6.29: Dive Right In

It’s been over a month now, and I’m still so fucking mad.

My parents think they know everything. They think they’re so smart. They think I’m just sitting here quietly and going along with their bullshit new rules.

But they don’t know everything. And there’s no way in hell I’m going along with any of this.

I can’t believe what an idiot I was. How could I think we’d get away with going to that stupid party without getting caught? I just about died the moment Rylie and Devin’s parents walked out the front door on New Years Day. And the second I saw my parents’ faces, I knew we were done for…

But it ended up being so much worse than I could even imagine.

Rylie and Devin each got grounded for two weeks. And the only time any of us got to see each other was at school. It really, really sucked. But guess what? Their two weeks were up a long time ago. They’re already back to hanging out with each other after school almost every day.

But my punishment? Not even close to being over. I’m still grounded ‘until further notice’, my parents say. What the fuck!

How the hell did they go from being the two biggest pushovers on the planet to a couple of freaking tyrants who basically put their kid under house arrest?! I know I’d said before that I was worried they’d do something like this if I ever got caught… But I thought I was exaggerating. I didn’t really think they’d ever do it!

Even Tante Joce thinks they’re taking this too far. She keeps telling me to ‘be patient’ and ‘be on my best behavior’ while she ‘works on them’.

And I appreciate that she’s on my side. I really do. But there was no way I was gonna just sit around and wait! Not while I was stuck at home and my friends were free to do whatever they wanted! It just wasn’t fair.

And Rylie and Devin weren’t even the worst part…

The worst part was Erik.

My parents called him and fired him as soon as they found out about the party.

Can you believe it?! All because of one stupid night?!

They’ve convinced themselves Erik is some kind of pervy asshole who was just trying to get in my pants or something. It’s absolutely ridiculous! They’ve met him ONCE, way back when he first started tutoring me. They don’t even know him!

Erik was still able to contact me through Facebook… my parents didn’t think of trying to make me defriend him or anything, thank God! And he just kept apologizing again and again. But he doesn’t have anything to be sorry for! It’s my parents who should be apologizing to HIM!

At first, I really didn’t know what I was gonna do.

Walking home from Erik’s party, I really thought I’d started figuring things out. I mean, that night… it changed everything for me.

It helped me figure out what all those weird feelings meant.

It helped me figure out that it’s okay to have a crush on more than one person… Even if one of them’s a girl.

And most importantly, it helped me figure out what I want. Or… who I want. More than anybody else.

But thanks to my parents, he was the one thing I couldn’t have.

Except… I figured out that I can have him.

They just don’t have to know about it.

Like I said, my parents think they know everything.

But they don’t know that the drugstore’s a ten minute walk from Erik’s apartment.

And they don’t know that my boss didn’t really add a Saturday shift to my schedule.

Every Saturday from noon to five is our time now.

And we’ve definitely been making the most of it.

I’ll be honest though… It took a little convincing. Erik almost sent me home the first time I showed up at his place.

I mean, he wants to be with me too. I know he does. But be kept saying I should be honest with my parents and ASK them if they’re okay with this… Especially if we’re gonna be together now.

But like I explained to Erik, I just can’t tell them. I know they won’t listen to me, no matter what I say. And all it’s gonna do is cause more problems. Plus, I’ll be eighteen in a couple months, so it’s not like their stupid rules will matter for much longer.

And isn’t the whole ‘forbidden romance’ thing kinda hot anyway? (I’m pretty sure that’s the argument that swayed him the most. He’s such a sucker for cheesy little lines like that! It’s adorable.)

I don’t even know what I’d do without Erik right now… He’s so amazing. Just being with him makes everything better. He’s the only reason I’m able to deal with my parents’ shit right now. He’s what’s keeping me going.

When I look at him, I know I made the right choice. Rylie and Devin are amazing. But Erik… I don’t even know how to put it into words.

But I really, really think I’m falling for him… Hard.

He has the absolute biggest heart of anybody I’ve ever met. He’s so kind and caring and gentle… And he’s never ever pressured me to do anything. We haven’t even had sex yet.

I mean, want to. And I know we will, eventually… But I’ve never done anything more than kiss anybody until I met him. And I’m still kinda nervous about all that stuff, I guess. And Erik gets it. He totally gets it. He’s been letting me set the pace on everything we do together. ‘Testing the waters’, he likes to call it.

And while I’m still working up the courage to dive right in… We’ve been having a hell of a lot of fun getting our feet wet.

Not that that’s the only thing we do, obviously.

We can’t exactly go out in public together… we can’t risk getting caught like that. So we’ve had to find other stuff we can do. Like playing video games, or watching movies together… Sometimes I’ll bring along my notebook and let him read one of my stories too.

I’ve even brought over my math homework before, believe it or not! What can I say? He really is a great tutor.

We’ve had my friends come over to chill with us a few times too… The only time I see them is still at school, so this is really my only chance to hang out with the two of them too.

Rylie hasn’t had a problem with it, and she’s pretty pumped Erik and I got together (‘I ship it’, she keeps telling me. Ha!). Devin’s been kind of a different story though. He really didn’t seem too excited to come hang out with us the first time we invited him. And whenever we’re together, he’s just been so much quieter than usual.

At first I thought it was maybe because he was afraid of getting caught again or something… 

But then I think back to those fuzzy memories from the party, and I think I get what’s going on.

I feel awful that he’s so jealous… But I know he’ll move past it eventually. He loves me. He supports me. And even if he’s not crazy about me and Erik being together, I know he’ll be happy for me too.

Unlike my parents. They’ll never be happy for me. And they’ll never care about what makes me happy either.

I wish I could be honest with them. It’s not like I like lying to them. I wish I could trust them with the truth. I’d love to be able to tell them about Erik.

But I can’t. They just won’t listen to me. They’ll never stop treating me like a baby. They’ll never let me do what I want with my life either.

And I don’t think they’ll ever accept me for who I am.


Author’s Note: Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know about a pretty exciting milestone my blog reached yesterday 🙂

As of yesterday, Ashes to Ashes has been viewed over 500,000 times! 😮 Half a million! I am floored!

Obviously I know that a huge chunk of those views came from people who looked a chapter or two and never returned. But the rest of them come from YOU guys — Reading the updates as they come out. Binge reading. Re-reading. Going back to read the comments. You get the idea 😉

Whether you’re a silent lurker or vocal commenter, I am beyond grateful to each and every one of you for the time you take to read my story. It means so much ❤ Thank you!

88 thoughts on “6.29: Dive Right In

  1. Congrats on the view milestone, that’s crazy!!!

    Harper, Harper, Harper, they will find out eventually, even if you don’t think so now. Parents always know. (Also, I feel sorry for devin, poor guy has unrequited love. 😦 )

    To be honest, I think they were a bit harsh with the punishment. She only needed a few weeks but this is ridiculous. Have they gone slightly crazy since they became 50? At least Joce is trying to make things better but Zayne is definitely not attempting to fix his relationsip with his only daughter. *sigh* He never learns…..

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    1. They’ve definitely gone off the deep end here! Haha I think the way they’re seeing it, they’re just too afraid to trust her anymore, so they are keeping her on a very tight leash. Of course, that’s ridiculous and is already backfiring horribly… But hopefully they’ll figure that out eventually haha

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  2. I would say two, three weeks is good for what she did. But HoZay are just being ridiculous at this point.

    I knew she’d go for the forbidden romance thing >:). I cannot wait to see how this pans out.

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    1. They really are being ridiculous, it’s true! I think they just feel like they can’t trust her and the only way they know to handle that is to keep her on a super tight leash.

      Glad you approve of the forbidden Harik thing 😉 Hopefully she won’t get caught? 😛


  3. I personally think Harper is being unreasonable. She was with older kids who gave her drugs and alcohol. All this sneaky stuff is going to come back and bite her in the sim booty. She is very much Zayne’s child. He did a lot of the same stuff and got into the wrong crowd. Still don’t like Erik… Great chapter!!

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  4. Harper – girlfriend, they will stop by one Saturday and the gig will be up. Sorry sweetheart. 😦 Poor Devin….I still ship them although Erik is redeeming himself. I wonder if they use while she is there. I also worry he may get tired of a few hours on Saturday. He’s going to break her heart I’m afraid.

    Of course Hozay did go overboard. They are partially to blame, but Harper has been enabled so much by her disability that she never really has learned to take responsibility for her actions. She just learned how to use it to her advantage. And the over the top punishment without really hearing her out, well….I don’t recall Jocelyn punishing Zayne that bad when he did worse.

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    1. Yeah, Joce was never this bad, I can confirm that 😂 It’s a tough situation because they DID go overboard, like you said, but also, Harper has never really faced consequences or been forced to take responsibility before.

      Hopefully your first two predictions don’t come true though 😛 Getting caught and getting her heart broken might push our girl off the deep end 😮

      Thanks for reading!


  5. I have this weird feeling Devin is going to tattle on Harper! I feel bad for her, clearly her and her parents need to have a good heart to heart, but these are Rosebrooks-everything has to implode first!

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    1. Thank you, sonnie! ❤️ And I knew you’d be happy with this development 😉 All aboard the Harik as it sets sail on its maiden voyage 😛


  6. Congratulations with your Milestone! That’s huge! ❤️ i’m not really sure how to comment on this One. I Mean, i can’t see both sides, but… Yeah. Loved it though ❤️ good work! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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  7. Congratulations!! That’s amazing, although I can’t say I’m surprised 😛 You’re a really talented writer and every Wednesday and Saturday (or if the schedule has changed, other days) I always look forward to reading the newest chapter. Thanks for writing such an awesome story and congrats again! 🙂

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  8. Ah, teenagers. We never learn do we? “Hey, I just got in trouble for doing something I’m not suppose to be doing, so I’m going to do this other thing I’m not suppose to be doing while I’m grounded for that first thing. THIS WILL BE GREAT!” Why were we so delusional??

    As usual, it’ll be interesting to see how this ends. On a side note, though, how old is Erik technically? Like 20? Was that already mentioned?

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    1. Ah yes, teenage logic 😉 Gotta love it! Hehehehe And yes, Erik is 20, Harper is about to turn 18. His birthday is in August, so he’s about two and a half-ish years older than her 🙂

      And thank you for the congratulations ❤️ And for reading!!!!! 🙂


      1. Will a future view point perhaps give Erik’s reaction to his call from Zayne? I mean, he’s always been under the impression that Harper’s parents knew and approved of their friendship, so I imagined a call like that would really put a strain on his relationship with her going forward.

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        1. We won’t really get to see that initial reaction. I think he was definitely shocked, and I’m sure he reached out to Harper and was like “what the hell?” But I think he was more upset at Zayne than her, honestly. You bring up a very good point though!


  9. Congrats on the milestone!! ❤️

    Being grounded until further notice?? Grounded for two weeks is acceptable, but until further notice? Insane!! It’s like being in jail! HoZay has gone far enough. On YouTube, there are grounded videos made with GoAnimate (a video creation platform) on there and in these videos, the parents grounded their children for an unfair amount of time (for example, grounded for a million years or grounded forever). Zayne, you’re heading the right way towards having your daughter as an enemy. Had HoZay gotten to know Erik more, then this wouldn’t have happened. Don’t to judge a book by its cover.

    In terms of Erik, I’m back and forth with him. There are times I like him and other times, I dislike him. Although he introduced drugs and alcohol to Harper, he does demonstrate that he has a golden heart and he’s a genius. Despite the age difference, I would say that I ship him and Harper together. I’m supporting the Harik! Can’t wait to see how this romance works out. The only thing I don’t want happening is them getting caught by HoZay. If it were to happen, then Harper will be miserable for the rest of her life and she could incline to run away and move in with Erik.

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    1. Sounds like Harper could be in one of those videos! Hahaha

      I understand the conflicted feelings about Erik. It’s tricky! I’m glad you ship them though! Hopefully they don’t get caught…

      Thanks for reading, Simslover! ❤️❤️

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  10. That last phrase is biiit upseting..I can totally see Harper running away from home because ” no one get’s her” Even thought there is Jocelyn…They want her best, but “her best” could end up being what they expect from her. Makes me remember a phrase in a book that said something along those lines: “Only childs don’t get the right to do anything. They can’t fail. They can’t choose the wrong way. They don’t even have the right to die.If anything goes bad with this one child, the parents are ruined.”

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    1. Oh wow, that quote is definitely perfect for Harper (unfortunately!) So much pressure on her as the only living child Hope and Zayne could have!

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  11. Congrats! You deserve every view!

    Zayne definitely needs to sit down with his daughter and let her know he felt exactly this way once. Not that I think Harper’s on the same path (she seems to be in a much better place than Zayne was at her age), but I think if her parents knew how she felt, they’d be able to connect with her. Jocelyn too! Two weeks does seem like a kind of short grounding for a alcohol/drug induced party with older kids, but everyone parents differently.

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    1. Thank you! ^_^

      You are right, a heart-to-heart with Harper is definitely overdue! She and her parents really need to try to understand each other a little better. Hopefully they can have one soon (and hopefully it will help things!)


  12. I feel for Harper, but I definitely feel for her parents, too. Them grounding her can’t have been an easy decision to make and keep, they don’t want her to suffer like that. And I know, they would love to just “talk it out” with her if they thought they had a chance. But they let it get this far, because they never thought Harper could betray their trust, and now the “strict parent mode” is the only way they can think of to prevent any more damage. They must feel pretty helpless right now, and they know it isn’t getting any better, and soon Harper will be an adult, able to just go away and do the heck she wants, and they have to get back a good connection to her to even be an influence in her life. They don’t want to lose her, and still they feel they have already and can’t get her back, only hold her for the moment. Not many people take being treated as a prisoner worse than emotionally shaken teenagers being in love and torn apart from their crush.

    And Harper isn’t going to do what her parents think is best for her. I wish whenever they learn of her ongoing relationship with Erik, at least Zayne will remember his promise and be on her side. I can really imagine Harper moving away to another continent alongside with Erik to get away from her parents who “don’t get her”. Or even running away before she even turns 18 so she can be free those few months. At least for the moment she is (partly) compensating her troubles by being with Erik instead of stealing even more stuff.

    Congratulations on your milestone – I hope you will continue this story for some more generations.

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    1. Thanks for the congratulations! 🙂

      You described her parents’ situation perfectly. They’re completely helpless and don’t really know how to handle things right now. They never thought something like this would happen, and now that it HAS, they are overwhelmed. I feel for them a bit too!

      I like your predictions about what Harper might do! Only time will tell… thank you so much for reading, Luna!


  13. I am really not liking Erik with Harper. Sure, he tried to send her away at first, but then when it’s “forbidden romance,” he’s right back after her. And while he may not be pressuring her into doing anything, he’s still the guy who gave her hard drugs.

    Of course, the people we have to blame for this are Zayne and Hope. If they hadn’t been so hard on Hope, she wouldn’t have felt the need to rebel… maybe. And of course, the forbidden fruit is the sweetest. The moment she couldn’t have Erik, she wanted him more than ever.

    I’m hoping she ends up with Devin in the end. She said it herself, Devin loves her. I think, even though he is at least trying to be good to her, Erik is more in lust than love. I also think the road he’s on isn’t leading anywhere Harper ought to be going… but then again, what do I know?


    1. Erik has definitely not been a good influence, it’s true! There are many places it could go from here… We will be getting more insight into their relationship in the next couple of chapters.

      Thanks for reading 🙂


  14. Ok, now I am not usually the one to talk about Tobi, BUT ZAYNE DID YOU NOT LEARN ANYTHING FROM YOUR GRANDFATHERS!!! Tobi even told you to support her! And look at Joce and Mark, do you really think you can stop Harik from happening? Just because your father was an asshole, does not mean you have to be one to. LET HARIK HAPPEN MAN!

    If only Markyln went for the forbidden romance thing, Joce might have had a better HEA AND KIDS WITH MARK! DAMN YOU CITIZEN!!!

    #TeamHarik #Marklyn4Ever #StillNotForgiven

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  15. A. I’m so over Harper’s attitude.
    B. Joce needs to mind her own business and let them handle THEIR child!
    C. Someone alert me when she’s learned the lesson LOL. These angsty, know-it-all teens work my nerves so bad!
    D. I can’t believe I’m actually co-signing HoZay, but I don’t think they’re being ridiculous at all! They’re not punishing her because of what she did. They’re punishing her because she can’t be trusted. It’s kinda hard to let people you don’t trust (esp. your own child) go on their merry way when you know they haven’t changed. That’s why it’s “until further notice.” When she starts acting like she has some daggone sense or actually decides to fess up to what she did, then and only then will this be over.

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    1. I am liking that there’s a range of reactions to this one! Some are siding with Harper, some are torn between both sides, and it’s refreshing to have someone who can see her parents’ side of things too 🙂

      You have their reasoning exactly right — they feel she can’t be trusted, so they are really at a loss as to what to do/how to handle things right now. This was the only option they could think of.

      I do think that both Harper and HoZay need to be more open and communicate with each other better though. That’s the only way they can actually find some common ground in this whole situation, but right now there’s been very little actual communication from either of them

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      1. Mmm hmm. If it were me, I’d take all of us into one of the smaller rooms of the house and say we’re going to sit here until we get all of this figured out. After a half hour, she’ll start talking LOL.

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  16. I understand the long grounding. I get it. She deserves it. She has gone how long doing stuff they still don’t know about. There are so many things that could have gone wrong that night. I feel like Rylie and Devin’s parents might be used to this, but to Hozay, they have no prior experience dealing with it. I have a feeling Zayne’s old job for the drug dealer plays a lot into this.

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    1. Yeah, I think you have it exactly right haha Rylie and Devin have always been pretty rebellious, so their parents were way more used to dealing with this sort of thing… Versus poor HoZay who have no idea how to handle it 😛


  17. Congrats on the amazing milestone! I just spend the last couple of weeks reading the entire legacy so far, and let me just say, it’s easy to see why so many people are hooked!

    Can’t wait to see what happens for Harper next!

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  18. You know, one thought I just had that I had to come back and share… Zayne is so very worried that his little princess might have had sex with Erik. And of course we know she wants to. Would he be freaking out if Harper were a boy? We know that the Rosebrooks have had several teen pregnancies. Harper seems smart enough that she’d at least use protection if she did have sex. Maybe I’m wrong…

    It’s not ideal, but in the recent past, most teenagers would experiment with sex sooner or later. This has decreased with the current generation of kids–which is a good thing. I’ll never say it’s “not a big deal” if a kid goes out and has sex, especially when it’s someone who’s actually an adult, like Erik. But at the same time, while parents freak out over the idea of their girls having sex, many parents will encourage their boys to try to have sex (and congratulate him if it’s an older woman). Double standards are ugly. I think that the idea of sex is part of why Zane flipped out on Harper, and why her punishment is so lengthy.

    But the truth is, as bad as it is for kids to be having sex before they’re really ready (and while some teens probably ARE ready at Harper’s age, I don’t think Harper is as ready to make the leap as she believes–she’s all kinds of messed up and childish with her kleptomania and rebellion), it’s better for parents to be understanding if and when it does happen. Yes, you want to discourage them from running around being promiscuous and/or getting pregnant/getting someone else pregnant. But, you also have to realize that at that age, teens are very hormonal. And they are learning how to be adults. For most people, sex is part of that.

    Obviously the drugs are also an issue with Zayne and Hope, and they should be. Especially since if Harper did have sex while on drugs, she might not have known about it or at least might have been incapable of consent. There are people like Paul who will take advantage, and there are people whose friends never believe them capable of doing such a thing, but they do.

    I still think Hope and Zayne are being too harsh on Harper, even though she’s behaved horribly. What they have done is gradually give her more freedom as she proves that they can trust her again. Grounding her indefinitely has only made her more rebellious. And what they all really need is a good family discussion and explain to Harper their point of view. They need to explain WHY they are not okay with her hooking up with an older guy. They need to explain WHY they are worried about her attending a college party where there are hard drugs. But they also need to do this in a way that isn’t lecturing or controlling.

    It’s going to be a hard road, and a lot of it is because Hope and Zayne were far too easy on Harper for most of her life. But part of it may just be that Harper would have been super rebellious anyway–maybe it’s part of her personality.

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    1. And I want to clarify her, by “kids” I mean teens, especially older teens 16+. If there is an under-16 kid experimenting with sex, there’s probably something really bad going on at home that social services may need to look into. And for that matter, I’d look at a 16-year-old who’s trying to get sex with some wariness, because it might be that there is abuse etc. going on at home there too. As I said, it’s *never* not a big deal. But, as teens grow older many of them do get curious and want to try having sex. It’s a hard job for parents to keep them from it, and harder to stay calm if it does happen. You could say the same about drugs.

      Flipping out over it, though, doesn’t help. Understanding why the kid did it and helping them understand why maybe they shouldn’t is important. If they’re going to have sex, you will want them to at least use protection. And, obviously, you don’t want a teen like Harper (even if she were male) sleeping with a college student at all. In that sense, it’d be less bad if she were experimenting with Devin, who’s basically at the same point in his life as she is in hers. Still not good though.

      As for drugs… I can’t say there’s any sort of drug or alcohol parents should be okay with their teens having. Especially since marijuana has been proven to stunt brain maturation in teens, and we’ve all heard the many issues alcohol can cause for teen drinkers. (So, if you’re going to smoke weed, wait until you’re in your 20s! And don’t get out on the road when you do it. I don’t encourage anyone to do drugs, but if you’re going to, be smart about it.) If something like marijuana that’s widely viewed as harmless is not okay for teens, then ecstasy etc. are definitely not OK. It would be difficult to explain to a teenager why she shouldn’t be doing these things and how they could harm her in the long term.

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  19. I ship some hardcore Devin/Harper love over here. Harvin? Harpin? Dever? Devhar? Devper? Man, I’m no good with ship names! 😛 Derper. lololol Oh god, what have I done?! ahem. *coughcough* Erik seems great but I’m such a sucker for that best friend shit. She’s just making it worse in the long run with Erik too. There is no way Zayne and Hope are going to be okay with their relationship if she’s sneaking around behind their back. It’s not hard being grounded for a little bit Harper! It might even be… *gasp* good for you! Even though they’re going overboard, I just wish she’d buckle down. Oh wells. Dang teenagers!

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    1. “Derper” ❤️❤️😂😂 BEST name.

      And yeah… going behind her parents’ backs is doing her exactly zero favors 😂 *waves cane threateningly* Those darn whippersnappers with their loud music and shoplifting and drug use…

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      1. At least it’s not couponing. You know it’s all over when they start couponing. (joking, though having gotten in a grocery checkout line behind a couponer, with people behind me so I couldn’t leave line… youch is all I can say about that…)

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  20. The more hard times Harper gives to Zayne the more I like her!
    Joce rocks, every time she appears I remember how I like her. Definitely my most favorite character. Do I have to start worry about her death? =( how old is she?? Can I send potions? (Kidding)
    Congratulations on the milestone!!! =)


  21. Love this legacy! I have a random question that just popped in my head.. would you ever consider having a transgender sim in your legacy? Or maybe just a non-binary or gender fluid character? I just wondered if you would ever want to incorporate that into your game and even your story.

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    1. It’s something I might consider for the future 🙂 It all depends on what seems to fit/”feel right” for each heir. Thank you for reading! ❤️❤️❤️


  22. Congrats on the milestone!

    I feel like Harper has become really mature in some aspects, but there’s still a lot of facts she’s ignoring to ‘fit her narrative’. Which is pretty normal for teens (exhibit a is over here, hi 👋🏻)
    I absolutely adore her. I hope she gets a pet, since the new expansion is coming out, and maybe fixes all her family drama 😄 But it’s never THAT simple with their family

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    1. The Rosebrooks could ALL do with some therapy animals… LMAO

      And yes! Harper HAS matured in some ways. Others… not so much. But maybe she’ll get there eventually…? 😛

      Thank you for reading! ❤


  23. Well, I knew Harper couldn’t resist being a bit of a rebel LOL! Zayne and Hope are going a bit overboard with the ‘grounded until further notice’. I understand why they are. They’ve lost a lot of trust and are also afraid for her, but they need to come to realise that grounding her isn’t going to help. She’s a sneeky one 😉

    It would be good if Zayne could have a good talk with Erik and listen to his daughter and realise it was her decision and that Erik isn’t completely to blame. He definitely didn’t help, but Harper had a part to play as well.

    I thought it was really good of Erik to be concerned about them meeting without her parents knowing, it does show that he does care, but she just had to go pull a good line and he had to be a sucker for it LOL! 😀 It’s so sweet to see them together, I do really feel sorry for Devin though. I think he would be a better fit for Harper, especially since I don’t think (I could be wrong) that he’s as deeply in to the drugs as Erik is. They both are very sweet though and it will be interesting to see where the relationships go and what develops.

    In the meantime, I wouldn’t be surprised if Zayne and Hope find out about her meeting Erik. Poor Erik will be in for it if/when they do find out. Zayne is not going to be happy. Hopefully no one gets a black eye 😉 Nah! Zayne wouldn’t do that……or would he?….I’m torn LOL!

    Bright side? Her grades are probably doing much better now with her continued tutoring (unknown to Zayne) 😀

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    1. Yeah, definitely going overboard on their parts! Though you’re also right about Erik being a bit too into drugs… but he really does care for Harper a lot as well.

      We’ll see what happens from here… and whether her parents learn the truth 😮


  24. Congratulations on your milestone 🎉 that’s terrific!!!
    Harper is so delusional if she thinks her parents won’t find out sooner or later that she’s really not at work. I know she did some pretty irresponsible stuff but she can’t stay on punishment forever. They go from one extreme to the next, HoZay needs some parenting classes or something because they’re not doing so great.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha you’ve basically hit the nail on the head. They love their daughter and mean well, but they simply aren’t good parents :-/

      They used to coddle her and let her get away with anything. Now that she has been openly defining them they have absolutely no idea how to deal with it because they have never really disciplined her before. So they went way too far to the other extreme because they really have no clue what to do or what is an appropriate punishment. They’re a mess 😂

      (You’re three chapters from caught up! And tomorrow is a new chapter 🙂 I update on Wednesdays and Saturdays ^_^)

      Liked by 1 person

  25. Gah – I’m with Harper on this one, sure she’s a kid and makes stupid mistakes but when you make your kid hide what they’re doing from you it’s so much worse than if you were just open and unhappy. That way if something goes wrong she’ll run towards you instead of further away.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Oh Zayne and Hope, I wanted so much more fron yoo as parents, but I get it. I can’t imagine trying to parent a child with no ambition or maturity or responsibility. They’re backed into a corner, and both are prone to overreacting.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. “But thanks to my parents, he was the one thing I couldn’t have.
    Except… I figured out that I can have him.”
    “And isn’t the whole ‘forbidden romance’ thing kinda hot anyway?”

    Damn, it’s the unobtainable rebellion.
    ‘You say I can’t do this? Well just watch! Ha! I’m not just gonna see him! I’m gonna have all his babies! MUAHAHA!”

    Liked by 1 person

  28. On one hand, I feel like they are going way overboard since she IS so close to 18. But at the same time, she needs to understand that she needs to calm down before she throws her life away. -shakes head- … this family, lol…

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Half a million views and I can’t seem to get any on my story LOL. Poor Harper….I hope Eric treats her well and in RL I think some of what she’s doing is par for the course. My own YA daughter put me through the ringer last year but she finally came around and is doing amazingly well now. Can’t wait to see what happens and I hope to catch up soon now that school/work is over for a bit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh man… sorry you had a rough time! Kids like to be a bit rebellious sometimes, huh?😬 Though hopefully not quite as bad as Harper!


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