6.17: Interlude – High

Hey guys! Just a quick heads up that after this chapter, I am going on a brief, one week break until next Wednesday (the 30th)

This time, the reason is for 100% practical purposes — I simply was too busy between my best friend’s wedding and having an awesome, in-person visit with Julyvee, Trip, ra3rei, and JoieWilder (it was so fun!!!!) that I haven’t been able to write anything for the past week and a half… meaning I am out of chapters! 😮

So I’m taking a bit of a break so I can get a few chapters ahead again before I start publishing them. I promise to return next week!

And now without further ado… today’s chapter 🙂 


Harper reached up for a moment, running her fingers through the new choppy layers of her hair. She stared at herself in the mirror for what felt like the hundredth time and marveled at how light and different her hair felt now. The slight dampness from the drizzle they’d caught themselves in had finally dried away, and her hair was back to looking like it had after Rylie finished styling it earlier.

“Jeez, will you stop messing with it?” Rylie cried, half annoyed and half amused. “You hate it, don’t you? You can tell me if you do, y’know.”

Harper shook her head. “I don’t hate it.” She replied seriously. “I love it! It’s just so different… I’m still getting used to it. But you did an amazing job.” She assured her friend.

It was everything Harper had hoped for. It was cute and edgy and fun and still managed to hide her hearing aid. And though she’d initially been unsure of Rylie’s plans to dye her hair as well, she was thrilled with the results.

“Thanks.” Rylie smiled for a moment. “But stop messing with it or you’ll fuck it up!” She added with a laugh.

“Yeah, stop worrying about it so much.” Devin stepped closer to the two girls as he spoke. “I know it’s different, but… You look hot!”

A pleasant warmth came to Harper’s cheeks at his words. “Oh my God, shut up!” She giggled almost nervously. Did he seriously just call her hot?

“Dev’s right,” Rylie agreed. “You totally do!

The warmth in her cheeks grew more intense at Rylie’s words, and there was a slight tickling of butterflies in her stomach. They’re just being nice. Harper told herself, willing the feeling away.

“Alright, enough stroking my ego.” She laughed brightly, pulling away from the mirror at last. “Let’s go.”

Her friends nodded in agreement. “Yeah, this place is WAY too fancy for me.” Devin glanced around the clothing store for a moment before leading the way toward the door and back into the mall.

Though the store they’d just left was pretty deserted, the mall itself was much too busy for Harper’s liking. There was just too much noise. Babies screaming, kids giggling, and a seemingly endless stream of chatter from the other shoppers. It definitely wasn’t her first choice for a place to hang out, but until the rain passed and they could go outside again, they were pretty low on options.

She hung back a bit while Rylie and Devin walked ahead, chatting animatedly with one another. It was impossible for her to hear anything they said, but she didn’t mind. Sometimes it was nice to let the dull buzz drown everything out, and spend some time with her own thoughts. Harper hadn’t been doing that nearly as much for the past several weeks, ever since she started hanging out with Rylie and Devin. Not that she minded, of course. But part of her had started to miss it a little.

Harper spent the next few minutes mentally writing part of her next chapter, until she followed her friends into yet another store and the buzz of the mall shoppers died away at last. She shifted her attention back to her friends as they started looking around at some of the knick-knacks and electronics that filled the shelves.

It was an interesting little store that seemed to have everything from electronics to boxes of old records to collectors figurines and posters. It was definitely more up their alley than that fancy clothing boutique had been.

“Hey Dev, look at this weird action figure thing… He kinda looks like you!” Rylie teased playfully, pointing to one of the ugly alien figurines as they passed.

“Ha! Bitch…” Devin shook his head, but smiled. His eyes continued scanning the shelves as they moved onward. “Hey, isn’t this that crappy horror movie you said your Oma’s obsessed with?” He asked, turning to Harper as he spoke. Devin was pointing toward a collectors edition blu-ray of the entire Moonlight Massacre series.

She nodded, smiling. “Yeah, she loves it. So did her husband… And her brother too.”

It was always interesting talking about her grandfathers… both her biological one and her adopted one. She didn’t really feel anything when she thought about them. Or her biological grandmother either, for that matter. Mark, Lucas, Hazel… They were just names to her. Old pictures and stories shared with her by family members. But a small part of her would always wish they could be more.

“Anyway, maybe I’ll tell Papa about it.” She continued at last, shrugging. “Might be a good idea for a Christmas gift.”

“Hey, look!” Rylie’s voice called out to them before Devin had a chance to reply. She beckoned the others over to her. “Aren’t you like, obsessed with these guys, Harper?” Her voice was almost teasing.

When her eyes fell on what her friend was pointing at, it was all Harper could do not to squeal out loud. It was the new 12 Minutes to Jupiter album! One of those fancy deluxe editions you could only find in certain stores… She’d been waiting for this for months!

“No way! I didn’t think it came out til next week.” Her eyes widened. “Either I’m a week off or the store made a mistake or something…”

“Well either way, looks like there’s only one left.” Rylie smiled. “Guess it’s got your name on it!”

Harper’s face fell immediately at her friend’s words. God damn it. “Yeah… Just one problem.” She sighed softly. “I don’t have any money with me.” She’d spent the bit of cash she’d borrowed from her parents to buy lunch a little while ago. None of them had intended for this to turn into an actual shopping trip. Just something to do to get out of the rain for a while. “Shit… I’m guessing neither of you guys have any extra cash I could borrow?”

Both of her friends shook their heads, just as she’d feared. “I literally have like three coins in my pocket.” Rylie replied.

“Yeah, and I spent all my money on food.” Devin said sadly. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Harper shrugged slightly, trying to hide her disappointment. “I’ll get it later, I guess. Or download it on iTunes or something.” But it won’t be the special edition… Fuck. I should have brought more money!

None of them spoke for a few moments as Rylie and Devin exchanged an odd, knowing glance.

“Sure. You could do that…” Rylie smirked slightly as she finally broke the silence. “Or…” She looked at Harper almost expectantly.

The other girl furrowed her brow in confusion. “Or what?”

“Well, nobody’s looking.” Rylie gave her friend a small wink. “Just sayin’.”

Harper realized immediately what she was implying. “Oh my God, no way!” Her eyes went wide. “You’re crazy!”

“Aw, come on.” Devin finally chimed in, smiling. “It’s really not a big deal… We’ve both done it before.”

“I dunno…”

“Don’t pussy out on us!” Rylie teased. “Just do it… Dev’s right. It’s not a big deal.”

Harper continued to hesitate. It wasn’t right to take something without paying, was it? I mean… that’s STEALING, isn’t it? She asked herself. But Harper knew it was a silly question. Of course it was stealing.

But the more important question was, did it matter?

It’s not like it would hurt anybody to take it, would it? All the employees at the store would still get paid. The greedy corporate big-wigs would still make their millions. And she was sure the band could afford to miss out on one album sale.

Who’d miss a silly little CD anyway?

Harper took a quick glance up and down the aisle. There were no employees or other customers in sight.

She reached out, took the CD into one of her small hands, and quickly tucked it into her jacket. “Let’s go.” She muttered to the others as she headed for the exit.

She tried her best to walk quickly, but not too quickly. Not enough to raise suspicion. Her heart beat violently in her chest with each step she took toward the doors. Just play it cool. You’re almost there…


Harper nearly jumped as the store’s alarm sounded. Fuck… I bet there’s a security tag inside! 

Much too late, she realized she should have just kept walking… But she’d already paused in the store’s doorway. And her friends had no choice but to follow suit. Rylie and Devin’s expressions stiffened slightly, but she saw them trying their best to keep their cool. She tried to follow their lead as one of the employees approached, smiling.

“Sorry!” Harper fought to keep her voice as steady and natural as possible. “I think it’s my hearing aid… It sets these things off sometimes.” She explained apologetically, briefly pushing back the hair above her left ear to flash the bright purple device.

The next two seconds felt like an eternity as she waited for the man to respond.

“Oh, that’s fine.” He replied at last, smiling warmly at her. “I understand. Have a good day!”

“Thanks!” Harper’s own lips stretched into a bright smile. “You too!”

A second round of beeping filled the air as the trio crossed the threshold once more. But this time, they continued walking. And Harper relished in the rush of adrenaline coursing through her veins as she and her friends made their escape.

It was thrilling and exciting. It made her feel so…brave. Powerful. Like nobody could stop her.

Like she could do anything!

Her high did not fade for the rest of the afternoon.

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  1. *sigh* I knew they were going to be a bad influence on her… :/

    If her parents find out she’d taken that, imagine the hell they’d give her. Who’s to say that employee doesn’t know who Hope and Zayne are, and ends up contacting them to say what she really did? (He may know she’s lying, after all)

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  2. Ohhh..Harper! Bad girl! Just like she did in school. 😈 Used her hearing as a way out. Now she’s gonna have to lie to mom and dad…I saved up my lunch money to buy this…or Dev and Rylie bought it for me….I wonder how that will make her feel. Oh and look at my new hair. Rylie did that for me too! 😇

    And you are gonna make us wait for the next chapter just because you have a life. Dang it! Lol….

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    1. Hahahaha sorry to leave you hanging with this one 😂

      Harper definitely was a bad girl in this one! It was very fun to write 😉 Hehe


    1. I think she did stop at school, because her teachers got too smart for her 😛 But in situations like this… it works perfectly, unfortunately haha


  3. Very early on i realized there was a possibility that stealing would come into the picture. And i was right! I can’t believe she would do that! And even worse, i can’t believe that Rylie and Devin would pressure her into stealing! That is so wrong! I guess I wasn’t totally wrong when i said that i thought they would lead her into some kind of wrong doing… it was just stealing instead of vandalism.
    It’s so sad that her new friends are like this. Hopefully they will just outgrow it, and they will stay friends. But i’m also conflicted about whether they really should stay friends. It’s not good company for Harper to keep. And I for sure do not approve of the hearing aid excuse. Though tbh, at that moment, it was better than own up to it, because that would lead her into a whole lot of trouble, but she should just never have done it to begin with, and i seriously hope she won’t do it ever again!

    It makes me a bit sad that she feels nothing when she talks about Mark and Luzel, but i understand since she’s never met any of them. They just have a soft spot in my heart so it saddens me she has never had a relationship with them.

    About your little break, that’s completely understandable 🙂 I hope you come back with fresh new story ideas 😀 Can’t wait to read them, as always ❤

    Btw, love her new hair! Rylie sure did a great job on that one. I wonder what her parents will think of it though. A lot of parents with daughters are all about their long hair 😀 My mom was so upset when i cut my hair short when i was younger… okay tbh i cut it all off 😛 so i was more or less bald, but i just had to try it haha. It grew out again anyway 😉

    I was half expecting that store clerk to hit on Harper. He was really cute. Did Rylie and Devin steal too since the door beeped when they exited too?

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    1. You were definitely right that Rylie and Devin maybe aren’t the best influences for Harper… But now the question is whether they can make up for it by staying true friends or not (and hopefully not pressuring her to do more bad things!) Time will tell…

      It made me sad that she doesn’t feel anything for them either 😦 I kinda threw that in there to show us the disconnect between her and those relatives who passed before she was born. It definitely hurt a little to write though!

      Glad you liked the hair! And LOL your poor mom… Good thing hair will always grow back 😛 As for Rylie and Devin, they did not steal, it just was beeping when Harper left and they were walking right next to her so they got caught up in the beeping 😮 Thank goodness for that hearing aid excuse! (*Secretly shaking my head at Harper*)

      Thanks for reading 😀

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      1. Yeah in times of “need” she is lucky to have a hearing aid (is that allowed to say? :P) to use as an excuse, but really, i don’t believe she should have stolen anyhow. It’s so wrong! Maybe she WILL end up in a criminal career after all, as there have been talked about before. But hopefully it is just a bit of teen rebellion.

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  4. Oh no baby what you doing? I was hoping that she wouldn’t get into anything too bad but I feel like this is a start of a bigger downward spiral of teen rebellion. I love her hair though. She looks so cute. I love Harper. There’s going to be a big explosion if her parents find out what she did.

    Oh what will I do for a week without your amazing story? I guess I’ll just play my sims game with a certain character I got from the gallery. It’s Alexander! I needed more males and he’s the only man my sim hit it off with. She literally could not or would not form a romantic relationship with any other sim. They met and hit it off within a few sim hours.He’s such a great catch. They are already married and have a son.

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    1. Glad you love Harper! Hopefully you will continue to love her after this…? 😛 We will see whether this truly leads to more! Sorry you have to wait a week. But it sounds like you have something fun to keep you occupied? 😉 I totally approve of Alex being in your game hehe That’s so awesome!

      Thank you for reading! ❤

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  5. Dark WitcHazard: I don’t see why everyone is so upset she stole for the first time! Big deal it’s a milestone for teen sad long as she doesn’t continue doing it with no regards for consequences she’s still golden! And what Hozay don’t know won’t hurt them! Until she’s starts using hard drugs, drinking execessively, breaking and entering, or getting some assault charges I say she’s still a good kid in my book!

    Lover WitcHazard: Seeing how much of a dangerous person you are it wouldn’t take a lot to be considered a good kid when compared to you!

    Dark WitcHazard: And your point is?

    Lover WitcHazard: Don’t mind me if you can’t see it then it just shows how far gone you truly are!

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  6. I knew those two kids would be a bad influence. It’s easy to give in to peer pressure when you feel like no one other than those peers understands you. When she gets busted though, and I’m certain she will, I hope Zayne remembers that time he delivered drugs for rent money and then it can lead to some honest conversation for once.

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    1. “Honest conversation”… *barely suppressed laughter* (Kidding! 😛 )

      You’re so right about this peer pressure! And the fact that (hopefully) if/when Zayne finds out, he can be understanding about it… I guess time will tell!

      Thank you for reading, Eddie! 😀

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  7. If her parents do find out, this just feels like another reason for them to be hypocritical. I agree with Eddie, we all remember when Zayne ran drugs!

    I’m not feeling Harper using her hearing aid as an excuse to get out of trouble, though I can’t hardly expect to just let herself get in trouble. I’m really giving Devin and Riley the side eye for encouraging her to steal, then calling her a pussy for considering not stealing. Boooooo to them.

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    1. Yeah, it was kinda low of Harper to pull that excuse… But again, like you said, you can’t expect her to let herself get caught either. It’s tricky!

      And Devin and Riley are definitely people of questionable morals (but then, so is Harper, from the looks of it? Hehehe). As someone else said, hopefully it’s just typical teenage rebellion they’ll grow out of?

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      1. Is it bad that I’m not sure I want them to grow out of it? I mean, they can’t stay naughty forever. But, I can think of so many ways them being naughty can be fun to read.

        I mean think about how rich Harper’s family is. The fact that she didn’t have pocket money, or some sort of Rosebrook gold card on hand to buy even one CD?? There’s layers to that man. It says a lot about her parents as much as her.

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  8. Stealing one CD is bad, but hardly pales in comparison to what Zayne did. In comparison to him, she is practically an angel. I think Hope and Zayne are going to be really upset. I think Harper is going to maybe even run away and get an apartment with Rylie and Devin. At least that’s what I want her to do anyway.

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    1. Ooh I love your running away idea! That would be pretty cool. And it’s entirely possible at this point… we’ll see! Thank you so much for reading, gummybear! ❤

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  9. So Harper starts bringing herself into trouble. They teased her, they told her to do it, they are a bad influence, but still, they weren’t so hard on her (yet) she couldn’t dare to say no. She better doesn’t repeat this trick with the hearing aid though, the mall isn’t too big, her hair and pretty face will be recognized and Windenburg isn’t the big city.
    What troubles me is not her trying out shoplifting, it is her reaction to it. Instead of worrying that something could have happened, someone could still stop her, or something like that, she feels good. Not only proud, but this brings back the whole vigilante thing. She likes breaking the rules, and she likes showing off her “bravery” in front of her new friends. This behaviour will bring her in trouble. I wonder how she can still be so naive to think she can (always?) get away with stuff, especially when she likes superheroes and should know crime doesn’t pay out.

    As I don’t want to end this comment so pessimistic, I want to leave a compliment on Harpers new style. She looks incredibly good with it. Cool and sassy, but not as “bad influence”-like as Rylie and Devlin. It shows where she stands – she is developing in their direction, but not quite there yet. I just hope she doesn’t decide to pass them on the left lane with criminal stuff.

    Enjoy your writing time, and don’t overdo yourself.

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    1. Haha yes, Harper has gotten a taste of trouble (with a little push from her friends haha). Hopefully this won’t turn into a repeat thing, but we shall see! You bring up an excellent point of how Harper should know better than to assume she can get away with it every time!

      Glad you like her new style though. I had a lot of fun giving her a makeover! ^_^ Thank you for reading, Luna!


  10. I knew her friends are going to be bad influences. Looks like our girl, Harper, got away with stealing! What a bad girl she is! Using her hearing aid as an excuse, huh? Looks like she’ll have to formulate a lie to her parents and hopefully it will work. If they find out she’s doing criminal acts with her friends, then she’s going to get it and Zayne will remember the time he sold drugs for rent money. Maybe he can spread some words of wisdom on the sins of doing criminal acts.

    Apologies for not commenting recently. Real life has gotten busy since school has started for me. Just so you know, I’m enjoying all the drama that’s happening!

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    1. Aw, don’t worry about not always commenting, Simslover! I always see you liking chapters, so I know you’re still reading (and I appreciate that so much! ❤ ) Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this one (and for reading 🙂 )

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  11. Hoooo boy. So this is Harper’s arc.

    I love it! The whole criminal angle is so often overlooked or left out in legacies! I’m super-excited to see your treatment of it! I was hoping we’d see Zayne in the jumpsuit, but hey, Orange Is The New Black.

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    1. Ha! I love that you’re already envisioning Harper ending up in jail XD (I mean, it IS possible at this point… but we shall see!)

      But, uh, since there’s no point in denying it at this point, I will confirm that I really didn’t have a lot of ideas for Harper’s generation. Then I rolled her traits (one of the only things I still do that truly sticks to legacy rules lmao) and a, uh… certain one popped up that suddenly gave me a +100 inspired moodlet 😉 You can probably guess which one… Hehe

      Thank you for reading!!! ❤

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  12. Well that was pretty terrible of them to pressure her into doing something like that. I was really hoping that despite their appearances, they wouldn’t fall into the “bad kid” stereotypes. Hopefully they don’t get Harper involved with other kinds of crime, and hopefully this is just a once-off teen rebellion thing.

    And yes, Harper, it IS stealing, and yes, it DOES hurt people when you do that. The employee might end up fired, for starters–he doesn’t look much if any older than you. The artist doesn’t make much compared to the person publishing their CD/MP3, so you’re stealing some of the limited profit that they make–even if they are wealthy it matters. Also, corporations aren’t made of nameless, faceless people. Sure, the CEO’s earning a fortune, but most of the employees aren’t the CEO. There are people in marketing, in design, in quality control, in the factories that make the cases and the CDs… and lots of people I’m not even thinking of off the top of my head. Even if your one tiny act doesn’t hurt them, what about the other people shoplifting too? And this is a kind of ecclectic little store in the mall, likely owned by some local individual. So by stealing, you’re taking the store owner’s profit and making it harder for them to pay their rent. And when people shoplift, the prices for products go up for everyone else to cover the losses and to provide additional security to prevent it happening again.

    This is similar to what has happened to the gaming industry. So many people pirate games that now we’re basically all treated as thieves via DRM etc. People still pirate games and some insist that they are justified based on the quality etc. But they’re still causing developers to implement more security measures (some of which can in fact glitch out and harm people’s software and hardware), raise the prices, etc. Games aren’t a necessity and sooner or later most of them go on sale… but people still pirate them. And no matter how justified people feel, or how much they insist that if they like the game they will buy it later, or that it’s OK as long as no one catches them, it’s still stealing. It might not hurt anyone directly, but like Harper’s shoplifting, it has consequences, especially when many other people do the same thing.

    And do you think you really got away with it? For one, it’s awful you’re using your hearing aid to get away with a crime. For two… how many shopping centers do you know of nowadays that don’t have cameras set up somewhere? There’s a 99.99999% chance you got caught on camera, and once it’s noticed that the limited edition CD is gone/stolen, you’d better believe that your new distinctive haircut will make it easier for authorities to find you.

    And for what? A limited edition? You could have asked for that for a gift from your parents. Or you could have lived without it and gotten the MP3. Or you could have gone home, gotten your money (assuming you had it to spare at home) and then back to the mall to buy the item.

    I’m hoping she feels guilty enough to go return the CD before she opens it, or to at least do something to make up for what she did.

    That said, it isn’t all that surprising to me that Harper did this. Zayne and Hope have really pushed too far with the “perfect little angel” idea, and now Harper is rebelling hardcore. They’ve never really cracked down on her for breaking the rules, while simultaneously expecting and perceiving a perfection that isn’t there. She’d probably do the same thing if she were raised by parents who were extremely strict; there’s a certain degree of balance needed to get a kid to at least try to behave when they hit their teens.

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    1. You are very right that shoplifting DOES do damage and IS a big deal. But unfortunately for Harper, she’s having a hard time seeing it that way right now. She’s too busy worrying about impressing her friends and enjoying the ‘high’ of the adrenaline rush, unfortunately 😦

      I think you hit the nail on the head with how Hope and Zayne have kind of helped pushed Harper in this direction by insisting that she’s this perfect child. Harper wants to do anything and everything she can do prove that she ISN’T… and unfortunately in this case, that involves breaking the law :-/


  13. Yeah this reminds me way too much of meeting my friends in high school (though I was the kleptomaniac who would walk out with whatever). Stealing a CDs so old school. Very 2001 of them.

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    1. Hehehehehe yeah, I had a hard time coming up with what she’d steal 😛 But apparently in this world, CDs are still a thing 😉

      I love how relatable this arc has been to you so far!

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      1. Sometimes, to figure out who you are, you gotta dress in black, kiss all your friends, and steal from the Hot Topic.

        And I was thinking way too hard about the never changing world of the Sims a few days ago and how delightful it is that all these technologies exist together. Whenever you get to the last generation, you’ll have to throw in some future tech.

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        1. “Sometimes, to figure out who you are, you gotta dress in black, kiss all your friends, and steal from the Hot Topic.” I feel like those could totally be teenage words to live by! ❤ Love it

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  14. Oh no! I really wanted to believe that Harper’s friends, despite the tattoos and bad attitudes, wouldn’t lead her astray…poor Harper. If this continues, even if she realizes she’s in a bad situation, it’ll be so hard for her to cut ties, seeing as she doesn’t have any other close friends. I think Harper may be my favorite Rosebroke, and I just want her to be happy, and this isn’t conducive to long-term happiness.

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    1. Hopefully tie-cutting won’t be necessary! But we shall see… I’m glad you love Harper so much! ❤️ Hopefully you’ll be able to forgive me for what I put her through haha (since, y’know, part of being a Rosebrook is not being allowed to have an easy life 😂)

      Thank you so much for reading!


  15. Hey. Stealing isn’t as bad as murder…so they could still not be totally horrible influences. No drug use or binge drinking. Every teenager steals an item or two! I once stole a pack of gum from Target. #badassoverhere It’s fine. It’s fiiiiiine. I still have faith. It’s still here. Right next to me. It’s fiiiiiiiine!

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    1. 😮 You little rebel, you! 😛 And you’re right, no drugs or binge drinking or anything crazy yet. Just some petty shoplifting. And hopefully it stays that way 😉 Hold tight to that faith! 😛

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    1. Hahaha you’re the first to say it here 😛 (though to be fair, she also blushed when Devin complimented her)… make of all that what you will! 😉

      Thank you so much for reading!!! ^_^

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  16. Ugh, no, I had a bad feeling something like this was gonna happen.
    I mean, I’m not completely hating on Harper because she’s a teen and obviously easily influenced, but c’mon girl. Your grandfather was a musician, how would he feel about his granddaughter stealing another band’s album?

    I don’t think Devin and Rylie are completely bad, either, but I definitely don’t like this aspect of them. I guess Harper really does take after her dad a bit, slowly getting involved in stuff that might spiral into something worse… I hope she grows out of it soon!

    Also, am I right in spotting my sim as the security guard? 🙂

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    1. Haha so true — Luc most definitely would not approve! And nice comparison between Harper and her dad… a lot of truth there, I think!

      Hmm… it might have been! I don’t remember who made all the sims off the top of my head 😦 But he was super cute hehe


  17. I was wondering that this could happen…She is letting herself be influenced, as she belive, if she didn’t do that, they would not be her friends anymore…She has to work her self-estem and see that she can have friends that like the true Harper, not that she has to please the others…Ugh, I can imagine they leaving her someday, and she having todeal with her problems on her own.

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    1. She’s definitely letting herself be influenced 😦 But I guess the question is, could the Harper who steals be the true Harper? Or is she truly just trying to please her friends? We shall see! 😛


    I love characters who turn ‘bad’. Not necessarily evil, but from the very chapter of this generation I knew Harper would turn out a little rebel 😉
    And with this shoplifting its confirmed! Weeee!

    Of course that’s bad Harper, bad. Stealing is still stealing. WHAT IF EVERYONE STOLE?
    (but secretly inside im cheering, i love morally grey characters, I envision her being my fav heir. I mean will you look at that, she’s managed to pull me out of my silent reader zone)

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    1. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw you comment 😂 So yes, Harper must be a very special heir hehehe

      I’m glad you approve of her rebellion 😉 Morally-gray is a great description for her. We will see what the future has in store 😉

      By the way, thank you so much for reading ❤️ I don’t get to tell you that directly very much, but I always see you liking chapters and you have followed my stories for so long and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart ❤️❤️❤️ (sorry for the sap!)

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  19. Yep I knew it….I knew something was bound to happen. They are definitely a bad influence on our sweet impressionable Harper. She wants to fit in so badly that she not staying true to who she is (thief she is not). Oh Harper. Zayne and Hope will flip if they find out about this.

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      1. Well I would hope she doesn’t turn into a thief 😳.
        Yes omg it feels so good to almost be caught up. I stayed home sick yesterday and thought I would get there but my cold meds thought otherwise 😴

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  20. I love how the thrill of her new haircut, new friends, and new-found powers are all conspiring to give her a little ego boost. She’s not good, but perhaps she can be good at being bad? Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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