8.31: Forbidden Fruit

Note: Welcome to the YA arc! As you’ll soon see, there have been lots of changes for Ember since we last saw her!

Please note that this chapter has one NSFW screenshot.




Don’t forget, this chapter was a special bonus! Next chapter will be in two days — Wednesday, April 3rd! See you then!

74 thoughts on “8.31: Forbidden Fruit

    1. This is a real, canon chapter of the story, believe it or not! Wednesday’s chapter will help explain a bit more about how this, uh, unexpected twist came to be 😬

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    1. This is a real chapter 😬 Sawwy… Wednesday’s chapter might help, maybe? Or you’ll lose even more respect for him. Could go either way 😬😬😬

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  1. GASP.
    I love this… omg.
    I didn’t know Phoneis had it in him!


    I have a feeling that Serenity is going to surprise everyone and be an amazing partner and stepmom 😭

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    1. Phee is full of surprises 🤷🏻‍♀️ And maybe Serenity is too? We’ll see! 😉

      And hmm… already rooting for Nooboos, eh? 🤔 😈 That’d be the next step, probably! Poor Emberlynn 😂 But maybe she will be surprised too!

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  2. OMG! I am laughing so much. So you say this isn’t April Fool’s but how could it not be! Serenity and Phoenix. This is gonna screw up Emberlynn beyond all repair. She is done for… And I didn’t miss Trent at the ‘wedding’! It was too much…. the only good thing is good riddance to Gigi…. Phoenix is better off without her. But still did he just jump out of the frying pan straight into the fire? Nothing like a true mid-life crisis to make you do stupid things.

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    1. If only Emberlynn could find it in her to laugh at this too! 😱 Hopefully Serenity has redeemed herself since her teen years… next chapter will shed a little light there!

      And midlife crisis is right 😬 Phee moves pretty fast here, and Ember most definitely does not approve!

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  3. 1. I haven’t commented in ages, so hi 👋🏾😄
    2. Why did Emberlynn cut her hair?
    3. I’m so pissed off at this new plot twist! Not gonna lie to you all, when Serenity poisons everybody…I’m not gonna say that I didn’t tell you so… 😑

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    1. 1. Hi!!!! Hope you’re well! ^_^
      2. Just wanted a change, I think!
      3. Haha hopefully the years have changed her 😬 We’ll see… next chapter gives a little more insight on the situation!


  4. Is this for real??

    Good for Phoenix to get out of his marriage, finally! But did it have to be like this?!
    This is so screwed up, even for Phoenix. What on earth was he thinking?! And where were Harper and Devin at the wedding? That’s probably what worries me the most. Are they dead already? 😮
    Or did they just not want to come?

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    1. This is a real chapter, yes! 😬 I had a feeling this one would be shocking haha

      I think Phee is having something of a midlife crisis here… and as for Harper and Dev, they’re still alive! The next chapter will help to explain why they weren’t there for the wedding! (And Rubi and Erik too!)

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  5. ROFL!

    Serenity is the PERFECT wicked stepmother! And if she makes Phee happy, who cares? Oh…it’s too good to be a joke!

    Emberlynn isn’t going to wake up next chapter is she? The drama would be too good! 😱😱😱😱😂😂😂

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    1. Yes, let’s hope Phee is truly happy here! The next chapter should help clarify that a bit…

      Emberlynn definitely wishes she could wake up from this! It’s beyond a nightmare for her 😬 But maybe she’s just gotta give Serenity a chance? 🤷🏻‍♀️

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      1. Well, the teenage years must be long over, so hopefully Serenity has changed? Though, going after a married man is very very wrong. So maybe she hasn’t? Perhaps she has gone from bad to worse over the years?

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    1. Ha! Great question! Love or revenge? 🤔 The next chapter might help answer that question!

      And yes, it is April Fools Day, but believe it or not, this is a canon chapter of the story! 😱


      1. Trust me, Emberlynn shares in your shock and confusion! 😂 More answers next chapter on how this all came to be!


        1. Like, I mean I don’t care how old he is compared to her. I’m just confused.
          how on earth is he attracted to her? at least gigi was borderline nerd
          Oh, dare I mention she has seen his daughter naked before she seen him naked. Just throwing that out there 😂

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  6. Dark WitcHazard:😂😂😂😂😂😂 Yes!

    Lover WitcHazard: 🤦‍♂️ No!

    Shipper WitcHazard: Just why?

    Anti Shipper: Did not think Phee had the game to get someone half his age! Kudos I’d be more proud if it had some random young lady but Serenity the girl who put your daughter’s nudes out in public! I’m not saying it’s wrong but all the points you built up for being of the top three father’s of the Rosebrook clan just flew out the window! Sure you could say he didn’t know but still!

    Nooboos WitcHazard: All will be forgiven if she has nooboos!

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    1. Hehe Nooboos cure all! 😉 And they might be next on the agenda for the happy couple 😱

      Phee is definitely having some sort of midlife crisis here… but maybe she actually makes him happy? Hard to say how much she might have changed over the past several years! Maybe there’s still hope for him to hold on to that good dad award? 😬

      We will see more next chapter…


      1. that’s would be very creepy. But then again I know that my Grandpa had (all who remain of his siblings is himself) some sib-cousins since their mom had been his mom’s sisters. But the oldest of his half-siblings (also cousins) were near his own Mom’s age when she married his dad.

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  7. Oh my-
    Is that-
    Why Lord? Why?
    I don’t know what to make of this. They got DIVORCED
    well I’m panicking so I will be crying in a corner. I have never wanted it to be Wednesday more in my life.

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    1. *hands you a bar of chocolate* Eat this, it will help.

      Please no cry 😭 Hopefully Wednesday’s chapter will answer some of your questions! At least you only have to wait two days? 😬


  8. I read every chapter, but i don’t comment much. I had to comment on this one though. The screenshots are priceless! But, sorry I’m not buying what you’re selling, despite your insistence “it’s real” “it’s canon.” Uh huh, surrrrrrre…lol I bet it was lots of fun setting this up though and it was fun ‘reading’ it. Great job! 🙂

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    1. Shun the non-believer! 😛 Hahaha you’ll see on Wednesday — this a real, canon chapter, I swear!!!!!

      Glad you enjoyed it, and it was most definitely fun to set up the shots, you’re right! 😀 Thank you very much for reading ❤️❤️❤️


  9. So they say revenge is a dish best served cold: Ember, you slept with Serenety’s ex-boyfriend. Now she boinks your dad?

    Can Phoenix get disbarred now? (or whatever doctors are subject to. I know disbarred is for lawyers) Unethical use of authority/confidentiality?

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    1. I like that theory! Serenity laid in wait for years just to get her ultimate revenge 😈 Definitely a possibility!

      Also very possible that Phoenix could be in big trouble if the origins of their relationship ever became known 😱


      1. >Phoenix could be in big trouble

        Right now, I’m ok with the ol’ tar and feathering being brought out.

        There was a scene in the Bible where they caught some spies and shaved half their heads and beard, and cut their clothes in half before sending them back. I’d be ok with that too, but finding the CC for it may be difficult.

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  10. The freaking Ember is just so funny. Well, even if she did see it coming and she does want her father to be happy, it must be really hard for her… and I guess him “falling for the trap” again isn’t really serving to assure her he will be happy. The fact brown haired woman looked somehow triumphing in one picture is unsettling too, but since this is Embers view (with all of her horrified reactions in it) I am a bit hesitant to interpret too much.

    I am kind of glad at least Ember matured without too much of a collateral damage at hand, but 22 is a good age to start.

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    1. wait… that is Serenity? I didn’t notice at first!! WTF. That can’t be good. Red alert is on and ringing – I hope next chapters discussion in the captains teeny room will clarify.

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      1. It is indeed Serenity 😬 Awkwardddddd lol but it helps explain Ember’s horror a bit more 😂 The next chapter will definitely help clear some of this up though, don’t worry!


  11. Was he kidnapped by aliens when he was a kid? Did the aliens steal all his common sense and his damn brain? First, he knows about the problems between her and his daughter. Second, he apparently did not learn from his affair with Lola. Third, an affair with a patient is a big no no. I know of doctors who have lost their license over that.

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    1. Yeah, this whole thing is a huuuuuuge mess (and probably rooted in some kind of midlife crisis 😬) The next chapter will help shed a little light on things!

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      1. Except Phee didn’t know WHO the “popular” people was/were (and) has no idea about what the “embarrassing picture” was. Since Ember didn’t excetly tell him that she sent a nude picture


  12. I gotta say… I was not expecting that! I’m firmly in the camp of Serenity going after Phee to get back at Emberlynn 😂

    And since nobody’s mentioned it yet, ship names? Serenix? Phenity? Poor Phoenix’s name does not lend itself well to combinations lol

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    1. This could definitely be the ultimate revenge plot on Serenity’s part 😈 Who knows? Hehe next chapter will help give some insight, I think!

      You’re right about poor Phee’s name 😂 Pheerenity is what I’ve been calling them in my head though 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  13. LOL Ember’s reactions in the background of each picture is amazing xD … and probably the one redeeming thing going on in this chapter. Serenity and Phoenix????? I didn’t really see this coming and wowie what a shocker (@_@) I wonder what happened to Gigi, then. Also, I wonder how things are gonna work now that Ember’s a young adult.

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    1. Haha yes, Ember’s reactions were really fun to screenshot! 😂

      Sorry for the huge shock 😬 This definitely felt pretty sudden, huh? Next chapter should answer some of the questions you might have though!


    1. LOL I cannot blame you for this reaction 😂 Hopefully Wednesday’s chapter will help to relieve some disgust instead of making it worse… 😬 But we shall see


  14. My feelings reading this chapter:

    That looks like Phoenix…
    Ember looks way different.
    Oh, it’s Serenity.

    (For some reason at first I thought Serenity was Ember and Phee was her new boyfriend.) Nopenopenopenopenope.

    I’m glad I get the explanation tomorrow, but I superduper hope that this is not a legit relationship. That’s a yikes!

    I am glad that Phee and Gigi split though, if they’ve been living unhappily for so long.

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    1. Hahaha I am having fun imagining your poor brain realizing what was going on 😂😬

      Tomorrow will definitely shed some light on all this, though no promises if it’ll actually help much hehe

      Thank you so much for reading, by the way! ❤️ (even when things get a little crazy 😛 )

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  15. WHAT THE HECK. HOLLEY MOLLEY. IS THIS EVEN REAL? WHAT IS LIFE ANYOMRE? *proceed to stare at ceeling for 2 hours*

    I didn’t reconginize Serenity at first, so I was like ”Hey, wow, nobody saw THAT coming…” And was thinking that Ember was just annoyed by the fact that his father married again, but NO NO NO NO NO this is MUCH worse!

    They might be pictures, but, they tell a whoooole story. Like, yeah, Phoenix, you’ve been miserable for a long time, but, like, why divorce only now???? Did things end up extra bad with you and Gigi? Cuz, for me they still seemed to be going back and fourth between love and dislike, so, what was the FINAL dealbreaker.

    Gimme my ship back! I refuse to have my cannon #divorce ship turned to…this. Is there a way to make thing non-cannon again?

    I mean COME ON! Phoenix. You have been miserable your whole life, and decided that the person who is worth to end a marriage, that you did for the sake of your childrem, and FOR SOME REASON keept it after they got older, is someone that’s the SAME AGE as your daugther? If all respect, if it was someone BESIDES Serenity I would be more comprehensible, because ”love has no age” and Mark and Joce stuff.

    But, really? Serenity? I hope Ember has a house on their own, because, her life is going to become a nightmare from now on.

    I cAn’T eVeN-

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    1. Haha I’m sorry for all the shock and horror 😬 Phoenix is totally having some kind of midlife crisis here… but that doesn’t exactly excuse this extreme behavior either!

      Poor Emberlynn, like you said, imagine if she has to LIVE with that… yikes! 😬😱 We shall see…

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