6.6: We’ll See

Okay, I still dunno if this whole journal-thing is really dumb or really cool.

Maybe it’s both.

Can it be both?


I dunno. But the reason is super dumb no matter what. ‘Cause this whole thing started because of school. And school is pretty much the dumbest thing in the whole entire world.

Miss Li is making us do a project about ‘tradition’. We’re supposed to figure out something that’s a tradition in our family and share it with the class (See? Dumb).

For some kids it was super easy to figure it out.

Sophie started talking all about how everybody in her family cooks, and how Vietnamese food is the best food in the world. I’ve been to her house for dinner a couple times, and it is pretty good. But my Papa could cook the pants off anybody in her family. I know it. I’d never ever tell her that though.

Then I remember Katie making this super long, super boring speech about how her family has this fancy vacation house in Switzerland and they go skiing there every year and blah blah blah. That’s when I turned off my hearing aid and just sorta tuned her out. She’s so mean and so annoying ALL the time. She’s such a bully, and she thinks she’s better than everybody. Ugh!

Anyway, it felt like everyone else already knew what they were gonna talk about. But I had NO idea. I was gonna ask mom or Papa about it, but I decided to ask Oma instead. Old people know all about that kinda stuff right? And my Oma’s pretty cool too. For an Oma, I mean.

But when I asked her, she got all weird about it. She was almost like, crying and stuff. It was so embarrassing! I got a big speech about how special it is to keep a journal and all the people in the family who had one. She said all this stuff about ‘preserving memories’ and ‘carrying on the family legacy’ (What the heck does that even mean?!)

Then she got Papa in the room and it just got worse. He started making his own speech about it too. Papa said he was planning on getting me a journal when I was a little older, but he’s really excited that I’m ‘so interested already’. Then he was going on and on about how fun it is to write about your life. And helpful too, he said. Because it’s so therapew… therapu..? Whatever.

Anyway, I really wanted to turn my hearing aid off and try to ignore them too, but I knew I couldn’t. That’d be super mean. And I’m not like Katie. I’m nice! So I just kinda nodded and let them be all sappy and hoped they’d stop.

And then they did.

But then like two hours later mom came home from work and gave me my own journal. And I didn’t even ask for one!

I told Oma and Papa I was just asking about it because it was homework. But I guess they got too excited about it. I think Papa called mom and told her to get one for me on the way home.

Or she COULD be psychic… But I have a feeling it was probably just Papa.

The good news is it’s pink though. One of my favorite colors. Which is kinda cool. And maybe the writing part might be kinda cool too.

Maybe. A big maybe.

We’ll see.

79 thoughts on “6.6: We’ll See

  1. What do you mean, ‘we’ll see’. You will be using that thing for life.

    Boo for no more long-haired Zayne. It’s weird to see him with that slicked-back look.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Shhhh she doesn’t know that yet! 😛 Hehehehe

      And I know, that pained me 😭 But he’s almost 50 now and I needed him to look older.

      RIP luscious red locks. 💔

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I like how she says she’s not mean but wants to turn her hearing aid off. You are a little mean my dear. For 50 Zayne still looks pretty dang hot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha well, aren’t all 11-year-olds a little mean? 😛 And yes, Zayne is still looking good! 😍


    1. Hahaha! He totally is 😛 And I’m glad you’re enjoying this gen!

      Thank you so much for reading my story ❤️


    1. Definitely a little sass to this girl! She’s so fun to write! 😛 And she’s definitely a happy kid, but she has her moments… we’ll see in some upcoming chapters 😀


  3. ‘That’s when I turned off my hearing aid and just sorta tuned her out. ‘

    Hahahahahahahaha. I do that aaaaaaaaaalllll the time. It can be conveniently used as an excuse for not listening to parents when i was younger I mean … avoiding communication with people I don’t really want to interact with. Had an instance once when I was talking a math test last semester and the girl next to me must have had a cold because I could hear her sniffing a lot and it was annoying. So pop, out came the aids and I could do my math test without distractions. Almost aced it too, and math is definitely not my best subject.

    Harper’s got sass all right. I’ve said it before, CE, but I relate to her in so many ways, and i just know she’s going to be my favoritest generation of all.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Ha! I love that you do what Harper did! That story about the math test is epic XD

      I’ve taught a few kids who wear hearing aids, and some of them definitely like to be sneaky. Sounds like it’s pretty typical hehe

      I’m glad you’re loving Harper so much so far and relating to her. Thank you for reading!


  4. Hehehehe Sorry, Harper’s dad is the owner and head chef of the most successful restaurant in Windenburg. Hard to compare! 😛

    And LOL I totally think I’d do the same. I 100% feel Harper in this one XD

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  5. I love Harper already. Sorry, Zayne but your daughter beat you on winning me over, she only needed one chapter. 😉 (Zayne needed a LOT of chapters.) Love how Hozay have matured. You sure they’re 50?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahaha I’m so glad you love her already. I do too! I really am loving writing her so much. It’s so fun! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying her too! (And yes, poor Zayne took a LONG time to win people over lol And a few he never won over. But that’s okay 😛 )

      And yes, they’re about 50! 😮 But they look pretty dang good 😉 Best looking couple ever in this story, I think 😀 (Clara and Florian used to be, I think. But HoZay stole the crown 😛 )


  6. Harper!!!! Turn it off girl, but glad you didn’t when your parents were talking. She at least has enough respect for them to not turn it off because – week – she is nice! Lol… Her bedroom is so girly and cute. Did you redo it or did she inherit it that way?

    We don’t have any traditions…hahahaha…..yes dear you do.. Making stupid decisions and not being honest with your feelings. And of course The Journal! Nice start to see how Harper is going to be.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yes, she does respect her parents and Joce, thankfully! Hehe As for her bedroom, JoieWilder redid it for me 🙂 It came out so great!

      And you are so right about those Rosebrook traditions! I wonder if Harper will end up carrying on THOSE ones too… 😛


  7. Harper is adorable! I’m Glad she has hearing aids to help her out. I have a feeling Katie will give her some struggles later on, especially during teenage-hood. Just a feeling.
    Zayne’s hair!!! It’s short!!!! I don’t dislike it, he looks pretty good with it. But it’s kinda strange, when I first looked at him. And they don’t look 50 at all!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehehe secret up-side to the game not having good gradual aging options… They all age so well! 😀 hehe

      Yeah it was kinda painful to ‘cut’ Zayne’s hair 😦 But he’s still so handsome! And I like your Katie prediction! She definitely doesn’t seem like the nicest girl around right now. But we’ll see!


    1. 😂 I almost made a really terrible counter-joke to this, but it would be too awful to joke about (especially with a child involved…) but you can probably imagine what it was 😂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well… Zayne stayed cute? Maybe Harper will too? But as for nice… well… I guess we’ll see 😉 Hehehehe I’m glad you like Harper so much!


    1. Thanks! She totally takes after her mom (maybe a little TOO much 😛 I’d like to see a bit more of Zayne in her face 😦 She’s about 90% Hope haha. It’s especially noticeable when she’s older :P)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I like Hope’s looks, though tbh it did take a bit of time for me to get used to it. She kinda reminds me a bit of a bulldog with that squished-together face 😂 but she is still beautiful


  8. Honestly only kept my account after my game was reinstalled to keep commenting and reading about A2A (That sounds a little creepy oops) But I can’t wait to see how Harper turns out! She’s so sassy, (like a great great oma of hers we know) but she’s respecting her elders (This was made at the expense of all three of them, sorry Hope Zayne and Joce)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha I am very flattered! I’m sorry about your game though!

      Glad you’re liking Harper already! Definitely a bit of sass! 😉 And I will not tell them you called them elders. Your secret is safe with me 😛


    1. You’re right, the new hair is very Mel-like! (Aw now I miss D2D 😦 ) And I knowwwww I miss the long hair too 😭 But he was getting older and needed a haircut. RIP long hair 💔

      Liked by 2 people

  9. Oh, dear Harper, you are such a cutie! It seens she can hear with the help of thecnology! A little worried about Sophie, thought, she said she was mean, and they are childrem, and Harper is diferent…You know were I’m heading, right? Byt the way, were did you came up with the name Harper? I readed somewere that it was a special name of a sort.


  10. Harper is so cute. And already getting the “journal talk”. This teacher seems really engaged, but I strongly doubt doing something like “family tradition” is a good thing to do. It might be interesting to know what your ancestors share, but it also leaves a big opportunity for some kids to shine, and for others to fail without even having done something wrong. Katie gets the opportunity to openly brag about how rich her family is, not a trait I would support. Other kids might not even know anything about their ancestors and have to listen to all these traditions without contributing, feeling left out or reminded of how they don’t get to know parents or greatparents.

    Harper seems pretty self-secure, and I like that. She seems to get along with her classmates (spare Katie), and is definitely not one to be ignored. I am so glad she didn’t go completely deaf. Taking out her hearing aids to avoid boring talks definitely isn’t a nice thing to do, but I understand her at that point, as I despise that kind of bragging Katie did (and to be honest, I escaped so many of my classes by daydreaming away so successfully I didn’t remember a word I heard afterwards). But she is also well-mannered enough to listen to her parents even when it gets boring, and she doesn’t talk back to Sophie even though she thinks Sophie is wrong and Zayne cooks better, because that would be mean to her and she shouldn’t brag.

    Harper can’t understand yet what this whole journal thing means to the other Rosebrooks. At least she didn’t get to present family traditions like “going full emotional scumbag”, “get in a mean fight with your family members” or “unplanned pregnancy”. And I guess Joce and Zanye were not too helpful even when they tried to explain the journal to her. They just have too many personal experiences tied to it to explain it in a neutral, kid-friendly way, because they get so carried away.
    But Harper is a Rosebrook, she will like it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, Harper is a good kid 🙂 She’s just a typical 11-year-old in terms of turning off her hearing aids to ignore what people are saying… kinda like your spacing out (I totally used to do the same during boring lessons hahaha) But she is definitely respectful of her parents and kind to her friends (which… Katie is not hahahaha)

      And you’re right about how Zayne and Joce could have explained the journal better to her… they were very emotional and excited haha Also, “going full emotional scumbag” made me die LMAO


    1. I miss it too! Hahaha that beautiful long hair will be missed 😦

      Glad you liked the chapter! Thank you! I think she’s gonna love it too 😉


  11. Harper is full of sass and spunk. I love her already!!! I really appreciated the shots of Zayne and Hope, minus their long hair 😦 But hey, he is 50 now and change is a good thing from time to time. I love how excited he got about the journal thing. That was cute. And Jocelyn is old now!! Has Tobias passed away now? It’s always so sad seeing them grow old. But I am excited to see the adventures of Harper.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you love Harper! It’s definitely kinda sad to see everyone get older though. And yes, Tobi and Colette are both gone now 😦 It’s so sad!


  12. Okay I already LOVE Harper, just like I thought I would! She’s a sassy little thing. The part about turning off her hearing aid when people get annoying is so funny 🙂

    Hope definitely looks very business woman-y with the short hair, although I must admit I always have a preference for longer hair… But she pulls it off!

    I can already tell Harper is going to be a beauty. I think she might break some boys’ hearts. I’m so excited for this generation!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you’re so excited about Harper! I really really love her too! ^_^ And I’m happy you approve of Hope’s hair too hehe

      Thank you, sonnie!


    1. She’s 11 in this arc 🙂 Getting old! Haha

      And yes, Joce got super emo at the mention of the family tradition LOL I guess her journals have kinda been her confidant through a lot of shit in her life, and she’s super emotional thinking that Harper gets to pick up that tradition too!


  13. She has received her first journal…. yay! Hopefully she will write responsibly haha. I started laughing at how excited and emotional the all got while talking about the journals. Maybe Zayne or Joce will show her some of the others journals, so she can really see how far back the tradition goes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yeah, these journals are truly confidants and the only constant “friends” the heirs have throughout their lives, so they totally get emotional 😂


  14. I LOVE the way you write your kids. It just reads well, like a child is talking. Reading your legacy always makes me want to work on my sim lit stuff. :thinking: I want to read a bit more, though XD I’m gonna get caught up soon. Maybe I’ll read Dust to Dust when I’m caught up… hmmm….

    Liked by 1 person

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