7.18: Interlude – Blow It (Part One)

“Are you sure Mama and Papa won’t find out where we are?” Jasper asked for what felt like the hundredth time.

Phoenix just laughed as he continued making his way through the huge, beautiful house toward the kitchen. They’d been at the party for barely five minutes, and his brother was already panicking. He definitely needs a drink.

“It’ll be fine.” Tam gently rubbed his hand up and down Jasper’s back for a moment. “You saw Phee… He totally nailed that Bluff check!”

The other boy laughed in reply. “Yeah, you’re right… I’m sure it’s gonna be fine.” Jasper smiled softly at him. “Thanks.”

As they finally entered the kitchen, Phoenix was pleased to find several full cups laying out on the counter for the taking. He picked one up and handed it to his younger brother. “Here you go!” He cried happily.

Jasper eyed the liquid in his cup uncertainly. “What is it?”

“No idea… Just drink it!”

Bryce let out a small cheer as the younger boy took a large gulp of his drink.

“BLEGH!” Jasper smacked his lips unpleasantly, wincing. “Is it supposed to taste like that?! It’s disgusting…”

Phoenix laughed. “It takes practice… but you’ll get used to the taste after a while.”

Tam nudged Jasper gently in the side. “Hey, sounds familiar, doesn’t it?”

The other boy giggled, smacking Tam playfully on the arm as he did so.

Though he had no idea what was so amusing, Phoenix was relieved to see his brother loosening up already.  He lifted his own glass and took a long sip. Jasper was right — whatever concoction was in those cups was terrible… But then, who drank alcohol for the taste anyway?

“Alright, everybody have a drink?” Phoenix asked his friends with a smile.

They all nodded, raising their glasses.

“Perfect… Let’s go!”

The party was already in full-swing by the time they’d arrived. It was easy to blend in with the crowd and mingle for a while. But, much to Phoenix’s dismay, it was not long before he was left to do so on his own.

Bryce and Meg had wandered off together like they usually did. And, with every drink they each had, Jasper and Tam seemed to be paying more and more attention to each other, and less to him.

Feeling like a third wheel was already bad enough… But a fifth wheel? That was even worse.

Still, Phoenix managed well enough mingling on his own. It wasn’t exactly how he’d planned on spending his evening… But at least Jasper was having fun. And there was certainly no shortage of other people he could talk to.

In fact, he was just about to strike up a conversation with a couple of his classmates when he felt a soft tap against his shoulder.

“Oh, hey Gigi.” Phoenix felt his cheeks grow warm at the sight of her, and he could not be entirely certain whether the alcohol was to blame.

Much to his dismay, she’d been avoiding him at school all week. This was the first time he’d spoken with her since their awkward rendezvous in the closet last weekend. One look at her face told him she was a little tipsy… Though she definitely seemed less drunk than she’d been the last time he’d seen her.

“Hey, Phoenix. I was hoping I’d see you here tonight. I’ve really been wanting to talk to you.” The words spilled from her mouth very quickly. It was difficult to catch all of them. “I’m sorry I didn’t do it sooner. I should’ve talked to you at school, but it felt really weird and I didn’t wanna do it front of Marco or anything… ”

“It’s okay.” He assured her. The alcohol seemed to bring out a softer, more vulnerable side to her, just as it had before. It was refreshing to see it again. “Wanna sit down?” His head was already becoming pleasantly fuzzy… sitting down for a few minutes would probably do him some good.

With a grateful nod, Gigi followed him toward the couch.

Phoenix felt his heart rate climbing as she took a seat beside him. Something about having her so close made him excited, but nervous too… Why? They’d both already had their hands down each other’s pants before… Shouldn’t he be able to handle sitting next to her? He just felt so much pressure. Alright, just stay calm. Don’t blow it!

“I just wanted to apologize.” Gigi quickly broke the brief silence that had fallen between them. “For what happened last weekend, I mean. I’m not usually ‘that type of girl’, if you know what I mean?” She bit her lip nervously. “I just had way too much to drink and you’re just so cute and I…” Gigi shrugged, leaving the sentence unfinished. “I know it made things super weird between us, and I just wanted to say sorry.”

He smiled softly. “You’re talking like it’s all your fault or something… pretty sure we’re both equally to blame.” He laughed for a moment. “And I’m not usually that type of guy either… But for what it’s worth… I really liked it.” Of course, there were some parts of it he’d disliked too, but he wasn’t about to tell her that.

He watched her already-flushed cheeks grow darker. “I liked it too.” Gigi confessed. “But I was thinking maybe we could, like… ‘start over’ or something? Pretend that stuff in the closet never happened… Maybe actually get to know each other better or something?” She suggested.

He raised an eyebrow at her. “But… we already know each other, don’t we?”

“Barely.” She laughed softly. “We never really had any classes together before this semester, did we? And now, all I really know is the Phoenix who goes to the gym and tries out for the talent show… And I guess who gets drunk at parties too.” Gigi shook her head slowly, smiling. “But that’s not the real you, is it?”

“It’s not.” Phoenix confessed, chuckling softly. “And I guess I’m still trying to figure out who the real Gigi is too…”

Was it the cool, confident girl at school who hung out with Marco? Or that shy, sweet girl he’d messed around with in the closet?

Or maybe they were both real.

Before she had the chance to reply, a loud cry of surprise filled the air. “FELIX?! Oh my God, hi!”


If he were somewhere else — hell, anywhere else — he might have been happy to see her again. Instead, a wave of dread washed over him as Amna took a seat on his other side.

“Hey, Amna.” He forced a smile. “Never thought I’d run into you here!”

“Me neither! A few friends from the football team dragged me along…” Her face fell for just a moment. “I’m still so bummed you couldn’t try out for the team. But it looks like you’re finally feeling better! How’s your training going?” She asked.

“Training?” Gigi asked, staring quizzically at Phoenix. “Training for what?”

“Football, duh!” Amna smiled teasingly. “I know hurting his foot was a huge setback. Still lots of work to do to get back out there, I bet.” Her face fell slightly once more.

Gigi continued staring at him. “Football? You play football too?” She almost laughed. “Maybe Marco wasn’t kidding about that huge list of hobbies, huh?”

“Wow, Felix… This, uh, friend of yours doesn’t really seem to know you very well…” A glimmer of something flashed across Amna’s eyes as she spoke. Bitterness? Jealousy?

“Felix? You mean Phoenix?”

Aw, fuck. Phoenix picked up his drink from the coffee table and chugged down the rest. It almost helped.

He placed his cup back on the table in front of him, trying to figure out what to say next, when another cry of greeting reached his ears.

“Phoeeeeeeeeenix! Hiiiiii!”

Oh God.

Hallie staggered over toward the couch, dropping herself rather unceremoniously onto Phoenix’s lap. Every breath she took filled his nostrils with the bitter scent of vodka. Holy shit, she’s fucking wasted.

“Whoops! Sooooorry! Am I interrupting something?” She asked with a giggle.

Phoenix shook his head, trying as hard as he could to ignore the way she was wiggling in his lap. “Uh… It’s fine… We were just hanging out.”

“Um, Felix? Who’s this?”

“Why do you keep calling him that?!”

Phoenix desperately wished he had another drink he could chug down.

“Wowwwww…. No offense, but I never thought I’d ever see you surrounded by a bunch of girls at a party…” Hallie continued, ignoring the other girls’ comments. “But… here we are! Ha!” She squeezed her arms even more tightly around his shoulders as she spoke. Whether it was out of affection or to keep her balance, Phoenix wasn’t sure.

Amna finally rose to her feet, the disgust apparent on her face. “Um, well… I guess I’ll let you go? I should probably go find my friends again anyway. But it was really nice to see you again, Felix.” With a small wave, she headed back into the small crowd of partygoers.

“Who’s Felix?!” Hallie cried after her, much too loudly. Several people around them turned to stare.

Phoenix shushed her harshly, finally pushing her off his lap and onto the couch beside him.

Hallie simply giggled. “Sooooorry!”

“Holy shit… she’s a mess!”

“I know.” Phoenix’s voice was pained. “Sorry, Gigi… I didn’t think things were gonna get so weird…”

“Me neither.” She agreed almost sadly. She looked so uncomfortable. “Guess I’ll let you take care of Hallie… I’m probably gonna start asking around for a ride home soon anyway. I’m pretty tired. But I guess I’ll see you around?”

“Yeah, see you around… And I really am sorry, Gigi.” He apologized yet again. Why did Amna and Hallie have to show up?! Worst timing ever…

“It’s okay, Phoenix… Or is it Felix? I guess I can’t keep track anymore…”

Phoenix couldn’t tell whether she was angry or simply teasing him. She had already walked away before he could learn the answer.

“Finally! We’re alone!” Hallie cried out as soon as Gigi was out of earshot. “UGH! I thought they’d never leave.”

“Hey, why don’t we find you some water, okay?” Phoenix asked gently. “You stay here, and I’ll come back with some.”

“Noooo!” Hallie shook her head. “I wanna talk to you, Phoenix! Alone.” The girl rose very shakily to her feet. “Come on!”

She beckoned for him to follow as she disappeared back in the direction of the kitchen. Phoenix felt like he had no choice but to follow.

After taking several wrong turns, Hallie finally led him to one of the bathrooms which, thankfully, was unoccupied. As soon as they were both inside, Hallie locked the door behind them.

Phoenix sighed heavily. Why was she doing this? What could she possibly want to talk to him about? Especially when she’s drunk off her ass like this!

“Alright… What is it?” He asked her at last. “You’ve got me alone… So what do you want?”

Her lips curled into a smile. “You.


A/N: Stay tuned… The party will continue Wednesday 😉

50 thoughts on “7.18: Interlude – Blow It (Part One)

  1. Well…damn, Feeeeeelix! Your luck just changed! 😆

    Hallie wants you, Amna and her annoying “Felix” learned the truth and Gigi is confused. What will you do now? What any self respecting geek would do…nothing!

    Not sure f he likes Gigi enough to smooth it over with her. He’s got a drunk Hallie to play with!

    Jam was so cute how can Phee not know by now? And what was their inside joke about? Something dirty? 😏

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Right?? Maybe that drink he had was a luck potion? 🤔 😂

      We’ll see on Wednesday what he chooses to do from here… and we’ll get a touch more info on his feelings toward Gigi, as well as the fact that drunken Hallie is all over him!

      Glad you enjoyed adorable Jam ❤️ And as for Phoenix… maybe he’s a bit like Lexie in that way. He sees what he wants to see and ignores the signs! (And that joke… you can use your imagination 😉 😏 Hehehehehe)

      Thanks for reading, Pammie ❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 2 people

  2. There are enough skirtchasers who don’t meet any of their victims at a party and Phoenix’s only had three “love” interests in his entire life and all of them show up there and make things extra awkward. LOL Also he’s just so oblivious to his brother and best friend. It can only go downward from here on *starts to sing dramatically*
    Also, I don’t know if you let the sims in the background free will. Probably, it looks like that. But I loved seeing Paul being like, everywhere at once. That’s exactly how I’d imagine him on a party

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hehehe the kid got lucky! Or… unlucky maybe 😉 😂 Poor Phoenix. Fate is so cruel to him 😈 And oblivious is right 😂😂😂

      I do move around my background sims (I have autonomy off) but I intentionally made sure Paul was in most of the shots 😂 I loved his backstory. He seemed like the perfect party dude!

      Liked by 2 people

  3. A luck potion….lol. Good or bad luck? Phoenix or Felix who has no luck just got bombarded. I was with Hallie tough, it was hysterical to see him surrounded by girls… Gigi was being so sweet and bam….it was all over.

    I can’t believe Phoenix hasn’t figured out Tam and Jasper. He’s so wrapped up in his own failures that he can’t see what’s right in front of him… clueless.

    But now he has Hallie back,whether he wants her back or not is another question. She IS drunk… and maybe just jealous that maybe she misjudged him….but she DID witness the EPIC failure. Sooo. Not sure what her motives are. Just to not let anyone else have him maybe….

    Okay. More party to come…before we find out the answers….lol

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hehe guess it depends on how you see the situation? Hmm… maybe more on the bad side? 😂 Very overwhelming and awkward (and maybe a little hysterical too 😂)

      We’ll see in the next chapter how he feels about the Hallie situation, and she will (drunkenly haha) explain her motivations a bit more…

      Answers are coming! And probably more misfortune 😂

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Oh Phoenix. See what happens when you lie, sneak, and not bring yourself gets you? A tornado from Hell. I have my popcorn ready to watch this train wreck. The result of this can’t be good. I think Phoenix should think who he really is because there have been so many instances where he “wasn’t himself” but kept on trucking. I think Gigi is a good wake up call for Phoenix because unlike the other girls she disappointed in him for being this confusing person with 3 types of girls after him. Do we have a future player on our hands?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha a tornado from Hell is right! Hope you made enough popcorn… you will need it! LOL

      And yes, Gigi does seem to be the only girl who really wants to know the real him. But I wonder if it’s already too late to fix things with her… What a crazy, tangled web he’s found himself in!


  5. Phoenix get your head out of the sand, “YOUR BROTHER IS GAY.” I can’t believe he has not figure it out.
    The Rosebrook in him is probably going to come out and ruin any chance he has with Gigi. I wonder if Phoenix will remember what his relationship was like with Hallie and not do something stupid. I hope Gigi has a sense of humor.
    Phoenix needs to use his brain for once,🤔 the again that you s what got him in this trouble in the first place. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehe Phoenix’s hand is so far deep in that sad, I wonder if he’ll ever manage to pull it out again! 😛

      I think any girl who dates Phoenix would most definitely need a sense of humor LMAO So if things end up somehow working out for him and Gigi, let’s hope she has one? 😉 And as for him and Hallie… we will see next chapter whether or not he does anything stupid 😛


  6. Looks like Phoenix will get to do more than just suck her titties this time.

    I do have to admit that your title had me giggling today. The other day one of my friends crashed his car into a power pole knocking out power to a large chunk of the town. He was getting a BJ from his girlfriend while driving to Taco Bell. Your title made me think of that.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. LOL! Hallie is suuuuuuper drunk. She will explain herself a little more in the next chapter.

      Thank you for reading!


  7. “Hey, sounds familiar, doesn’t it?”( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)Okay.What just happened?Neither Anna or Gigi are most likely going to talk with him again…sooooo…Hallie it is…she’s most likely horny and drunk, saw her old (boytoy) boyfriend and just kneeeeeeeew he wouldn’t deny it( He’s a drunk teenager, come on).He will most likely regret this later, as she most likely will be just like last time:”It was fun.Bye.”…Are we witnessing the creation of the ”Charlie Harper” persona of Phoenix?( Sorry if you don’t get that reference..)If we are, boiiiiiii, is he going to finally put the last nail in his social coffin.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I don’t know the reference but now I’m curious!

      And yeahhhh Hallie is drunk and horny and maybe even a little jealous seeing her old boyfriend sitting with those other girls… but does she even realize what she’s doing? 😬

      We will see next chapter how Phoenix feels about this new development! Haha

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Hallie, you are so in need of help. Phoenix too. These aren’t even the wildest parties that a Rosebrook has attended, but dang I’d think Phoenix had the unlucky trait if that still existed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He really, really does 😂 (have the unlucky trait, I mean!)

      We’ll see Wednesday what happens with Phoenix and Hallie… hopefully it all ends well? 😬

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Please use protection Phoenix. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again for this generation 😁 Loving Phee and these chapters, I’ll comment more later (I’m currently in Italy with my boyfriend, and my fave SimLits are my reading material)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha hopefully if things progress further with Hallie, Phoenix can find a condom in that bathroom 😬

      I hope you’re enjoying your trip!!! I’m jealous… never been to Italy! (But my fiancé and I are considering Rome as a potential for our honeymoon!) Thanks so much for reading, and have fun 🙂 ❤️

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Hopefully a clean one 😬😂 I am!! I’ve basically never left Australia before, and I’ve always wanted to go to Italy 😌 Oooh, I would totally recommend a honeymoon in Italy! Especially if you go somewhere near the sea – there are no sharks at all (another plus for me being from Australia)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ooh, I’ve always wanted to go to Australia! (Though I have a severe phobia of spiders and I’ve heard there are some beastly ones 😬) Very cool that you live there! Enjoy Italy ❤️

          (And OMG yes, hopefully a clean/unused one 😂😂😂😂😂)

          Liked by 1 person

  10. Tam finds Phee’s journal, reads the dick touch entry. “Phee, you know how excited you were to have your dick touched? That’s how I feel when Jasper touches mine.”
    Phee: “But why do you have Jasper do it? You should have a girl do it for you instead! It’s so much fun.”
    Tam: …smh

    Poor Gigi. I think she really likes him. His lack of backbone here is going to ruin that, though. Of course, being a teenage boy with a drunk and horny teenage girl on his lap, his backbone isn’t the hardest thing on him right now. Seems like Hallie saw her ex surrounded by a couple of cute girls and realized he wasn’t such a loser after all! Stupid girl. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LMAO at the journal part 😂😂😂

      I think you may be right about Gigi…but you’re also right that Phee could easily ruin that 😬

      Just a few more days and we’ll see what will happen! All I’ll say is that this first half of the party pales in comparison to the second 😉 hehe

      Thank you for reading, as always! ❤️


    1. Hehehehehe sounds like a pretty accurate analysis! But I guess we will see for sure on Wednesday… 😈


  11. Holy shite Phoneis, don’t bang drunk girls, you could get charged with assault!

    Maybe she’ll puke in his mouth (gross, but funny 😈), Amna sure likes to say his name, was she messing with him? Kinda seemed like!

    JAM. Omg, always with their thinly veiled flirting… does Bryce know? Surely *someone* has picked up on it by now! 😱

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hopefully he won’t actually go through with it! 😬 She’s definitely drunk and not thinking straight right now. Phoenix is tipsy but definitely more in his right mind than she is… so let’s hope he makes a good choice! We’ll see in the next chapter.

      And as for puke… oh dear. Well, he doesn’t have a very good track record in that area does he… 😂 So you never know!

      I think Amna was starting to figure out what was going on and maybe testing the waters a bit… 😈

      And Jam is so painfully obvious 😂 I’m certain Bryce must know… after all, he even teased them about their flirting back at the start of the arc! Hehe


  12. So.
    When I saw it was called “Blow It” I was like… Either Phoenix is going to ruin everything, or he’s gonna have a fun time. Looks like it could end up being both.
    I’m not sure what to think of this mess. Though, I think Gigi could be great for him if he got his shit together. She seems sweet, and compassionate. Someone that would love him for him, and all of his nerdy interests.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! Yeahhhh that title could most certainly go either way! Or both, like you said 😉 😈

      And Gigi seems like she would definitely be a great option for him! She is a nice girl who definitely appreciates him for who he is… but hopefully Phoenix hasn’t ruined his chances with her 😬


  13. Tam nudged Jasper gently in the side. “Hey, sounds familiar, doesn’t it?”
    BLEH!!!! I didn’t need that visual.

    But then, who drank alcohol for the taste anyway?
    *raises hand* lol

    “Wow, Felix… This, uh, friend of yours doesn’t really seem to know you very well…”
    LOL what a weird thing to say! Drunk kids, I tell ya.

    Oh geez. All of the ladies? HA!

    “It’s okay, Phoenix… Or is it Felix? I guess I can’t keep track anymore…”
    Buuuurn. I feel a little bit sorry for her.

    She beckoned for him to follow as she disappeared back in the direction of the kitchen. Phoenix felt like he had no choice but to follow.
    UGH! How many fails does this kid have to go through before he learns a lesson? Nice cliffhanger, btw. 😛


  14. Ah well all of his fantasies did involve being surrounded by loads of girls, so I guess he sort of got his wish? Not entirely ideal in practice haha!

    I don’t know what I make of Gigi yet. She seems nice enough, but we don’t know anything about her really, so I’m witholding judgement either way.

    Liked by 1 person

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