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6.7: Interlude – Get Away With It

“Have you ever noticed your fingers get puffy and wrinkled when you take a bath or spend a long time in the pool?” Mr. Phoenix asked the class. Yup. And I don’t care why. Harper thought to herself, sighing. “Or … Continue reading

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6.6: We’ll See

Okay, I still dunno if this whole journal-thing is really dumb or really cool. Maybe it’s both. Can it be both? Hmm… I dunno. But the┬áreason is super dumb no matter what. ‘Cause this whole thing started because of school. … Continue reading

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6.5: Interlude – No Matter What

“You really don’t mind if we paint the walls?” Zayne asked his grandfather as he took a seat on the edge of the bed. It felt so strange to be back in his great-grandparents’ bedroom. They’d both been gone for … Continue reading

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6.4: Everything

Warning: This chapter mentions the heavy topic of miscarriage/pregnancy loss. If those are sensitive subjects for you, please proceed with caution. ——————————————– I still can’t believe how the time has flown… It’s kind of funny how quickly all these anniversaries … Continue reading

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6.3: Interlude – Tough Day

“Vroom! Vroom!” The little girl giggled to herself as she pushed the yellow car back and forth on her bedroom floor. “Beep beep! Vroom!” Harper loved playing with her car almost as much as she loved riding in the car … Continue reading

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6.2: Joy

I know it’s one of the cheesiest cliches out there, but I can honestly remember the day Harper was born like it was yesterday. I think about that day so much… Especially whenever her birthday rolls around. Looking back now, … Continue reading

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6.1: Interlude – Sweet Dreams

Zayne’s deep, booming laugh echoed in the silence of the empty bedroom. Beside him, his wife shushed him, trying her best to stifle her own laughter. “Shhhh! If you wake up Harper, I swear to God…” Hope shook her head. … Continue reading

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