1.10: Visitors

Mom and dad finally came to visit last week.


And… I guess I didn’t realize how much I missed them until I saw them again. I’d been doing such a great job of keeping myself busy, and avoiding feeling homesick. But the second mom hugged me… I dunno. It was kinda hard to keep it together.

Anyway, it felt so good to see them again. I managed to convince them that I was having some renovations done on my house, and that the tent was only temporary. I’m pretty sure they bought it. We spent most of our time back at their hotel anyway, and exploring the city together.

Showing them around Windenburg was really fun, and I think that was when it kinda hit me that I’m not just some tourist here. This is my home now… And I’m starting to get to know the ins and outs of the city pretty well, if I do say so myself.

I tried to cover all the highlights I could, and they really seemed to enjoy themselves.

One afternoon we went shopping down in the city center, and visited some of the local cafes.


And we spent nearly an entire day out on The Bluffs — hiking the cliffs, picnicking in the grassy field, and swimming in that big old pool.


I told them all about my job (and pretended to love it, of course), and a little about my new friends (well… the details that wouldn’t make mom faint, at least). Part of me really wished I could introduce Jade to my parents, but…

I dunno. I just feel like it would be too much pressure… I mean, we haven’t even put any labels on this thing yet… And I really don’t wanna mess it all up.

Maybe next time.

Anyway, spending all that time with my parents was amazing. It really reminded me of how things used to be before I left home, you know? How does that old saying go again?

“You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.”

Let me tell you, saying goodbye this time was even harder than the first… Something I never thought was possible. Even dad couldn’t keep it together. But I knew I had to. Because if I didn’t, mom would worry. And I hate it when she worries.


But… If you’re reading this, don’t judge, okay?

As soon as their taxi was out of sight, I actually cried. For the first time in years.

I just miss them so much.

38 thoughts on “1.10: Visitors

      1. First, it wouldn’t let me see my texts. So I turned it off, turned it back on. Now, it’s creating a new post! So, I’m on my computer now… 😛

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    1. Hehehe Alex is sneaky XD Thank you for reading! I felt sad making them have to go too 😦 (if it helps, they secretly see each other all the time in-game hahaha since, y’know, in the sims world all the cities are basically connected XD )

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  1. Oh Alex, I can relate! It’s always bittersweet when my parents visit me in England; I love to show them around for them to see what my life there is like, but when they leave I always feel so guilty for not living closer… It is hard.

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    1. That must be so difficult 😦 Hugs to you! I’ve only ever lived far from home for 5 months (semester abroad) and that alone was so hard.


    1. Hehehe yes, he loved to show up everywhere! This was a continuation of my d2d save, so he was still around! (But I turned aging on in this save, so unfortunately Grimmy has come for him 😦 ) By the way, thank you for reading my legacy!!! ^_^ Gen 1 is the most casual SimLit I’ve ever done hehe. Gen 2 has lots of pre-planned plot, but is still much more causal than D2D was 😛 I’m learning to micro-manage a bit less. Yay! Hehe

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  2. This made my heart ache. I mean, I live at home, but I was away from my mom for a very long time and when you see them for the first time after that it’s like all of the feels overwhelm you. Saying goodbye hurts like knives.

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  3. i can relate to him when i first moved out i called mom every night. because i missed the sound of her voice. sometimes its the little things like home cooked meals that you miss the simple comfort and security.

    be strong alex,

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