6.10: Detention

Guess where I am right now. Just guess.  (Hint: It’s NOT a good place to be)

Give up already?

Detention. DETENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so mad. This is ALL Katie’s fault and definitely not mine!

Remember how I totally blew it at football tryouts? I guess mom and Papa ended up calling the school and told them that my sucky tryout was all ’cause of my asthma. Then they talked to Coach and asked if he’d be okay giving me another chance.

At first he said yes to a re-do, but I guess in the end he must have decided to just let EVERYBODY on the team. ‘Cause when we all got to school yesterday, the team list was up and everybody’s name was on it. Even mine!!!!

I was sooooooo happy when I first saw. I’m really, really excited that I get to be on the team! Nyla is too (so is Katie though… Ugh!). It’s gonna be really fun! I’ve never played a sport before, and I’m super excited to finally try!

But I kinda wish mom and Papa didn’t have to make such a big deal about it. I wish they just left it alone.

And I wasn’t the only person who felt that way, I guess.

It was at lunchtime. I was sitting with Nyla and Sophie and Thad like I always do. Katie and her stupid friends usually sit on the other side of the room… But not yesterday. They sat right behind us instead. That was when I KNEW something really weird was going on.

I tried my best to ignore them though… That’s usually really easy in the cafeteria. There’s way too much noise in there! It’s hard enough trying to keep up with what my friends are talking about. I can only make out like half of what they’re saying, even with my hearing aid. I usually have to guess to fill in the blanks… Or sometimes I just kinda smile and nod and Nyla tells me what I missed later.

Anyway, yesterday was different though. Katie started talking really loud, and looking over her shoulder at me a lot. I could feel her watching me, and I knew she wanted me to hear her. And I was super dumb and decided to listen. I told my friends to stop talking, and I concentrated as hard as I could on Katie’s stupid whiny voice.

I couldn’t make out everything she said, but I did hear her call Sophie a baby, and say that Nyla’s ugly! AND she said they hung out with a “loser” whose parents had to “beg the school” to get her a spot on the football team.



I knew I had to do something!

I mean, Harper Hard-Heart wouldn’t just sit there and take it, would she? She wouldn’t let Katie say all that mean stuff about her and her friends! She’s a super awesome vigilante! She doesn’t care about rules! She just cares about what she wants. And yesterday, she wanted justice!

So I got out of my seat and shoved Katie really hard and told her to say it to my face… And she did!

I couldn’t believe it! Nyla’s way prettier than she’ll ever be, and Sophie’s way more mature than somebody who’d call people names! But when I told Katie all of that, she just laughed!

Then I reminded her that HER parents probably BOUGHT her a place on the team! She never shuts up about all their fancy vacations and all the expensive stuff her Papa buys for her. She’s way worse than me! She’s a spoiled brat!

Then she told me she’d rather be a spoiled brat than a “deaf girl who hangs out with losers and can’t even breathe right”.

That was when we both kinda started screaming at each other. I don’t really remember what we were saying…

I DO remember punching her in the face though.

Part of me ALMOST felt bad about it. I know I’m not always super nice and perfect (no matter what mom and Papa think!). But I’d never, ever HURT anybody! Or at least… I didn’t think I ever would…

But this was different! I was SO mad!!!!! It was like I wasn’t really ME anymore. I was Harper Hard-Heart.

Katie’s lucky I’m not really Harper Hard-Heart though. She probably would’ve given her a huge black eye. But I’m not strong enough for that. I wish I was, but I’m not. She didn’t even have a scratch!

We both ended up in the principal’s office, of course. It was probably the SCARIEST moment of my whole entire life! And we BOTH got detention, even though Katie started it! Miss Fiore said she’s being nice, and that we’re lucky we didn’t get suspended for fighting!

I was so sure mom and Papa were gonna kill me when I got home yesterday. But they didn’t.

They still gave me a big speech about how “violence isn’t the answer” and how they’re “very disappointed” and stuff though, just like I knew they would. I got a really long lecture about all the things I could have done differently too. Typical parent stuff.

It made me feel really bad though. I know mom and Papa don’t like it when I do bad stuff. And hitting somebody is probably the worst thing I’ve EVER done.

But they also said they understood why I did it, and that they weren’t gonna punish me for it. They said they think detention’s enough… But that I’d be grounded if I ever hit anybody again! I’ve never been grounded before EVER! And I never wanna be!

Papa told me that I’m not allowed to be like Harper Hard-Heart. I can’t be a vigilante. And he made me promise never to do anything like it ever again.

So I told him I promised.

But that wasn’t really true. Not exactly.

That sounds really bad… I’m not a bad kid or anything. I’m not! I really don’t want to hit anybody or hurt them! And I definitely don’t wanna end up in detention again! Or get grounded!

But how can I promise not to do it again unless Katie promises she won’t be a bully ever again?

This is just so dumb.  If I was a real vigilante, I’d be able to escape the law. I wouldn’t be in trouble!

But instead I’m stuck sitting in this stupid little room with Mr. Phoenix and Katie and Rylie and Devin. For two whole hours! It’s SO not fair.

At least I got to sneak my journal in with me though. We’re supposed to be doing homework, but Mr. Phoenix can’t see what I’m writing anyway.

I guess I’ve just gotta deal with not being a vigilante. Not unless I wanna get in more trouble (and I don’t!!!!!). But if I can’t BE a vigilante, at least I can still WRITE about one. Pretending is kinda lame, but it’s better than nothing, right?

Maybe I’ll try writing another story when I’m done with this… About Harper Hard-Heart’s epic escape from the Phoenix King’s prison! That’ll make me feel better. She’ll be like a ninja and sneak past all the mean prison guards to FREEDOM!

And she’ll save all the other prisoners too. She’ll bring everybody to safety and all the other vilians and vigilantes will be able to go fight another day!

Except her arch-nemesis, Katie the Cruel.


58 thoughts on “6.10: Detention

    1. Hahaha it’s an unfortunate combination of the pose and how noodle-skinny her arms are. Her weight slider is all the way to zero (thanks, Hope) so she suffers from the same thing Joce does too haha

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  1. Harper dosen’t seem to be going in a very…pleasent way in relation to her childhood, I wonder if she will truly become the vigilant she want’s to be, AKA something like ”Don’t mess with that girl, cuz you might end up really hurt” At least she knows this isn’t good…But things might go down, once she is a teen, as she woudn’t be as ‘cute and innocent” as before, and will have to deal with her stuff on her own.

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    1. I like this prediction! Time will tell… (lamest response ever, I know! Haha it’s hard responding to predictions 😛 But I love reading them!)

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  2. Dark WitcHazard: Katie the Cruel! Your first arch nemesis!Oooohhh!❤️❤️👏👏🎊 Now all you have to do is figure out how you’re going to eliminate her! Escape from Phoenix King Prison I love it! Also hitting someone but secretly wishing you could have done a better job at it a girl after my own heart! So for your epic fail to give Katie a black I decided to give you:

    Absolute Strength: The user has limitless strength that in the heat of battle can increase with the users strong emotions!

    Accelerated Perception: The user has highly enhanced skills of perception! Hx3 get your Matrix on!😎

    Emotional WitcHazard: I like Harper’s internal conflict how she understands that certain actions are wrong and have their consequences but at the same time she’s openly honest about how she just can’t control how she feels ATM and sometimes tries to justify her actions but because of her conscience she barely convinces herself with her own excuses! It’s so interesting I bet you’re having a field day with her teen years Citizen! I guess I’ll live vicariously through Harper! After all Mama WitcHazard wouldn’t e so understanding as the lovely parents Hozay!😝

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    1. Harper appreciates these new powers courtesy of Dark 😛

      Emotional is right, I am most definitely having fun with the teen arc! And that was a good analysis of Harper’s morality haha She knows things are bad, but she also finds justification for some of what she does haha

      Thank you for reading, as always!

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  3. It was just a matter of time. But instead of letting herself be bullied she actually stuckmupmformherswlf and her friends! Yes, fighting isn’t the right way to do things, but she was fed up!

    Now, I have an issue with the school for just letting everyone on the team. She has asthma and she can’t hear well – both of those things will put her at risk if she pushes herself which Harper Haed Heart would do. I won’t get into the whole everyone gets a trophy mentality that is rampant, but that is essentially what they did.

    I worry she is going to eventually become confused as to who she really is – Harper, the sweet girl that loves her friends, or Harper Hard Heart the vigilante out to seek justice in her own way. Almost becoming schizophrenic.

    My son with Asperger’s went through something like that in Middle School when he was 12 years old before we were able to finally get him properly diagnosed. He was withdrawing into his fantasy world when kids would tease him and actually changed his whole demeanor including the way he talked and threatened them. My husband and I had no idea this was going on because he never did that at home. A teacher had to let us know how what he was doing. We were floored. But school is very overwhelming for someone with no social skills! He’s fine now. Once we figured out what was going on we were able to deal with it properly. He actually got an associates degree and now has a job working from home for a gaming company. Sorry – personal stuff again! ☺️ Your stories just resonate with me so much!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I was actually a little proud of Harper too 🙂 (and so was Zayne haha we will hear about that Wednesday :P)

      The school definitely is kinda doing the “everyone gets a trophy” thing… I am a Middle School teacher, and can unfortunately confirm that it’s definitely a thing (and that there are a ton of parents out there like HoZay or even worse who will flip if we don’t do things that way *sigh*)

      Thank you for sharing your experience with your son. I’m glad he is doing so well now! Never feel bad about sharing personal stuff 🙂 I always appreciate it.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Arr, the participation award in sport. I haven’t had one of those in a while. But then i’d actually have to particpate in it. To be honest, i’d rather them be honest and tell me i’m terrible, which i’ve come to accept anyway. But I get these are eleven year olds and it would be harsh.

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  4. Ha! Harper sounds like me when I was younger – always retaliating with violence. Luckily, I’ve matured since then, I guess we’ll see if Harper does, too. I wonder what’ll happen if Katie and Harper go to high school together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey hammy! Long time no see ^_^

      Sounds like you and Harper might be kindred spirits 😉 Hopefully she will grow out of it too! Time will tell…

      Thanks for reading, as always ❤️ It means a lot!

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  5. too bad Harper can’t go over to Kate’s house to show the fact she’s deaf to Kate’s parents (but then it would only work if Kate’s parents were home and she wouldn’t know that). I wonder if Kate might be looked after by either a nanny or an Au Pair-since that sounds like something Kate’s family would do.

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      1. sounds like Kate’s family could use a Mary Poppins or Peter Pan story. Since I realised a couple of years ago that the Disney movies (not so sure about the books) have similar themes of parents needing to pay more attention to their kids. .


  6. I decline to comment on HoZay’s reaction. [insert the unamused emoji]
    Insert the same emoji on the coach’s solution too although it seems many schools do the same thing. Yawn…
    Harper, you were totally wrong for punching Katie (though I totally get it and probably would have done the same), but this writing thing…I look forward to seeing what you’ll do when you’ve matured a bit and have a few more life experiences under your belt. Could the Rosebrook’s have an acclaimed author in the family next?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yeah, it was almost painful to write the coach’s solution… But unfortunately all too realistic in today’s world LOL (And it’s all because of the HoZay parents of the world 😛 )

      Harper definitely loves writing! And you could be right, maybe she will take after our founder…? We’ll see 😉

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  7. You wrote “speak” instead of “sneak” 😉
    Anyway, i loved the chapter. Though again i Don’t get her parents’ parenting methods


  8. So far I’m really loving Harper, but I feel like Zayne and Hope are giving her that whole “only child, real spoiled” thing. I get why they’re doing it, but sometimes punishment is needed. Standing up for yourself is great but violence isn’t usually the best solution. Though I totally hate Katie and that little one deserved to be punched. 😂

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    1. Glad you’re enjoying Harper! ^_^ Zayne and Hope are definitely annoying parents though, I agree! And something tells me that true discipline is not common in their household… hahaha

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  9. Harper is really gonna hurt Katie in highschool, I bet. Possibly even worse. I wonder if she’ll hit her again in elementary or not, though. She probably will. I hope she really becomes a vigilante. I thought maybe she’d be a cop, but I think the rebel is too strong in her.
    Oh, and, when you started your own WordPress site, did it cost anything? And was it a lot of work? I’ve been contemplating writing Simlit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The cop idea is really interesting! But you’re right, maybe she’s too much of a rebel 😉 We shall see! Either way, hopefully this hitting thing was a one time deal haha

      I’m super excited that you want to write simlit!!! There are both free and paid versions of WordPress. I use the free one and it’s been great for me so far! The biggest downside to the free one is that you have limited storage space for photos. Around Gen 3 or 4 I started resizing my pics before uploading them and it has not been a problem since ^_^

      I find WP very easy to use! 🙂 it’s pretty user friendly, and I also think it’s a great choice for a simlit blog since most people tend to use WP for their stories, so it’s kind of the “norm”

      If you have any more questions let me know! There is also a great Guide to Simlit my friend July put together 🙂 It’s in the Sims 4 Stories and Legacies section over at the Sims Forums ^_^


  10. Not-so-poor Harper should realize she is at fault too, not only Katie (though I like Katie the Cruel as a term). She listened to everyone lecturing her, and then ignored it all away. I guess it is a good thing that Harper lashed out, in one way. It should tell Katie she can’t get away with everything. Not only may she be attacked by Harper, but she will also get in trouble too. Trouble she can’t hide from her parents. She might tell her parents everything she wants, including “Harper is a big bully”, but if this kind of problem reappears, I can imagine Harpers helicopter parents to talk directly to Katies parents, to protect her sick baby. And even if Harper is really mean, her parents won’t think highly of attacking a deaf asthmatic kid.
    But it also adds up to Harpers main problem. She has left the world of black and white thinking. She knows there is no clear good and bad, the heroes sometimes have to do bad things, and break the rules over letting evil happen. She stepped what should be a red line for every parent, and she received the same “don’t do that again” talk like for any minor trick she played. Her parents set no limit to her whatsoever. Of course they tell her she will be punished if she does it again, but if she finds a good backstory or finds a slightly different way to hurt Katie, she will go free. Only the school is a problem to her, but she might be lazy, but still cunning and find ways to hurt Katie without the school noticing. She has taken another step on a road that might lead to a very corrupt personality.

    As to the school for taking everyone into the team: That is bullshit. How should this ever work out? Are they to train everyone in the team and always pick the best players for a match, which would be disappointing for everyone doing not so well? Are they to pick randomly and see their hopes smashed as they will always do much worse than their opponents? Each way nobody will profit from that, just that everyone can take his participation batch. We had to do a yearly mandatory sports test every year, just to receive one of those participation batch stuff, and it resulted in many youths giving up before they began, because it was pointless to work for something, when you were never really trained for it, just to show off how many points worth you are in your age class. They did the minimum required to not get yelled at, never more (we had to do this test all the way up to graduation). Sending kids to something where they always win is a sure way to destroy any ambition. Those who show motivation but don’t do so well are devalued and demotivated from trying to get better. Sorry for that rant.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha don’t worry about the rant! I totally agree with you. Unfortunately where I am from it’s so common for schools to do things like that. And like you said, it doesn’t really teach the children a good lesson. It’s sad 😦

      I have a bad feeling that Katie’s parents are even worse at discipline than Hope and Zayne haha so I’m not sure what kind of consequences she will face… but hopefully a punch in the face and Detention was enough!

      For Harper, you’re right that Hope and Zayne may have been too easy on her. They are so weak when it comes to punishing their little girl… and unfortunately it could end up doing her more harm than good!


  11. I think Harper is ultimately a really good person but she definitely has her struggles. Isn’t her dad a bit of hothead? Maybe she gets some of her temper from him.

    I still really love Harper though. I would be sad if we saw her go down a really dark path, I think she could achieve so much. Passion, creativity and originality are traits that will get you very far – especially in writing. (Also, although I never condone violence in real life, I’m kinda glad she punched Katie in the face)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree that she’s a good person and has a lot of potential for her future as a writer! Hopefully she will head down a positive path! 🙂

      Funny you should mention being a hot-head… 😉 It’s the one trait she inherited from her daddy! I’ve been kinda hush-hush on Harper’s traits, but I can’t resist confirming that one hehe

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  12. Ah, the catch with vigilantees… technically you’re breaking the law, and when you do… It’s the Phoenix King’s Prison for you.

    Despite it all I can totally see her punching Katie and her own response ‘but I’m good, but that was bad, but…’ felt spot on!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Harper has discovered the downside to dealing vigilante justice 😦 Haha Glad the punching of Katie and Harper’s feelings about it felt right to you 🙂 She’s definitely quite conflicted about it haha


    1. Haha we have a Zayne journal on Wednesday and he’s going to make a little mention of past issues with Katie/what the school is (or maybe isn’t haha) doing about it and such. Hopefully close enough to what you’re looking for!

      Thanks for reading 😀


    1. Ugh! I’m sorry you had to go through that 😦 glad you didn’t get in trouble though haha

      Thank you for reading! ❤️


    1. Also-I know I mentioned this comic strip before, but-Millie and Ozy has a really great arc about bullying. It goes from January 14 2008-January 30 2008. It doesn’t have a happy or easy resolution like this one, but it’s definitely worth a look.

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  13. Yadda yadda yadda, don’t punch people it’s bad.

    Yet again, Harper is handling it exactly like I would’ve at her age. She’s lucky Harper only hit her with her fist, could’ve been worse.

    Of course I’m a grown up now and don’t solve my problems with violence. But… I wouldn’t mind taking a peek at Harper Hard-Heart’s vigilante justice stories. One can always live vicariously!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehe yes, Harper Hard-Heart’s true potential was not unleashed, thankfully 😂 (though she IS pretty weak. Not sure how much damage she could have realistically done 😛 We may never know!!!)

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  14. Im so behind everyone, but just wanted to say im reading thos and its great so far!!

    I havent read the previous generations yet. I was honestly drawn to this because i saw you post an update witb a punk looking girl
    And i thought it looked interesting lol


    1. Haha thanks for checking out my story! ^_^ I appreciate it!

      I do a lot of referencing to past generations/the history of the family (plus I have previous-gen characters who are still around!), so I think going back and reading the past generations will really help you to fully appreciate you read this one 🙂

      But either way, thanks for reading ^^


  15. “That was when we both kinda started screaming at each other. I don’t really remember what we were saying…

    I DO remember punching her in the face though.”

    Okay, this made me laugh 😁 I know I’m going to love how Harper turns out, even though I also know she’s probably going to do some bad things before she gets there.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Okay, so I guess they do have some discipline. I don’t know, I’m just concerned that they’re doting too much because of her disability and fear and stuff. I want to stop reading, but I also want to keep going, because I want to see how this all comes together. Maybe I’m totally wrong and she’ll be fine, but like I dunno

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