8.35: Escape from Sucksville

Note: Thanks for your continued patience, guys! Between work and wedding stuff, my life has been pure chaos, so, to piggy-back off my previous author’s note, I can pretty much confirm that my “chapter-every-five-days” thing is pretty much toast for the time being. 😦 I’ll get them out whenever I can, up til my hiatus (which I’m anticipating will start the first or second week of June)

I know you guys are always so great and understanding, and I appreciate it so much! I just like to give everyone a heads-up because I know as a reader, I love consistency in story updates, when possible, so it makes me feel bad that I’m yet again unable to give you guys that. 😦

Now on with the lame, 1000-word chapter I made you guys wait over a week for… LOL forgive me. I’ll try to make it up with the next one! ❤


It’s funny how quickly things can turn around. Sometimes life is going amazing. Everything’s perfect. Then BAM — one way plane ticket to Sucksville, totally out of nowhere.

But sometimes things go the other way too. You’re totally stranded with no chance of escape, when the rescue helicopters swoop in and save the day.

And I dunno if it was karma or luck or what, but I guess I finally earned my rescue from Sucksville (good thing too… I was seriously gonna go crazy if things didn’t start getting better soon!)

Last night was our opening night down at the theater — REAL opening night. Previews were just for a couple weeks, to feel things out. Charlotte says they’re planning on keeping this production around for a few months, and I think they wanted to make sure it didn’t totally crash and burn before they decided to keep it around. Makes sense, right?

Anyway, I was kinda-sorta freaking out about it, and not just about having my costumes out there for everybody to see. Helping with the setup and the costume changes… It’s a lot of work. And the pressure felt like, fifty-million times higher than it did during previews (at least I was on time though… Charlotte would have had ZERO mercy this time if I was late again!)

As usual, it totally wasn’t worth worrying about though. Everything was perfect. I couldn’t believe it! Everyone looked amazing, I changed everybody fast enough so they didn’t miss their cues, we didn’t lose any props or wigs or anything backstage, and Charlotte was actually SMILING when it was all over.

And she wasn’t the only one smiling either. My whole family came — all three sets of grandparents, my Onkels, Zelda, Tristan… And my parents too, obviously. And that was probably the best part. Last night was the happiest I’ve seen them in months.

I remember after the show, after I said goodbye to Oma Rubi and Opa Erik, and I saw Papa put his arm over Mama’s shoulders and say ‘that’s our girl’. They looked all proud of themselves (and me, obviously) and the way they were smiling at each other… It was so damn cheesy, but after having to see them so miserable for so long, I couldn’t help it. It got me all emotional, or whatever.

Obviously I know it’s not gonna last, but for now? I’ll take what I can get.

So yeah… Last night pretty much put me on cloud nine, and it was the first leg of my journey to freedom from Sucksville. I didn’t even feel awkward or weird seeing Zelda and Jace together. It’s been a couple months now, but I’m still getting used to it, I guess… Kind of like a weird spinoff version of the whole Mason thing.

It’s just strange seeing your best friend hook up with your old fuck buddy, no matter how long they’ve known each other. And the fact that they’re practically attached at the hip now doesn’t help much either. Do you know how sucky it is being the third wheel all the time? Ugh. This is why me and Zelda don’t really hang out as much anymore. It’s just… different now.

It was pretty much the same with Mason. Once he and Caroline got together, we didn’t talk nearly as much as we used to. It’s not like he totally cut me out or anything, it just changed things. He didn’t have as much time for me as he used to. Which makes total sense, obviously. But it doesn’t make it suck any less either.

I guess I’m lucky me and Xander managed to stay such good friends for so long. Even when he’s had girlfriends, we’ve been able to stay so close over the years (which is ironic since, y’know, he lives like six thousand kilometers away). But I think that’s part of what helped us — a six-hour time difference makes keeping in touch pretty damn hard. But for us, being out of sync actually made us experts at making time for each other. We’ve always had to find a way to make it work. And we did.

And now that we’re in the SAME timezone… It’s pretty fucking awesome. He doesn’t have to log on at the crack of dawn to talk to me anymore, and I don’t have to stay up til like three in the morning either. He’s only been in Europe for like a week and a half, so I’m sure the novelty’s gonna wear off after a while. But for now, it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever. We even Skyped with each other like two days after he got to Paris, and we both sat outside so we could marvel at the fact that we were both in daylight at the same time! (I know, I know, we’re total nerds)

So anyway, last night was just the beginning. Right now I’m counting down to phase two of my escape from Sucksville — Xander coming to visit! Just 18 more days! That’s gonna go by super fast, right? Or at least, that’s what I keep trying to tell myself.

I know I sound like some kind of stupid fangirl or something, but I just can’t believe we’re finally gonna see each other in person after all these years. He’s not gonna be a bunch of pixels on a screen or a voice through a speaker anymore… He’s going to be a real, flesh-and-blood human being! That’s crazy, right?!

I’m trying not to go overboard planning out all the stuff we’re gonna do while he’s here (it’s kinda fun to try and imagine Windenburg through the eyes of a tourist though!). And I keep reminding myself that I’ve gotta save some stuff for the next time he comes to visit too…

God, I can’t believe I actually get to write that! See what I mean about things turning around? Up til like, a month ago, I never thought me and Xander would get the chance to meet in person at all, let alone multiple times.

But then, I guess sixteen-year-old me never thought I’d ever be on first-name terms with GeekWithAGuitar, huh?

And just look where we are now…

And where we will be…

In eighteen days!

(Okay, I’m done gushing now, I swear)

21 thoughts on “8.35: Escape from Sucksville

  1. The yellow truck in one of the pictures, is that Harper’s old one? Did Phoenix pass it on to Emberlynn?

    It’s so weird to read how Zelda and Jace are in love. I could never imagine that when they were teenagers. They just seemed so different. But Zelda has definitely changed a lot! She’s kinda hot 😛

    I’m glad things are going so well for Emberlynn now. I can’t wait to see Xander on his visit to Germany 😀

    And don’t worry about getting chapters out on time. We know you are busy with the wedding, so no worries ❤ We'll always be here ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is Harper’s yes! Phee passed it on to Emberlynn when she was little 🙂

      And lol yes, Zelda and Jace were an unexpected pairing! He’s been friends with Ember and Zelda for several years now, and I think they helped him find his inner geek! 😉

      Ember is definitely in a great place and she’s so excited for Xander’s visit too! Thanks for your understanding about my crazy schedule! ❤️

      Liked by 2 people

  2. This was such a sweet chapter! I’m glad Emberlynn is finally feeling good about what’s happening in her life (even if there’s still some weirdness… I never would have guessed Zelda and Jace would get together!) I’m eagerly awaiting what will happen when Ember and Xander meet in person for the first time!

    And don’t worry about your schedule! Life happens 😊 and your story is definitely worth waiting for!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your understanding about my schedule!

      I think Ember never would have guessed either! It’s been about six years during the teen arc, and during that time, I think Jace learned to let his inner geek come out a bit more, and Zelda got a bit “cooler” and they kinda met in the middle!

      Next chapter will be the big meeting between Ember and Xander! Hopefully all goes just as amazingly as Emberlynn hopes it will!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I appreciate the work you do to get out chapters at all when you’re a s busy as you are! I’ve been studying abroad in Ireland for nearly two months now and it’s kept me crazy busy, to the point I haven’t had time to comment, so I really don’t know how you manage. It’s really been an incredible experience, so I can say with certainty that Xander is about to have the time of his life! It’s really incredibly cool that he gets to share it with a friend like Ember, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh that’s so cool, I hope you’re having a blast! (And never worry about not commenting!) I did a semester in Spain while I was in college and it was so awesome. Enjoy it!

      I know Xander will enjoy his time abroad too… especially since it’s coupled with getting to hang out with his best online friend (who is about to officially make the leap to “real life friend” 😛 )

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Omg…for 1000 words this one really packed a punch! Zelda and Jace???? So freaking cute!!! I’m shocked but pleased! He deserved happy! 😊😊😊 And hopefully if all things work out, he’ll be a part of the fam!!! One day…ok I’m getting ahead of myself.

        And Ember is doing so well with her job! I’m so proud of her!!! She’s growing up! Sniff! 😊

        Phew and Gigi having a moment? Oh yeah, Em… do NOT get used to it. 😉 I loved the look on Gigi’s face. Like whaaa? You touching me, husband? I had a friend whose parents were like that. The guy put his arm on her shoulder and the woman did a double take. Needless to say once we graduated they weren’t together. So yeah…lol!

        VERY excited about THE meeting. Hopefully it won’t be…awkward? That can happen when you meet in person. Here’s to a fun first date!!!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Aw I’m glad you still liked it despite the short-ness! Jace and Zelda are definitely the ship no one saw coming haha It’s been years and they both have definitely changed and fate eventually brought them together! Poor Emberlynn is still reeling though 😂

          Job is definitely going great for Ember! Parents? Not so much 😂 That moment at the play was a definite rarity (and like you said, even Gigi seems a bit surprised at the affectionate gesture 😂 Oh dear. Things are so bad right now 😬)

          Fingers crossed that all will go well for Ember and Xander! I’ve met several online friends over the years, and sometimes there’s a bit of awkwardness, sometimes it feels so great and natural… we’ll find out next chapter which way it goes for these two! 😱 (and Emberlynn would freak out and deny forever if she ever heard you call it a date! Hehehehehe)

          Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m just glad I get the chance to read this fun story. I totally get life getting in the way of posting on the blog. (My own blog for instance….*cough, cough*) Seeing Jace and Zelda together was a bit odd, but I’m so glad Ember is having a much better time of it now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy the story and are also understanding of how busy I am!

      Jace and Zelda are definitely something of an unexpected couple! The years totally changed both of them, and helped bring them together too… thankfully Emberlynn is too happy at the moment to let it bother her as much anymore! Hehe and hopefully the happiness will last…

      Thanks again for reading!


  5. OMG….its getting closer and closer! Almost time for the real life meet up! Or will it be a hook up? 😂😂😂. Phee and Gigi actually looked happy and content! 😮. Then Zelda hooking up with Jace! Lololol! That’s awesome.

    Can’t wait for more! ❤️ But no worries about timing! You are getting married! 😱😱😱😱😱

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! Meet up could easily turn into hook up…. we shall see! Glad you approve of Jelda 😉 And a happy PheeGi for once! 😱

      And thanks for your understanding! In my next life, I’m eloping! 😂😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I
    Okay since she’s really pushing this whole there’s only a short time thing: I think he’s going to die before then. I’m still not convinced that he’s not Lola and Phoenix’s son. This will lead to her coming clean and a sad series of events.
    Or things will go fine they will start dating and then Lola will find out and then it will be a lot of what could have been.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂 I love this comment, and these theories 😈😈😈 You never know what could happen! I mean… it’s A2A so it’s likely something bad will happen eventually 😂 But as for the what and the when…? 🤷🏻‍♀️ We shall see 😛


    1. Hahaha they’ve both changed a little over the years! We’ll see if they last in the long run though… 🤷🏻‍♀️


    1. Haha yes and unexpected ship. Lots has changed over the past several years!

      Next chapter is the big meeting 😱😱😱


  7. Zelda and Jace!???? I’m 100% Sh00k. You go, Zelda!

    Hum, I’m not so sure know. This MAY be just a friends thing, or it also could be something else…Because, like Ember being excited to see her friend is something totally normal, and I *do* belive in friendship between men and woman, so, they could just stay that.Friends.(Even thought that sneaky banner shows another thing…)

    It’s sad that Phoenix and Gigi are mostly only happy when it has something to do with their childrem, who were the reason they even stayed together at the first place. At least, that’s how I see it. They got happy over the fact that their ”girl” is sucessful.

    I think Xander is the boy that talked with Ember many years ago, and he’s Lola’s son, not necessarily Phoenix’s son,(Thought Ember could go incest is wincest and date her own half-brother okay i’ll stop now) If that’s the case, things will get preeeeety interresting from now on.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehe yeah, the years brought Zelda and Jace together! Who knew? 😛

      Emberlynn is definitely excited to see Xander! And also excited to see her parents getting along 😛 But you’re right — they stayed together in the first place for Embelrynn, and it’s things related to their kids that help keep them together now. They are holding on by a thread! 😦

      Interesting thoughts about Xander’s identity! (Especially the game of thrones-style twist 😛 ) Guess time will tell… I can say we will learn more about him and even meet his parents later. but it’ll take a while! 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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