5.63: Jealous

Sometimes I really hate this.

It feels like as soon as something great happens to me, something else gets all fucked up to balance it out. It’s like the universe doesn’t want anything to be easy for me, I guess.

Anyway, the good news is that everything’s still going great at the restaurant. Better than great, actually. The past couple weeks have probably been some of the busiest of my entire life, but some of the best too. I’ve been putting in way more than forty hours every week so far… And I’ve seriously been loving every minute of it.

I was so terrified that first day, but Victoria’s really been helping me through it. Dom too. Last night after closing time, we all sat down to go over the numbers, and they’re really good. Better than any of us were expecting. I’m hoping we can keep this momentum going once some of the novelty of being a new restaurant wears off.

I know there’s always a huge risk with that, but I’m not too worried, to be honest. With Victoria helping in the kitchen and Dom helping me keep all our finances straight, I feel like this is really gonna work out for all of us. I knew picking them as my investors was a good idea. I trust them completely. And it’s a really great feeling to be able to say that.

I’ll admit there are still days where it almost feels too good to be true. (Jesus, talk about a lame cliche!). But seriously, it’s like I’m living in a freaking dream or something. One I never wanna wake up from.

So I guess it’s the not-so-amazing stuff that reminds me this isn’t a dream after all.

It’s not even anything major, I guess. But it’s enough that it’s really starting to get to me.

It’s Abigail… And Hope too.

It started back on our opening day. I was way too excited talking about all the good stuff that happened that I never really got around to writing about what happened with the two of them. They both showed up for lunch that day, and they ended up finally meeting each other for the first time.

And it was… weird.

I tried talking to Abigail about it first… And I guess I can kinda see where she’s coming from. She said it was “really weird” meeting my “gorgeous model ex-girlfriend”. I think she was kinda trying to lighten the mood by putting it that way… But maybe it wasn’t much of a joke after all.

It kinda got me thinking about how I felt when Hope was dating those model guys back in San Myshuno. Or how I’d feel if Abigail had some hot ex who suddenly showed up out of the blue.

And the answer is, it would suck, and I’d be jealous as hell. So I guess she is too.

But I tried to make her understand. What Hope and I had… It was great (okay, better than great… but I didn’t tell her that), but it’s over now. We’ve both moved on. And I really feel like what me and Abigail have could turn into something just as good someday. She’s beautiful and smart and funny… I still get butterflies when I see her smile. She’s a really amazing girl, and Hope being back in Windenburg doesn’t mean anything’s gonna change between us now.

I guess Abigail seemed a little skeptical at first… But I know she trusts me. I’m with her now. Not Hope. And she gets that.

There are just moments when I still catch her getting kinda weird about things. 

Like if we run into Hope while we’re out together, or she sees me texting her, or I tell her I’m going to hang out with her. She keeps telling me it’s fine and she doesn’t mind… But I can tell by the way she looks at me that it’s bugging her. And I just wish she’d stop being so nervous about it.

And I wish Hope would stop too.

I keep trying to ask her about how she acted when she met Abigail, and the best I can get out of her is that she was “just surprised”, because I hadn’t mentioned I was dating anybody.

But I really had a hard time buying it. I mean, first off, why should I have to tell her what I’m doing or who I’m seeing? She’s not my Mutter or anything.

And I know it goes  way deeper than just being ‘surprised’. She gets really weird too. Any time I mention Abigail or when she sees the two of us together… She gets all stiff and gives us these looks.

I really couldn’t understand what the hell her problem was, until today.

Charlie brought Dahlia over to the apartment for a visit, and we ended up talking about it. Ben’s away on a business trip in Frankfurt for a few days, so she decided to bring the munchkin to come see everybody… Well, everybody who’s still here in Windenburg these days. Which isn’t many of us anymore, to be honest.

The Rosebrooks are still here, at least. Opa, Oma, Tante Joce, Onkel Auggy, me… Even Onkel Stefan ended up back in Windenburg eventually. Opa always says his grandpa Alex is to blame for that. Ever since I was a little kid, he’s been making the same speech again and again. “Grandpa always said he came here to build a legacy, and we’re it. There’s no Windenburg without the Rosebrooks anymore.”

But sometimes I wonder whether it’s the other way around.

Anyway, the point is, enough of us are sticking around that Charlie still likes to come back and visit when she can. Like this afternoon.

She’d spent the morning catching up with Tante Joce, then she came over here for some lunch. And while Dahlia was playing with some of my old action figures, I tried talking to Charlie about this thing with Hope.

And she laughed at me. She actually laughed!

And, okay, yeah, I can kinda see why she made fun of me. I know it should have been obvious. It’s the only thing that makes sense, right? But I guess I didn’t really think it was possible.

Could Hope seriously be jealous? Of Abigail?

She didn’t seem to have any problem when she was dating that dickhead David. Or that loser Sean she told me about. So she’s allowed to move on and I’m not?

I know, I know. I shouldn’t be mad at her. She can’t help how she feels. But… God, this just makes everything so much more complicated! It’s bad enough with Abigail being jealous. But now Hope too?

Ugh. See what I mean?

Nothing’s ever easy.

50 thoughts on “5.63: Jealous

  1. You finally got it, Zayne. What’s the saying, hit the nail on the head. I think thats it, not sure. They’re jealous of each other.

    Abigail feels jealous of Hope because she is his ex and thinks its possible for the two of the to get back togethor. At this rate it might happen if she keeps getting jealous. She needs to chill. Zayne probably has some feelings for Hope but only because they have shared history.

    Hope is jealous because she still likes him. She dated other people because she tried to hide what she still feels about Zayne. Making her pain and felt like it was acting on what they had both agreed. That they should date other people. Hope has dated other people but her heart has returned to Zayne. Zayne needs his chance to find love elsewhere and he took a bit longer to get there than her because he had stuff to overcome.

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    1. Sounds like you hit the nail on the head too 😉 Now the question becomes, what’s Zayne going to do with this new information? Or is he just gonna sit there feeling guilty and miserable? (Probably option 2… 😛 )


      1. I think option 2 too.This is Zayne rosebrook, he doesn’t like to complicate things but in the end he does it anyway. I think Zayne has a fear of confrontation. He doesn’t like to face his problems head on so he buries them until the pit gets too big to handle and it starts seeping through into everything else.

        Also, hasn’t he worn that shirt in the last 3 chaptes. Need to inform Joce of that.

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  2. You both need to get together. He even said it, maybe it could be as good with Abigail as it was with Hope. Dude, seriously! You are not ‘over’ Hope. Nope. Not at all. Maybe Abigail is your attempt to get over her, but it ain’t happening… Please don’t do anything stupid….oh yeah, this IS Zayne we are talking about.. He’s come such a long way. Too far to mess up again. You need to have a better heart to heart with yourself but we know you like to lie to your own self. So, Zayne – If forced to choose – who do you choose? Abigail or Hope.

    I predict an ultimatum coming from little miss Abigail. So what will he do?

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    1. Yup, there is a LOT of denial on Zayne’s part. He’s come a long way, but he’s still Zayne underneath it all… And he still might mess up… But hopefully not?

      Interesting prediction about the ultimatum. We will see 😉

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  3. I smell a catfight brewing. :/
    “Ben’s away on a business trip in Frankfurt for a few days” GOOD. He should stay there. The last thing I want right now is one of my worst predictions coming true. 😡

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    1. I remember that prediction! Hopefully not… Guess we will see in time!

      And as for a catfight… Definitely a possibility at this point. Oh dear…

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  4. Oh, Brat Prince. You’ve only figured out half of the story. Keep thinking on that. Maybe you’ll figure out the rest. But, when you do, sadly that means the end of Abigail and she was right the whole time. These situations suck all the way around!

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    1. That’s true… Regardless of how this all turns out, people are gonna be hurt. And I think Zayne thinks what he’s doing right now is going to keep everyone happy… But… clearly it’s not. :-/

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  5. Dark WitcHazard: So Lover what are your thoughts on this fight?

    Lover WitcHazard: Zayne is clearly making things worse by being indecisive! I mean his first big fight with Abigail is going to be about an ex! That’s a big no no! First gifts are supposed to be in house so you can fix the problem and grow better as a couple but by including Hope Abigail’s going to get flack from him and her and he thinks she can handle but clearly she can’t!

    Dark WitcHazard: I mean clearly he has problems it hasn’t even been a year! It’s been like what three months it’s so fresh and new and she’s not even getting the full honeymoon experience! From the moment they started dating Hope moved back into Zayne’s life meaning he has never given Abigail his full attention or affection! It’s always been slip between the two of them and that’s not fair to her! Clearly he’s trying to pull that Three’s Company shit and it ain’t working!

    Lover WitcHazard: A lot of people are giving Hope flack for being jealous but come on! Hope didn’t move back for opportunities she moved back for Zayne’s dumbass and now he doesn’t have the curtesy to tell her naw girl I’m good go do you! On top of that she told him about the pop wow she was dating as a curtesy and a way to say I’m trying to move on you sheild too! But he didn’t for the most part so she thinking I love him he loves me I’ll always have this relationship to fall back on as both of our failsafes! He lets her move back with the false sense of security that she’s know that he’s always there. But the whole time she was back he was dating Abigail! Which means he particularly was setting up his personal schedule to meet up with both of them and have them none the wiser! I mean atleast Abigail had a heads up ofcirse not about the restaurant encounter but still she knew of her existence and Hope deserved the same treatment since he was practically dating them both at the same time!

    Dark WitcHazard: Siunds like you don’t think he deserves either of them!

    Lover WitcHazard: Nope I will not wish ill will on either ship fearing the wrath of Nooboos but I look forward to the warped thorny path Zayne has chosen for him self and I hope it’s just as entertaining to watch as it is to speculate!

    Dark WitcHazard: Well that’s all the time we have folks! Hold on to your hats cause round one will be underway shortly!

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    1. Lover got very deep today! I think she makes some really good points about Zayne’s behavior right now toward BOTH women.

      We will see if “round one” is truly coming or not 😉 Hehe


  6. When Hope was dating those guys, she was not in Zayne’s face with it. Now that they are in the same town again, it is different. It is there and cannot be avoided. The distance is what made it different before.

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  7. Look at that, he’s got a head on his shoulders! He knows what’s happening! Now, go chase after Hope before it’s too late. Gen 6 has got to start at some point!

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    1. Hahaha baby steps for Zayne 😛 He’s at least AWARE. For him, that’s huge :’)

      As for Gen 6… Still gotta wait a bit. But it might be closer than some people think? 😉


  8. Nothing’s ever easy. Pretty much sums up your life, Zayne.
    I understand Abigail’s jealousy. Not Hope’s. She’s being childish, and selfish. She thinks she’s allowed to move on and see whoever she wants, but gets upset because Zayne is trying to do the same. I do understand her being surprised at first, and maybe a little upset that Zayne didn’t tell her, but still…. Sigh, maybe I’m seeing things wrong. But, to be clear here, I am officially team Zayne+Abigail. Though, I don’t think he is over Hope, and in the end, he will probably end up with her. I WOULD like to see The Plumbob’s legacy continue through this, though.

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    1. Haha yes, it really does sum up his life!

      I can totally see why Hope seems childish and selfish right now. Like you and Zayne pointed out, she’s being kind of hypocritical here (though as someone else also pointed out, it’s different to have the relationship right in front of you versus thousands of miles away/not in your face all the time).

      The SS Zabigail seems to be picking up lots of crew members lately! We’ll have to see which ship reigns victorious in this shipping war 😛 (Unless neither one does…? 😮 )

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  9. Finally figured it out, did ya? What a little cutie pie! I love this little realization but if he’s happy with Abigail, he needs to make sure it’s obvious to her that Hope was his past and she is his future. OTHERWISE…I’ve got a ship that needs to stay afloat! And by I, I mean Orange and I! 😋

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    1. Hahaha I love that Zayne is still a cutie pie to you 😛 He is to me too! Hehe He’s definitely starting to realize what’s going on, but like you said, he’s really gotta start making some concrete decisions when it comes to Hope and Abigail. Right now he’s still being kinda dumb… But then, I don’t think he’d still be Zayne if he wasn’t a little dumb 😛 hehe


  10. Child Dahlia is adorable! Also, whatever happened to Remi and Lila’s second child? And is Leo a teenager now? I think this family is due for a reunion soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She really is super cute! 😀 As for Remi and Laya’s kids, they’re all doing well! Haha their daughter is 3 now and Leo is still only 9 🙂 Hopefully we will get to see the family members soon… It’s so hard to find ways to bring people back 😦


  11. I was laughing along with Charlie, like, bruh, you really didn’t get it? I feel like this took Hope off her pedestal a bit in his eyes. And that’s a good thing. If they’re going to be friends, which hurts my HoZay heart to limit it to that, they need to stop seeing each other as incapable of their respective personality flaws.

    Zayne, Hope is just as spoiled as you! You’ve surrounded yourself with legacy babes, they’re not like normal Sims, ijs. 😉

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    1. Hahahaha so true, Zayne hangs out with his fellow spoiled legacy kids 😛

      And great point about knocking Hope off her pedestal. I think there’s a lot of truth to that! Though it definitely took him long enough, huh? 😂

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  12. Tbh I’m surprised Zayne hadn’t seen it before. It was so obvious! Lol and now he has to deal with two jealous girls 😛 Lucky him, not! xD

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    1. Haha! Exactly 😛 It probably SOUNDS good to have two girls after you… but Zayne definitely doesn’t feel lucky right now 😛


  13. I can understand Abigail being hesitant and a bit insecure about Hope still playing a big role in Zayne’s life. Imo, a guy being so close to his ex is often (not always) a red flag. But she seems willing to at least try to get past it and be nice to Hope.

    Hope, on the other hand, has no right to be jealous of Zayne’s new relationship. She’s leaving a really bad taste in my mouth at the moment. She’s always been the type of person to go after what she wants, and while in professional goals that’s good, it’s not if you’ll be hurting somebody else in the process.

    I’m scared that Hope will try to win Zayne back and seduce him (possibly when tipsy/drunk), and silly, stupid Zayne will jump on her the first chance he gets – thereby really, really hurting Abigail.
    I’m team Abi all the way!

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    1. I think Abigail is definitely justified in her jealousy! Hope… yeah, maybe not as much. But it’s also hard to control how you feel sometimes. Hopefully she doesn’t stoop to such a low level though… Yikes! 😮

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  14. Finally I´m up todate with your awesome story. I´m sorry for my bad english, reading is a way better for me than writing. I am german and my last english lessons have been 5 years ago in school. 😀
    I´ve reading your legacy and also Dust to Dust in something like a month or so? And all I can say is, that both stories are so good and i love them. In german we say “Ich ziehe meinen Hut vor dir.” I think in english i would translate it into “I bow to you” or so. 🙂
    Im exited to see how Zayne would deal with the fact that Hope has still romantic feeling for him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Danke!!! 🙂 (okay that plus family words is almost all the German I know 😂 Which is odd since my story is supposed to take place in Germany… but my friend July helps me translate!)

      I’m really excited that you’ve enjoyed both stories so much 🙂 And I really appreciate that you took the time to read. It means a lot to me 🙂

      We will see soon what Zayne does from here. He’s in a crazy situation right now (but then, my characters usually are :P)

      Thank you again!!!

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  15. Please, Zayne, If you are angry that she is Jelous, that means you still like her, deep down, I think if Zayne had completly moved on 100/100 hewould be like ”Well, Hope is jelous…well, her problem, not mine.” They are in a whole Ross/ Rachel situation ” Oh, you want me back? To bad, I move on!….Wait, you moved on? Wait, I love you!


  16. ok Zayne is bringing up Hope’s past romances but that was when he suggested dating other people. Wake up Zayne, she did that and it didn’t work so she came back to you, duh. Why the heck do you think she came back to Windenburg? She came back for you idiot. So yeah she’s jealous that your dating Abigail because at this point you should be dating her again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yeah, Zayne is being an idiot as usual 😂😂😂 (sorry for not replying to your other comments. I just woke up and my brain isn’t functioning yet 😛 )

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