6.12: Backstory

My Papa told me every superhero or supervillain has a backstory. That’s what you call all the stuff that happened to them before the real story starts. It tells the audience how the hero ended up where they are today. Why they are the way they are.

I figure vigilantes must have backstories too, right?

So here’s the backstory of Harper Hard-Heart.

Once upon a time there was a king and a queen, and everyone in the kingdom loved them very much. The queen was so beautiful that pictures of her face were hung up ALL over the world. And the king’s cooking was so amazing that people would come from very far away to eat it.

They were very happy together, but there was something they really, REALLY wanted. A baby.

But the king and the queen were cursed. No matter how hard they tried, a super evil power stole away all their babies, and this made them very sad.

There was one baby who was different though. She was stronger than the evil, and she was able to escape… Almost. The evil still messed up her lungs and her ears so they wouldn’t work right. It tried to make her weak.

But her parents were so excited to have their baby anyway. And even though she wasn’t the same as the other kids, they always told her that she was wonderful and amazing and special. Their Perfect Princess.

The other people in the kingdom didn’t see her that way though. They thought she was helpless and weak. All the grown-ups felt sorry for her. And the other kids ignored her or made fun of her.

This made the princess very mad. She wasn’t weak! But she wasn’t perfect either. She was… herself. And all she wanted was to prove that to everybody.

She started calling herself Harper Hard-Heart, and decided to stand up to the evil bullies who had mercilessly teased her and her friends. That was how she started her life as a vigilante, dealing out justice and not following anybody’s rules. Just being herself.

It was all so easy, at first. Especially with her friends by her side.

But as the years passed, things started to change.

Her parents still put her on a pedestal… But it became worse than ever before. They started pushing for her to go to university… Even though she really didn’t want to. And even though they were total hypocrites, because neither of them had gone to university either.

“You’re so smart, honey! Uni will give you such a bright future. You’ll see. You can do anything.” It felt like they told her that every day.

It became harder and harder to fight against all the pressure from her parents, especially when her friends began to drift away from her. They still talked to each other and hung out every now and then. But it wasn’t the same as it used to be.

Thad had found a place with the other techy, geeky kids like himself. Sophie became close with the quiet, bookish types. And Nyla spent most of her time laughing and joking with the guys on the football team.

It wasn’t their fault, of course. And Harper wanted to be happy for them. They weren’t misfits anymore. Not like she was. They’d found their place. But it started to feel like she’d never find hers.

It seemed the curse from her childhood had caught up with her once again. The forces of evil had her trapped and alone — stuck between who everyone expected her to be, and who she wanted to be.

And now, as she enters her final year of school, one question remains…

Will anyone ever come and set her free?


33 thoughts on “6.12: Backstory

  1. Finally found words:
    Aww, poor Harper. I don’t think I can give any advice apart from for her to be the person she is at heart, that’s who she truly is and those that care about her won’t care if she’s herself. Plus, she’ll be a lot happier. Harper needs to explore different things and find herself. Zayne & Hope need to help her not try to make her something she’s not (not saying they are aware that they’re doing it or trying to).

    Hozay, you hypocrites (thinking of hippos now after writing this). Go to uni yourself first before pushing it on your daughter. (Imagine the pair of them going to Uni at their age though. Funny thought.) Harper is so much like Zayne in that she doesn’t really appear to like school. He needs to realise this before he damages his relationship with Harper.

    I don’t think I can say what I was gonna say next about them pressuring her. Let your imagination come up with it. (Hint: Hozay got some hate from me.)

    Sidenote: Harper is so much like Zayne but so much the opposite of Zayne at the same time.

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  2. Awwww….I feel for her and want to give her a big hug. She will find her way. She is determined. But at the same time she doesn’t want to disappoint and she thinks maybe that is all she will do. I just wonder what more bumps will come her way before she does find her place where she is happy.

    I loved the way you did this chapter. The King and Queen was so awesome. You can tell she loves her parents but is starting to resent them big time.

    I would imagine she will cave and go to Uni – if for nothing more than to get away from everyone – her parents and her childhood friends who have moved on and found their place – which didn’t include her.

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  3. I was not prepared for the feels so early. I’m still rubbing the crust from my eyes and now I have to fight back tears. Oh Harper. They really need a heart to heart. HoZay you can’t push her to do something she Doesn’t want to. It doesn’t matter that you believe she can do anything, it matters what SHE wants to do. In all this I’ve never once seen them ask her want she wants. I think the answer would shock them. Harper is a strong girl and she doesn’t need to be babied.

    Also can we que up the hot guy now? I’m hanging on the edge of my seat wondering how far on the hotness scale he will be.

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  4. As someone who still needs work with progressively aging sims up, this looks great. I can totally see puberty hitting everyone like a sledgehammer. 😛

    The same thing happened to me and anyone I tried to make friends with as a kid! They all grew up too fast or still went to school when I was homeschooled. Though as much as Harper groans about uni, things get better there.

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  5. I am glad Harper dealt with Katie and didn’t get mentally destroyed by those bullies. But teenagehood holds some more complicated problems for her. It might not be easy to fight a bully, but she found out what to do. But she can’t fight her parents who only want “her best”. Not in the same way.
    They want Harper to be happy, but they don’t seem to look after what Harper wants. Or do they? Zayne and and Hope both had a troubled life until they made their dreams really come true, but they followed her dreams. It seems, at least to me, like Harper has no dream or plan she is willing to work hard for. It’s not like she gets left out on purpose, but everyone else finds people with similar interest, where they can be themselves and share their thoughts freely. Uni seems like a good plan for Harper as she doesn’t seem to know what to do with herself and still needs some time after school to discover herself and her interests. Some more time before growing up. And in german Windenburg she doesn’t even need to pay insane amounts of money to just try out a course she likes (hey, that’s the way how I found out what I want to do in life). At least she could find some like-minded new peers.

    I think Zayne and Hope shouldn’t push this on her the way they do, and they seem like large hypocrites with this, but I can really understand them at this point. They would be willing to support Harper with whatever she really wants to do, but Harper hasn’t come up with something, she just waits it out. I can’t possibly think of Zayne ever putting up with uni, not only so fed up with school, but he never seemed clever enough to me (of course he has his strenghts and he isn’t dumb, but he hasn’t got the level of critical thinking, ability to put up with difficult stuff for years and stress-resistance). But both Zayne and Hope have had their difficult times in life, where it would have really helped to have some kind of backup plan with a decently payed job (for example when Hope turned 30 and didn’t know if she could find a follow-up job as a model manager or something equal).

    I still feel bad for Harper. She feels so lonely and doesn’t know what to do next. Still, it makes me silently happy to see her putting up with normal teen problems, not too much affected by her health problems.

    Also, I like the Harper Hard Heart stories. She is so creative, and never hesitates to write out what she feels and to reflect on that. She wants to be just herself. And she reminds me of Alex. He had his famous parents and ancestors, so much was expected of him, and he couldn’t deal with that. So much like Harper with her former supermodel mother and famous chef and restaurant owner father. She is expected to do so much, to go out and do something special before she has even found herself. It’s time for her to find her own way.

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  6. Shipper WitcHazard: Aw no teenage romance for Harper! High school boys are so dumb she’s gorgeous!

    Lover WitcHazard: But since there was no high school romance this means her young adult years are going to be a romantic roller coaster! I bet Harper Hard- Heart is the type to be intimate with no strings attached! Because of the way her friends fell away and her parents unreasonable behavior Harper won’t try to force expectations on her relationships so the guy(s) might get the wrong idea and think it’s just something casual!

    Mama WitcHazard: Come here my child.(Pulls Harper on her lap and gently sways in the rocking chair and pats her head) You are falling into a dark place my dear. Friends sometimes drift part it is natural friends don’t always like the same things, but if you feel they are worth it then you need to fight for them instead of feeling sorry for yourself. As for your parents they mean well, but they are using you as a means to rid themselves of their own pain and in the end are causing more harm than good. You’re older now I’m sure if you spoke openly with them you can come to some compromise! But even if you can’t don’t hate then this is the only way they think they can show their love for you it’s not wrong just not well thought out so you can’t truly blame them. As for you it’s that time in your life where you have to realize you’re life is not meant to please others but to follow your own heart and dreams and others just benifit from your own self love! I know you feel alone but maybe it’s just time for you to be by yourself to better understand who you are and want you want in life! So don’t fret too much about it now life can be cruel and full of unexpected turns, but it’s how we face those cruel times and unexpected turns that we find out who we are and what we stand for and what’s truly important to us! So go forth make your mark on the world and agave no regrets after all you can only see the many amazing things the world has to offer if you look for them. So are you ready my child?(looks down at a sleeping Harper smiles then continues to rock)

    Dark WitcHazard: Aw I wanted to talk to her about Hx3’s future!

    Mama WitcHazard: She’s sleeping let her rest!

    Dark WitcHazard: Well of course anyone can fall asleep on those giant pillow sacks you call breasts! (Mama glares at Dark) What I meant it as a compliment seriously! Okay so I decided to start a backstory for Katie the Cruel! We don’t think this will be the last we hear of Katie since we have a theory that she might end up being Harpers roommate at Uni and maybe even become friends due to common life situations both half lost friends they were once close to and both are smothered by their parents unreasonable expectations! His is just a theory of course so who knows! Now on to the back story! Katie is a powerful Enchantress magical prowess was on godlike levels many feared her potential while her parents pushed her to go even higher! When others started to doubt her authenticity she displayed powerful arts in forbidden magic that harmed many earning the Name Katie the Cruel! This act caused her powers to be stripped away and thrown in the Phoenix King’s Prison! There after being abandoned by the other prisoners and Harper Hard Heart she met The Great Fowl Unknown! A mystical bird with many magical properties! She was given three magical feathers each large than the last! This is worn as a hair piece on the left side of her head! The special abilities of the feathers is that each barb(the bristle hairlike part of a feather) grants her a wish! However since her heart is tainted she can not use the wishes on others and there are many limitations! She plans to use two of the feathers as revenge for those who have wronged but will save the largest feather for when she is pure of heart and use its wishes to help mankind! She doesn’t know why but she hates Harper Hard Heart just for the sake of hating another person even though she’s done nothing to deserve it! Since she can no longer use magic she used a third of her first feathers wishes to obtain seven mystic artifacts to grant her power!

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  7. Harper is very pretty! I like her style.Now, onto the serious stuff…Harper is struggling with what most teenagers do in their lifes: Where do I belong? It always is harder, at least, in my point ir view, for people that dosen’t fit any Stereotypes, or have something towards it.Being grey in place you are either white ir Black is hard, and I wonder if she voiced her concerns, or is doing like many before her did, and not talking.

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  8. *catches up with a few chapters* I love it when I fall behind, because then there is more to read when I finally stop by! ❤ Also, yay for your mention in the sims 4 blog {JulyVeeGaming's favourite Simlit stories!}
    Can I just say, Teenage Harper is soooo stunning!! Definitely got the best of both sides of the gene pool there! 😀 If she ever goes up as a download I am so going to use her for one of my personal side games! Thanks so much for the fantastic afternoon read, and I hope everyone has a terrific weekend!

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  9. This Was a very interesting chapter. Definitely different from everything Else we’ve seen from you so far. I hope we will see more of her teen years. And i’m so sad to see that she isn’t really close with her friends anymore 😦 that’s so sad. But it happens

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  10. The very beginning gave me a few tugs on the ol heart haha but I cheered up when I saw how teen Harper. I love it when sims make good looking sims, for some reason that’s my favorite part of the game hahaha

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  11. I like how you did this transition! Poor Harper…unfortunately I can relate. For a long time when I was in high school I didn’t have any close friends, and it was really lonely…but it got better for me, as I’m sure it will for Harper!

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      1. Lol, I didn’t realize I was so far back until I went to look… I had read up to chapter 5.58 I think? Something like that. Lots of binging happened. And now I’m caught up again! 😀

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  12. Stop the helicopter parenting Zayne and Hope GOSH y’all were like my favorite couple. I love them so much, but gosh, let your child breathe… literally and figuratively. This is all gonna mess up her head. I’m waiting.

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    1. Yeah I felt bad because I know their parenting lost them a lot of points with readers hahaha But they are simply not great parents 😦 They are loving parents who adore their child and would do anything for her. But in terms of technique… not so great 😦


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