5.43: No More

Two weeks. That’s all that’s left.

Then Hope will be here. In Windenburg. With me.

For good!


I just can’t wait. This is such a huge change. For her, mostly… But for me too. And God, it couldn’t come sooner. After everything happening with work, I really started to feel like things were going downhill for me… But then, I ended up getting the most incredible news ever.

After all this time, we’ll finally get to have a normal relationship.

No more counting down the weeks until we see each other again.


No more waiting next to the phone, dying for her to respond to my last text.


No more wishing I could call her and hear her voice, but I can’t because it’s 3am in San Myshuno and timezones are the worst piece of shit in the world.


No more lying in bed at night and just wanting her so fucking badly, and having to settle for my hand instead.


No more feeling like a piece of my heart gets ripped out of my chest every time we say goodbye.


At first, I was gonna ask her to move in here with me, but I know it’s too soon for that. I mean, let’s face it – we’ve known each other for almost seven months, been together for about five… But in all that time, we’ve probably spent like a month together in person.

Talking every day is one thing. But spending every single day together? It’s way too soon for that.

But maybe someday.


Until then, she actually found a place right here in downtown that’s less than a ten minute walk from my apartment… Crazy, right?! I just can’t believe she’ll be so close. This whole thing is almost too good to be true.

And I think one of the best parts is that I can finally introduce her to my family.

I mean, I’ve wanted to. But it’s been hard enough juggling our schedules whenever she’s in town, let alone trying to meet up with Charlie and Ben or Tante Joce and grandpa or something. But once she’s here, I won’t have to worry about that anymore. She’ll finally get to meet everyone.

And hopefully I won’t have to wait much longer to meet her family too. The distance makes it so hard. But her dad sounds like he’s hysterical, and her mom seems so nice– we talked on the phone for a minute or two once, and she was so sweet… Just like Hope. I can’t wait to meet both of them one day… And her brother and sister too.


But first thing’s first, huh? I should probably worry about her meeting mine… The timing’s pretty perfect, actually. Charlie’s wedding is only about a week after Hope moves in, so we decided to rip off the bandaid and get it over with all at once – I’m taking her to the wedding with me, and she’s gonna meet everyone.

They’re gonna LOVE her, and I really hope she loves them too.

She’s already told me how excited she is to finally meet them… She’s even had me start helping her learn more German. It’s so adorable. I’ve reminded her over and over again that everyone in my family knows English. For some of them, it was even their first language! I mean, my grandpa’s from England, and my cousins are American, just like she is. But Hope keeps insisting. She says she wants to make a good impression… Which means the world to me, honestly.


Plus, I guess she should probably try to learn the language if she’s gonna be living here, huh?

It still feels so surreal to be writing that – Hope, living here! In two weeks! (Well, thirteen days, if we wanna get technical) I’ve been counting down, ever since she broke the news that she’d be moving here. I always look forward to when Hope comes to Windenburg… But I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited before.

And when she steps off that plane and I finally have her in my arms again, it will be the most incredible feeling in the entire world.

Because I won’t just be welcoming her for a visit.

I’ll be welcoming her home.


61 thoughts on “5.43: No More

  1. Ohhh!!!! A family wedding! I hope it goes better than Luc and Hazels did…😳

    And Zayne honey, a bit of oversharing there about your lonely nights! Lol. I almost spit out my coffee! 🤣

    I wonder how Jocelyn will deal with the wedding. Will it bring back memories she would rather forget – probably. I wonder, did Jocelyn and Clara have their heart to hearts with their respective men. Things are just going way too good right now. There has to be trouble brewing….

    I would love to see Mark propose to her before she has a chance to have her discussion with him. Surely he sees what she is going through. He knows her well enough.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Hahahahahaha I couldn’t resist that hand comment… It’s a real struggle for the poor kid 😛 Good question about Joce and Clara… We are gonna find out soon if they had their conversations and if anything changed because of them ^_^

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh never mind me, I’m just hiding under a blanket until this wedding has come and gone… Rosebrook weddings have quite a repuation :p

    I’m comforting myself that surely Mark can’t have another secret daughter and that if he and Joce end up in a closet together, well, that won’t be such a big deal anymore, either. What could go wrong, right? Right?

    Liked by 2 people

  3. These past few chapters have been way too happy. Something is coming. I have no clue when, who, what or why but something is coming. And I don’t like it.

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Shipper WitcHazard: There will be no shenanigans at this wedding understand! Charlen’s Wedding is going to go off without a hitch! It will be beautiful and i’m going to enjoy it so don’t any of you Debby Downers ruins this for me! Hozay’s debut is going to be fine everything going to be fine damn it!

    Anti-Shipper WitcHazard: (Pats on shoulder) Keep telling yourself that!

    Nooboos WitcHazard: Yes finally now they can get cracking on those nooboos! I mean everyone knows Rosebrooks are everything but careful!

    Lover WitcHazard: You know Zayne if you ask nicely I could help you with your little problem and i wouldn’t use my hands!

    Shipper WitcHazard: Somebody get that whore out here! Hozay will not sink because of infidelity!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Haha yes, our good boy does not stray ^_^ And I loved referencing Carly and Ralph, I’m glad you enjoyed the mention! Can’t make any promises that we’ll see them again, but it’d be awesome wouldn’t it? 🙂 I love me some Bloomers! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m just shaking my head at everyone right now haha. I mean, obviously things can’t be perfect forever, of course. 😛 But things are allowed to be happy for a while! XD

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  5. Everyone seems to think that someone drastic will happen at the wedding. How about something simple such as the Rosebrook clan, or a few of them, not liking Hope? That will be funny seeing as how Zayne is so head over heels in love with her and thinks she’s so perfect and then his Tante Joce is like ‘nah’. LMAO.

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  6. I’m glad he’s at least trying to be rational about it and not having her move in straight away – being considered the only positive thing in someone’s life can put a lot of pressure on a relationship, and it sounds like he’s thinking her moving will miraculously make everything perfect, which is dangerous territory. But I’ve got to admit him being so hopeful (pun not intended haha) is very adorable 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yeah, Zayne has a pretty good head on his shoulders in regards to moving forward (or not) the relationship haha he knows where to draw the line! But at the same time, he definitely has this idealized vision of how perfect everything will be once she’s there… Though, assuming it all goes well, I think it will definitely have the positive impact he’s looking for haha He’s lonely and super bummed about work. He needs something to give him… Hope. 😀 (that was so bad, forgive me)

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  7. I’m actually really happy that Zayne and Hope are at least being a little sensible about her move. Because really, when they start living in such close proximity there will probably be more little fights and disagreements and differences, and they might be a little thrown off by that. Still HoZay for life tho.

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  8. The SS Zaynise never even passed the planning stages, I fear 😂 😛

    And omg you’ve been hanging out with Lover WitcHazard, haven’t you? 😛 I don’t share those pics of my Zayne, sorry. All mine 😈 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I’m suddenly feeling soooo suspicious. A Rosebrook wedding? The heir feeling “happier than they’ve ever felt” about a blossoming love. I’m gong to read the next chapter through hands covering my face, I’m just saying…

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  10. So I’ve been binging your legacy from the start for the past two months and I cannot believe I’m finally caught up! You are such an amazing writer! Every generation has had me hooked.
    That being said, I’m with everyone else, hiding under a rock until the next explosion!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow! Thank you so so much for reading! That’s awesome ^_^ I appreciate you taking the time to read and leave this nice comment (and congrats on catching up! 😀 ) Hopefully no explosion is coming, but we’ll see 😛

      Thanks again!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. “No more lying in bed at night and just wanting her so fucking badly, and having to settle for my hand instead.” AHHHHHHH ZAYNE
    Knowing you things will go horribly, but hopefully not for awhile.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Ok YOU have actually broken me. The whole time I was reading this I began to notice my smile start to fade and terrible thoughts start to creep in. I was thinking of all of the characters and what connection Hope could have with any of them to cause a problem at the wedding. My mind drifted in thinking of what terrible and awful things could happen when she meets his family. Damn you Citizen I’ve never been so paranoid while reading happy parts of a story until you and your poor tortured Sims entered my life. SMH!

    Liked by 1 person

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