Interlude: The Other Foot

Hope stared down at the food on the plate in front of her, absentmindedly pushing around a few of the small tortellini with her fork. It was the exact same recipe she’d once helped Zayne perfect years ago. Somehow, that already felt like another lifetime.

“Hope?” A gentle voice called from across from her. “Are you okay?”

She forced a smile. “Yeah… Just tired, I guess. I had a shoot that ran pretty late last night.” It was also only the third job she’d managed to book since moving back to Windenburg… But Hope didn’t mention that part.

Parker laughed as he took another sip of his drink. “Y’know, I still can’t believe I didn’t realize you were a model… I’m not sure if I would’ve had the courage to ask you out if I did.” He confessed.

“Pfft!” Hope couldn’t help but laugh. “Are you kidding?”

He shook his head. “I’m serious! Luckily I didn’t find out until it was too late…” He gave her a playful smile as he spoke.

Hope returned the gesture, but said nothing. Parker was the total package — sweet, funny, incredibly hot… They’d known each other for a few weeks now, ever since he first struck up a conversation with her by one of the weight machines down at the gym. He was a really great guy… So why was it so hard for her to enjoy their date?

Hope took another bite of lobster tortellini, fighting to keep her smile. She knew exactly why, of course. But the truth was almost too embarrassing to even think about.

The whole reason she’d started going to Parker’s gym in the first place was because it was just down the street from Zayne’s apartment. It was the same gym she’d always gone to when she and Zayne had lived together.

It was nearly fifteen minutes further away than the gym by her new apartment, but that didn’t bother her. It was safe and familiar, which was exactly what Hope needed right now…. And it also gave her ample opportunity to run into Zayne.

Sure enough, nearly every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Zayne would still show up, even now. At first, it was a great chance for them to reconnect with one another. And now, well… It was the only time she got to see him anymore. Thanks to her. 

Hope stabbed one of her chunks of lobster meat with much more force than necessary. Thankfully, Parker did not seem to notice.

“God, this food is amazing!” He continued, his voice calling Hope back to the present. “I’m really glad you suggested this place.”

She tried her best to suppress the twinge of guilt she suddenly felt at his words. “Yeah… it’s awesome, isn’t it?” Hope forced a smile as she spoke.

“Hey, look!” Parker gestured toward a tall figure who had just stepped out onto the patio and had begun talking to some of the other diners. “You know that guy, don’t you? I’ve seen him down at the gym before…” He paused for a moment, and seemed to be taking note of the man’s clothing and demeanor. “Is he the manager or something?”

Hope felt her stomach twisting and turning. Shit. She knew Zayne circulated among the guests several times a night to introduce himself. This had been exactly what she’d been counting on, but now that it was happening, she wanted nothing more than to turn back time and make sure none of this ever happened. God… What the hell am I doing?! 

Before she even had a chance to answer Parker’s question, Zayne had made his way over to their table.  “Welcome to LuzLicht! I’m the owner, Zayne — Hope?!” His eyes went wide as he realized who he was speaking to.

She wished she could sink into her chair until she disappeared. “Hi, Zayne.”

“Hey.” His professional demeanor quickly melted away. “I wasn’t expecting to see you here.”

She laughed weakly. “Yeah… surprise!”

“Hope told me this was the best restaurant in Windenburg… But she never mentioned she’s friends with the owner!” Parker smiled.

Zayne looked at Hope’s date as though noticing him for the first time — and for all Hope knew, maybe he was. For just the briefest moment, she saw an expression she knew all too well flicker across Zayne’s face. His jaw clenched, his eyes narrowed…

Then just like that, it was gone.

Despite everything, Hope couldn’t suppress the satisfaction she felt at the sight. And she regretted it almost instantly.

“Oh yeah, um… Parker, this is Zayne. Zayne, Parker.” She nodded across the table toward her date.

“Yeah, I think I’ve seen you down at the gym before.” Zayne smiled kindly down at the other man. “I hope you’re enjoying everything?” That professional demeanor from before had suddenly returned, it seemed.

“Definitely! This is really amazing.” Parker replied, gesturing down toward his half-empty plate.

Zayne turned his gaze back toward Hope, but said nothing. She found his expression very difficult to read.

“Delicious, as always.” She said softly.

“Great…” He smiled. “Well, I guess I’ll let you get back to your date. It was nice to meet you, Parker.” Zayne gave him a small nod.

“You too.”

Hope watched as Zayne headed back inside.

Parker instantly dived back into their small-talk as though nothing had happened, and Hope tried her best to do the same. But even as she smiled and nodded and laughed at Parker’s stories, her mind was so far away.

Well, there you go. She told herself bitterly as she replayed the exchange with Zayne for what felt like the hundredth time. You got exactly what you wanted. How does it feel?

When Zayne had first met with her to explain Abigail’s wishes, Hope hadn’t put up much of a fight. She’d wanted to, of course. In fact, she’d had a few choice words for Zayne about his new girlfriend that she’d been dying to share… But she didn’t. She was calm and reasonable and mature about the whole thing…

On the surface, at least.

What was going on inside her was a different story.

Hope just couldn’t believe how petty and childish she’d been. It was already pathetic enough that she’d resorted to practically stalking Zayne at the gym. But parading her date around in front of him? Trying to make him jealous?

Jesus, am I thirty or thirteen?!

“Do you mind if we ask for the bill?” She asked Parker softly, interrupting a story about his latest case. “I’m… I’m not feeling too great.”

In fact, she felt sick… with herself.

The caring and concern with which he replied simply made her feel worse. It was a huge mistake to bring Parker here… And so was agreeing to a date with him in the first place.

I’ll have him drop me off at home, and let him down easy. Hope told herself. Parker was a great guy, but he deserved someone who was actually looking for a relationship with him. Not some petty idiot trying to make her ex jealous.

Jealous… Ugh! Hope had quickly come to hate that word. It was exactly how she’d been feeling from the moment she met Abigail. And it had only gotten worse since. The green-eyed monster seemed to rear its ugly head at any opportunity lately. And it was making her miserable.

As she followed Parker down the sidewalk toward where he’d left his car, Hope couldn’t help but think back on Zayne’s jealousy all those years ago. He’d become more bitter and angry than she’d ever seen him before. It had torn their relationship apart. It had changed him completely…

And now, it seemed the shoe was on the other foot.


Having fun with cameos lately, apparently… Thank you to OrangePlumbob for letting me use her sim, Parker, as Hope’s date 🙂 (He is a TS4 version of a character from her TS3 simlit, Different Rain)

46 thoughts on “Interlude: The Other Foot

    1. Hahaha pretty much. She’s totally getting a taste now of what Zayne went through. I think this is actually gonna be an important learning moment for her. She’s so disgusted with herself right now. This was kind of a come to Jesus moment LOL

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  1. Yay! Zayne was jealous…maybe…just maybe there is ‘hope’ for Hozay. But they need to hurry up and realize it and quit being so stubborn. Abby is gonna finagle a proposal outta Zayne probably with the news that she is pregnant and then it will be too late. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe well TECHNICALLY we are never going to get any kind of confirmation about what that look from Zayne meant… But I think a twinge of jealousy is a pretty safe bet 😉

      Your fears about Abigail are very interesting! You never know! 😛 Time will tell what is in store for all three of them…

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  2. Hope needs to realize that Zayne is taken. She can’t have him and she should find someone else. It’s wrong for her to put him in that position, he can’t help how his gf feels. He shouldn’t be made to feel jealous purposely because he is accidentally making her jealous with his gf. He isn’t stalking her or pushing his relationship in her face. He’s leaving her to get on with her own life (with a little poke from abbie. This ‘not seeing each other’ could work out better for both of them, they might be able to move on). I had ‘hope’ she would find a bond with Parker to help her move on. It needs to happen eventually as Zayne has found someone else. He’s happy from what we can tell. She needs to ‘stop crying over spilt(or spoilt) milk and go get herself a smoothie’.

    Not much I can say about Zayne but the fact that he needs to talk to her about it. Whether at the gym or over Facebook. He needs to explain he’s moved on and bring her bak to reality that he has a gf and he loves her. That she should find someone that she loves even more than Zayne and give other guys chances. He should also ask her to stop stalking him at the gym. It’s slightly weird and is going to hurt his new relationship. I am glad that she took the talk with Zayne so well and that she didn’t freak out and insult abbie. That would hurt them even more.

    What can I say about Abbie? I’m glad she hasn’t gottent the wrong idea about him seeing Hope at the gym. I don’t know if he’s told her but if he hasn’t then he should. No Secrets. When it said ‘stalking him at the gym’ I though it meant Abbie but then realised it meant Hope. Glad she isn’t stalking him at the gym or he might ger the wrong impression and it could hurt there relationship. She also needs to let Zayne have some say in things. Also, I hope she has stopped complaining about the restaurant. Zayne gets defensive over his ‘baby’.

    I enjoyed seeing Hope’s point of view. 🙂 and an extra 🙂 because the above is so long to read.

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    1. You are so right about Hope’s behavior right now. Zayne hasn’t been doing anything to intentionally hurt her or try to make her jealous, but that’s exactly what she’s doing to HIM right now. Very unfair! I think she’s realizing that now in this chapter though, so hopefully this is a positive sign for the future for her!

      We will see if Zayne brings this up to Hope or just lets it go… And we will also see soon how Abigail is feeling about things (including the restaurant). Thanks for your comment and for reading 🙂

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    1. I love that you are still rooting for Hope and Zayne 🙂 We will see what ends up happening! Thank you for reading!!!! ❤


  3. Whaaaat is liiiiiife? How can two people that cleary want to be together, and are only jelose of each other each tie they are with another person aren’t together? Make’s me want go in, and say ”You like her. She likes you. Now, kiss!” Gowd!

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    1. This comment made me laugh 😂 “Now kiss!” that was great hahaha

      It’s kind of a frustrating situation, huh? We’ll see how it all turns out in the end!

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  4. Dark WitcHazard: And it connects! That blow from Abigail must of hit Hope straight in the head cause she’s just not making any sense with her actions this chapter!

    Lover WitcHazard: I hate these idiots they ruined eachother! This is why when you break up you’re suppose to say we can work up to being friends especially in their case they have to work at egg just friends! They both did this half assed break up with one foot in the door the other out the door Hope slammed the door on Zayne’s foot a couple of times now he’s slamming back!

    Dark WitcHazard: Why does it matter that she saw other people anyway they were broken up!

    Lover WitcHazard: My point exactly Hope has no right to be jealous about Abigail cause they broke up just like Zayne has no right to be petty about who she dated because they were broken up they weren’t together!

    Dark WitcHazard: I feel sorry for that Parker fellow looked so cute and she wasn’t even giving him attention! Ugh!

    Lover WitcHazard: Hope maybe now you’ll take my advice! Go home! This environment is not good for you clearly you made a rash decision that didn’t pan out the way you wanted it to and that’s okay you’re young it’s okay to make a few mistakes here and there! You twenties are when you start building standards for yourself and these actions are beneath you! Go home re-evaluate your life choices! And if you’re feeling like a failure because you put all this time and effort into your relationship with Zayne and you couldn’t make it work don’t cause sometimes no matter how much you try the best thing you can do is know when you walk away! If anything this relationship shows that you can truly deeply love a person something that anyone would be happy to reciprocate! But staying here barely making ends meet just for some guy who gone is a terrible decision! I know it hurts now but I assure you’re going to be fine cut ties with Zayne and start over no texts no calls no visits nothing not even birthday cards and holiday greetings! Focus on Hope do what’s best for Hope and leave this tragic version of your self time for a change dear #NEWYOUNEWBOO!

    Dark WitcHazard: Well there you have it folks round one concludes with Abigail’s victory clearly making a wedge between these good buds that they themselves have also decided to widen the gap! Let’s wait and see what Round two has to offer until next time stay tuned!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, Lover had some harsh words there! “I hate these idiots they ruined eachother!” Hahaha I see where she is coming from though! Looks like she is firmly #TeamZabigail, so she must be pleased with the outcome of round one! 😛

      I think this situation really made Hope take a hard look at herself and her actions. She may end up conceding in round 2! Who knows? 😉


  5. Oh, Hope… Making Zayne jealous is not the way to do it, though I understand how you feel. I would like to see nooboos from you and Zayne, but I have a feeling it’ll be Zayne and Abigail. We’ll see if Citizen mixes the genes from ThePlumbob’s legacy, or not. Also, Parker is cute. You may regret dumping him.

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    1. Thanks Onyx! Hope is definitely not handling this well… but at least she seems to be realizing it!

      We will see in time who has nooboos with who 😉


  6. I’ve been a quiet reader for some time, but I really enjoy this story and want to appreciate it.
    I really haven’t been a fan of Zayne for a long time. He’s not the first one in his family to behave like a scumbag from time to time, but it’s this mixture of “I never ask for help, I am proud” and “I whine and let others feel my bad mood when things don’t go my way” that always made me dislike him.
    Zayne and Hope both have grown more than a bit, and learned from some mistakes. They fit each other, but I wouldn’t be sad if they took different roads in their life – but not like this. Clearly none of them has fully let go of each other. They try to put up with it, but it doesn’t work. This whole relationship of Zayne and Abby took the wrong direktion. Zayne lets Abby know he still loves Hope, not because he wants to but because he acts careless and can’t see things from her side (he lacks some empathy here). They both are wrong – she can’t force him to let emotionally go of Hope, and she has no right of commanding him not to see her. On the other hand Zayne isn’t honest to himself, and whenever he is with Hope he acts like he is still dating her. This can’t work out.

    I somehow pity Hope. She always was torn apart between Zayne and her Job, and now it seems like she has lost both in a very short amount of time. She is so honest to see she is still in love with him and can’t let go for the moment, and clings to him. Now she can see what she has done to Zayne in the past, and is able to understand him better, but that comes to a great cost. He fulfills his dream – but what does she do? Since her job does no longer fill out her life, there is a big gap. She lacks something to do, that fulfills her, and fills that hole by stalking Zayne. At least she can clearly see she is doing something wrong, but she needs to take action against it.

    There will be hard times before this problem is solved, but simply getting back together won’t make everything right for those two. If Hope takes Zayne as center of her life, she might get as jealous as Abby is now, and even if she supports Zayne with following his dreams, she might feel bitter soon because she has to share him and he doesn’t need her exactly the way she needs him. On the other hand Zayne still tends to wear his emotions on others, and if he has some problems with his restaurant or feels unhappy, he will make Hope feel bad and even more jealous.

    Good luck to them.

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    1. Hi Luna! Thank you so much for reading my story and for leaving this very insightful and thoughtful comment! You really have a great analysis of the entire situation here. I love how well you seem to understand my characters and what they’re going through! You’re right that both Zayne and Hope have grown a lot, but they both also have some things they still need to figure out too.

      I feel bad for all three of these guys, in different ways! This is a hard situation for everybody and I think they are all making mistakes too 😦

      Thank you again for reading ❤️


  7. Ha. Loved this chapter. Sounds like Hope went to a dark place after being told ‘no’, but it looks like she realized it before she hurt more people…like poor Parker.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely a dark place for Hope in this one. And she hated it 😦 Hopefully Parker took the rejection well


  8. I dislike Hope’s move of taking her date to Zayne’s restaurant. To me, it seems petty and somewhat disrespectful towards Zayne’s new relationship. Maybe she didn’t realize it at the time, but it doesn’t flatter her.

    The thing with these two is: They seem not to want to get over each other, but at the same time, I (currently) don’t have much faith that they could make things work if they ever did get together. I think relationships end for a reason, and sometimes two people find each other again and things work out, but I think that’s not very common. Imo, they are constantly reminescing on the good parts of their relationship – as is natural when you miss somebody – and forgetting the bad parts. But loving somebody is dealing with the good AND bad times, and I still don’t know if Hope and Zayne are able to do that yet.

    Of course, this is all strictly hypothetical if they were to get together again. I’m still rooting for Abigail!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it was super petty! And Hope felt like shit for it haha Not her best moment at all…

      Great point about the challenges they’d potentially face if they tried to get back together! We will have to wait and see if they ever actually try though… thank you for reading, sonnie!

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  9. Parker! My babe! I knew it was him. 😍😍 While it was a petty thing to do, I understand why Hope did it. They aren’t allowed to hang out anymore and they both have these feelings they haven’t dealt with. I just hope things work out without any sort of cheating or lying.

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    1. Hahaha OPB said she knew you’d be excited 😉

      Yeah, it wasn’t a great move by Hope… but it came from a place of desperation. All THREE of them have so many things they have to figure out… hopefully they will soon!


  10. For someone who hasn’t read Different Rain, gotta say, you got Parker’s charms down to the nail! MY BABY! MY LOVELY PARKER! Swoon. Ahem, sorry, I just LOVE him as you know. My biggest sim crush will always be my one and only Parker. (Nichole even knows this).

    As for SS Hozay. First of all, I wasn’t even worried about Hope falling for Parker’s charms. Besides, Parker has his own soul mate out there. Hana. So, as much as he might enjoy a super model’s company, I knew this was a safe date.

    I do love Hope’s pettyness, just a bit. I cannot believe Zayne told her that the bitch Abigail didn’t want the two to see each other. Arg, I’d probably stalk him too after that. And the restaurant and gym are both public properties, so it’s not like Abigail could do anything if Zayne an Hope happen to run into each other.

    I am still on this rocky ship, and I know clear water is on the horizon. We will sail this ship there, dammit!

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    1. I’m so glad you approved! He seemed like a sweetheart so I just kinda went with it! Haha I was nervous you would be upset when you learned what my purpose was for him 😉

      Glad you enjoyed Hope’s pettiness! It was actually very fun to write hehehe


  11. Aw Parker really does seem like a great guy, I feel bad for him. While I’m not proud of Hope for what she did, it was kind of entertaining… 😛

    I have to say though, I don’t like Abigail. There’s just something off about her and I’m still upset by the fact that she doesn’t like when Zayne talks about his restaurant. I like it even less that Zayne thought what she said was correct. He’s worked so hard for it and it’s his passion! If it’s something she can’t deal with and it’s been a few months, leave now because this restaurant is his life.

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    1. Hehehe it was entertaining to write too! 😉 I had fun with it for sure. Interesting thoughts about Abigail too! We will see what happens with all three of these crazy kids soon! 😉

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  12. Definitely team #Zayope or #Hozay {not sure what the official term is} But I have to say, if it does turn out that there are no Hope x Zayne offsprings, would it be possible to do a special “What might have been” Or “Alternate Universe” Episode {Chapter} Where we see them anyways? I know, I’m thinking to far ahead, but the nooboo comment just made me think they would probably have the cutest babies EVER lol

    Ok enough babbling from me, great chapter! And poor Parker, he seems like a sweet little cutie pie {Now I have to go read that story too!} Hope is making bad choices, but in all reality, I’ve done that in rl. Sometimes things just get the best of you! I feel sooo bad for her! Whatever the outcome I hope she {And Zayne} end up with the happiness they deserve ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe I think most people call it HoZay 😛 I can’t promise any kind of AU stuff… I’m mean about that (I STILL have never shown what Marklyne babies would have looked like either hehe)

      Hope definitely isn’t making good choices, but she definitely has some feelings getting the better of her too, like you said! I think we’ve all been there. I hope they find happiness as well! We will see 🙂 Thank you so much for reading!

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  13. I don’t know why, but I’m not sure of Abigail. My initial instinct at the end of the last chapter was for Zayne to run! To get out while the going was good, before she traps him. I think it has to do with the comment she made to him about his restaurant. I don’t think she’s interested in what his dreams are, I get the feeling it’s all going to be about her, and Zayne will just end up a further extension of her. Whereas Hope was always supportive of his dreams. This says a lot I think. I’m really worried about his relationship with Abigail! On the other hand I do get why she would tell Zayne not to see Hope anymore, especially after he called out her name whilst they were having sex!, but to me that seems an ultimatum. She would have been better off letting Zayne still see Hope, and let him figure his own way out to get over her. The way she also put it up on facebook soon as he said they were a couple bothered me too. It’s almost like giving the finger to Hope and saying ‘he’s mine now.’ To me it kind of speaks of possession. It probably doesn’t help that we don’t know enough about her yet.
    I felt real sorry for Hope in this chapter. She might not always make the right decisions either, but she does have a good heart. I’m beginning to think Zayne is crazy not to get back with her.
    His brief moment of jealousy is telling too. So clearly not over her! I think Zayne might be making a big mistake! I guess time will tell.
    Loved the last two chapters!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, crtasse! I’m really intrigued by your feelings about Abigail, and I definitely think you make some valid points. We will see in the next couple of chapters how things start going from here! Everything is such a mess right now for everyone! Haha

      Thanks again for this lovely and insightful comment! ❤


  14. So at 3:12 in the morning I have finally caught up on this story and I don’t know whether that makes me happy or not. This has been such an emotional journey for me and I was not prepared for the tears I’ve shed for these characters. I also know my husband was not prepared for my outbursts. I actually pulled him in with Tobi and Colette’s relationship when Tobi almost cheated. I just love all the characters and seeing the ups and downs of their lives.

    Now I need Zayne to get it together. Abigail is not the one. She’s already expressed aggravation over his dream. If you can’t confide in your partner then they’re not the one for you. Also she just made you give up your best friend. That’s a huge negative. She planned that. She knew that getting him in bed would lead to that conversation and she was way to keen to pluck Hope out of his life. He’s going to get stuck and he’s going to regret it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so happy you’ve connected with my story and my characters so deeply. That seriously means a lot to me. ❤️ My current update schedule is three chapters a week (Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday… weekends and Wednesdays, so it’s easy to remember when to expect updates haha) So a new chapter is coming later this morning 🙂

      I love your thoughts on this current situation too! Zayne has definitely found himself in something of a mess with these two ladies (but what else is new? Haha) so we’ll have to wait and see how it all turns out…

      Thank you again for reading!


  15. “Practically” stalking him? No, no… she was ACTUALLY stalking him. And that’s seriously not cool. She’s going to the gym more because she wants to catch him there than because it’s “safe,” and she goes to his restaurant with her date, so she can see Zayne and make him jealous. I doubt that little scene of him in the background with Abigail was coincidental either.

    Jealousy was super ugly from Zayne, but Hope is not any better than him at all.

    Honestly… I feel like this just proves the two of them shouldn’t get back together. I have the feeling it’s going to go that direction no matter what I want as a reader, but I’m seeing the old bad vibes coming back to the surface just like I predicted.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, Hope’s jealousy has really brought out the worst in her… and she totally recognizes that. Believe me, she is totally disgusted with herself (and rightfully so!) We’ll have to see whether she gets her act together after this wakeup call, or if she just lets it get worse.


    1. Thanks so much for reading! 🙂 His restaurant was not made by me, but I did find it on the gallery 🙂 It’s called “Windenburg Restaurant”. The person who made it is so talented!


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