7.2: Interlude – So Much Fun

“Phee?” Tam’s voice sounded so far away. “Earth to Phee?”

Phoenix ignored him, still staring down at his phone. Hallie had said she was on her way over half an hour ago… But her house was less than fifteen minutes from his Papa’s, and there was still no sign of her.

He couldn’t help but panic a bit as his mind raced, wondering where she could be. Part of him realized just how foolish he was being. Hallie had met his friends plenty of times at school. It really wasn’t a huge deal, was it?

But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t quell the panic that he felt rising up in his chest.

What if she stood him up? What if she’d decided he was too much of a loser and changed her mind? Oh God. This is like Skylar all over again… His stomach lurched at the thought.

“Phoenix!” Bryce’s light punch on his arm finally called him back to the present. “Dude, chill. She’ll be here. Probably just running late.”

“Maybe… Thanks for the bruise, by the way.” He muttered, rubbing the spot where his friend had hit him. Phoenix finally returned his phone to his pocket. “I’m sure she’ll be here any minute.” He tried his best to sound confident. “I just hope she has fun…”

“She will.” Jasper smiled gently at his older brother. “Tam’s been working his ass off on this campaign for like… weeks! It’s totally epic. She’ll love it!”

Tamsin gave Jasper a small bow. “You flatter me, good sir.”

The other boy laughed brightly in reply.

“Jeez, why don’t you two just kiss and get it over with?” Bryce rolled his eyes at them.

“Be nice!” Meg leaned across the table and swatted her boyfriend’s arm as she spoke. “They’re just joking around.”

“Yeah, and Jasper’s right… This campaign IS epic. I think it’s your best one yet.” Phoenix grinned at his friend.

Tamsin puffed his chest out proudly. But before he could reply, he was interrupted by the loud chiming of the doorbell.

Phoenix’s smile widened so much that it made his cheeks hurt. “It’s her!” It was all he could do not to skip his way through the kitchen and living room on his way to greet Hallie.

But, to his horror, as he crossed into the living room, he found his father and Rubi still sitting on the couch. Erik already appeared to be rising to his feet and making for the front door. Phoenix threw himself in front of his father, blocking his path to the door.

“Papa, wait! Let me get it.” Phoenix was practically begging. “And I thought you said you guys were gonna ‘lay low’ tonight.”

“We can’t even say hello to your girlfriend first?” Erik asked, amused.

His son shook his head almost frantically. “Not tonight. Please? You guys already met her anyway…”

Rubi stepped forward, placing a hand on her husband’s shoulder. “Alright, we can take a hint.” She gave Phoenix a smile. “Tell Hallie we said hello.”

A heavy sigh of relief passed her stepson’s lips. “I will.” He lied.

Erik chuckled softly and shook his head. With a smile, he turned to leave the room with Rubi at his side. “Have fun tonight.” He called over his shoulder.

Phoenix nodded, then ran immediately for the entry way. But he paused before he reached the front door. He was a total mess of nerves and excitement. He couldn’t face her like this! He needed to calm down.

Shit. Play it cool. He took a deep breath. Everything’s gonna be fine.

His hands fumbled awkwardly with the doorknob as he finally pulled it open. So much for playing it cool. “H-hey Hallie.”

“Hey. I was starting to think you weren’t home or something.” Hallie smiled slightly.

“Nah, just a slow poke, I guess.” He laughed awkwardly. Oh my God. ‘Slow poke’? Really?! Phoenix was kicking himself. He tried his best to recover by leaning forward to give Hallie a soft kiss on her cheek. “I’m really glad you could come tonight.” He told her as he pulled away. “I was kinda worried you were gonna bail or something.”

She let out a small laugh. “I considered it.” Hallie confessed. “But I promised I’d come tonight, so… here I am.”

“Thanks for giving it a chance.” Phoenix reached out to take her hand in his. “I promise… You’re gonna have so much fun tonight.”

She raised an eyebrow at him.”Yeah… we’ll see.”

“Alright, gang.” Tamsin smiled gleefully at the others as he spoke. It was clear he’d been bursting to get started. “After clearing the cave of that vampire coven last week, your party returns to the village. As you approach, you run into the old shop keeper who sent you on your quest. He throws himself at your feet and starts weeping. ‘Oh, you’ve saved us! How can we ever repay you for your heroism?'” As always, Tamsin put on the perfect voice for the kindly old man.

“There’s no need to thank us.” Phoenix replied in-character. “It is our duty to protect the world from evil such as this.”

“But, uh, we probably wouldn’t say no to a round of drinks at the tavern?” Bryce chimed in. “Or two.”

The others couldn’t help but laugh. Phoenix was grateful that his friend was always so willing to play along, even if he spent most of the time getting his character drunk or trying to find hot elf chicks to bang. At least it fit with the character of his dumb, burly half-orc.

“The old man pulls himself up from the ground and pulls out a small sack of coins. ‘Of course, of course! Whatever you wish.’ He hands you the money before shuffling off back toward his shop.”

Phoenix smiled. “And I guess we head for the tavern.”

Tamsin turned toward Hallie. “Alright, let’s switch over to Eden.”

The others all looked toward her expectantly. She shrugged under their gaze. “Huh?”

Phoenix leaned close to her, whispering. “Eden… that’s your character’s name, remember?”

“Oh! Right…”

“So, Eden… After a long and very tiring day of travel, you happen to stumble upon a tiny village.” Tamsin continued. “You haven’t eaten anything in hours, and you can smell something delicious coming from a large stone building in the center of the town.”


“So… what do you do?”

Hallie shrugged. “I dunno.”

Phoenix’s heart sank at the sight of her face. It was a strange cross between boredom and confusion. Uh oh. “Well, you’re really hungry, right? So… maybe you should go check out what that smell is?” He suggested gently.

“Um, okay, I guess.” Hallie muttered. “I’ll go in that big building or whatever.”

“Perfect! You start making your way down the street toward the tavern, and head inside.”

Jasper leaned forward, glancing across the table at Tamsin. “Do we notice her walk in?”

“I dunno, do you?” Tamsin smirked playfully back at him. “Everyone give me a Perception check.”

Phoenix pulled out his D20 and rolled, adding the clattering of his dice to the chorus of rolls from the others around him. Not bad… 12, plus my modifier… “Fifteen.” He announced happily.

Beside him, Hallie was staring at her phone. “Am I supposed to roll too?” She asked, glancing down from the screen at the dice in front of her.

“Not yet.” Phoenix shook his head as the others called out their totals to Tamsin.

“Alright, I guess Zandak and Smash are too busy getting drunk off their asses to notice anything… Faelar and Azalyn, you two look back toward the door in time to notice the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen walk in. She looks very tired, but she’s so gorgeous, she’s practically glowing.”

Phoenix’s lips curled into a smile. “Not too hard to imagine.” He muttered playfully, looking over at the beautiful girl sitting beside him.

Hallie didn’t even glance up from her phone. “Hmm?”

His face fell instantly. “Nothing… Nevermind.” Phoenix sighed, picking up his D20 and rolling it once more. “Is an 8 on my Arcana check high enough to notice she’s an Aasimar?”

Tamsin shook his head. “Nope. You just think she’s really, really hot.”

“Alright, well… I’ll leave my drink at the table and go introduce myself.”

“Okay. Meg, what about you?”

She shook her head. Meg was one of the best at improvising conversations — her years in drama club made her great at getting into character. But it always seemed to take her a while to really get into their game sessions. “I’ll just sit and watch for now.”

Phoenix turned back to face Hallie once more. At least she’d finally put down her phone. “Good evening, Miss. Might I offer you a drink?”

She stared blankly at him, and said nothing.

“Um… You appear quite weary. Surely you could use some food or drink. Please. I insist.” He tried again. “My name is Faelar, by the way. And you are…?”

Hallie sighed. “Alright. No offense you guys… but this is the dumbest fucking thing.”

Excuse me?” Tamsin cried.

“Well, yeah. Of course it’s dumb… But it’s still fun.” Bryce shrugged as he spoke.

Phoenix’s stomach twisted unpleasantly. It was already worse than he’d imagined it would be. “Come on, Hal. You don’t mean that.” He muttered weakly.

“Sorry if that was way too harsh… But it’s true.” She replied. “I mean, I know you guys are super into this whole thing. But I just… don’t get it. Like, it’s a Saturday night. And we’re sitting around rolling stupid dice and pretending to be having drinks in a tavern, when we could be out doing it for real!”

Bryce and his girlfriend exchanged a look. “That’s… not a terrible point.” Meg admitted almost reluctantly.

“Maybe we should call it good here for tonight?” Bryce suggested. “I mean, if we’re not all feeling it, there’s really no point, right?”

“Are you guys seriously thinking of ditching us?” Jasper cried before Phoenix had a chance to say anything. “Weren’t we just talking about how hard Tam’s been working on this? And we just got started!”

Phoenix nodded in agreement. “Can’t you give it one more chance?” He asked his girlfriend almost desperately.

“Phoenix, I tried, okay? It’s just not for me. And it’s Saturday night! We should go do something fun.” She smiled excitedly. “We could go check out that new bowling alley? The one with the bar and the arcade?”

His ears perked up a bit in spite of himself. He had been meaning to check that place out. And if Hallie really wasn’t having fun…

“Sounds great to me!” Across the table, Bryce and Meg were already rising to their feet. “You don’t mind if we skip this week, right Tam?” Bryce smiled. “We can always pick up where we left off next time.”

This wouldn’t be the first time they’d gotten sidetracked and decided to postpone their game session… But usually it was Tam who made that call. And Phoenix could tell instantly that he was having none of it.

“Seriously?!” It was rare to see his friend get so angry. “Do you have any idea how many hours I spent getting ready for tonight? Because, um, spoiler alert, you guys had a huge boss battle coming. I’ve been working on it all week!”

Bryce seemed unconcerned. “Well, if it’s really gonna be that awesome, it’ll be worth the wait, right?” He turned to Phoenix. “Dude, you in?”

He bit his lip. “Um…”

It was so tempting to leave with them… Especially Hallie. But he knew how much this game meant to Tam. And to be honest, he’d really been looking forward to it all week. But then, he’d been looking forward to spending more time with Hallie too…

As though on cue, she reached out under the table to grab his hand just as the thought crossed his mind. “Come on, Phoenix. It’ll be funnnnn…” She used the cutesy, sing-song voice that always made him smile. “Maybe we’ll even get to have a little alone time…” She added softly, her lip curling into a smile.

God damn it. How could he say no to THAT?!

“Alright. I’m in.” He grinned at her.

Really, Phee? You too?”

“Sorry, Tam.” Phoenix glanced guiltily back toward his friend as he rose to his feet. “I’ll make it up to you?” He offered.

His best friend sighed heavily. “Yeah, sure. Whatever.”

There would be hell to pay later, Phoenix knew. But he was sure Tam would forgive him. “Do you guys wanna come?” He offered. Jasper was still too young to get any drinks at the bar, but he could at least bowl with them.

His brother and Tamsin both shook their heads in unison. Phoenix knew better than to try and push them to join. He had a bad feeling it would simply make things worse. “Okay… well… um… I guess tell Papa and your Mama I’ll be back by ten? But, uh, maybe don’t mention where we went…”

Jasper shrugged. “Sure.”

“And sorry again, Tam. I’ll seriously make it up to you.” He promised once more.

To his relief, his friend’s lips curled into a small smile. “Alright, fine… Just don’t be surprised if you guys get TPK’d next session as revenge.”

“Ha! Noted. Thanks, Tam. I owe you”

Hallie walked up and tugged at his arm impatiently. “Alright, now that everybody’s kissed and made up… Can we get out of here?”

Phoenix nodded, his smile widening. “Let’s go.”


Note: Added a few new pieces of art to my Fan Art page recently, if you’d like to check them out! 🙂 Thank you so much to my very talented and thoughtful readers for sharing those with me ❤


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  1. As of now I like precisely one of these characters.


    Y’all are jerks and Tam deserves better. Yes, even you, Phoenix.

    I absolutely hate it when everyone agreed to play a game and then they all get distracted, so this annoyed me on a spiritual level.

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    1. I totally get why you’re so mad at Phoenix. He was really torn, and ended up making a choice that let down his best friend 😦 I was kinda disappointed in him myself when I wrote this one!

      I wonder if he would have still caved if Hallie hadn’t promised some “alone time” with him haha. I think that’s something that very few teenage boys in Phoenix’s shoes would have been able to resist, unfortunately!

      Thankfully Tam is pretty chill, and was able to calm down pretty quickly. I think Phoenix gets a pass because he knows how much impressing Hallie means to him this early on in their relationship. Bryce and Meg though? Tam might still be a little pissed at those two LOL

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    2. I’m 100% with you!! It was such a jerk move, especially if Tam was his best friend… Yeah, Tam may forgive quickly, but who wants to be the friend who gets walked all over because he’s so understanding and forgiving?

      Tam deserves better friends. And Hallie so obviously isn’t worth ditching a friend like Tam over, especially when she was so rude and casually cruel. It was obvious which head Phoenix was thinking with…ugh.

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      1. It was definitely a bit of a jerk move on Phoenix’s part, but I think most teenage boys would have made a similar decision haha I think most of them think with the same head Phoenix was using.

        Hopefully Phoenix will realize that Hallie isn’t worth it. She’s clearly not right for him (and not the nicest person either)

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    3. I hear you. I haven’t DMed, but I have experienced people talking over me during my turn, to joke about stuff on YouTube that no one else in the (fairly large) group had seen. And then they turned around and, when anyone else was sidetracked at all, snapped at the other people to focus. Even when it was something related to the game at hand.

      I have been more than a little annoyed with the side-tracking and basically anything that results in someone else’s turn being talked over/ignored.

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  2. “I tried it, it’s not for me”. Liar. You showed up, yes, but did the equivalent of picking clover in left field while someone hits you nice, lobbing pop flies, and declaring baseball is not boring. (I mean, it is, but that’s not the point)

    My guess is that Phoenix learns *absolutely nothing* about healthy relationships for a couple dozen years, then realizes Tas has always been there for him and they make kissy faces and live happily ever after.

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    1. I love the baseball metaphor! Haha and it’s perfect for what happened here. She really didn’t give it a chance at all 😦

      Interesting theory about Phoenix and Tam! Haha You never know what could happen… the gen has only just begun 😉


  3. Blech. I now know for sure I do not like Hallie. I deal with a lot of people like her and I just want to send in the ghosts of our past heirs to smack some sense into Phoenix. You can do better!
    I really feel Jasper though. And why would you want to get REAL drinks when you could have nice fake ones? Alcohol kills. Don’t drink and drive.
    Great chapter!!!!!

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    1. I definitely agree that Phoenix can do better, but I’m not sure if he’d quite see it that way… Maybe he really does need a little ghost smacking 😛

      Glad you enjoyed the chapter! Tam and Jasper toast you with their imaginary drinks 😛


  4. Poor Tam…He’s so cute and Phoenix is right, he will probably forgive him.

    Hallie, yes, I agree she didn’t really try. Having Bryce and Meg jump on her idea didn’t help. So I don’t think Phoenix really had a choice. Hallie is his girlfriend and she didn’t want to be there. His choice was break up with his girlfriend or make his friend mad – who would for price him later – because had he not gone, she likely wouldn’t be his girlfriend any longer. At the promise of ‘alone time’ he was sunk. So I understand why he easily made the choice he did.

    Not liking that Hallie is leading him around by the nose though.

    BTW – I loved the screen shots of them in character!

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    1. Yeah, Phoenix ended up in a really tough position… And he was either gonna piss off his best friend or his girlfriend… And for him, it felt like there was really only one ‘right’ choice. I did feel awful for Tam though 😦 And I was disappointed in Phoenix… and his friends even moreso! Bryce and Meg didn’t quite have the same excuse Phoenix does haha

      Glad you enjoyed the character shots! Those were super fun to do and find cc for 😀 Thanks, Audrey!

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  5. It’s a shitty thing to do, but if it’s not for Hallie, she’s not going to have a whole lot of fun during a 3+ hour session of D&D. They could’ve planned something quick so she could get the hang of things and then gone back to their main campaign when she said no.

    But they’re all teenagers and rational thought isn’t high in their thought processes yet. I’m sure it’s all fine. Nothing bad’s ever happened to a Rosebrook in a relationship.

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    1. That’s very true. She was totally not feeling it (though did she even give it a legit ‘try’ at all? hmm) so she would have likely been miserable and brought the whole thing down. So it’s probably for the best that they stopped… But it was still a huge disappointment for poor Tam. And a very hard choice for Phoenix. I think your suggestion would have probably worked better than trying to get her to just jump in like that. But like you said… teenagers…

      And oh yes. Nothing bad will happen. Not at all… 😉 Hehe thank you for reading!

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  6. I do not like this girl. She gets exactly one point in my book, she showed up, but then she didn’t even try to enjoy herself, and she insulted this game that everyone really loves, and them by proxy.

    Ugh…I have a lot of friends who play DND, and I’d hate to see anyone treat them like this. But I guess Phoenix would be the first – or even the first of his family – to do stupid things for love.

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    1. Yeah unfortunately Phoenix’s heart (and, erm, another part of his anatomy 😂) are making most of the judgment calls here instead of his brain!

      Hallie was pretty rude to Phoenix and his friends. I feel so bad for them… especially Tam!

      Thank you so much for reading!


  7. Hm… i’m not really sure what to say about this. In one way i totally get her. Like my bf and his family is really into tractor pulling and it doesn’t interest me at all. I do go now and then with them, but i always long to do something else. But i do it to support my bf’s niece who is competing in garden pulling.

    On the other hand i think it was really immature of her to try and make them all ditch Tamsin and Jasper like that. She should have stayed. She promised her boyfriend that she would give it a shot and actually try playing with them. But she didn’t actually try at all. She was clearly bored and didn’t bother trying to play with them. She just sat and stared at her phone and didn’t try to engaged in the game. She didn’t give it a chance at all.

    And I think Phoenix shouldn’t have let himself get pushed by his girlfriend. He and Tamsin has been friends since forever. There’s a certain loyalty between friends, and i feel like he just broke that in a way. If they had been going out for like years or something i would have been more understanding about leaving to have some fun the way Hallie thinks is fun, but they’ve been going out for a few weeks? a month or so? It’s not serious and she should have been more understanding about how important this was to him. He chose to let her in on their circle of friends. It’s kinda their thing, to play D&D and she totally spoiled it. And she seems very manipulative. The way she said “fun” and tugging at his arm, and saying that they could maybe even get some alone time… Very manipulative.

    I just think she should be more accepting of Phoenix’s hobbies and ways to have fun. I feel kinda sad that Phoenix is so easy to manipulate with. I hope he grows out of that.

    Not saying she’s a bad person or anything, but she just needs to grow up (yeah typical grown up response lol xD)

    Loved the chapter though 🙂 Thumbs up for creativity and the awesome pictures and the story telling!

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    1. I think you’re right that there’s a little bit of manipulation there… Hallie definitely likes getting her way! haha And you’re also right that she totally didn’t even try 😦

      I was disappointed in Phoenix for leaving Tam too. I think he’s very concerned with trying to impress Hallie right now, since their relationship is so new. Plus, she promised “alone time” and it was basically impossible for him to pass up haha Like you said, very manipulative on her part!

      I’m glad you enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading! 🙂


  8. Holy shitballs, Fifi; grow a damn pair (ovaries OR testicles)…this kid is definitely not ahead of the curve. I can see you laying the groundwork for future Rosebrook shenanigans with him, though, and I’m just like “eee” /covers eyes /peeks through fingers.
    Enjoy being a doormat kiddo! 😛

    Alright, so that covers shit that made me go “ugh”, now onto shit that make me go “yass!”
    I loooved the in character screenshots! Well done! So cute ❤
    Also, some mad chemistry swirling around between Jasper and Tam, if I'm not mistaken (omg, yas queen). Tamzar was absolutely adorable with his So Serious DM thing, and Jasper and his pimply face ❤

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    1. Hahaha Phoenix is a bit of a doormat at this point, it’s true. And it’s a very bad combination with Hallie, who is quite overbearing when it comes to getting what she wants… lol

      I’m glad you liked the character shots! I had a lot of fun finding that cc hehehe and Jasper and Tam, huh? 😉 They’d definitely be a cute little couple, but we’ll see ~~

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  9. Poor Tamsin!
    I feel so bad for my favorite little cinnamon roll. Thank god he calmed down quickly or a fight could have broken out between them. The others turned on him to which made matters worse though. I knew something bad would happen with Hallie. That girl is mixing up a pot of trouble!

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    1. Yeah I felt so bad for him! 😭 But thankfully he’s a really chill guy and he’s very forgiving, especially toward Phoenix. But the whole thing wasn’t fair to him though. Hallie is definitely stirring the pot a bit!

      Thank you so much for reading!!! ❤️

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  10. Never heard of D@D, then again who would ever think I would turn into such a bookworm the last 6 months and I blame it all on you. lol
    Hallie is very rude. I have a bad feeling about her. She sounds like a party girl and that is one thing Phoenix does not need with his family’s background of drugs. I guess we will see if he stands up to Hallie, after all Phoenix arises from the ashes.

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    1. Yeah we’ll see in the next few chapters how Phoenix moves forward with Hallie. Right now they aren’t seeming like a great match, but maybe they can work it out… we shall see!


  11. Oh boy. I’ll be sure to put toddler Hallie in time out later 😂. As someone who plays D&D every Wednesday, I can definitely say she didn’t try at all. And even if RPGs aren’t her thing, it still could have been a fun night since she was hanging out with friends and her boyfriend. So that says to me that she must not care for Phoenix that much. Probably just dating him to date. Though I won’t judge too harshly since they are in High School after all. She definitely has some more growing up to do. I guess we’ll just have to wait as see how this goes. So cool to see future Hallie in action even though she’s being a brat! (She’s totally still going in time out later to think about what her future self has done.)

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    1. Ha! Hallie in time out 😂 I guess she has kind of earned it 😛 Great observation about maybe dating him just to date. Like you said, it’s high school, so they’re all pretty immature in various ways. Hopefully that will change with time? 😛

      Thank you so much for reading (and again, for Hallie!)


  12. Yes! This was so fun and lighthearted, although I have to say, after the tragedy in Harper’s gen, when Hallie was late my heart stopped a minute. I was like, “citizen won’t kill off Phoenix’s gf in chapter 3 right? RIGHT???”

    Really enjoyed the RP screenshots! That was awesome. I feel so sad for Tam; I’ve always wanted to play D&D, so Hallie, I’ll take your spot girl. And get to walk into the tavern as the most gorgeous woman ever… sign me up.

    Looking forward to seeing this all unwind! And I’ve been wondering, how much of your story do you plot out in advance, versus letting it kind of unravel as it goes? Sorry if you’ve already answered that elsewhere… I’m super curious!

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    1. Ha! I’m sorry I’ve trained you to expect awful things like that 😂 Phoenix’s gen is pretty light compared to his mother’s (for now…)

      Aw I love that you would have enjoyed the experience that Hallie didn’t. Next time, I’ll have Phoenix invite you 😉 hehehe

      In answer to your question, I always have a basic plan for every gen. It varies how concretely it’s planned. For example, Harper’s gen was a lot more pre-planned than Phoenix’s is, so far! I’m sorry if that was a super lame answer haha. Thank you so much for reading! ❤️

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  13. I read kindly old man as “kinky old man” and was like awww yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, this is gonna be an interesting game. Alas, it was apparently super fucking boring to Hallie. Cute in-character shots though–love all the Sims Medieval outfits.

    I hope Phoenix doesn’t get any–he doesn’t deserve it after ditching Tam like that. Not that it’d be much fun to awkwardly grope someone with such a winning personality anyway–maybe she’d be kind enough to tell him how bad a job he’s doing.

    Also LOLLLLLL, a teenager suggesting going to a bowling alley for fun. Okay, Hallie. Do they live in the sticks? Either that or a Walmart parking lot.

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    1. Lol I’m sure they do scenes like that with Bryce sometimes haha that’s right up his alley. 😉

      Hallie is very blunt and holds no punches, so I am certain she’d tell him if he was awful, yes haha.

      And I think Hallie was suggesting it mostly because there’s a bar there (plus there is a nice abandoned lot right behind it… more on that next chapter 😉 )

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  14. Wow. I loved this chapter! Well…the geeky D & D parts anyway!

    I loved how you brought us into that world they were creating. So much fun! I’m enjoying Phoenix and his friends so much!

    Now as for the girlfriend….DUMP HER! What a selfish bitch. And Phoenix really needs a geeky girl who’ll want to do the things he likes with him.

    Saw the cuteness between Jasper and Tam. Jumping aboard ship Jam!! 😍💋😍

    And so I’ll wait until Phoenix dumps her ass. 🤬

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    1. Thanks Pammie! I’m loving writing this gen a lot already 🙂

      I agree that this girlfriend of his really isn’t a good fit… but I’m not sure whether Phoenix sees that himself…

      And I love your ship name! Haha welcome aboard the SS Jam 😉

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    2. Hallie may not be a good fit–she certainly owes everyone an apology, and she was very rude. However, couples don’t have to have 100% all of the same interests to work, and roleplaying (tabletop or otherwise) isn’t for everyone. Phoenix and Hallie may have other interests they both enjoy that don’t necessarily tie in with being a geek.

      I don’t disagree that Hallie behaved poorly or that Phoenix shouldn’t have ditched his friends. In fact I’m sure we’re going to see more bad behavior from Hallie. But, I feel like she’s getting snap-judged and pounced for the fact that she really doesn’t have any interest in D&D. Most people don’t. Playing pretend with dice isn’t for everyone. Watching people play pretend with dice, other than something like Critical Role that is designed for an audience, is generally not all that interesting. Personally, I’ll reserve my snap judgment for when she actively tries to get Phoenix to quit D&D (and abandon his friends) entirely, rather than ditch it the one night she’s there and would rather do something else.

      All that said, she should’ve waited until the session ended, or pulled Phoenix aside to complain about how bored she was. Instead she chose to disrupt the session for everyone involved.

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      1. Sorry, but her attitude says she’s just not into Phoenix. If she gave a rat’s ass about him, she would have at least stayed through the first game session. But she didn’t. Sure, most couples don’t enjoy ALL the same things, but the most successful couples try to enjoy most things together. This is not a match.

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      2. But yes, I do agree with you on how she should have handled it! 🙂 Maybe there is hope, but atm…she’s got a few strikes against her. 😉

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      3. I totally agree, I don’t get why she’s the bad character for not enjoying what he likes. Sure, maybe she should have communicated it better but I already smelled trouble when Phoenix invited her even though she’d said she’s not into it. He had it coming.
        I think that you could date and have very different hobbies and enjoy them your own way so long as you have the same values on life. So that doesn’t mean that a nerd has to go for another nerd.

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        1. That’s very true — it’s not her lack of enjoyment that’s necessarily a problem here. It will depend on how things go from here!

          Thank you very much for reading my story!


  15. Sweet dorky awkward Phoenix is an angel who needs protection from evil influences that create issues between him and his friends and manipulate his teenage-mind with the promise of sex so Hallie, if you hurt him I will hurt you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha I love that you’re coming to his defense so quickly. I think Phoenix helped create some of this issues on his own by choosing to leave with Hallie buttttttt she definitely did some manipulating, you’re right! 😬 We’ll see what happens…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehe when I like someone, I get very protective over them 😉

        I get that Phoenix wasn’t completely in the right here, either. However, I do blame Hallie more for putting him in this awkward situation in the first place simply because she couldn’t even try to have fun with a new experience. Also, I’m cutting Phoenix some slack because he’s a horny teenager who is bound to make mistakes. I also think his other friends being up for going out made him more torn.

        Long story short: It wasn’t quite right of Phoenix, but I blame Hallie more 🙂

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  16. On the one hand, Hallie was incredibly rude and didn’t really even try. On the other hand, not everybody likes roleplaying, and that’s 100% okay. I can’t fault her for having different interests. And, she’s a teenager, so it’s possible she just hasn’t learned the proper tact yet. She’ll have to eventually–workplaces have all sorts of boring events you have to attend whether you enjoy them or not.

    If Hallie were more tactful, she’d have tried at least half-heartedly to join in, and they could’ve gone to do something else the next week. I have no doubt Tam really did work hard on setting things up for gameplay, and as someone else said, everyone agreed to show up.

    There are a couple things to say here, after seeing others say “Hallie isn’t right for Phoenix.” Couples don’t have to have every single same interest. We haven’t seen yet whether or not Hallie is okay with Phoenix’s roleplaying hobby–just because she isn’t interested in joining in doesn’t mean she’ll insist that he stop doing something he enjoys. If she does that, then she’s definitely bad news–especially since this is something Phoenix does with his other friends. Phoenix seems fine with doing other things, so until and unless she insists he drop things he enjoys for her sake, everything might be fine. Except of course that she was so rude to his friends.

    Hopefully Hallie apologizes to Phoenix and his friends, and hopefully she’s not going to be like Penny in Big Bang Theory and try to force Phoenix to give up his hobby because it annoys/embarrasses her (I remember at least one episode where Penny starts stowing away and throwing out Leonard’s collectables, without conferring with him first). Even if/when Hallie breaks up with Phoenix, there’s always a chance that they could still be friends afterward–assuming they are both able to accept one another having hobbies they aren’t both involved in.

    That said, it’s always disappointing when you try to introduce a friend to a new hobby and they don’t enjoy it. It’s bound to be worse when it’s your significant other, and you’re a teenager. Probably feels like the end of the world. Given the circumstances and the fact that he’s a teenager, Phoenix might really end up isolating himself from his friends in order to please Hallie.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yeah we haven’t seen a lot of his and Hallie’s relationship quite yet (though we will be getting more info in the next chapter) so you’re right that it’s hard to judge quiet yet. We’ll see!

      Either way, this evening definitely did not go as planned… for either of them!

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  17. There were many lines in this post that I would call Famous Last Words, lol.

    I don’t like this Hallie. Anyone who starts with, “I don’t mean to be rude but…” As soon as she said that, I thought: bitch. She may not be one, but she definitely came off as one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! Yes, there were a few of those, weren’t there? 😉 And Hallie… I don’t think she’s a bitch, per se. I think she’s a person who just is really, really blunt. She will 100% say what she’s thinking without hesitation… even if that thing happens to be unkind? Haha

      I think she feels a little bad for being so blunt, at least? Haha

      Liked by 1 person

  18. I’m so busy shipping Tamsen/Jasper that I alllllmost didn’t get angry at everyone. Hate Hallie. She can leave. Byeeeeeee Felicia!

    Please give me more Jasen/Tamper (ha). Kthnxbyeeeeee ♥️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hehehehehe Some people have been calling them “Jam”… very sweet right? 😉 LOL

      Welcome aboard. Maybe this is a ship that will actually sail one day… we’ll see 😛 hehe

      Liked by 2 people

  19. I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. And Harper got such a good ending, I am not sure if I am glad with it or not. She certainly learned from her mistakes, and she struggled really hard to allow her feelings for Devin. He is such an understanding and nice guy. And now she somehow gets everything she wants – renovating that house can’t have been cheap.

    Now Phoenix can start his story, and roleplaying Tam is already my favourite. He looks like he would be up to anything creative, including “standing long hours in the woods disguised as an ent to entertain his players”. Phoenix really has a cool bunch of friends, though I hope his way of thinking of Tam improved. This “we need to stick together because no one else will” seems a bit too selfish for me. But he was a kid. And we all know how the self-infatuated kids end up, right?

    So now Phoenix struggles with finding a girlfriend while hitting on imaginary barmaids? He seems like the comic relief in that group. But I guess it won’t get old or boring with Tam as a GM. I don’t really think it will last with the girl he got there. I can totally understand why he falls for her “sweet voice”, he is young (and somehow desperate), and wants to be cool for her and for himself. But if she can’t really respect his hobby and his time with his friends, how can she respect him? She might as well drop him for the next best more funny thing. I don’t have a problem with her not liking to roleplay, but she knew she was invited to a game night, and then pressured people into doing something else she liked more.

    This scene really makes me like Tam even more. He put a lot of effort into preparation, and now his friends are ditching him he is even kind of understanding after getting over his anger. He wants Phoenix to be happy.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Aww another Tam fan! I do love him a lot. He was a casting call submission my friend sent in and he’s perfect!

      You might be right about things not lasting for him and Hallie… she definitely doesn’t seem to share his interests. But maybe things will work out for them? We shall see…

      And you are very right about Tam wanting Phoenix to be happy! He was able to forgive because, well, he knows how much Phoenix wants things with Hallie to work out. He’s a good guy!! ❤️


  20. Really enjoying this slightly geeky generation. Phoenix is adorable! Not sure I’m ready to jump on any ship just yet. I’m not waiting for the boom to swing and knock me off the boat … just not seeing any that I really like yet … But they are teenagers and things change.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It was very sweet and we all cried. They wrote their own vows and Crystal has been through so much heartache with the first guy she was married to .. she just so deserves her happiness! it was just brokenness and crying and wonderful.


  21. Nope! He needs to dump her no one says that and gets away with it maybe she needs to watch critical role or Atri Hawklight is gonna have to throw some daggers at Eden lol idk if it was my most favorite chapter lol she’s terrible for him lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeahhhhh maybe not exactly a match made in heaven 😂 And if Hallie ever actually tries to play she will make sure Eden dodges those daggers! 😂


      1. Lol and I loved the rp screen shots and if you’re interested I and a friend of mine are writing our characters backstories (our characters are cousins so they are linked) and our adventure too on another site but if you’re interested I can send a link sometime via email 😊

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  22. No!No!No! That is not good, Phoenix! I mean, yeah people should try to make the other in the relationship happy, but there are some thing that just…come with the person, and changing that, is changing the person herself. I think Hallie should try to understand that this is Phoenix“s thing, while Phoenix himself should understand that Hallie does not like this kind of stuff. Most relationship have some diferences in some points, we just have to learn to leave the other be, and do their thing! Unfortunatly, Phoenix is not thinking with his head right now, and he could dicht all his friends just to stay with Hallie.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, Phoenix totally isn’t thinking with his head! (Or maybe he is… but the wrong head! 😂)

      You’re very right that these two should try and understand that this is an area where they are just too different. Ah, teenagers…

      Liked by 1 person

  23. Ok first off, I LOVE the way you have the ‘role-playing” photos with the D&D group. That is so epic.

    Phoenix needs to learn some very important rules about the bro code. Like rule number 1:

    I feel for poor Tam.

    See, I would have KILLED for some geeks to invite me to a D&D when I was Phoenix’s age. I still would kill to be invited to a group. It’s the one thing I have always wished to do, but never found a group. So, yeah, Hailee is soooo not the girl for Phoenix. And Phoenix needs some tips on the Bro Code.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, the Bro Code was violated horribly here 😦 The promise of “alone time” with a cute girl was just too much, I fear. Bad Phee 😦 Luckily Tam is a cool guy and pretty understanding!

      And you’re so right… Hallie definitely isn’t appreciating any of this and probably is not the one… but don’t tell him that 😂


    1. It’s from the rustic romance cc pack I believe (you can find it under that name I think!). She was a casting call sim so the hair was sent to me along with her. But I’m pretty sure that was where it was from 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  24. Ok, clearly Hallie is not that into Phoenix if she’s not making any effort to at least try and understand his hobbies and things he finds important. Can’t bode well for them in the long term. Plus, if she was bothered about him she’d try to make a good first impression on his friends, soo… next! 😀

    Poor Tamsin. Good thing he’s not insecure to take it too personally.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeahhhh this should be a massive red-flag for Phee here, butttttttt he’s a teenage boy and she’s hot, so…. 😬 LOL Hopefully he’ll figure it out soon though! And yes, he’s lucky he has such understanding friends! Tam is super secure in himself that he doesn’t take that kind of thing too much to heart, thankfully!


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