6.45: Have To

Holy shit.

I… I don’t even know how to write this. I’ve been sitting here for like half an hour trying to calm down, but I just… can’t.

I’m kinda hiding out in the bedroom right now. I told Erik I needed to lay down. And I tried to, for a while. But then the quiet started driving me crazy, and I knew I needed some way to just kinda get all this shit out. I just wish I could actually talk to someone, y’know? But I guess this is the next best thing.

I just feel so sick right now. Like literally, physically sick. I’ve felt that way all day, actually. And this isn’t the first time. I’ve been so tired lately, and getting headaches and stomach aches all the time… It’s been awful.

It makes sense though, doesn’t it? For all of that stress to start taking a toll and stuff? I mean, trying to scrape together enough for rent, and watching Erik struggle so much… I don’t know if I’ve ever really felt so overwhelmed before. Even going back to stealing hasn’t helped much. It’s made paying the bills a little easier, sure. But the rush just doesn’t feel the same as it used to… And trying to hide it from Erik just adds a whole new level of stress to everything.

I knew these symptoms I’ve been having were all signs of that stress. And so is missing your period, right? So it really didn’t seem like a big deal.

But I couldn’t help thinking about the other thing those can be a sign of too…

When I missed it for the second month in a row, I took two tests, just to be sure.

And I got the same result both times.

I was in the bathroom for so long, Erik thought I’d gotten sick again or something. And I wish that’s what it was. Anything would probably be better than this. This is like a fucking nightmare.

God, that sounds awful, doesn’t it? But I don’t really mean it. Not that way, at least.

I’ve already decided, and I’m going to keep it. There’s no question about that. Anyone else can do whatever they want in my shoes. And I wouldn’t judge them for it. But this is about me. And I just… can’t.

And I’ll admit it — part of it’s this feeling of like… obligation, I guess?

But… Another part of me actually wants this baby.

I think.

No, I do.

I mean, I’ve always wanted to be a mother. I’ve always dreamed of having kids someday. And for the past few years, I’ve even dreamed of having them with Erik. I just didn’t want them so soon.

I always thought I’d be married first. Maybe in my late 20s or something by then… Erik would have his dream job working for a software company, I’d be a best-selling author. There’d be no drugs. No stealing. Just the two of us and our little family.

Anyway, the point is… The timing totally sucks. Like, “probably couldn’t be any worse” levels of suck.

Which is why I can’t tell Erik about this. Not yet, anyway. Not til things start getting better for us.

We’ve gotta figure out how to handle our money situation. I mean, we’re just barely scraping by as it is. I’ve been begging Papa for more hours at the restaurant, I’m still pushing copies of my ebooks… and I’ve been back to selling some stuff online too.

I had to bite the bullet and start stealing again. I didn’t have a choice. And I guess I did kinda miss that rush…

But it’s just not enough. And it definitely won’t be once this baby comes. How the hell are we gonna be able to pay all our bills AND support a kid?! Especially with Erik not having a job right now…

It’s hard not to start panicking about it a little.

Part of me wishes I could talk to mom or Papa about it. That they could help me. I mean, think about how many millions they have tucked away! It’s obscene. Who the hell needs that much money? It’d be so easy for them to help me and Erik out if they wanted to.

But I hate asking them for help. It’s so fucking degrading. Back before I moved out, they kept trying to tell me I couldn’t handle being on my own. And now after everything that’s happened in the past couple years, it’s even worse. They might as well be holding up some giant sign saying “We told you so” every time I talk to them!

Plus, it’s not like I haven’t asked before. I’ve tried. And every time, I get the same answer. They’ll only help if Erik goes back to rehab… Or if we break up.

They won’t listen when I try to tell them why neither of those things are gonna happen. Not right now, at least. Erik knows going back to rehab would just delay him finding a new job. And right now, that’s his number one priority.

Plus, finding a job will make everything better anyway. He might not even need rehab anymore once he’s back at work. He’ll be happy again. Maybe even stable enough that I can convince him to try an outpatient program? Then he wouldn’t have to worry so much about taking time off work or messing up his career…

But in the meantime, we really need some money to help get us back on our feet again. Maybe then Erik can keep focusing on finding a job instead of worrying and feeling so sad all the time.

But none of that matters anyway. I know they won’t do it. My parents won’t listen. And I have a feeling this baby won’t change that. Mom and Papa are too damn stubborn. Just like me, I guess.

So our only choice now is for Erik to find a job. And he’s been trying. So, so hard. But with every rejection, I feel him falling deeper and deeper into this… pit.

And I just know one of these days he’s gonna be able to pull himself out and start being himself again… But when?

Until he does, there’s no way I can tell him about this baby. He’s stressed and hurting enough as it is.

I know I can’t keep it a secret forever… But I can for now. I have to.

And more importantly, I have to figure out what the hell I’m gonna do.

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      1. Haha I dropped some red herrings with Hope in Gen 5 that raised some false alarms. Figured that would help me in the future, but apparently not 😛

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  1. That’s gonna be one screwed up kid.

    Not just because he’ll be a Rosebrook (that’s a given at this point), but because his daddy’s a cokehead (or whatever the hell it is he uses), and his mommy’s a klepto.

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    1. Definitely not a great circumstance for a child to be born into right now… But maybe having a kid is exactly what these two need to get their shit together?

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      1. Relying on a child to make everything better is a mistake–“having a kid” isn’t exactly what they need. It might be a wakeup call, sure, but in my opinion if you have to wait until the kid’s born to want to straighten out the mess that is your life, that’s not setting a good standard for how you’re going to parent that child later on. They have to want this for themselves and for each other first; otherwise it’s selfish to bring a kid into this mess. I’m not saying people can’t turn their lives around for a child, because that happens too. And I’m not saying Harper shouldn’t have the child… but hey, adoption is definitely an option. And she can also have an open adoption and still be able to see the child.

        My problem with the idea that “Hey, maybe they’ll fix everything for the baby!” is that it hardly ever works like that. Most of the time, it goes like this: Someone chooses to have a child/impregnate someone (sabotaging birth control/condoms is a thing!–a HORRIBLE thing, but it happens.) to keep a relationship going. Resentment all around, kid grows up in an unhealthy environment. Or… Parent is an addict. “Oh, the baby will bring him/her to his/her senses!” But the bad behavior continues anyway because the parents are still concerned with whatever caused them to have problems in the first place, and now on top of that there’s the additional stress of a child. And the child is now also exposed to drugs/bad behavior from infancy, and it’s entirely possible the baby is born addicted if the mom was a user. (I *think* if the dad was a user, it doesn’t affect the child’s development like it would if the drug abuse happened during pregnancy, but I’m not sure.. that’s one I’d have to look up.)

        … So, tl;dr basically Erik and Harper both need rehab ASAP, or otherwise if Erik isn’t going to get help, Harper needs to move on with her life and take responsibility for the child on her own. Single parenting is hard, but it’s possible–and if Erik doesn’t get help she may as well be a single parent anyway. He’s going to kill himself with an overdose or be out of his mind–and that’s no help to Harper. Besides which, I’d personally be concerned with what he might do to the baby while high–people aren’t themselves when they are high. Either way, this isn’t a decision that can or should wait until the kid is born.

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        1. I definitely agree with everything you said. If these two are truly going to change, it’s gotta happen fast. And more importantly, Harper has to tell Erik the truth so they can have a serious discussion about this baby and make sure they’re on the same page!


  2. Yes!!!! She’s pregnant!!!!! This is amazing!!!!
    They aren’t ready to be parents but they could make it work. Then they could get a dog or cat….
    I feel bad that Harper has to go through such a difficult situation and that she’s stealing again. Maybe if she tells him about the baby he will want to go back to rehab.
    I hope their babies can grow up in a nice drug free home. (I’m assuming the Rosebrook family curse will be at play here)
    Great chapter!

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    1. Hahahahaha I love your confidence and enthusiasm 😂

      This definitely has the potential to be the perfect wakeup call for both of them. But she has to tell him about the baby first…!

      As for the curse, we shall see!


      1. Another thing – Erik’s mother will not be happy. Neither will HoZay, but considering Christine’s reaction to Erik’s brother getting a girl pregnant…

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  3. Oh Harper….you done messed up! You have to tell Erik. He’s gonna be super pissed that you kept it from him. I’m sure she thinks if she tells her parents they will make her move back home. They may wind up taking care of our next heir anyway if things don’t get better like yesterday.

    That dream family was adorable. So sad it won’t be like that ever unless she makes some tough decisions that she is not willing to make. Burying her head in the sand isn’t helping. Wake up girl! Before it’s too late.

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    1. Yeah she’s definitely afraid that her parents are gonna try to make her leave Erik and come home. And that isn’t what she wants… what she wants is that perfect dream of hers 😦

      And you’re so right — that vision will never come true unless she makes some tough choices and big changes!

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  4. I knew it. Harper is going to have some tough choices ahead. The closer she gets to delivering the more she is going to see that this won’t work. Erik falling deeper and deeper in the whole means it’s going to take more and more to get out.

    Erik just needs to tell her how he is feeling. Someone needs to tell him that he doesn’t need to impress his mother. He graduated college. He has fullfilled that expectation. He doesn’t need to make her proud. He needs to live for him.

    Also don’t hide his spawn from him. No good comes from that. That might be what he needs to give him some motivation.

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    1. Very wise words for both Harper and Erik! He definitely needs to start opening up more and stop obsessing about making his mother proud. Like you said, he’s gotta live for himself. And the first step is taking care of himself.

      And I also think you’re right that no good can come from Keeping this secret. Harper has to open up too. Maybe then they can work together to get everything figured out in time for this baby…


  5. Omg, she’s PARGANT. I never would’ve suspected! 😉

    Love that dream shot of the little dream family. Yeah, sorry Harper, I can’t envision that future with the three of you…

    It’s nice to think that a baby would help them get their shit together, but the reality is that a baby is one more stressor and expense on top of all the ones they already have. Diapers alone could probably rival some of Erik’s habit costs. 😉 Okay, slight exaggeration, maybe, but still. A baby at this point in time is going to make things worse, not better.

    And Harper, you totally need to tell Erik. ASAP. Sorry.

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    1. Right?? What’s a surprise!!! 😲 😛

      Yeah… that’s a total pipe dream from Harper. Unfortunately she and Erik have made enough terrible choices that the chances of that dream becoming a reality are slim and none… :-/

      And yeah, the baby has just as much a chance of hurting as helping, huh? It’s definitely a giant mess right now. And the longer Harper keeps the secret from Erik, the messier it’s gonna get…

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  6. Oh boy. Better get our seat belts ready for this crazy ride, guys.

    I really hope Harper will get her (and Erik’s) shit together before this baby comes. If she doesn’t, I’ll be seriously disappointed in her. Although part of me is hoping that this is exactly what they need to get their life on the rails again – as sad as that is – I’m worried that it won’t be. Harper still seems so delusional about so many things and her pride is standing in the way of her happiness.

    The silver lining is that I feel like becoming a father might be the only thing to wake Erik up. Maybe he’ll be the more responsible one of the two at this point… But I guess we’ll see?

    If that baby is gonna be as cute as the dream-baby, it’s so gonna be worth it ❤

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    1. Woah, I thought I replied to this. Whoops!

      They definitely have to get their shit together ASAP. And if they don’t, well, that will be a scary and dangerous home for a baby to live in! 😦 So let’s hope this news ends up doing good, rather than harm… It certainly has the potential to be a good wakeup call for Erik. But it could backfire too! 😦

      Definitely guaranteed a cute baby though, at least! Haha I mean, look at the parents! ❤

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      1. I could totally see Zayne and Hope stepping in and raising the baby in their house, btw, if Harper and Erik don’t step their game up. If I know Hozay, they won’t let their grandchild grow up in a dangerous environment,

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  7. Harper…Harper…Harper…. Erik…Erik…Erik…

    I could see Erik trying really hard to get himself and his life cleaned up for this in ways that other areas haven’t particularly worked. Knowing that he needs to get his life together for himself first so he can take part in something special in which another innocent life depends on him might do the trick, similar to his brother when he had his own child.

    Erik and Harper have opposite personalities in that respect. Harper has always focused on herself and Erik has always bent over backwards to try to please everyone else, losing himself in the process.

    With a baby on the way, it might give him the light he needs to get himself out of that tunnel and start putting one foot in front of the other to reach a goal to realize that accepting help (finally) would benefit himself, which in turn, would benefit the baby and in a roundabout way, Harper. Harper needs a lot more help of her own.
    She could do with a good, stern, unbiased, old-fashioned soul-searching kind of retreat or camp kind of thing. Those kind of things where people aren’t afraid to tell you exactly what they are thinking, because they don’t “walk on eggshells” around you. They don’t coddle you, in other words, and you’re required to spend a certain amount of time in group therapy sessions. That could be her “rehab” for getting caught stealing. I read about something similar in a magazine once. Some rich kid was caught shoplifting (repeat offender) and sent to some “rehab”, but apparently this particular place worked using the tactics I just loosely described.

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    1. I really loved the way you compared Harper and Erik! It’s very true in many ways. Harper tends to be more selfish while Erik is always concerned about doing right by other people (usually his mother or Harper, from what we’ve seen so far). Though in this case, that could benefit him if this turns out to be the wakeup call he needs in order to get his shit together.

      Of course, that would involve Harper actually telling him… :-/ She really does need a lot of help. That idea of therapy is really interesting! I wonder if that sort of thing would be effective with Harper. We may never know… Hmm…

      Thanks so much for reading!


  8. Little cutie pie dream spare! I want for my next gen! (Or any overlooked spare will do!) I’m so excited! The next gen is upon us already! And done the old fashioned Rosebrook way, 😂🤣😝

    If only that dream would become reality. Sigh…but with Katie coming into the picture and some unknown girl, I’m afraid Erik’s time is running out.

    I find it funny how Harper is goin* to hide her pregnancy and not deal with the issue. She’ll have to when she starts showing which will Be soon since she’s skinny. Maybe she can wear REALLY huge sweats or something so she can ignore it for as long as possible! 😛

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    1. Hahaha yeah hiding it for long won’t be easy 😉 Baggy clothes are in her future, I fear 😛

      And I’m glad you’re so excited for the next generation! That little dream spare was so cute 😭


  9. A child deserves a better life than a drug addict and a thief. No sympathy from me. Grow up, admit you both have a problem, get help, or give the baby to someone who will love and take care of him or her.
    I could say more. I will not go into detail what this lifestyle will do to the child.

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    1. You’re definitely right that the child deserves better. And, sorry to spoil stuff, but I want to set your mind at ease — the child will have better. Either Erik and Harper will get it together or the child will be raised by someone else. I’ll leave that much a mystery, at least 🙂 So please don’t worry in that regard. I’d never put a child through that ❤

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  10. Ah, finally. Took roughly a day or two and now I’m finally caught up. Quite the dramatic ride indeed.

    Anyway, I’ve recently just started reading works of yours after getting an interest in the idea of SimLit. And I have to say, I’m finding this a fantastic journey of a story. The characters, the drama, just about everything here has me interested and enjoying reading. And on top of that, I feel it’s very inspiring. As a hobbyist writer and someone who’s wanted to try SimLit for a few months now the story as a whole (and Dust as well, I had read that story as well) is very inspiring to me, perhaps having me think that maybe I could try writing a SimLit myself. Though, I will admit the amount of work that seems to go behind these does scare me just a little. Do you think such effort is worth the end product?

    Harper, dear, this is drastically getting out of hand. And Erik… I see both ways up and down out of this. Which will you choose. With the child on top of everything I can see their situation either improving if Erik manages to kick his habits and wake up and if Harper settles out, but I can just as easily envision this spiraling even further down a dark tunnel as struggles become more so.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading! I appreciate it immensely ❤️ And I’m so flattered you feel inspired!

      I will admit that it’s a ton of work. But to me I find it super satisfying when I see the end result!

      You’re very right about how the current situation may go… it could really go either way! Only time will tell…

      Thank you again ❤

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      1. You’re welcome! It certainly is very inspiring. In a way, I’ve always sort of… mentally wrote SimLit, in a way. I’ve never actually written out anything, but I have never once played a session of Sims or played a neighborhood without thousands of ideas running through my head. “Ah, this Smoky Quartz could actually be a mystical gem of power and these two Sims could be hunters after such a thing…” things such as that. It’s quite fun! The only thing that scares me away from the idea of actually writing out a real SimLit are the ideas of planning, screenshots, sticking to a schedule… It seems like it would be quite a bit more difficult than merely following a silly little story quietly in my head.

        But then, perhaps it would be worth all of the effort, if just to share the ideas I’m fond about with others. I suppose you’re using the pose player for the screens? Seems like it would be rather difficult to hope they manually catch the poses you want.

        We’ll see how that situation will go. I’ll certainly be around for the ride.

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  11. I can’t really say it’s a surprise, but it might finally trigger some sort of development. It feels so typical for Harper trying to hide her pregnancy, because she would like help but doesn’t want to sink so deep to accept the “told you so” sign or even realize she is responsible, but not the single one person that can handle everything better than everyone else giving her advice.

    I don’t like her not telling Erik, but I guess it wouldn’t make things better. Erik always tries to make life as easy as possible for everyone around him, even if it means ripping himself apart. There is a chance he would go to rehab to give this kid a better daddy, but the chance seems much higher he tries to get a job instead so the kid can be fed and coddled, ignoring the long term consequences. It should be Harpers turn to lead him in a better direction, to tell him finding a job shouldn’t be his first priority and won’t really make things better.

    And I am glad Zayne and Hope are going to keep their word and not enable their current situation. It is a long step from where they started. They don’t try to run her life, they don’t try to force her to break up with Erik. And I know it would be hard to break up with Erik, it would feel like betrayal when he is just so vulnerable, insecure and downright destroyed. But he may be doing the best he can, I can’t stand the thought of a baby in this family. Harper signed up for what she wanted, and could always leave, but the kid has no choice of putting itself into this poor place. It will be loved, but that isn’t enough.

    I would like a solution that involves Erik going to rehab as long as necessary and Harper returning to her family (and Harpers baby having many many new Rosebrook kids), but I guess that path is already blocked by Harpers attitude.

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    1. Great point about Erik. Someone else mentioned something similar too — Erik is always trying to do things for others. Usually Harper or his mother. And having a baby would definitely add to that. But the question is how… like you said, it could go either way…

      I like your idea for a potential solution. But we’ll see if it ever becomes a reality….


  12. I think this is exactly the wake up call Harper needs. Kick that junkie out, reconcile with your parents, have this baby and be the best goddamn mom you can be! This is NOT a child friendly enviorment. I hope her mama instincts kick in sooner rather then later.

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  13. So much for the flu. *eye roll* This could be good. Hopefully this will be the wake-up call they both need to get their acts together.

    I wish you would have written, “we need to handle our financial situation.” 😀

    Little Miss Lady, if you keep this up, you’ll be delivering your precious babe in JAIL.

    “Plus, finding a job will make everything better anyway. He might not even need rehab anymore once he’s back at work.”
    LISTEN TO YOURSELF! Srsly? Have you been watching what’s going on? Wake up!

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    1. Haha I wanted to do the full Hamilton reference, but it didn’t fit Harper’s voice, unfortunately 😦

      We’ll see if Harper opens her eyes any time soon… hopefully she will, with this baby on the way!

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  14. Oh jeeze. OH HARPER.Remember the days when she was punching the popular girl? Crazy that it’s all led to here.

    I get that she’s not ready to break up with Erik (not actually, but fine), but clearly his job search isn’t working so why not try rehab. She really needs to talk to her parents. God. Harper needs a healthy dose of Mari right now. 😦

    Side note, that dream picture had Harper looking so much like her grandmother Carly! Maybe it’s the nose.

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    1. I definitely miss those simple days of punching katie! Hahaha and yes! If only Mari were still around… she’d give Harper some food (but probably harsh) advice for sure! 😦

      And now that you mention it, I do see it a bit! Probably that bloomer nose, like you said haha

      Thanks for reading!


    1. The baby will be fine physically, but yes, lots of other crap for this poor future child to worry about! Haha shipwrecks and drama ahead, as always!


  15. I hope Zayne and Hope take the child and raise it until she gets her shit together. They do not need a child. A drug addict and a thief. 🙄 at least stealing isn’t doing it for her anymore. So there is some chance. But seriously she still can’t admit to herself that he is an addict and needs rehab. A job isn’t going to help it. She is still in denial.

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  16. Here’s what you do babe. Fucking bail. Get out of there. I swear to god, if you try and raise a baby with a drug addicted hottie (give him credit, angry me); I’ll make a sim of you and punch her. I’ll have Phoebe punch you so it’s family punching you. Or close enough. 😂 HOPEFULLY once she tells Erik, he’ll straighten up. He’ll get clean and get his lazy piece of shit ass a job. And then Rylie and Devin can come visit and have a baby shower and everything will be wonderful. BUT. You don’t write stories like that. That’s too happy! 😂😂 My poor Harper. You’ll figure it out babe.


    1. Definitely not a high likelihood of happiness with me behind the keyboard, but you never know 😛

      And as for the job, well, Erik has been trying! Haha he spends all day on job applications and interviews… But unfortunately it’s hard to get a job when you’re in his state.

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  17. I saw the preview image and slammed the read button. I was sure you were going to throw something else at us, but this is pretty not great! To get to the baby so early, I have a really bad feeling about what’s going to follow.

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    1. Haha yeah, this is pretty awful (forgive me!!!!!) With the way things have been going for Harper and Erik, there are few ways this can end well 😦

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  18. 1) Harper definitely should tell Erik about the baby.
    2) Harper should definitely leave Erik until and unless he gets treatment. You do not want your baby around a druggie, and I’d argue it’s also better for a pregnant woman not to be around a druggie, even if she’s not taking those drugs. Erik’s on some hard stuff, which means his behavior could be unpredictable. So far he’s seemed rather calm, but there have been instances of people on hard drugs becoming violent even when they never have before.
    3) Harper also needs treatment for her kleptomania.
    4) If she’s unwilling to leave Erik for the good of her baby, she could always put the baby up for an open adoption. Perhaps Zayne would be willing to be the child’s guardian.

    What Harper should not do:
    1) Assume that Erik will definitely clean up for a baby. While people sometimes can and do, more often they don’t. The addiction is so strong it overpowers everything else. And, Harper should already know this by how Erik doesn’t pay much attention to her anymore either. It’s more likely that Erik would wake up from Harper leaving and trying to shape up her own life than from Harper staying with him and having a child.
    2) Continue not to tell anyone. It’s going to be very obvious soon, and not too many people are going to think she’s just gained weight when all of that weight is centered on her belly approximately where her uterus is located. Just sayin’.
    3) Stay with Erik during or immediately after pregnancy while he’s still taking drugs. And not just hard drugs… pot is not good around a pregnant woman or child either. Marijuana stunts brain development. So if you wanna smoke it when you’re an adult, around adults, and be responsible by not driving or doing anything else that could potentially be dangerous… go for it. But kids and teens shouldn’t be exposed to it. And, honestly, I’m picturing Erik still refusing to get off the drugs and their child getting into said drugs as a toddler. So yeah… something has to change.
    4) Wait for the Right Time to tell everyone. There’s no right time. There’s never going to be a right time.
    5) Keep expecting Erik to handle his problems on his own, or even get a job. He looks like someone who’s been taking hard drugs, and that alone will hurt his chances in any interview. Many places require a drug test. He’s not going to get hired until he gets clean, and the more Harper tells herself otherwise, the more she is deluding herself.

    It was admirable for Harper to stick by Erik before, in a twisted kind of way. Mostly because it shows she has faith that he can and will do better. But now, she’s going to be a mom. Thanks to Erik’s addiction, the relationship is already pretty much gone to the point that Harper isn’t even sure if she really loves Erik anymore. I feel like love is a verb as much as it is an emotion, so yes, she does love Erik. She’ll probably always love him. But, Erik isn’t the guy he was when they first met–or rather, he’s more of the bad side and has lost the part that she appreciated. While ordinarily their relationship–if they are serious about it–should be the top priority, as a mother-to-be, Harper should also consider what being around Erik could do to her baby. That might mean it’s better for her, and for the baby, to leave Erik and be a single mom.

    I don’t think the baby is going to be the wakeup call that Erik needs. I’m not even sure that Harper leaving him would be–he might just see it as a profound betrayal. How could she, when he was totally going to get a job and clean up? But, he’s shown no sign of doing so, even though we know he wants to clean up. He doesn’t want it badly enough to talk to someone.

    Also incoming diatribe on writing… Going by the Real World rather than Sims, Harper should understand that her ebooks–or physical books, should she choose to go that route–are never going to pay her enough to live on. Not only that, but she’s still very young. Most of the best writers have a few years behind them, and there’s a good reason for that. The longer you live, and the more you do in life, the more experiences you have to draw on for your writing. Not that a young person can’t write well, but it’s not as easy to portray the depth of experience that an older writer could. Only a very rare few people ever write books that earn millions. Not to mention with Harper’s apparent lack of beta readers/editors who aren’t her friends and family, I’m dubious of the actual writing quality–though there are well known examples of poor writing (and even plagiaristic writing!) making millions for the writers, with the right marketing strategy. Usually though, the wealthy writers only got that way because they got a movie deal or a TV series adaptation. Books do not sell well enough for the vast majority of writers to get rich on. You might make enough money to scrape by; that’s about it–most people just get a supplemental income from their writing, while still having a day job. And, ebooks still don’t sell as well as physical copies. Of course, in the Sims all you have to do is raise your writing skill and submit to publishers enough times and the dough comes crashing through like a steamroller. Not sure if you’re trying to portray it more Sims-like or more real-world like, or some kind of hybrid. Maybe this is evidence that Harper still has a lot to learn? After all, she’s still working at her dad’s restaurant. Maybe when she realizes just how hard it is to make it as a writer, she’ll spend some time at university and maybe follow a different career track? Maybe be an addiction counselor, perhaps? Of course her experiences in life will make for some awesome writing later on, if she lets them.

    Like another commenter said, right now there’s a high chance social services would take the baby.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for sharing all your thoughts! It’s a lot to take in! Haha I definitely agree with most of what you said here… But I’m not sure if Harper will. We’ll see 😉

      Thank you so much for reading!


      1. Well, Harper is young and in love and doesn’t really want to change her own bad behavior (thievery). Erik’s behavior is a problem that could get him killed–either the drugs or his dealer might see to that–but that doesn’t mean Harper doesn’t have a serious problem too. She knows it’s a problem even if she refuses to acknowledge that her petty thievery actually does hurt others. Did she forget that she got caught on camera before? Next time it might be jail. Now imagine she’s just had her little baby and she’s put in jail where she can’t visit that baby, and Erik is too high to be trusted taking care of the baby. Now what?

        … I wonder if that’s what it’s going to come to, and if that will wake Erik up. Maybe Harper will wind up in jail rather than leaving him, and he’ll know she’s been stealing because of him. Then of course he’d also find out she’s pregnant… Of course that’s just rampant speculation.

        This has got to be one of the biggest train wreck stories you’ve written, but it’s interesting and I’m curious to see what happens.

        Liked by 1 person

  19. I just spent the last week binge reading A2A in between getting ready for finals and I would like to say that it’s amazing. I’m actually kind of disappointed that I’ve caught up because now I have to wait for updates to get the rest of the story lol. Tbh you inspired me to finally start posting my own legacy story.

    Poor Harper has some big decisions to make in upcoming chapters. I hope for her sake she is able to see that the environment she’s living in now isn’t going to be good for a baby.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow! Thank you!!!! I appreciate you taking the time to read my story and I’m so glad you love it so much. And I’m especially flattered that it’s inspired you to share your own sims story! That’s so awesome 🙂

      I post two chapters a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so you won’t have to wait too long! 🙂

      And yes, big decisions will definitely have to be made. Things can’t continue this way now that a baby will be coming into the picture 😮 Time will tell what happens…

      Thank you again for reading! I appreciate it so much ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  20. “And I have a feeling this baby won’t change that.” HARPER! Your parents are so much more understanding and caring than you think! Of course they want Erik to go to rehab, and if he doesn’t, of course they want you to leave him! So! Many! Exclamation! Points!

    C’mon girl, you know what you need to do; leave Erik and move back into your parent’s house so they can support you while you have the baby.

    But that would probably be classed as the most happy solution, in which case it won’t happen 😜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I approve of all the exclamations! Haha Harper is so blind to reality 😦 She is so convinced everything can work out the way she wants it to, but… Well… The likelihood of that is unfortunately quite low! :-/

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I’m totally with you on that assessment. On the one hand I’d love to see Erik straighten himself out, which he’s probably not going to do as long as Harper stays with him. Just by staying she’s enabling him, but on top of that she’s stealing to pay for their apartment. And of course some of that money must be going to his dealer, because he’s still shooting up. But on the other hand, Harper’s going to have a baby and I don’t want to see the new toddler stumble across Daddy’s drug stash. That would be the making of a horror story.

      I don’t think her family will be as “I told you so” as she thinks, though their actual reaction may be worse if she were to move back in with her parents. It’d probably be more a sort of sympathy/pity because they know how she feels about Erik and obviously would feel bad that he didn’t clean himself up for Harper.

      Liked by 2 people

  21. Oh well, deeper to the pit we go, I guess..That surely isn’t going to end well, and I’m almost sure some part of Harper knows that, but simply dosen’t want to admit it. Admit that she ineed didn’t do very well alone, admit that she needs to make Erick look for rehab…I heard that once you start admiting your mistakes you grow as a person, and I really think Harper needs that. ( Even though saying ”I heard that” dosen’t give that much confidence XD)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Another thing I just thought was that, maaaaybe, if Harper isn’t willing to let herself go of Erick or help him into his rehab, Hope and Zayne might take care of her child as if they were their parents, that way, Harper will stay with Erick and the child will have a better childhood(?)

      Liked by 1 person

    2. “I’m almost sure some part of Harper knows that, but simply dosen’t want to admit it.” this sentence more or less sums up Harper’s whole character 😂😂😂 So much denial about, well, everything!!!!!

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  22. If Harper had to talk to anyone (which she does), it should be Jocelyne. I think she’d be the most understanding out of everyone in her family. Also, she should tell Erik because he deserves to know what’s going on. I must say, Harper should’ve seen this coming a long time ago… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gotta love how blind my poor Rosebrooks are… LOL

      I agree that Joce would probably be the most understanding person! But I’m afraid Harper is just too nervous to tell ANYONE right now. 😦

      Thanks so much for reading, as always! ❤


  23. Waiting is a good way to have all your choices taken away from you.

    I’m curious to see how this ends up going for her. I fear it can’t be good. Panicked and pregnant….

    Love the false fast forward picture..cuz yeah I’m sure that’ll be you someday. :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, unfortunately there are few ways this can end well… But you never know?

      And yeah, that dream picture is so cute and perfect… and unrealistic 😦 Thanks for reading, Rae!


  24. I had a peek at this on Saturday and went “no, no, no” and closed it until now.

    To be honest, I’m a little surprised because I thought they weren’t sleeping together lately? But not surprised because she’s a Rosebrook. Sigh!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah Harper mentioned a couple of chapters ago that they’d had sex only once in the last month (heroin lowers testosterone levels/sex drive in guys, and causes erectile dysfunction too. Ouch. 😦 )

      But, well, one time is all it takes… (and Harper has Rosebrook luck hahaha)

      Liked by 1 person

  25. “Which is why I can’t tell Erik about this. Not yet, anyway. Not til things start getting better for us.”
    Clara would laugh in your face

    Sometimes a child is the motivation needed to recover

    “Plus, finding a job will make everything better anyway. He might not even need rehab anymore once he’s back at work. He’ll be happy again. “
    I thought you were smart Harper lol that’s not how that works

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You thought she was smart? Oh my sweet summer child… 😛

      Seriously though… she is so good at making shitty decisions and being completely oblivious to how badly she’s fucking up. Gah!


  26. It’d be wrong to slap someone who’s pregnant, right? Yeah… It thought so. So her parents will help her if Erik goes to rehab, but “that’s not an option”?????

    Goodness gracious. I wouldn’t hire someone who came into their interview looking like Erik. His face in ever shot looks sad and either high or coming down from a high.

    And her writing is only going as far as ebooks?? She pictures herself as a bestselling author, but isn’t actually doing much to work towards that goal? I just… where is the intervention? I know that a lot of people go through this and their families and friends feel helpless to help. That’s how I feel right now. Helpless.

    Liked by 1 person

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