to act like Thu or Axel and think everyone else is wrong? Damn, and I had high hopes for her screw-y brain. LOL.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahahaha I had a feeling you’d like the Elly and Sam mention 😛 (And Telly LMAO)

      And sorry, but Harper is actually getting better hehehehehehe Though as for her relationship with Erik getting better… um… we’ll see? 😛


  15. Seriously?! This is the first time Harper is even considering her own role in her ending up in prison? So fucking entitled, I can’t even. But I’m dying to know what’s up with Ivy. Although… it’s so clear Harper is into her, and I really don’t want her getting with another addict. Faded track marks or not, I really want Harper to find someone who’s not going to be another person she will be unsuccessful in saving.

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