8.22: Jealous

Ugh. Why can’t people just leave me alone and let me live my life without getting all judge-y and offended and stuff? Why can’t things ever just be EASY?

First Zelda, then Jace… they’re being ridiculous!

Alright, let me explain how this all happened.

It all started last weekend, when my date with Trent went… not-even-remotely-according-to-plan. I stayed at Onkel Tam’s party way longer than I should have (it was actually pretty fun and his new store is awesome… but that’s all beside the point). ANYWAY, I totally messed things up.

The “I’m sick” excuse completely backfired on me. Mama insisted on driving me home (ugh) which meant there was literally no possible way I could go meet Trent. And I figured I was basically doomed, at that point. There wasn’t anything I could do to fix it.

But Trent figured out a way. He’s always really clever like that. He showed up at my house like, COMPLETELY out of the blue to surprise me. I couldn’t believe it — it was so sweet of him, and… okay, I can’t lie. Sneaking a guy into my house like that was pretty exciting too.

I can’t really explain it, but there’s just this RUSH you feel when you’re sneaking around and knowing you might get caught…

Y’know, until getting caught actually becomes a real possibility.

Me and Trent would’ve gone all the way. I KNOW we would have. And I was so ready for it too… But I had to kick him out as soon as I realized my grandparents were on the way home.

Oh my God could you even IMAGINE if they’d found me and Trent like that? I would’ve just DIED right then and there. Death by absolute freaking mortification. Then Papa would have to give Oma and Opa free therapy sessions for the rest of their lives to get over the trauma of what they just witnessed, and Trent would probably be arrested for necrophilia or something.

But luckily, none of that happened, thanks to Zelda. She warned me just in time. But… HOW? I couldn’t stop wondering like, all night how she’d figured it out.

When she came over the next day, she told me. And no, it wasn’t anything as badass as developing telepathy or something. She just used her detective skills.

Apparently Trent posted something on Twitter yesterday about “having a date with the hottest girl in school” (OMG does he seriously think that about me?! Ahhh!). Then later, when he found out I couldn’t make it to the bar, he made another post about a “change of plans” and having to go “halfway across town”, but that it’d be worth it (see? He’s so sweet!).

It wasn’t too hard for Zelda to connect the dots, I guess. She saw me and Trent talking at school. She knows how much I like him. And she knows I left the party early…

Which she wasn’t exactly happy about. She went on and on about how “disappointed” she was in me for skipping out on her dad’s party. Then I got the whole big “I don’t even know who you are anymore” speech about how I’m “lying to everybody” and “sneaking around” and “dating all these popular jerks”.

And honestly, I get why she’s feeling that way. She’s totally jealous. And it’s my fault, I’ll own it. I’ve kinda been “neglecting” her lately, or whatever you wanna call it.

Of course, I never MEANT to. I just got so wrapped up in all these guys, and I should’ve made more time for her. And I feel really bad that I didn’t.

Looking back now, it probably wasn’t the best idea in the world for me to actually USE the word “jealous” when I tried apologizing to her though…

Yeah, I totally screwed that one up.

Zelda hasn’t talked to me at all since then. She totally ignores me at school, she doesn’t answer my texts…

And of course, her parents noticed, and so did mine. So now I’ve spent the last week dodging a bunch of awkward questions about why me and Z are “fighting”. Ugh!

At least she hasn’t ratted me out to her Dad and Papa yet… I’d totally know it if she had. Guess the best friend code still applies, even when we aren’t talking. But I hate that she’s being like this. I never thought she was the type to get all jealous.

And speaking of jealous… She’s not the only one.

I kept wondering HOW Zelda knew to look at Trent’s Twitter account. I mean yeah, she’s a total social media addict. She follows everybody at school. But it felt way too convenient that she just “happened” to see those posts he made.

All she’d tell me was she was “working off an anonymous tip”. And it wasn’t too hard for me to use MY detective skills and figure it out.

I’d had a feeling Jace heard me and Trent talking last Friday… But I didn’t think it was gonna be a big deal. Me and Jace aren’t exclusive — we’re just having fun. Why the heck should he care if I go on a date with somebody else? And why would he try and rat me out to Zelda like that?!

I really know the answer though, obviously. He’s jealous too. He basically confirmed it when I went over his place the other day to try and talk to him. I couldn’t get him to admit he was the one who told Zelda… But I DID get him to admit that my date with Trent was the reason why he hasn’t been talking to me.

Then he started giving me all those weird, vague warnings again about Trent and how I can’t trust him… I had a feeling back when he first told me that crap about Trent that he was just jealous. And now I KNOW he is. He has to be.

Which is annoying, but also weirdly flattering… As long as he doesn’t start getting the wrong idea about the two of us. We hang out, we mess around with each other… But we’re JUST friends, like we agreed. And that means I can go on dates and mess around with anybody else I want. And so can he. It wouldn’t matter to me.

Anyway, at least our conversation ended a lot better than it did with Zelda. I had to cave and promise Jace I’d “be careful” around Trent (whatever that means).

But then he promised ME he’d stay out of it from now on. Which I was really, really grateful for. (And, uh, I made sure I gave him a proper token of my gratitude before I left… Hehehe)

So I guess I smoothed things over pretty well with Jace. But everything still feels really weird now…. especially with Zelda.

I really hope things can start turning around soon.

Because it’s making it kinda hard to fully enjoy things with Trent right now.

Everything’s different between us after what happened Saturday. Even though we didn’t make it much farther than making out, it’s still changed, somehow.

We sat together at lunch every day this week. And he’s been walking me to class and texting me every night too… We even made plans for our first REAL date this Saturday (this time with the promise that we WON’T let ourselves get interrupted like last time).

It’s all so amazing. But also kinda terrifying.

I’ve never felt this way about a guy before. This isn’t like how things were with Mason or Jace or even Dominick. This is… I don’t know what to call it. Something more.

I promised myself I wasn’t gonna let myself fall for the trap. But he’s making it so, so hard not to. He’s just so funny and so charming. It doesn’t even matter what he’s saying to me — I could listen to him talk for hours. And every time I look at him, I get all weak in the knees and I start thinking about all that stuff I’ve done with Jace…

And I start wishing it was with Trent instead… Maybe ONLY him. Like, exclusive. Like… a boyfriend?

God, what am I saying? I’m being ridiculous. Jace is right — I DO have to be careful around Trent. I can’t let myself fall for all that relationship garbage. I’ve just gotta enjoy things the way they are. That should be enough.

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated on whether or not Zelda decides to forgive me, and on what ends up happening this weekend with Trent too.

All I know right now is I’ve got a really, really good feeling about it.

28 thoughts on “8.22: Jealous

  1. Omg…I think Trent really likes Emberlynn and he’s enjoying dating the hottest girl in school BUT if he finds out she’s banging Jace? Omg…shit gonna hit! 💩😬😳

    She’d better end things with Jace if she’s enjoying Trent. That’s the way the world works, Emberlynn. Especially on high school!

    Sad that Zelda is all mad at her. I’m sure they’ll patch things up especially if things go sour between her and Trent. But I’m going to say this: if Emberlynn doesn’t tell Trent about Jace, I can’t say I’ll feel toomsorry for her. She’s digging her own grave! 😱😱😱

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeahhhhh Emberlynn really has to end it if she truly wants to stick with Trent at this point! The next chapter will touch upon that particular situation… can’t keep doing this, Ember 😬 All these secrets and lies can’t last forever…

      And hopefully Zelda will come around eventually!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s the Rosebrook way to go, girl, just insult the good friend who just saved your careless ass. And really, while I could totally understand why Z could be jealous, it’s not the “popular with guys” stuff. I know how hard it is to lose a good friend, especially for a young teen that thought things are going to stay like that forever, and Ember doesn’t even try to reassure her, and instead blames her. She could, for example, have introduced her to Jace. He is a nice guy, likes their hobby, seeks friends. Zelda doesn’t take it too hard to be not popular, and doesn’t take any shit, so she shouldn’t have trouble with his trouble. They could spend some of their time as a trio, enjoying nerd stuff. But Ember doesn’t even think about it, she likes the idea he is, at least for some time, interested in her alone and can get the rest of his crap together on his own, while she is free to date around. She really has no mind for the people that care about her.

    And while Trents tweeting could be considered cute at the moment, I just visually see the slime creep out of all these pictures. I wonder what kind of tweet would have followed if he got her laid. Or surprised, rather. I doubt Gran Harper would be that out of her mind, but another very embarassing talk would be on the table, besides an earned punishment for lying around. But it just feels like Trent enjoys bragging with her while it lasts, and that’s just not a healthy start for a relationship. And as she is falling hard for the first time, I’m not sure if Ember is able to avoid the trap. She doesn’t have the experience of someone who tried and got hurt.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. PS: Jace really got the right sense about no longer bugging Ember about Trent. She really isn’t going to listen anyway, and he would only do damage, as sad as ist is.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Yeah, I think you’re right about the actual source of Zelda’s jealousy. She’s not jealous of Emberlynn being popular, she’s jealous of being overlooked as a friend 😦

      I think Emberlynn does understand that, and did try to apologize. Like she said, she’s feels really bad for neglecting Zelda. But when the time came to actually SAY the apology… she messed up horribly by calling her out on the jealousy 😬 Terrible move on the part of our heiress!

      And that’s a good point about Trent’s bragging being a potential red flag… but Emberlynn doesn’t see it that way. She’s too blinded by a teenager’s self-centered attitude right now! Maybe her eyes will open eventually though…


  3. “Trent would probably be arrested for necrophilia or something.” 😂😂😂 Drama Queen! This made me laugh.

    “I made sure I gave him a proper token of my gratitude…hehehe”. 😱 Oh girl. You are a hot mess. You can’t do two guys at a time! FWB doesn’t work. Someone gets invested….

    “All I know right now is I’ve got a really, really good feeling about it.” 😂😂😂😂. A good feeling about how messed up everything is gonna get!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe Emberlynn wouldn’t be Ember anymore without her over-the-top descriptions of situations 😂😂😂

      And yeahhhh hot mess is a pretty good description right now 😬 she can’t keep this up with Jace, especially if she’s as into Trent as she says she is!

      Things are already messy enough with this girl… you think it’s gonna get even worse?! 😱

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Yup, she’s doomed.

    You can’t control feelings, Ember. You can deny it, try to end it, but it will eventually grow inside you and make you do things you wouldn’t do usually.

    This is a horrible setup. She’s falling for a guy that just wants to mess around with her. It wouldn’t surprise me if she had sex with him, and then he became distant, or started to treat Ember like some kinda of ”booty call” (I trust Jace more than Trent.). She breaks her heart, and it’s all like ”oh, I knew falling in love was bad!” And it develops even more her complexion.

    Zelda is just trying to be Ember’s friends, and now she don’t even has her anymore.When things go down, she won’t have any friend to rely, and quite some enemys *cough* Serenity *cough*.(Serenity is going to FLIP once she now Ember is messing with her ex-boyfriend AND her brother.)

    Oh, Ember, they’re not jealous, they’re trying to warn you! It seems to me Ember is letting this whole ”popular” thing get to her head.Step down that pedestal girl, ya ain’t the last cookie in the package. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Doomed” might be right! 😬 And you could be right about Trent too… it’s really hard to know whether or not she should trust him, but it definitely doesn’t look good!

      Emberlynn is totally letting the popularity and attention go to her head… it’s bad 😬Also, I’ve never heard that cookie phrase before but I freaking love it 😂❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hopefully Ember’s able to make up with Zelda soon! We all know she needs a little more (positive peer) female guidance in her life.
    Also, she needs to learn how to commit to one person and hold fast to that commitment for some time, so she isn’t just some girl who bounces from guy to guy. 😡 If she doesn’t soon, then I hope she learns her lesson the hard way.

    I’m still recovering from a bad case of strep throat and a barrage of other sicknesses, so this update of a2a is very much looked forward to! 🙂 Thank you for keeping up the writing. I hope you have a good day and don’t get sick (stay warm!). ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She definitely could use a positive female friend to help her!

      As for commitment… not exactly Emberlynn’s thing 😬 Though Jace is inspiring her to maybe change her mind on that 😉

      I’m glad you’re getting better and hope you make a full recovery soon! Being sick sucks 😦


  6. Ember Ember Ember (I’m shaking my head). The people around her are already like, you hurt us, and Ember’s already like, *throws hands up* I didn’t do anything!

    I’m very excited to see what her post-high school life will be like! Maybe she’ll slow down a little and have more self-awareness. One can hope.

    “Then later, when he found out I couldn’t make it to the bar, he made another post about a “change of plans” and having to go “halfway across town”, but that it’d be worth it (see? He’s so sweet!).” Sweet?? My response was more, bleh! I know they’re teenagers but still, it’s ‘sweet’ when a guy absolutely has no tact? I agree with an earlier comment – what would he have put if they had slept together? He’s a sleaze. I hope she has some protection in that awesome bedroom of hers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeahhhh she really needs to open her eyes here! 😬 Hopefully it won’t take her til after high school, but at this rate… you never know!

      And you’re right about Trent’s tweets too — Emberlynn tends to view everything he does through a really huge pair of rose-colored glasses… let’s hope she takes them off soon! 😱😱😱

      Liked by 1 person

  7. At least Zelda is a really good and honest friend!

    And Emberlynn… Guess you gotta learn the hard way, don’t you? I’m just gonna eat my popcorn until this whole Trent-thing comes tumbling down.

    When a guy is warning you about another guy… I’d take it seriously!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you enjoy that popcorn… you’re probably gonna need it 😂

      Emberlynn needs to open her eyes here — like you said, when a guy is giving you a warning like that, he probably means it….

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I actually fear that Ember will give Trent a chance with relationships, and she’ll get hurt. Which will totally prove her point to herself that relationships are, in fact, a trap.

    Liked by 1 person

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