9.2: Ollie & the Oscar

Note: SURPRISE! I could not resist the siren’s call of two updates a week! Haha I’d gotten over a month ahead, and decided to just sorta go for it. There’s the chance that this could backfire horribly and I run out of chapters soon and have to go back to one a week, but I’m really hoping that won’t be the case for a while!

I’ll keep you guys updated (and not spring a schedule change on you unannounced like this again, I promise! 😛 ) So, for the time being, Wednesday and Saturday are both my update days again. Thanks, guys!


“It’s not as tall as her Emmy, but way heavier for sure.” Oliver said excitedly between bites of his lunch. Because they were in different classes, Asher hadn’t seen his friend all morning, and he’d been talking non-stop about his mother’s award since the moment he stepped into the cafeteria. Many of the other students sitting around them seemed to be trying to listen-in, but Oliver ignored them, keeping his eyes fixed on Asher as he spoke. “And it’s so shiny! Mom put it in the display case right between her Emmy and her Golden Globe, and it shines way more than they do. It’s so cool!” 

Asher tried very hard to smile. “Yeah, really cool.” He agreed weakly. Oliver was usually so down-to-earth, and rarely bragged about his mother’s fame. But he still had his moments. And, as predicted, her Oscar win had brought on another one. “Hey, speaking of cool…” Asher’s eyes lit up as he figured out a way to change the subject. “Wanna play some more Bloodwatch tonight? We gotta do our rematch!”

“Sure!” His friend replied happily. “We can even play in person, maybe… I asked Mom this morning if you could come over for dinner tonight and she said it was okay! I really hope your mom and dad let you come. Mom even said she’d let you hold her Oscar, if you want to. You’ve gotta see this thing in person. It’s epic!”

Jeez, why won’t he shut up about that stupid award already! We get it, your mom’s a stupid fake Hollywood actor everybody loves. Asher thought bitterly, his jealousy and anger soon mingled with guilt at thinking such things about Callie. He really did like her. But that didn’t make this whole thing any less annoying. 

“I might be busy with my science fair project…” Asher tried his best to mask the true reason for his hesitation — that he had no interest in having Callie’s Oscar shoved in his face. “But I can ask, I guess.”

Oliver’s face fell at his friend’s words, and in that moment, Asher knew that Oliver had seen right through him. “Sorry, I should probably shut up about it.”

Asher felt even more guilty now. He hated seeing Oliver looking so sad. It wasn’t right to make him feel bad. “Nah, it’s fine. I know you’re excited.”

“Yeah… But y’know, I think it’s total BS your mom didn’t win last night. Mom too.”

“Really?” Asher couldn’t help his surprise.

Oliver nodded. “She said so this morning.”

“But Winter Moon is the movie that beat my mom… And isn’t that the same movie your mom just won her Oscar for?”

His best friend shrugged. “Just because she was in it doesn’t mean she doesn’t know your mom’s costumes were better. She said your mom was ‘robbed’. And she’s right!”

This validation from Oliver and his mother helped make Asher feel a bit better, in spite of himself. “Yeah, it’s stupid. But whatever. It’s not a big deal, right? My mom doesn’t need some dumb award to know she’s awesome.” He smiled, echoing his father’s words from the night before.

“Definitely. My mom didn’t win the first time she was nominated either, remember? And she’s still the best actress ever, so…” Oliver shrugged, grinning. Asher felt a rush of warmth when he saw the familiar smile back on his friend’s face.

“Thanks, Ollie.” He felt much happier than he had just a few minutes ago. “Sorry if it seemed like I was jealous or something… It just really sucks that Mom didn’t win.”

“I know.”

“At least yours did though! Even if she totally embarrassed you in front of millions of people…” Asher smirked at his friend as he spoke.

“Hey! I thought you didn’t stay up to watch her speech!” Oliver laughed brightly.

“Looked it up on YouTube this morning when Mrs. Hodge wasn’t looking.” He explained, still grinning. “‘And to my little Ollie, the light of my life – you are my greatest achievement…’”

Oliver snorted at Asher’s spot-on impression of his mother. “Oh my God, shut up!

The second half of their lunch period was so much better than the first. For a while, Asher was able to forget how jealous and annoyed he’d felt before.

But, unfortunately, he was reminded again at recess.

Because so many celebrities opted to send their children to one of the overly-expensive, super-exclusive schools in the area, there were only a small handful of children at Asher’s school with parents who were Hollywood big-shots — the ones who were more down-to-earth, like Callie, and valued quality education over reputation.

Most days, Asher could almost forget whose parents were famous and whose were not. Sure, minus Oliver, those kids tended to make up most of the popular crowd, but it wasn’t like they talked about their parents or their fame on a regular basis. Their parents’ social status definitely upped their ‘cool’ factor, but nobody ever actually talked about it. It was just this unspoken thing sorta hanging in the air around them, giving off a vibe of superiority and importance. 

But today was different. Oliver had suddenly become something of a celebrity in his own right — the other kids all flocked around him like moths to a flame, eager to rub elbows with the kid whose mom had just won an Oscar.

Asher held back while the mass of fellow students encircled his friend. Much to his dismay, he noticed that Oliver looked anything but put off by all the extra attention. 

“Wow, when’d Ollie get so popular?” Lily had appeared suddenly at Asher’s side, joining him as he watched Oliver with a mixture of awe and disgust. She’d completely missed her friends’ conversation in the cafeteria. As usual, she’d spent her lunch period in Mrs. Hodge’s room doing extra work while she ate (in this case, probably getting a head start on her science fair project).

“Ever since his mom won an Oscar, apparently…” Asher replied with a sigh. “Man… Even Landon’s joining the fan club!” He grumbled. The sight of Landon and Oliver laughing and talking together simply made him feel even more frustrated.

Despite Asher’s usual distaste for the snobby, popular cliques at school, Landon had always been a notable exception. He was a grade ahead of Asher and his friends at school, but well-known and well-liked by students in every grade. His parents were total nobodies, but he’d still managed to become popular on his own merits. He didn’t seem to care about all that fake, superficial garbage like everyone else did. People just liked him for him. And Asher had always admired him for that. But apparently even someone like Landon wasn’t completely immune.

“Oh! That’s right… I almost forgot about that Oscar thing!” Lily replied, and Asher knew that she was sincere. Out of everyone he knew, she was the one who genuinely cared the least about anything related to Hollywood. That was one of the reasons he’d become friends with her in the first place. “Aw, look how happy he is! Hopefully he won’t let it like, go to his head or anything. But I don’t think so. That’s so not ‘Ollie’, right?” She spoke to him at her usual mile-a-minute pace.

“Yeah, he’ll be fine.” Asher agreed. “Everybody’s just excited. And I guess it IS a pretty big deal… I wonder if everybody would wanna talk to me if my mom won…” Probably not, he realized. As amazing as his mother’s work was, nobody really cared about the costume designer, did they?

Lily shrugged, smiling sweetly at him. “Well I’d wanna talk to you no matter what, Ash. You know that.”

“Thanks.” He gave her a small smile. “Hey… is your eye okay?”

Lily’s brow furrowed, her eyes no longer fluttering strangely. “Yeah, why?” 

“I dunno… you were blinking a lot. It was weird.”

The girl’s cheeks turned slightly red. “Oh. Maybe it was an eyelash in my eye or something…”

A very strange and awkward silence fell over them for a moment before Asher cleared his throat. “So… did you start your science project?”

Lily nodded enthusiastically, clearly eager to resume their conversation. “Yeah! I’m doing a plant maze! It’s gonna be sooooo cool!” She beamed excitedly at him. “What about you?”

“Still figuring it out.” He confessed. “But I’ve got a few ideas!”

“You’re so smart, Asher. Whatever you do, it’s gonna be amazing! I know it!”

Asher shook his head. “You really think so?”

“Yeah! You’re like, the smartest person I know! Seriously. Your IQ’s gotta be like… five hundred!

He burst out laughing at her words. “Pretty sure it can’t go that high, Lil.”

“See?! I totally didn’t know that! Told ya you were smart!”

“You’re so weird.”

His friend’s smile flickered. “Is that a good thing?” She asked almost nervously.

He shrugged. “Sure!”

“Oh. Good!” Lily’s smile returned just as quickly as it had disappeared. “Hey, I know what we can do! Zoe brought some chalk… Let’s go make a big list of your science project ideas and I’ll help you narrow it down!’

Asher glanced back toward the small throng of children, where Oliver and Landon were still in animated conversation. He let out a soft sigh of disappointment before turning back to Lily. “Sure, okay.”

Her eyes lit up at his reply. “Great! C’mon!” She reached out and grabbed his hand then, and Asher had no choice but to follow.

22 thoughts on “9.2: Ollie & the Oscar

    1. Hehehehe yes to both! Lily is adorable and mayyyyybe has a bit of a crush, but Asher seems to have other things on his mind right now!


  1. Aww. Lily likes Asher! Lily likes Asher! Lol. Sooo cute. But Asher’s jealous of Ollie and not concerned with Lily right now. I felt sorry for Asher. He felt like he was losing his best friend and Lily swooped in on him.

    That cafeteria food looks suspiciously like the junk I had to eat back in elementary school! 😂😂😂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hehehehe she definitely seems to, huh? 😛 But yes, Asher was super jealous of Ollie and oblivious to Lily 😂 I think it made him really nervous to think that his bff might have been succumbing to the Hollywood ego! And that another kid he admires a lot also appeared to be going along with it. He’s still a kid, so he is kinda seeing things very black and white right now. But I think he’ll be okay once the novelty of the oscars wears off!

      And LMAO ah, school lunches. Delicious 😂😂😂😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, Lily, she totaaaaaly has a crush on Asher. I wonder if they’ll end up together, and if Asher is going to be as thicc as a brick wall and not realize it until he’s like ummm 16 or somethin’.

    I get Ollie. His mother got an oscar, and that’s quite something. I wonder if Asher will grow out of ”Hollywood is fake” phase or he will just get even more edgy as he enters teenhoold lol

    Wonder how Landon is going to play a part in this. He doesn’t seem like a bully, just someone who is popular! So, maybe he won’t be Asher’s Serenity? :thinking:

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Definitely a crush from Lily! And Asher is super oblivious lol hopefully he will figure it out sooner or later so he can figure out how to deal with it 😉

      We will see moving forward how Asher feels about Hollywood and if those feelings ever change! He might be doomed to be a cynic forever 😂

      And as for Landon…. we shall see! All I’ll say now is that we will definitely be seeing more of him!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. She is totally crushing on Asher. Maybe they will grow up and get married. Then, in the true family curse they will have a child and she will die leaving him to raise them by himself.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Omg…Lily is so cute! And she has a MAJOR crush on Asher. But poor Asher is being left out. Let’s hope Ollie figures it out and includes his bff. I also hope Asher doesn’t sabotage their friendship out of jealousy! Eeeeek! 😰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehe yes, she’s crushing hard! And yeah, poor Asher was so sad here 😦 Thankfully they’re only 11 now, so things blow over pretty quickly at this age! Hopefully that’ll be the case with this too…

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Just like RL boys/men…I think they’d be cute together. I can’t wait to see his science project might give me some ideas for RL class. Hope his friend doesn’t let his mom’s reward get to his head.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, hopefully Ollie will get over his little burst of ego! Haha and We’ll get to see what his science project was in a couple chapters 😀 I had fun googling different ideas for him hehe


  6. The definition of bitter/sweet! Lily is adorable with her little crush, and Asher is also adorable with his (probably unfounded) worries about his best friend and his total cluelessness.

    I’m also very curious about this Landon character, but I have no predictions yet! Excited to see where this gen goes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehe glad you liked both kinds of sweetness here! ❤️ they’re such cute kids!

      We will be seeing more of Landon as the gen goes on! 😁 I’m glad you’re excited!

      Liked by 1 person

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