6.48: Three Million Euros

It’s kinda crazy how quickly things can turn around sometimes. One minute things are amazing. Wonderful. Perfect. Then, in the blink of an eye, it all changes.

Your boyfriend loses his job. Or overdoses on heroin. You get caught shoplifting. Or find out you’re pregnant. Everything starts falling apart so fast.

But sometimes, things can change for the better too. Sometimes you’re feeling lost and helpless, and then exactly what you need just falls right into your lap.

Your teacher pairs you up with the two best friends you’ve ever had. The tutor you’d been dreading to meet ends up being the love of your life. One glance at a fuzzy little sonogram image makes you fall in love.

Or a simple mail mix-up ends up solving all your money problems.

Okay, maybe not all of them… There’s a couple things I still have to pay for myself, like the rent on our apartment. Or helping Erik pay his dealer. He’s still pretty stubborn about trying to use his own money for that… but he’s really scraping the bottom of the bucket these days, so I’ve gotta step in sometimes.

But that’s all stuff we can handle on our own. I’m not worried about it anymore. Because there’s so much more that’s all taken care of now. Our heating and electricity bills. Our internet. Our phone bills. Our credit card bills… Anything you can pay online with a bank account.

And it’s all thanks to my Oma.

She gave me a pile of mail the last time I was over there. Random junk mail and other crap that keeps getting sent to my parents’ house by mistake. And I wasn’t even gonna look at any of it, to be honest. I was ready to just toss it all in the trash. But I was feeling so shitty after talking to my parents that I kinda needed something to distract myself. So I decided to go through it.

And that’s when I saw it — One of Oma’s bank statements. I guess she accidentally put it in the pile with my stuff by mistake.

I just about died when I opened it and saw her account balance. For one crazy moment, I thought there’d been the biggest screw-up in history and I was looking at MY account… that would’ve been a freaking miracle, huh? I couldn’t help laughing at myself when I realized what was really going on. As if I’d ever get that lucky!

But… Then I realized maybe I still was lucky.

I just couldn’t get over how much money it was…

It’s not like it’s any huge secret that Oma’s freaking loaded or anything. She got SO much money from her Papa when he died. My Ur-Opa Tobi was one of the most famous football players in all of Germany. He had a huge fortune to leave behind for everybody when he was gone… And I always knew my Oma got a huge chunk of it. Way more than what’s in that account, even. I know that’s not all of it.

But God, seeing that number alone was just crazy. Three million euros…

Maybe that sounds weird coming from someone like me. Money was never a big deal for my family. I mean, my parents always spoiled me like crazy when I was growing up. I always got what I wanted. But that was probably hundreds that they spent on me. Maybe thousands. But not millions!

Obviously I know my parents have a fortune of their own tucked away somewhere… But I’ve never actually seen that much money all at once before.

Like, imagine what you could do with THREE MILLION EUROS!

Or honestly, these days even three HUNDRED would be a huge deal for me and Erik.

And I guess that’s what got me thinking. We don’t need that much money. It’s not like I’d ever take all of it. But with the baby coming, we definitely could use a little more to get by, y’know?

And like… When’s my Oma ever gonna need all that money anyway? Especially when I know she has millions more tucked away somewhere too!

She probably won’t even notice if we take a few hundred from her account every now and then, right? Just some online payments here and there. Nothing huge. Nothing she’d ever miss!

And she’s already gonna leave me a bunch of money as inheritance someday, won’t she? Is it really a big deal if I take it a little early?

I know, I know. It sounds so awful… But it’s not like I really have a choice. My stupid parents let me down… again! What else was I supposed to do?! And it’s not like I want to do this. It’s not like I enjoy it…

Okay, okay… maybe I do a little. And I kinda hate that I do. But it’s such a different rush than shoplifting! Every time I pay another bill I just feel… I don’t even know the word for it. Powerful, maybe? It’s the craziest high.

But that’s not really what matters. That’s not what this is about. And it’s not why I’m doing this.

I’m doing it for Erik. And our child.

And I feel so bad going behind Oma’s back like this… But I would have just asked her for the money if I’d thought she’d say yes! She’s been almost as bad as mom and Papa about the whole money thing. All these stupid ultimatums about breaking up with Erik or forcing him back into rehab…

None of them understand. They can’t. They don’t know what it’s like. They don’t understand how fucking hard this is. It’s so easy for them to say shit like “give him an ultimatum”, or “you need to leave him!”

Without me, he has nothing. I can’t leave him. Especially with the baby coming… he’s the father of my freaking child! How could I ever turn my back on him now?

I just hope having money now will help things. I hope I can convince Erik he doesn’t need a job right now. He’s just gotta get back to rehab and get better. And things are already heading in the right direction, I think. He can tell things are way less tight than they used to be. All our bills are getting paid on time now. I’m a lot less stressed about money now than I used to be… And he’s definitely noticing.

I guess the hardest part is just trying to explain where we’re getting all this money from. It’s only been a couple weeks since I got Oma’s account info, and I think Erik’s already getting suspicious. He’s been asking me whether I got a raise at work or something. And how often I’ve been ‘shopping’ lately…

That’s kinda his code word for when I start taking stuff. He hates it so much. He never tells me that, but I know he does. He just never says anything because he knows how bad we need the money. As long as it helps him get his fix and keeps a roof over our heads, he’s willing to put up with it.

This is so different though. I can’t even imagine how he’d feel if he found out about Oma. He’s already uncomfortable enough with the shoplifting… I just feel like he wouldn’t really understand. He’d think we’re betraying Oma or something.

But he knows how badly we need this. I don’t think he’d be able to actually say no. And it kills me to think of what the guilt would do to him. He’s already fallen so low…

Ugh! I’m such a fucking coward. I’m just too afraid to tell him where the money’s really coming from. That’s not his burden to bear. It’s mine.

But it’s really starting to drive me crazy keeping all these secrets from him…

Though there’s one I don’t think I’m gonna be able to keep for much longer.

I have to tell him soon. I can feel it. I wouldn’t say I have a “baby bump” yet, but I’m definitely gaining a little weight. And I guess I’ve been acting a little different too. These hormones are fucking me up so bad. It won’t be long before Erik starts connecting the dots… And I’ve gotta tell him the truth before he does.

I’m still not totally sure HOW I’m gonna tell him, or when… But I’m at least feeling a little better about finally coming clean. Better than I was before, at least.

He won’t have to worry about money now. He won’t have to stress out about finding a job. He won’t have to freak out about how we’re gonna afford a baby.

The only thing he’ll have to worry about is getting back to his old self again.

I know it won’t be easy… But he’ll do it. He’ll find a way. He’ll do it for me. And our baby.

Then everything will go back to the way it’s supposed to be.


78 thoughts on “6.48: Three Million Euros

  1. Harper has a big storm coming if she thinks taking that money is even a little okay. There’s no way that Joce isn’t going to notice, even if she is loaded. And I have a feeling that a couple hundred dollars here and there is going to escalate quickly.

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    1. What are you talking about? Obviously everything is going to be fine. It’s not a big deal. It’s just a few hundred euros here and there, okay? She’s not doing anything wrong! (LOLOLOLOL You’re so right. There’s no way this is going to end well… Thank you for reading! ❤ )


  2. Hehehehehe Yeah, she’s so freaking deluded that she’s convinced herself this is totally fine and she’s not hurting anyone. All their problems are magically solved now, okay? *throws a handful of fairy dust*

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  3. …Yes, Harper, I know Rosebrooks are big on terrible decisions…but not only do you steal from your wonderful grandma, but YOU ADMIT TO COMMITTING A FELONY IN WRITING. OMG. Seriously??? “Hey, let me write about stealing from Oma Joce in this here journal and fraudulently accessing her banking info!”

    If she took Harper to court and someone found that journal–like the police, maybe–COME ON, HARPER. I don’t know which action is dumber, but you’re not on drugs. You don’t have an excuse.

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    1. She is not bright. At all LMAO I fear she got her “smarts” (or lack thereof 😛 ) from her father…

      She’s such a mess and is just asking for it, at this point. At least she wouldn’t have to worry about paying bills anymore in jail…? 😛 (Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that point though!)

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      1. It’d be hilarious (???) if she were writing about a murder instead, because the prosecutors would instantly be able to prove that it was premeditated, along with motive. And at that point I’d be rooting for them!!

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    1. Yeah, she’s reached a whole new low here :-/ It’s pretty awful!!!! 😦 Next Saturday’s chapter actually focuses on Erik… But it’ll give us a little insight into where he’s at right now and whether he’s caught on to any of Harper’s secrets 😉


  4. First….I like the new website. Everything is in the menu so you’re not distracted by the stuff on the side bars. Nice and clean.

    Ugh. It’s only a matter of time before Jocelyn finds out. The bank will call or she’ll eventually check her statement. Then what are you going to do? You are stealing from your own family. That’s sinking to a new low. If she would have told them about the baby they may be more inclined to help. Maybe even offered to pay those bills for her. But now….she just burned the last bridge she had with her family. 😥

    Tell Erik about the baby before he figures it out. She has waited way too long already. It may well change his outlook and give him the reason he needs to get clean.

    Typical Rosebrook stupid decision genes….

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    1. But why tell Erik now? She’s already close to ruining everything with her family by stealing from them. Might as well ruin it all with Erik while she’s at it by continuing to keep secrets from him? 😛

      Okay in all seriousness though, this is a total mess. And she really should have just fessed up. But she’s deluded herself into thinking she’s the victim and doing nothing wrong here. Time will tell when and how this might come back to bite her in the ass…

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  5. Ah Harper. Such a delued Rosebrook. Although tbh, i wondered if she ever asked for money to have Erik go into rehab rather than for bills and shit. Cuz she’s not wrong. If Erik can pull his own head out of his ass and ask for help and realize he doesn’t need to provide he can focus on his health, he’d have a chance. Having her parents support them while he goes to rehab would probably be a good way out…of course they make her live at home while he’s in treatment and she’d resent that.

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    1. She’s definitely never asked for rehab money, only bill money. Because she knows that’s what’s holding Erik back — the need to provide for her and help pay the bills. Once those aren’t a concern, she thinks it’ll be easier to convince him to try rehab again… but we shall see 😉


  6. Harper being Harper. I am so furious. I know of some cases of people like Harper (and a combination with drug-addiction too), and she is seriously wrecking it worse than ever. Stealing like that. Sure, it is not going to hurt her Oma financially… but it IS going to hurt her trust, her love for Harper,and it will make her feel so bad whenever she finds out. And all because Harper thinks she knows everything better than everyone else. As it wouldn’t be a howling alarm siren that her Oma needs to intervene and try to advice her instead of allowing her little spoiled ass. And that whole “I took it because she wouldn’t give it” is just so shitty. In life you need to earn things, kid. Yes, turning 18 doesn’t turn people into adults, but people start to mature and grow with their decisions, but it’s been years and an upcoming baby and she still thinks and acts like a bratty teen.

    I don’t know what Erik could say. I could even think of him leaving her (or killing himself) because he doesn’t want to ruin her life like that (which would be a pretty awful turning). His drug-induced depression may lead him to dangerous things…

    It’s funny how these chapters make Joce feel so sane and responsible even in her worst years…

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    1. I will get some time to get used of the new style of this page, but I like how it looks. And I also like the half-black-and-white banner (it is just a picture of how Harpers life circles entirely around her and her feelings, blending everyone else out).

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    2. Yeah, she’s going down such a dark path that is gong to seriously wound her relationship with her family, I fear. And as for Erik… it would be horrific if he took his own life, but you’re right that his depression could very easily lead to something dangerous. He’s so low :-/

      Thank you so much for reading ❤


  7. Justice WitcHazard: Oh Harper everyone knows if you ever happen upon an account with a large amount of money you should one take a pic of the account number then return it to its rightful owner! Get any benefits from doing that good deed! Then wait a month to track their spending habits then only take one third of what they spend and it has to be in the same day they took it out of the bank!

    Dark WitcHazard:Justice Harper clearly isn’t smart enough or has the patience for a plan like that so ssh! Let her be the first Rosebrook to have a baby in jail!

    Lover WitcHazard: Oh my goodness I just had a bad thought what if Hozay and Joce find out about the money then Hozay decides to send their daughter to jail to teach her a lesson but when the cops come to the house Erik is using or getting some drugs then both of them end up in jail!

    Emotional WitcHazard: Knowing Hozay they’d probably say Erik did it to support his habit! Of course this idea would be dismantled the moment they realize Harper’s pregnant!

    Dark WitcHazard: Yeah then be like oh she’s pregnant that’s why she’s making all these bad decisions then Joce is like but she was making bad decisions before she was pregnant! Ssh we’re trying to get our baby out of jail! Aren’t you the ones who put her there! Hehe 😝

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    1. Ah, what a tangled web the Witchazards weave! Lover has an interesting theory there! 😉

      Harper should probably have gone with Justice’s plan… But at least Dark seems to like where this all could be heading 😈


  8. This is a new level of stupidity even for a Rosebrook. I find it interesting that in one breath she’s incensed her parents demand Erik go to rehab in order for them to help her and in the next, she steals from her grandmother so Erik won’t have to look for a job AND GO TO REHAB!

    I think Harper just really likes to steal. 🤪

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    1. Hehehe she doesn’t have the kleptomaniac trait for nothin’ 😉

      Harper is stupid, irrational, and so stubborn. She does want Erik to go to rehab, of course. But only on HER terms. She refuses to try doing it her parents’ way, where it’s in the form of an ultimatum. She’s convinced herself that if he doesn’t worry about money anymore, she can get him to willingly go.

      And now she gets that extra rush fro stealing from Joce, so it’s a win-win for her right now 😉


      1. Lol! Exactly what I thought was going on in her mind!

        I’m very interested in what Joce is going to do. Rich people do their bills and they can see where the money goes. Harper is in her own dream world atm.

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        1. I think Harper’s saving grace at the moment is that Joce has her money spread over multiple accounts, so it’s a little harder to keep track of. Plus, she’s getting older, so it might be more difficult for her to notice a discrepancy… 😮


  9. “But it’s not really like I have a choice…” HA. HA. HAAAA! Funny, Harper. You always have a choice…you have SO many of them in front you right now and you just keep u-turning girl.

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  10. First of all, I had a bit of a “WHOA” moment at the change of the site, but I think I’m figuring out how to navigate it. Ha ha. It does look very nice, though. Very organized indeed.

    Onto the actual chapter, Harper, no. You don’t need to be stealing from your grandmother like that. But… I can tell she’s not likely to stop this any time soon unless someone is able to notice the discrepancy or she slips somewhere. This is spiraling wildly out of control, oh my goodness.

    Erik might notice that things are getting better, but Harper just said herself that he thinks he could be getting suspicious and that he already hates her shoplifting. Yes, he may know that they NEED that money, but once again she’s said herself about what the guilt could do to him if he finds out what’s actually happening while he’s already so low. I do not foresee that ending well when or if he does find out, though it sounds like he already might have a guess of what’s happening (maybe or maybe not stealing from someone’s bank account, but at least some not so good activities).

    I still don’t know if the baby will help Erik get back on his feet or not. One part would like to believe that surely he’d try to get better if he knew it meant supporting his child, but then with added stress (the financial situation might be solved, yes, but who’s the say the idea of having a child while he’s so low won’t cause a pandemonium of problems in of itself. If he already feels like he’s a total screw up with Harper who knows if he’d feel better or WORSE with the idea of a child) the other part of me feels like it could just force him into a deeper state.

    It feels like Harper is leaning a little too heavily on the whole idea of “everything will go back to totally normal when this thing happens” and it’s yet to be seen if such a thing will actually work out as perfectly as she wants/expects it to or if there’s going to be a complete turn and everything will spiral even further out of control, or at least out of her imagination or idea of what was “supposed” to happen.

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    1. Haha yeah, it’s a big change! But I was sick of my old theme hehe

      This is such a big mess, and you bring up really important questions about Erik, and how he might react if/when he learns the truth!

      Harper is definitely deluding herself when she says everything is gonna just go back to normal. The hole she’s digging herself is getting so deep…

      Thank you for reading! ❤️


  11. Hey, this is Lee. I finally made an account! But oh my god. Harper is such a dinglebat. JUST TELL HIM ALREADY.

    Also, I noticed you changed the website layout. It’s nice but it seems to be kinda awkward to navigate on phone. For me at least. Sorry, just wanted to let you know.

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    1. Thanks for the heads up! The layout description said it was already optimized for mobile, but if it’s tricky I’ll go in and enable the Special mobile layout and hopefully that will help!

      Glad you made an account by the way! Welcome to WP!

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        1. I wonder if it’s your phone/browser too, because the theme seems to be okay on my phone. But I’m gonna go in and enable the mobile theme and see if that changes anything 🙂


  12. It’s definitely the first heir I can’t stand. I think she’s damaging Erik and that he should let her go for his own sake. She was really bad news for him all along. He’s not innocent, but she’s making the situation worst. I don’t think he will be able to abandon her and the kid, but I really hope they’ll break up. I think he’ll want that. He can’t take care of a child, but neither can Harper. I can’t see a happy ending for her at the moment.
    I was angry with Mari and with Zayne, when they acted like fools, but Harper is a new level of foolishness. Plus her way to blame others, to see herself like a victim and justify her bad actions make me desire to punch her face!

    Poor kid ❤

    Your writing is amazing as always :*

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    1. Haha this is the reaction I’ve been waiting for (and expecting! 😛 ) Harper is a new level of difficult, that’s for sure. She’s very selfish and foolish. And you are so right that she really probably can’t take care of a kid (and neither can Erik….) This might end up spelling disaster. We shall see!

      Thank you for reading! ❤

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  13. “She won’t notice a few hundred dollars every now and then.” Honey, no. This is definitely going to show up on a fraud alert if nothing else. My bank account sent me a notice when I spent a bunch of money on baby stuff for my cousin, so I can only imagine this lasts a short while.

    I will say, as someone who lives paycheck to paycheck and did have to borrow a lot of money from my parents when I moved recently, the joy of paying your bills and paying off your debt is such a relief. But there’s a good chance you’re spending a lot more because of a specific person in your life…

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    1. I think Harper is living in a la-la land where she can get away with this indefinitely hehe

      Definitely a great feeling to pay off debts! But I wonder if the feeling is nearly as good when that money is stolen… :-/

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      1. I imagine if it’s stolen it’s more of a panicked “gee, I sure hope no one finds out about this…” and then the debts just start piling on again.

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  14. All right, Harper, it’s on now. You hurt Joce, you hurt me!

    For real, though, Harper is so delusional it’s really sad. “I don’t have a choice.” YES, you do! You are choosing the easy way out by taking money that isn’t yours instead of facing the problems that are at the root of the more superficial financial problems. And I actually feel really bad for Erik – he needs somebody to pull him out of this hole and honestly, Harper is not helping him. I know she truly loves him and cares for him, but she’s not showing it right now. Like, you might wanna tell him he’s going to be a dad, right?

    I’m just hoping that after these deep, deep lows, Harper is bound to rise mountain high when she gets through this…

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    1. It really is so sad 😦 She’s living in a fantasy world. And she’s so dumb! And you’re right that she’s totally not helping Erik either :-/ It’s such a mess. She’s gotta start coming clean with some of this!

      Glad you have a little faith that Harper can have a light at the end of her tunnel! Only time will tell…

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    1. Haha don’t worry, she didn’t! I can see why it might seem that way though… Joce is such a loving and caring grandmother, and she’d love to help Harper. But even she wouldn’t enable Harper like this. Not with her staying with Erik and not pushing him to go to rehab.

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  15. Harper. Babe. I love you so much (not as much as Jose or Zayne but like…a lot) but girl. I sort of want everything to fall down around you. Once Oma catches on, she may not leave you anything. You’re STEALING from family! That’s unforgiveable! I want Erik to find out your stealing and leave you. I want your family to tell you to work it out on your own. Your so immature and childish, I can’t think of what is going to slap you into reality. Just because your family comes from money doesn’t mean you’re entitled to it. This is going to bite you in the ass and I can’t wait to see it. Is that rude? Probably, but what else is going to make you grow up?! You can’t raise a baby with a drug addict while you’re stealing money from your grandma. *insert largest eye roll here* My simself is going to beat you up so I guess I better have her start working out so she wins 😂

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    1. Also, I deal with stuff like this at work IRL. “Oh I think my grandson attached my card to his game thing but I didn’t want him to charge that much!” And that’s when they know. When they don’t know? They file a police report and you can be ARRESTED for fraud and theft.

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    2. The good news is that Harper is twig-skinny, so she should be pretty easy to snap in half 😉

      Seriously though… yeah, this is really bad. She’s probably fallen lower than any other Rosebrook (wow, who would have ever thought that would happen?!)

      Hopefully she’ll have to face some consequences soon, and will finally grow up! Especially if she’s gonna be a parent soon… 😮

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  16. Oh Harper, no… Yes, it’s 3 million, but don’t rely on this. One day, if you keep it up, the money will run dry. And that won’t be any good for anybody.

    Funny, she’s fallen so low, but… She’s still one of my favorite generations of this legacy. She has so much sympathy, and she’s actually trying — and trying for (multiple) somebody(s) else, too. For Erik, for the baby… I just hope that she can work things out before she goes too far — which she’s already starting to do. We don’t want another generation that we hate…

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    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying Harper’s generation! And I like that you’re still rooting for her and feeling sympathy for her! Speaking of past hated gens, I always found it interesting that Mari and Zayne got so much hate… I actually find Harper more hate-worthy than the two of them haha but it’s nice to see that not everyone feels that way 🙂 She definitely could use some people on her side right now!

      Thank you for reading 🙂

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  17. Something will end up happening to Joce, and then Harper will see just how much she’s not hurting anybody, when they can’t afford medical bills. I’d almost bet that’s all the money Joce has, no matter what Harper may think. That’s probably her entire retirement/inheritance, right there. Getting old is expensive. Insurance goes up, medical care goes up…

    Just when you think Harper can’t get any lower, she does.

    I’m rooting for Child Services to take the baby and Zayne and Hope end up raising the kid.

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    1. Yeah, this is most definitely a whole new low! 😦 And very interesting theories (both about Joce, and about Zayne and Hope raising the baby… time will tell!)


  18. Oh, dear…This won’t end well! The money they have WILL end someday and Harper can’t continue getting money from her parent’s forever, she dosen’t have the ”safety net” that the previous heirs had, AKA lot’s of family members that have money and are willing to let her in their houses.The biggest problem is that she know’s things are bad but dosen’t want to admit it! ( Again, a bit like Zayne) I’m sure she think’s that ” With the money, we will pay ou bills, Erick will go into rehab, and than get a job, and I’ won’t need my parent’s money anymore!” Needles to say, I’m don’t think things will go this way…Karma aways comes, even if takes year’ for it…

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    1. Definitely not many ways this can end well… so true! Harper knows it’s bad deep down, but you’re right that she totally doesn’t want to admit it. So much denial! Look out for that Karma, Harper…

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  19. When will Harper learn?
    The baby will wind up getting in his drugs or have a birth defect because of his drug use.
    Daddy’s a druggie and Mommy’s a thief. They both going to wind up in jail.

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    1. I think the baby will be born all right. Birth defects/behavioral problems mostly happen due to a mother on drugs/alcohol during pregnancy. I’m not sure that the genetic contributions of the father are adversely affected by drug use. It’s possible, but it would not be as dangerous as Harper being exposed. Of course if he’s exposing her to anything like tobacco/marijuana smoke, that’d be a problem.

      No, the big problem is going to be a toddler getting into Daddy’s drug stash. And we all know that once he’s comfortable the bills will be paid, Erik’s not going to rehab. What does he need rehab for? Now the bills are being paid and he doesn’t need a job; after all, Harper has a job.

      The girl needs to get out, but she refuses to do so. She even questioned whether she still loves Erik (or who he’s become) at one point. All I can say to that is, should’ve dated Devin while she had the chance.

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  20. Pffft. Keep dreaming, girl. All these assumptions you’re making are gonna come crashing down on you reeeeeal soon. I stand by my previous comment a few chapters ago. If she keeps on, she’ll be having her baby in jail! And don’t think the family won’t turn you in.

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    1. Harper permanently lives in a dream land… ha! And having the baby in jail is totally not outside the realm of possibility if she doesn’t shape up! Guess time will tell 😉

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  21. “simple mail mix-up”
    WAIT mix-up?? Was that not meant for her. Is she STEALING IT. Please don’t let that be the case please please please

    NO NO NO NO NO NO HARPER NO Jocelyne has been your biggest cheerleader you CANT do that!! It will break her heart. I swear to god, (I still don’t know whether to call you Citizen or Amanda) REGARDLESS YOU ARE IN THE SHAME CORNER FOR SIX GENERATIONS STARTING NOW FOR WRITING THIS

    “He’d think we’re betraying Oma or something.”

    Simmers After Dark lol maybe I’ll give it a look though I am on the younger cusp of adult. Legally an adult but still a teenager. I like chatting with new people, and I love finding sims stories. The dramatic more mature ones being my favorites(hence why I love A2A so maybe I’ll see more stuff like that :O )

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    1. Yeah, unfortunately she’s stealing from her sweet grandmother 😦 Nooooo! It’s so awful.

      And six generations, huh? So even longer than the actual legacy will be! LOL

      SAD is pretty fun! Very small community though. But it’s a fun place to stop by and hang out 🙂 And there are some great stories posted there! If you like mature and adult, you might like No Stars Over Uptown. But it’s VERY adult and VERY dark. It makes A2A look like a children’s story haha. So it might be too much, idk. But I figured I’d mention it, since you said dramatic and mature is your cup of tea! 🙂


      1. I saw that on Trip’s blog(I think) since I started Eight Cicadas. I’m surprisingly very dark. I used to write a lot about like death and suicide to cope, so on that hand I think I’d be fine lol I might check that story out and I’ll get back to you on what I think lol

        Liked by 1 person

    2. (Also, Uptown is techncially an A2A spinoff, because the main character is Axel, Remi’s friend from Zayne’s teen arc. Remi and Zayne have both shown up in a few uptown chapters 🙂 )


  22. What are the chances that Joce never notices the missing money?

    And Harper is literally buying her boyfriend drugs to continue to shoot up… She thinks she should be bringing a child into that house…?

    Every time I think this can’t get worse or more heartbreaking, it does. At least my wine is delicious!

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Ok I am about to insert my simself into this story and slap some sense into Harper are you freaking kidding me stealing from Joce? she has sunk to an all time low. She is enabling Eric, stealing, lying, etc and it will come crashing down someday. These two can’t help themselves…..ugh

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so right, they’re spiraling downhill so fast! They could both probably use a good smack from your simself, honestly 😬😬😬


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