7.27: Shotgun

I never realized til now how much my life is gonna change in the next few months.

As Tam would say, it’s basically like I’m leveling up and rerolling all my stats or something. Everything’s gonna change.

I’m getting my Bachelor’s Degree, I’m starting on my Master’s, I’m moving overseas…

And apparently I’m getting married too.

I feel like I should’ve known it was coming as soon as Gigi told me she figured out a way she could come live in the US with me. I mean, I seriously researched everything I could find. I just kept searching and searching for some kind of loophole or weird hidden rule that would let me bring her with me.

But the only thing I could find was that you’re allowed to bring family members. And that includes spouses too.

I have no idea why I didn’t even think of it as an option. But Gigi did. She thinks of everything.

It’s so weird though. I’d always imagined I’d be the one doing the proposing. I kinda had this ‘vision’ of how it would all go down, I guess.

It’d be like three or four years from now, maybe. Once I’m all done with school. Gigi and I would be living together. We’d own a little house out in the suburbs. We’d both be happy and successful in our careers… and financially stable too, of course.

And one day, I’d take her up to the Bluffs for a picnic, right at sunset. In the same spot where we had our first real date back when we were kids.

And then I’d get down on one knee and ask her to spend the rest of her life with me.

But instead, well… it was pretty much the opposite of what I was imagining.

I think I stared at her for like two minutes before I could even say ANYTHING. I must’ve looked like a total idiot.

She was really patient though. She started giving me this little speech about how much she loves me, and wanting us to take this step and start this adventure together. It was really sweet. And I know she meant every word of it.

So how could I possibly say no?

Now that I’ve had some time to think about it though…

Well, I’m still happy I said yes. But it just feels really, really weird to think that I’m engaged now. I’m only twenty-one years old, and I’m gonna be somebody’s husband. That’s like, kinda weird right?

Don’t get me wrong though! I’m really happy. And excited too. I’ve always known we’d get married someday. Gigi’s everything to me. She loves me just for being me… But she still makes me wanna be a better person too.

And I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anybody else in the whole world.

I just never thought it’d happen so soon, I guess. Or like this.

It’s basically like one of those ‘shotgun weddings’, right? I mean, minus the baby (thank God!). I always imagined we’d have time to plan a real wedding. And that we’d have jobs and money and a house and stuff first, y’know?

And that we’d be getting married because we really, really want to and we feel ready. Not because we have to.

But I guess we don’t really have a choice, do we? Not unless I wanna leave her behind for the next two years. And there’s no way I could ever do that. Not if I don’t have to…

And I don’t, if we get married.

I still have no freaking clue how the hell we’re gonna tell our families about this though. It’s gonna suck so freaking bad.

Especially since we’re not just dropping the “we’re getting married in like a month” bombshell…

This is the freaking “We’re getting married AND moving halfway across the world by the end of the summer” nuclear warhead.

I know we’ve gotta tell them soon though. The longer we wait, the worse it’s gonna be… that whole mess with Gigi definitely taught me that much. So we talked it over, and I think we’re gonna make the rounds to our parents’ houses this weekend and drop the news.

Ugh. Definitely not looking forward to that.

Tam and Jasper are the only ones we’ve told so far. And they were… well, I guess they weren’t expecting it (But then again, neither was I!)

Tam came around pretty quickly, at least… He told us he always figured we’d get married eventually anyway. And that at least I’d have someone there to “look out for me and keep me from fucking up TOO bad while I’m gone”.

Leave it to Tam to help lighten the mood whenever we need it.

Jasper though… He didn’t take it quite as well, I guess. He said he was happy for us and stuff… and I think he meant it.

But while Gigi and Tam were picking out a movie, we were in the kitchen making popcorn and he started asking me all these questions. “Are you sure you guys are really ready?” “Is this really what you both want?” All that kinda crap.

And I mean, okay, they weren’t AWFUL questions. Even when he was a kid, Jasper’s always been so calm and reasonable about this kinda stuff… But he’s my little brother! He’s not supposed to be the one worrying about ME.

And he’s worrying for nothing anyway.

Sure, it’s a little sooner than I was expecting. And yeah, I wish I felt a little more ready. But so what? Not to sound like one of my textbooks or anything, but those kinds of worries are just normal reactions to change, aren’t they? I’d feel this way no matter what.

But I know that the second I look into Gigi’s eyes and say “I do”, none of that crap will matter anymore.

I’m getting married to the woman I love, and she’s gonna be by my side for one of the biggest adventures of my entire life.

I don’t think it can get much better than that.

51 thoughts on “7.27: Shotgun

  1. He loves her and wants to marry her someday, not now, years down the road. He needs to just tell her he is not ready. If she loves him enough she will understand.
    Phoenix’s just wants to be finished school and established in his career before he gets married.

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    1. Phoenix has more or less talked himself into being ready NOW haha for Gigi’s sake and so he can bring her to the US. In an ideal world, he most definitely would have wanted to wait. But the circumstances changed, and he sees this as their only option…

      But he does love her and want to spend his life with her ❤️ Like you said, just sooner than he really was planning


  2. “But I know that the second I look into Gigi’s eyes and say “I do”, none of that crap will matter anymore.”

    I really DON’T think so. This will come up every time something goes a little bit wrong, every time things aren’t that easy. Because you took the chance to do this fully prepared and willingly. It might work out, but it might as well not. And feeling uncomfortable about Jaspers questions just shows this. If Phoenix were confident, he wouldn’t think much about it, he could just tell him that it would be okay and feel this way too. I worry about that.

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    1. You do make a good point. It’s very possible that his initial doubts about getting married will linger for a while, despite what he keeps telling himself. 😕

      He loves Gigi and always envisioned marrying her. But most definitely not like this. And he’s still grappling with that a bit…

      Hopefully it will all work out okay though? 😬


  3. Shotgun marriages almost never work this day and age so it will be interesting to see how far Gigi and Phoenix will go as a couple. Add that to the culture shock they will inevitably experience after moving to a new country. Not to mention the natural strain that will occur from both of them being so young and having different expectations out of life. I don’t believe Gigi’s long distance work from home option will last too long so she might end up unemployed, bored, and lonely in this new place with no one but Phoenix who will have classmates, work colleagues, and an overall more exciting life than her. Then cue the pressure to give her a baby so she will have more of a purpose. Or she might stop taking birth control or pop holes into condoms to trap him with a kid when she feels like she’s losing control over him. Okay…that got dark really fast. LOL.
    For some reason, I’m not totally on board with Gigi. I can’t explain it but she just doesn’t seem right for him, the same way I didn’t think Erik was right for Harper, drug addiction aside. Maybe she will prove me wrong but I feel like The One for Phoenix is still out there, possibly in Brindleton Bay, and that might lead to some heartbreaking shenanigans for all involved.

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    1. I love all the great points you brought up here! There are definitely lots of ways this could spell disaster for them down the line. 😕 But I think both of them are too young and blind to see any of those potential outcomes right now 😬

      Things could still work out though? 🤷‍♀️ They do genuinely love each other very much, and had planned on marriage someday… just not quite this soon!

      But I totally understand why you’re getting some vibes that Gigi might not be “the one” (though if she isn’t… that would be a very rough thing to discover after they are already married 😬)

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Eddie!

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  4. Dark WitcHazard: Jasper is the only one being reasonable about this! Hahaha So can’t wait for Erik and Harper to pump the breaks on the newly weds! If any thing they know exactly what happens when you love eachother but you’re not ready for this kind of commitment! Go on crush them dash thier fragile happiness! You have to is your job as responsible parents!

    Lover WitcHazard: Dark has a point he’s not ready and getting married may solve this one problem but what about the other problems that will come with this rash decision! I look forward to their healthy sex life but I will keel my distance from the oncoming implosion!

    Shipper WitcHazard: Its not looking good for Phigi he knew this was an option but he didn’t really want to do it! And was willing to test a long distance relationship because he wasn’t ready to commit this speaks volumes! Clock the time ladies and gentleman today marks Phigi’s potential sinking I tot he abyss! But they looked so cute together!

    Anti Shipper: So cute Nobody should have to see it ever again! Sink! Sink! Sink!

    Dark WitcHazard: Or it will burn with the flames of jealousy! We’ll see who’s the only girl for you young Pheonix he Hehehehe!😈

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    1. Haha yes, who would have guessed Jasper would have the most sense? 😂 It’s hard because we haven’t gotten to see much of him, but I’ve always imagined him as a pretty mature and level-headed kid (beyond his years!) though still plenty fun and silly enough for Tam too, of course! 😉

      We will find out how Phee’s parents react to the news soon. I think they understand that their son is an adult and they can’t make these choices for him, but… I imagine they won’t be super thrilled 😬

      Lover is definitely right that this could lead to more problems! And Shipper makes a good point that some of Phoenix’s thoughts leading up to this might not be a great sign…

      But you never know! Sometimes things work out, in the end? They usually do for the Rosebrooks! (After many years of struggling and tragedy, but SHHHHHH 😛 )


    1. Haha it very well could be! They really love each other and are excited for starting a new adventure together ❤️ A fresh start in the US might be good for them! There’s a lot of potential for bad stuff, of course, but they could overcome it too!

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      1. Sometimes getting married because you “have” to can work out. My dad’s parents got married when they did because Grandpa was leaving for Europe (WWII). They were together 59 years with a few bumps to get over. My mom’s parents got married on a whim. Grandpa was dating Grandma’s sister, caught her with another man, so married my Grandma that night instead. They were together 53 years. Also a few bumps but they got through them. Granted it was another era then and people did fight harder to make marriage work, but with the right mind set and determination, it could still work for these two. They are going to a new country. Totally different culture. They won’t know anybody there. They will rely more on each other than they normally would. That could be a blessing for the two of them.

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  5. Still not sure about Gigi but Phee can make his own (possible) mistakes and learn from them. I’m feeling this marriage won’t last too long. Just a feeling. To make a comparison to another Rosebrook, Tobi got married quite quickly when he was young and he had problems later on so doubting things will be all that smooth sailing with Gigi.

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    1. That’s a good point! Tobi and Colette’s marriage was very much a “shotgun” one too, and they ended up with some pretty big bumps along the way 😬

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  6. I can see why roleplaying the dominant is such a role reversal for Phoenix now. Oh, that fun part of being in love where you convince yourself that everything’s fine because your partner suggested it and you love them and you don’t want to disappoint them. I’m very excited to see their relationship put to the test. The nuclear warhead shot was very good btw I loved it.

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    1. Haha yup! We know now who the real dom and sub are in the relationship now 😬 They really do love each other very much, but there is most definitely an imbalance in the power dynamic of this relationship.

      I’m glad you enjoyed that shot! Figured we could use a little moment of levity haha It was a pain to set up but I was happy with the result! Thanks ❤️

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  7. You’re right Pheonix, it’s not going to get better than that – as they say, it gets worse before it gets better *cracks knuckles and waits for shit to hit the fan*

    In all honesty though, Phee is making the wrong decision. Yes it sucks if they have to let their relationship go, but if that’s how it’s supposed to happen, then that’s how it’s supposed to happen (and that’s coming from me, whose boyfriend has been on a few different visas these past couple of years).

    Can’t wait to see Harper’s reaction!

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    1. Hahahaha I love that you’re already anticipating a downfall! 😛

      It’s true that this decision may not be the best right now… but it also could end up working out okay. He wanted her to come with him to the US, and this seems to be the only option. Plus they really love each other. And love usually finds a way? And hopefully it will this time too! 😛

      Thank you for reading, as always ❤

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    “And apparently I’m getting married too.”

    Yup. Doomed.

    “I’m only twenty-one years old, and I’m gonna be somebody’s husband. That’s like, kinda weird right?”

    /turns red from trying not to assplode
    /keels over

    “zOMG… be cool Jas…. don’t Rosebrook out on us in front of the crazy woman and her hostage.”

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    1. R U OK? *splashes with cold water* Don’t die on us! We need Auntie Froot to try and talk some sense into this boy, okay?

      “the crazy woman and her hostage” LMAO hopefully that’s not the case…?

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  9. Ooh I am glad I won’t be in that room when he tells Harper about his plans… yikes

    I don’t want to be super pessimistic but also not overly unrealistic, so here goes. Could this work? Maybe. My parents got married young and are still happily together, like many other couples, so if they tried hard to make this work, I suppose it could?

    But I think in many ways they are kind of setting themselves up for failure.. a marriage on top of all these other major life changes? And as a desperate last resort rather than a mutual decision out of love?
    I also agree with someone else that said they still have reservations about Gigi. I really don’t like the manipulative side she has to her as I think it doesn’t mesh well with Phoenix’ personality. However, she is young and might learn to change her behavior.

    Sorry for the essay, lol. I love this storyline as it’s so different from what we have seen before and could end happily ever after or in complete disaster…

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    1. Haha yeah, Harper might not be too thrilled with this news!

      And you bring up really good points about how this might not work out… the circumstances certainly aren’t ideal. And Gigi has some growing up to do as well, it’s true!

      And don’t apologize, I loved your comment! And I’m really glad you’re enjoying this storyline! It’s fun to try and explore something a bit new with this gen. Hopefully Phoenix will get his HEA at the end of it all though! (Maybe he already has with Gigi? Hmmm….)

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  10. Hoo wee…well, Phee, that said it all. YOU wanted to ask her in your own time and SHE took that away. Wouldn’t be a bad thing if both of you’d been talking about it, but…you weren’t. And you sound blindsided, buddy, because you are. There’s nothing like a shotgun wedding. Ugh!

    Oh that nuclear explosion was awesome! I would love to hear what Hardin has to say about it. I also wonder if they really like Gigi. Usually, you can sniff out a controlling person and you would t want your kid to marry someone like that. NO WAY! Because as the marriage ages, the controlling aspect only gets worse (when you put kids into the scenario). I could see Phee becoming this henpecked husband who decides to check out of the family since his opinion doesn’t matter anyway! 😭😭😭 I’m crying already (I’ve seen it in my own friends marriages! 😱) sigh….

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    1. Yeah, blindsided is right… He had no idea this was coming. And it totally threw him for a loop! But he’s pretty successfully convinced himself that this is a good idea and things will be okay. And hopefully they will be…

      Glad you liked the explosion! That was fun to set up haha. We are only going to get a brief glimpse of his parents’ reaction 😦 But I can confirm that, uh, it’s not a great one. LOL But I think they also respect that this is Phoenix’s life and they can’t dictate what he does. As for their thoughts on Gigi… Hard to say. Despite her controlling nature, she is a very kind and warm person with a lot of charisma. I don’t know if they’ve really seen many warning signs. But I can tell you they aren’t too pleased with the idea of Phoenix getting married right now, regardless! Haha

      I’m sorry to hear about your friends’ marriages ending so horribly! Hopefully that is a fate that doesn’t await poor Phoenix. Only time will tell…

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      1. Friends…there’s a 50% divorce rate out there. Most of their demises came from cheating, though. And yeah…very sad! 😦



    What are you thinking

    Oh wait, you’re not–you’re being pressured into this and acting like marriage is some limited edition toy you only have one shot at getting

    THIS IS SUCH A BAD IDEA and wow this is really going to set the tone for their marriage, yeah I bet Gigi will think of everything, you can just follow her orders buddy, at least she lets you off your leash in the bedroom????

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    1. Ah, but don’t you see? That’s the problem — *he’s twenty-one years old* LOL He’s still such a child, really. (Not that all 21 year olds are quite at Phoenix-level lol… but your brain isn’t even fully developed yet at that point! Much learning and growing still to do haha)

      He’s trying really hard to put a positive spin on the situation. It gets Gigi to the US with him and he always imagined they’d marry someday anyway… just happening a little sooner than planned?

      But yes… she does seem to be the one calling the shots on most things around here… You’re right that she at least lets him off the leash in the bedroom? (In fact, she does one better and lets him HOLD the leash, even :P)


  12. So… This is s terrible idea, right? I’d feel differently if he felt differently. But there’s something about getting married that makes every small annoyance seem bigger, every accidently thoughtless thing feel maliciously intentional. It also makes all the small good things bigger too.

    But still… This is a terrible idea, right?

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    1. Haha it might be! Or it might be great? Could go either way at this point… hopefully the good things being bigger will outweigh it all!


  13. I agree with pretty much everyone. This is a huge change. If it weren’t forced and he wasn’t leaving his support system and he wasn’t moving to a brand new culture where they have no friends…..

    He probably is feeling trapped and doesn’t see any other way out. He loves her …. but. What is the but. It’s gonna take a lot for them to begin to rely on each other and I can see little disappointments becoming huge fights because one is feeling left out or ignored…or just didn’t take the trash out. Ugh…..or maybe they will surprise us and be so into each other that Gigi will back off a little and give Phoenix some space. Nah……the sad thing is, each one has a preconceived idea of what their marriage is going to be and I bet they are not the same. I hope I’m wrong….good luck Phoenix. ❤️ Maybe you should leave the journal in Windenburg……

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    1. Damn that journal curse! Lol

      And you’re right that he’s feeling a little trapped by this. And he DOES love her. But… 😉

      There’s big potential for things to go south from here 😦 But it’s not guaranteed either! This new start could be good for them? But we shall see…

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  14. ”Oh, everyone is worrying about us, but everything is going to be great!”How many have used that line and fallen…Poor Phoenix, the more he says things are going to be okay, the more I think ”Boiiii, it isn’t”
    Besides, he has doubts about this too, right? You should only do something serious like this if you have no doubts about that.

    Like many people, they are idealizing the wedding. If there are relationship problems before the wedding, there are still going to be relationships problems after the wedding.

    Same thing with a baby. hope they don’t have one only to ”save” their relationship.One thing is messing up your lifes, another things is messing up a life of a whole new human being.

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    1. Yeah, Phoenix seems to still have a few doubts… but he’s trying very hard to talk himself into believing this is a good idea! Haha

      I hope they don’t have a baby for that reason 😱 You are so right about what a bad idea that would be! 😬 They’re already rushing into marriage because they feel like they have to… so maybe next time they’ll actually wait until they’re truly ready for a nooooo? We’ll see! (But hopefully not for a long time haha)

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  15. This is a terrible idea…

    Like ACTALLY terrible. Isn’t Phee getting a degree in psychology? Shouldn’t he see the warning signs?

    This is not ending well. I can’t watch 🙈

    Also, un-story related, do you think you’ll put Harper, Dev, Phoenix, and Jasper up on the gallery eventually? Just curious 😇

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahaha not happy for PheeGi? 😬 Definitely a potential for disaster… but we’ll see? 😛

      And lol maybe someday! 😉


  16. I don’t know how to feel about this!
    I mean they definitely love each other and stuff, but this is just a lot. I feel like it could get emotionally dependent really fast, and they’re young and immature, and like Phoenix isn’t 100% behind this marriage. OOF. I’m here for the ride. Almost caught up again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re almost there! 😀 And I appreciate you reading ❤️

      I totally understand your mixed feelings too. There are multiple sides to this situation. Hard to say yet which one will win out in the long run though! Only time will tell…


  17. To be fair there are couples that make this decision for similar reasons after a much shorter time to avoid long distance, and it can work out, even though they’re not quite ready. Clearly if they’ve been together for 4 years and they’d know each other pretty well, so sure it can work out. He’d been thinking about the future and all…. Except that in a few years time the what ifs will come to haunt them. Marrying each other’s first romantic partner and so young will always have them wondering, unless they have a deep enough connection… which I’m not really convinced of. He always says he loves her, but I’m not entirely sure what it is he loves about her. Not that she’s not lovable by any means, but he doesn’t really convey what qualities make him love her so much. So, while it’s certainly possible they’ll make this work, my personal feeling (and hope lol) is that they won’t.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Things have been working for the last four years, it’s true! But this kind of huge and sudden change definitely has the potential to change some dynamics, and maybe bring some new things to the surface… we shall see!

      Phoenix’s feelings about Gigi will continue to emerge a bit as the gen goes on. I can say that, as kids, what he fell for was the fact that she cared about him for who he was. That’s the spark that began their whole relationship, and I think it’s something he’s been holding onto this whole time


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