1.11: Are You Mine?

Well, after more than two months of wondering, tonight I finally got my answer.

Jade and I were out at a party down in the old ruins, and the entire time, I just couldn’t stop thinking about her. Well… I guess that’s nothing new, huh? What I should say is that I couldn’t stop thinking about us.


It’s been almost six months to the day since she first invited me out for drinks that night after work. Six months since I first learned her name. Six months since the moment I first started falling in love with her.

But I needed to know she felt the same way. That she wanted to be with me… Just me. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the way she talks to Marcus and Paolo. Has the dynamic between them changed at all? It’s just too hard to tell, I guess. I know I should have just sucked it up and asked her, but I was just too damn scared.


But tonight, I finally learned the truth.

I’d had way too much to drink, as usual. And there was just something about the way she looked tonight. Stunning. Irresistible. I knew I just had to have her, right then and there.

I took her hand and led her away from the rest of the party. We headed around the side of the crumbling stone wall and, with a wink, I pulled her toward one of the overgrown bushes.

I still remember the way she giggled as I leaned over and whispered in her ear in great detail exactly what I wanted to do to her.

“So,” I asked her as my hand crept slowly up the smooth skin of her thigh. “What do you say?”


“Claro, meu amor.” She whispered, sighing at my touch.“Eu sou tua.”

The entire time, I couldn’t stop thinking about what she’d said. Jade had taught me enough Portuguese that I understood her words… But could she really have meant it?

Eu sou tua… 

So afterwards, when we’d straightened our clothes and rejoined the party, I decided it was finally time to ask the question that had been haunting me for months. I wrapped my arm around her waist as we stood side by side, watching the hypnotic orange glow of the huge bonfire Paolo had lit.


Then I took a deep breath, looked into her eyes, and asked her if she meant it, if she was really mine — All mine.  No one else’s. I glanced significantly toward Paolo as I spoke, and I knew Jade understood.

She pulled me close then, and pressed her lips against my neck. I still get butterflies when I think of what she said.

“Eu sou tua… E só tua.”

38 thoughts on “1.11: Are You Mine?

    1. Hehehehehe thank you! SilentWolf started calling them “Jalex” so I’m totally going with that 😉 I’m glad you liked this one. I loved writing this chapter, it’s my favorite so far 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. And you claim you’re uncomfortable writing romance. Well, this was great! Telling us just enough and letting our minds fill in the blanks.

    Wait. In a bush? That can’t have been comfortable… I think perhaps I shouldn’t think about it that much and instead concentrate on the loving words of Jade: Eu sou tua.

    I bet she saw how he was looking at Paolo and Marcus and decided to put him out of his misery, once she made the decision for herself about what Alex meant to her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! It was challenging, but I enjoyed writing this part 🙂 And yes, I am trying to imagine how it would have worked inside a bush… Well, they were next to a stone wall. Maybe they really went BEHIND the bush? Okay, I’m overthinking this hehehe. And yes, Jade’s realized how Alex feels and she really loves him, so she decided to reassure him (and I think she’s being truthful too, and really is 100% monogamous now). I enjoy writing about them. I’m totally #TeamJade 😛


  2. Hey Citizen! Loved D2D do much I decided to catch up on your Legacy with Alex.
    Alex and Jade look so cute together! Loved the way you inserted the Portuguese in there ** silently fangirling because I’m Portuguese**
    Anyways, really glad Alex got the nerve to ask her!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!! I’m so glad you’re reading this story too! ^_^ And I’m glad you like the Portuguese! I don’t actually know any but my friend has been helping me haha. Thank you again!!! ❤


        1. LOL! I know right? When he started running his hand up Jade’s skirt I was like “omg what am I writing?!” He had a mind of his own there, I swear 😛

          Liked by 1 person

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