Gen 6 Casting Call

The casting call is CLOSED! You guys MORE than delivered. I already have nearly 40 sims and it’s only been one day. You’re amazing!

If anyone started making a sim before I closed the call, you can still submit them, so I’m wiling to take on a couple extra. But after Saturday, it’s closed for good! Thank you all 🙂

Hey guys!

I am doing another Casting Call for Generation Six! (But my rules are a little different this time 😉 )

1. I need a mixture of teens, YAs, and Adults for this casting call. Any gender or appearance is welcome! Please try to limit yourself to 1-2 sims!

2. Unlike last time, I cannot guarantee that every sim will be used, so I genuinely apologize in advance if yours is not 😦 Out of the ones I DO end up using, some will end up with pretty big/speaking roles while others will be more background.

3. Because of the risk of spoilers, I can’t give details about what I’m specifically looking for haha But I will say that I might give your sim a style-makeover to fit my needs. Please do not be offended if I do this. It just means that I really liked their face, but had to change their hair or clothing to fit the role I imagined for them 🙂

4. It’s only been like 9 hours and I already have about 20 sims submitted haha you guys are awesome! Because of this, the new deadline is going to be the end of the day this Saturday, July 15th!

5. To submit a sim, please use the hashtag #A2AGen6 on the gallery 🙂

If you have any questions about the casting call, please comment on this page and I will answer them ^_^

Thanks, guys! 😀