5.62: Complete

Yesterday was Tante Joce’s birthday… And Papa’s too.

Every year, I can’t help but feel really bad for her. I mean, birthdays have always been pretty tough for all of us… But I don’t think anyone has it worse than my Tante. It’s been more than twenty-five years since we lost Mama and Papa… But every year, it’s the same. She’s so miserable. I mean, she tries to hide it, but you can tell how hard it is for her. And I can’t really blame her, can I?

It makes me think of the triplets. Alex and Tony are so far away now, but they’re still just as close with Charlie as ever. They’ve been best friends since the day they were born. And it makes me feel sick thinking of what it’d be like if something terrible happened to one of them. How could the others go on? How could they handle growing old without their Schwester?

Anyway, I always try my best to make sure Tante Joce has a great birthday. It’s been extra hard the past few years since Alex and Tony left… But Charlie and I do our best.

And we still do a midnight movie, just like Papa and Tante Joce used to when they were kids. Once I was old enough, Grandpa started letting me stay up to watch with them. I’ve never been big on horror movies, to be honest. Especially those old cheesy ones Tante Joce and Papa and Grandpa love so much. They’re just… so stupid.

Grandpa says Mama never really liked them either, so I guess I take after her like that. But she still used to watch them with Grandpa when she was a kid, and with Papa too. And she never complained about it. So I don’t either. And I guess I secretly kind of love doing it every year, even if the movies are total shit. Maybe that’s why Mama put up with it too… It’s kinda nice doing something special on Papa’s birthday. Especially doing it with Grandpa and Tante Joce.

Grandpa ended up sitting out this time though. He likes to joke that he’s too old for staying up late anymore. “When you’re my age, you go back to having a bedtime!” He’d been falling asleep halfway through the movie for the past couple years anyway… And I love him, but he snores like a freight train! I’m not sure how Tante Joce puts up with it.

I was a little bummed Grandpa wasn’t there, but it was actually kinda cool having it just be me and Tante Joce. We don’t really spend a lot of time together where it’s just the two of us, and she definitely took advantage of it last night. We barely even paid attention to the movie… We were too busy talking.

First we went over some of my plans for the grand opening next weekend, which was pretty fun. Tante Joce has always been one of my number one cheerleaders, I guess. She’s always been on my side, no matter what. And I really love her for that. Of course, it can still be kinda tempting to roll my eyes at her when she starts going into one of her little speeches about how proud she is… But last night, it actually felt really nice to hear.

Of course, as soon as she broke out of ‘proud parent’ mode, she immediately dived into ‘nosy parent’ mode. I guess that deserved a little bit of an eyeroll… All her grilling about Abigail was kind of annoying. But kinda sweet too, in a way. I think she can tell how well the two of us have been hitting it off.

Last night was our fifth date. I took her bowling at the new alley that opened up downtown, and we had a great time. Abigail’s a really nice girl, and so adorable too. She loves hearing me talk about my restaurant. She tells funny stories, and she’s so damn smart. It’s amazing.

I’ve been having so much fun hanging out with her, but it’s still nothing serious right now. We messed around a little after our date last night, but we still haven’t even had sex yet. And we haven’t really ‘defined’ whatever this thing is either. I feel like I’ve gotta kinda ease myself into it, y’know? Especially now that Hope’s back in town.

Yeah, Tante Joce talked about her too. And, just like she guessed, I’ll admit that it’s a little… complicated.

But I can honestly say that I’m in a way better place since last year. I’m not wallowing about it anymore. I’m not spending every meeting with Dr. Hall obsessing about her. I can go on a date with another girl without feeling like I’m ‘betraying’ her or something. And now that she’s back in town, I can spend the afternoon alone with her without us ending up in bed together.

I’ll admit it though — Having her back… It’s amazing.  No matter what happened between us or how hard is to let go of those old feelings, the point is, she’s still my best friend. And now we don’t have thousands of kilometers separating us anymore.

I really don’t think her timing could have been any better. Everything really feels complete now that she’s here, y’know?

I have my family. I have my friends. I have Abigail. I have Hope.

And next week, I’ll have my restaurant too.


I totally neglected to thank ra3rei for Abigail (If you read Rae’s stories, she might make an appearance in the future… Can’t say more than that haha). So a huge shoutout to her! Also, Jes2G gets a big thanks for the lovely Victoria Pruett too! (I forget if I ever credited her! Victoria was submitted way back when for my casting call)

And while I’m in the mood for giving thanks to the creators of the three lovely ladies in Zayne’s life right now… Another enormous thanks to ThePlumbob for our beautiful Hope!

53 thoughts on “5.62: Complete

  1. Amazing chapter!
    Okay first off, I think Zayne really needs to reevaluate what he wants with Hope in his life. He says his life is complete now that she is back in town. And that it is difficult letting go of these old feelings. To me it sounds like he is still very much in love with her and imo he can’t start a new relationship when he has feelings for someone else. It’ll hinder him in creating strong feelings for the other woman.

    They’ve been on 5 dates? I think it really should be defined just a little bit by now then. I mean on my third date with my bf he said he saw me as his girlfriend then xD And that felt really nice. But maybe Zayne really does need to take things slow? Idk i think it’s a mistake to spend all that time with Hope, if he wants a relationship with Abigail or any other woman. I’m not saying he can’t spend time with her, but maybe they’re just spending a little too much of their time together. He also needs to focus more on Abigail and see what their relationship can develop into.

    I feel for Joce in this chapter. I miss Luc too. It was actually a little hard watching her looking at the picture of the two of them. And it’s sad that Mark is getting so old he has to stop the tradition of watching those movies with Joce and Zayne. Is it really because he needs more sleep in general? Or just at the evenings? Because he could have just chosen to sleep a little during the day that one day, so he could stay up with the other two and watch those horror movies they love.

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    1. This is a great analysis of Zayne! You bring up some interesting points about Zayne balancing his time between Hope and Abigail (and that maybe he should be focusing a bit more on her!) This is something that will come up in future chapters 😉

      As for Mark haha I think it’s just hard for older people to stay up late because yes, they need more sleep in general. Maybe next year he can try napping and see if it works though 😛

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! ^_^


    1. I think Zayne is just cautious about opening is heart again at this point. He’s dated around some, but Abigail is actually the closest thing he’s had to a girlfriend since Hope and I think he’s hesitating a bit because of that.

      In terms of the physical side of things, it’s actually more of a positive. He hasn’t liked any girl as much as Abigail (besides Hope of course lol) and I think he really doesn’t wanna mess things up by jumping into bed with her yet. We will see if he decides to ramp it up though 😉

      And as for Mark… I know 😦 He’s getting old! 😭 He’s almost 80! (77 or 78 now as of this chapter… my timeline is a little wonky in my head haha)

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  2. What a great birthday tradition to continue. I’m glad he’s there for Joce and her cheesy movies. Lol. It really sounds like he’s got his life pretty well out together. Although Perhaps there is girl drama incoming. What with three smart attractive girls in his life.

    (It’s so cool to see Abigail all adult.)

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    1. Very true that there is a high potential for some girl-drama brewing here… But we will see! 😉 Otherwise yes, his life is probably the most together we’ve ever seen it! Nice for a change 😛


    1. Hahaha it’s ok to have mixed feelings right now (and you probably will continue to… but we will see 😉 hehe)


      1. Oh, I know I will. He hasn’t arrived yet.
        I’m back at my pc now, so I’ll elaborate a little. I’m glad he’s going slow with Abigail. Super glad. However, I think he’s a bit delusional about Hope. He kinda reminds me of my gen 8 heir who used to spend all his time with his “best friend” even though he so desperately wanted a girlfriend. When asked why he spent so much time with her, he’d get defensive and say, “We’re best friends!! That’s what best friends do!” lol, difference here is Zayne knows he’s still in love with Hope. Julian hadn’t realized he was in love with Jeannette yet. But, still.

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          1. I like HoZay. Our author probably won’t believe me, but it’s true lol. If they got back together, that would be great. But, if they didn’t, I think it would be awesome. You know…to have actually learned from this situation, moved on like he thinks he is lol, and not look back? That would be an amazing story.

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  3. Loved the little peek into Zayne and Joce’s relationship. They’ve come such a long way! Also he seems so much more at peace now, the past him would have made Luc and Joce’s birthday all about himself, but now it’s all about helping his aunt get through it. I’m happy for him 🙂

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    1. Thank you! ^_^ It’s funny, I made a similar comment on my thread today in reply to somebody. I think it shows a lot of love for Joce as well as maturity that he chooses to make that day about her and not him 🙂 proud of my little brat ❤️

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  4. We haven’t really had the chance to get to know Abigail yet, but from how Zayne talks about her it all feels very casual. There is no spark. At least for now. It’s pretty clear that Zayne still has feelings for Hope, which might be the reason for the lack of a spark. But if he does continue to date Abigail he needs to get his feelings sorted out!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. This is very true that Zayne has some things to figure out regarding his feelings! I think he’s very much in denial right now about the lingering feelings he still has for Hope… We will have to wait and see what’s ahead for him and Abigail 🙂

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  5. Oh, my lovely Joce, you are still my favorite Rosebrook and it’s sad to see you still hurting ❤

    As for Zayne… Controversial opinion here, but I feel like he either really, totally needs to let Hope go or admit he still has feelings for her. I mean, if I was dating a guy and found out that he was still best friends with his ex-girlfriend (who he, y'know, loved A LOT and lived with), I'd probably run. Sometimes people need to stay in your past and I feel like Zayne is still harboring hope (excuse the pun) that things will work out for them.

    Abigail, girl, either pack your bags or pull out all your tricks (and judging from the screenshots, you've got some big "tricks") to make Zayne forget about Hope!

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    1. Okay the talk about Abigail’s big “tricks” was GOLDEN lmao

      I think your opinion makes total sense. Zayne needs to give Abigail 100%, and right now it’s not clear if he’s doing that… We definitely will get more insight into a lot of things in the coming chapters — like Zayne’s feelings toward Abigail and Hope and how Hope and Abigail feel about each other… Stay tuned!

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  6. Aww. poor Joce. She still does the movie night thing. I’m glad she’s getting better at celebrating her birthday. She was so sad the first year. So Pie or Cake?

    Zayne, nice to see you care about your aunt after all you put her through when you were a teen. *Cough* Eun *Cough*

    However, that doesn’t let you off the hook with Abbie.Are you serious or not? You need to decide whether you are ready for it or whether you haven’t moved past hope. You’re running out of time. You can’t keep this up much longer she will want an answer.

    Aww. Poor mark, I feel sorryfor him that he can’t stay up and watch the movie with them.

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    1. Definitely cake for Joce! Made by her loving nephew, of course 😉

      Hopefully Zayne will be able to make his mind up about Abigail soon! And yes 😦 Poor old Mark </3


      1. I guess it was worth the move back to Germany all those years ago as now she gets Cake. Good Choice, Joce.

        He best make up his mind or she might make it up for him and leave him. That would be a shame for him as she is the first person to get so far since Hope.

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  7. You’re really not making this easy on my ship. I am not giving up!!! There will be more cannons fired at the Zabigail ship…

    Also…. JOCE AND MARK!!! And WTF Mark, you are NOT that old. Gotta do the movie night! (No, I am not listening to you, Citizen. He will always be Vampire Mark to me. 😂 )

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    1. Definitely don’t give up! The ship needs its captain! 😛

      and LOL Mark can’t hear you over his old-man snores, sorry 😛


  8. I feel so bad for Jocelyne😭
    I’m glad that Zayne and Hope are still friends, but nervous as well. How will Abigail feel about Zayne hanging out with his ex? How will Hope feel if Zayne and Abigail’s relationship gets serious? How soon will it be until gen 6 rolls around, and who will parent them? And what about Victoria? Will she be the mother of gen 6? I’m so worried about more drama. But, although I may be wrong, and I may be jinxing it, I feel that we are at the edge of this generation, ready to jump off and away from all this drama, into the whirlwind of gen 6.

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    1. I felt bad for Joce too 😦 Her birthday will never, ever be an easy day for her 😭

      You bring up really good questions about how Hope and Abigail both might feel about each other… I can promise those will be answered soon!

      As for Gen 6… All I’ll say is we are close to the end of this gen. But I won’t say how close 😛


  9. I love seeing this moment with Zayne and Joce. She really is a wonderful fill in parent for him. I still think about if Zayne had been raised by Clara and Florian, or Tobi and Colette, but this just makes sense, you know?

    Me: Awww, I’m glad Abigail and Zayne are hitting it off. Even with Hope back in town, he’s still pursuing this new relationship, well I guess that means he really has grown up.

    Also me: Why are you wasting time with this non-Hope chick?? You’re spending time without falling into bed with either of these ladies? Ugh, I guess.

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  10. Ou oh 😀 Zayne might feel complete now but does hope? Anyway, I’m happy for Zayne 🙂 I think it’s healthy for him to not wallow in self pity about hope anymore. He’s doing great compared to when their relationship ended. I’m proud of him ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you July! He’s definitely in a much better place than he was! He still isn’t perfect (we are gonna see that in upcoming chapters 😉 hehe) but I am definitely proud too!

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed that 🙂 He genuinely appreciates Joce so much more than he used to. He really loves her like a mother (though I don’t think he will ever actually call her that)

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  11. Uh-oh. Zayne, you really can’t have your cake and eat it, too. It won’t go well if you try to have two girlfriends and they aren’t both totally okay with that. Hopefully he really can keep Hope around as his best, nonromantic, friend. Otherwise, he’s going to end up being such a jerk to Abigail…

    While I firmly believe that straight men and women can be just good friends, without any romantic entanglements, Zayne and Hope have a romantic history. It might be over, and maybe they can really make friendship work. But, the romantic history between them is going to make that hard. I really hope no one ends up hurt by this. Or that Zayne isn’t subconsciously trying to do like I said above, and have two girlfriends at the same time without telling them that. Some people are okay with polyamory, but I somehow suspect Hope wouldn’t be happy with it. Honestly I wouldn’t be either. And Zayne hasn’t exactly mentioned Hope to Abigail, or Abigail to Hope.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha definitely no plans for polyamory here! He’s really trying to keep Hope as a best friend right now. Like you said, it makes it hard to make friendship work without any of those old feelings getting in the way. But Zayne is trying to keep it totally platonic right now. He’d never try to trick them and have two girlfriends at once or anything! I know not everyone has the best opinion of Zayne, but he isn’t like that, I promise 🙂

      Also, we are actually going to find out in Saturday’s chapter that Abigail does know about Hope 🙂 It hasn’t come up in the journals haha but she knows. (Won’t comment on whether or not she’s HAPPY about it, but she knows 😉 haha). I think because she and Zayne are not “official” right now (they’re still just dating, no labels or declarations of love or anything) she hasn’t made many comments about it. If the status of their relationship changes, her feelings about his friendship with Hope might 😉


  12. At least he know that this situation is a little weird…nothing that polygamy can’t help! Right? Right? Okay, now about the chapter…Oh, boi, Zayne, you better not get too happy, or the Rosebrook curse might fall into you…I have to repeat myself , but I’m just waiting for someone to get pregnat, Zayne to lose his temper, or someone die….

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  13. I really think Hope is the reason he truly hasn’t moved faster with Abigail (which is a good thing in my eyes). He is still in love with her and going out with Abigail doesn’t change that especially because it really doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. He hasn’t once mentioned the kinds of emotions for Abigail that he has ever felt for Hope.

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