5.61: Happier

I think today’s been one of the best days I’ve had in a long time… But so damn tiring too! It’s barely dinnertime and I’m already dead-tired. But I guess if I’m gonna be exhausted, there are way worse reasons to be, huh?

It started out this morning at the restaurant. They finally finished installing all the appliances in our kitchen, and Victoria and I were like two kids in a candy store testing everything out. It was all so beautiful, at first we were both too afraid to risk dirtying anything. But once we got started trying it, we couldn’t stop!

I really went all-out with our appliances. Everything’s top of the line stuff — even better than what Greg and I stocked the old kitchen with. I’m totally dying for the chance to finally break it all in for real.

I still remember how excited I was before opening day the last time I did all this. It felt like all my hard work was finally gonna pay off… But I didn’t realize until way too late that all that work was wasted. I mean, I put so much of myself toward something that wasn’t really mine. And it sucked.

But this time, I’m doing things right. This is my vision. My DREAM. And three weeks from tomorrow, it’s finally happening.

As of today, construction’s officially finished. Plus we already have all our permits in order, all our deliveries are scheduled for the next couple months, and we start training our new staff on Monday. We’re so freaking close. It’s kinda killing me… But in the best way possible.

I guess a part of me is still scared shitless… But mostly, I just can’t wait. And days like today are when it starts hitting me that everything’s finally coming together. When I turned thirty last year, I kept telling myself this was gonna be like a new chapter in my life or something. And maybe I was right. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

And I’m not the only one starting a new chapter either.

After Victoria and I finished up at the restaurant, I headed downtown to help Hope unpack some of her stuff — all her boxes from San Myshuno finally arrived this morning. Nothing big, just little knick-knacks and pictures and stuff like that. But she had so much of it.

We had a lot of fun though. I made us some lunch, and we spent the afternoon hanging out and laughing together while we unpacked. It was pretty awesome, actually.

I know it wasn’t easy for her to move back after all this time, but I think this is gonna be really good for her. She’d been telling me for months about the trouble she was having with finding jobs back in San Myshuno… She was having a really rough time. And part of me had almost wanted to suggest she move back here when I first heard about it, to be honest. But I didn’t want it to be weird, y’know?

I’m just happy she was able to figure it out herself. I really missed her.

Anyway, I should probably wrap this up so I can shower and get ready. I’m picking Abigail up at seven for a movie… I know I complained about how tired I am, but we had SO much fun the other night (well, you know that already from how I went on and on about it, huh?) that I decided to call her up and ask her out again tonight… Kinda last minute, I guess. But luckily she was free!

Honestly this is the first time in months that I’ve been the one to suggest a second date. And we usually don’t make it past the second or third anyway — Most of the girls I’ve been seeing are just so fake, y’know? But Abigail really seems different. She’s so sweet and funny and down-to-earth… Cute as hell too.

Obviously it’s hard to tell much after only one date, but we’ve really been having a lot of fun together, and I can’t wait to see her again.

See what I mean? Today’s seriously been the best. I guess I can’t really tell if it’s the restaurant, or Hope, or Abigail… Maybe all three? Whatever it is, it’s amazing.

And it’s made me happier than I’ve felt in a really long time.


Today is Father’s Day, but instead of making a sappy little Father’s Day card like last year, I instead thought we should all raise a glass to Zayne, for being the most sexually-responsible Rosebrook so far 😛 (Though I know some of you are growing impatient and wishing he was a little LESS responsible 😉 )


67 thoughts on “5.61: Happier

    1. You are so right. Is it wrong for me to hope she’s bad news for Zayne, just so he will realise that Hope is the one for him? Zayne needs to realise it. Does Zayne know she isn’t with anyone?

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      1. Zayne does know she’s single, yes. I’m sure she told him all about the birthday fiasco (including Sean being an ass! Haha)


  1. Ok, someone please fire the cannon at SS Zabigail. Preferably, from SS Hozay. I wonder if abigail gets jealous after a while, that Zayne is hanging out with Hope. I mean, she is his EX.

    I was right that it wouldn’t be this easy. Only one more obstacle to go. 😉

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    1. Hahaha oh dear, a shipping war! 😛

      We will see how things go as Zayne’s relationship with Abigail develops. Right now they’re just casually dating…

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  2. Anti Shipper: Didn’t we tell this boy not to date anyone focus on the business! What is this!

    Shipper: I thought you’d be happy about this?

    Anti Shipper: What that he’s dating Hope Lite! Then she moves back here ugh I can see it now! She better listen to Lover the last thing Zayne needs to hear is someone especially Hope pointing out that Abigail has a strange resemblance to Hope! As long as he doesn’t sleep with Hope while he’s technically still dating Abigail! He knows where she lives they’re pretending to be just friends Abigail makes one slip up and bam he sleeps with Hope!

    Shipper: You don’t know that maybe Hope will find someone else!

    Anti Shipper: I can see it now she hooks up with the only other carrot top in this city! The drama OHNO! OHNO! Charmer get my whiskey!

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      1. “Hope Lite” wins the “comment of the day” award 😂 So you’re Team Hope Extra Strength? Haha we’ll see what happens… Zayne is definitely enjoying Abigail’s company right now…


    1. Ohhh I nearly fell out of my chair with the dating Hope Lite crack lol … yes this is been a long wait. Can my little butterfly land on one of the flowers? Please it is killing us … you going to be 90 before you father an heir lol

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  3. Ooh, Abigail? She seems pretty. I don’t exactly know what to say today, except…
    To Zayne, for not having any nooboos and making everyone impatient, but also for having some sense of responsibility despite the struggles he had earlier in life.

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  4. Congrats on not being a dad at 16 like your grandpa Zayne…. Although before you’re dead might be nice for us readers.

    Glad things are working out at the restaurant…and three girls in his life? It’s raining girls! Victoria, Abigail, and now Hope is back.

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    1. Apparently Zayne is attracting a lot of lovely ladies to want to spend time with him lately 😉 Lucky guy! 😛 Hehe

      And yes, I promise there will be babies before he’s dead! XD

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  5. Yay all caught up. 🙂
    I am really excited for Zayne. I’m so glad everything is working out at the moment and so excited to have Hope back in town. I didn’t even notice the lack of babies until you mentioned it! I think this has been the longest we’ve gone without a baby. His kids are gonna be adorable.

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    1. Yay! I’m really happy you caught up and I’m so glad you’re enjoying it and rooting for Zayne! 😀 (And yes, I think he will make some very cute offspring 😉 Eventually!)


  6. Ha! I knew it. Zayne’s with someone else. Hope’s gonna be heartbroken when she finds out since I bet she came back to Windenburg hoping to get back with Zayne again. But from what Zayne says, Abigail seems cute.

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    1. Haha yes, you were right that he’s seeing somebody! Nothing serious yet, but he definitely likes her and thinks she’s cute! We’ll find out eventually what Hope thinks of all this 😉

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  7. I feel like you’re just introducing as many love interests as possible so we’ll never know what’s coming next. I am happy Zayne’s seeing other people. Even if it’s just fun dates, it’s just nice to get the experience, especially when you were in love with another person for so long.

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    1. Yeah, I think it’s really good for him to try seeing other people, especially after his relationship with Hope. We will see what happens for him from here! 🙂

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  8. Me: Abigail seems sweet and Zayne seems to really like her. If he’s been dating and it hasn’t gone well, then I’m excited this is off to a good start. Having so much good in his life can only be made better by having a girl like Abigail around!

    Also me: Who is this bitch?? If he’s been dating for so long and it hasn’t worked out, why can’t we just chalk it up as a loss and go back to Hope? That’s where we belong. She’s here, upacking knick knacks, what more of “right timing” do ya need, bruh?

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        1. But I still think he belongs with Hope. And i hope they will get together again some day. I predict that if this develops into a real relationship, then he will end up in bed with Hope anyway. Or they’ll just Kiss. But they will find their way back to each other. I do approve of Abigail, but only as a temporary girl

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  9. This reminds me of the Friends-episode where Rachel dates a guy who looks EXACTLY like Ross after breaking up with him.. 😛

    I’m Team Abigail, though! I know a lot of people are still rooting for Hope and Zayne, but honestly, I think they both need to date other people, experience new relationships. I know Hope has dated a few guys, but I think it’d be good for Zayne to give other serious relationships a chance. I hope we see more of Abigail!

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    1. We will definitely be seeing more of Abigail, don’t worry 😉 And another Team Abigail fan! Hehe we will see 😛

      (Also LOL! Great Friends connection 😂)


  10. *snort* Here everyone goes with the anti not-Hope sentiments again. I’m glad Hozay didn’t immediately get back together upon her return. It wouldn’t have been right and would have potentially been a step backward from the lovely speech he gave her.
    I’m glad to meet you, Abigail! Not sure if I’d like to be stuck with her forever, but her presences is welcome for the time being.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I appreciate your calm and rational response to poor Abigail 😛 We barely even know the girl yet! (Except that she’s cute and apparently fits Zayne’s ‘type’ LMAO)

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  11. I still doubt it. They can’t hold out much longer, being almost 31 and all… And why keep focusing on Hope if she’s not relavent in the future? Nyeh…

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  12. FIGHT ME ZABIGAIL! Hozay forever. I’ll sic the girls from Amelie on her. I say this because I’m listening to A Better Haircut and they’re currently threatening Amelie’s future boyfriend.

    In other news, I’m caught up and I have no idea what to do with my life now.


  13. I’m pretty sure that Zayne will end up with Hope, but the two of them have so much baggage… Honestly I’d rather that he hit things off great with Abigail, and then Hope could find someone else, too. Maybe someday their kids could get together. I know some would argue that the baggage and history are what make the relationship rich and fulfilling and I can’t even disagree with that. But they hurt each other a lot, and sometimes when you’re with the same person you already broke up with, the same problems can keep happening all over again.

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    1. You bring up a really valid point about the huge risk that would come with these two getting back together. There’s no guarantee the same mistakes wouldn’t be made this time around (and I think that’s a big reason why they decided not to reconcile the last time they had the chance).

      He definitely seems to be enjoying Abigail’s company so far, but we’ll see! 🙂


  14. Hi Citizen!
    I’ve been lurking around here for forever but I’ve never commented before. I just wanted to say welcome back and I’m glad you’re feeling better. I missed A2A and I love this older, matured Zayne. I’m excited to see what he does next and where this ‘dating-not-hope thing leads. Personally I am a huge fan of Hope but I cant pretend that doesn’t have a lot to do with my desire to see the Bloomer, Rosebook lineages merge. I love your story, its so intense sometimes but you write beautifully, are a fantastic storyteller, take lovely screenshots and make it an all round pleasure to read! Thanks for writing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for this comment! I really appreciate you reading my story, even if it’s silently. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it and I appreciate your kind words!

      I’m glad you’re enjoying where Zayne is at right now! He’s come so far! We will see what the future holds for both him and Hope (either together or apart) Thank you again! ❤️


  15. Hum…you know what time it is..is polygamy time! Three way-ship! ( is that a thing?) AbHoZa? I dunno…Let’ ssee how Zayne will handle two wifes!…Jokes, aside, I ‘m afraid what i said might come true, after reading that you took a little bit of inspiration from La La Land, and knowing the end of the movie…This might turn into a Jocelyn-Mark situation, were they just gets things truly done at the end…And i hope, If Abigail happens to be his girlfriend, that she has a personality, no, like ”wife#456.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha I promise Zayne is not into polygamy 😉 And Abigail does have a personality! You’ll see it a little more as the chapters go on 🙂 As for my La La Land inspiration… we’ll see how far I went with it 😉

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  16. I’m a bit confused, because the biggest objection against starting dating Hope again was that she lived in San Myshuno if I remember it correctly and they didn’t want a long distance relationship. Now she’s moved back to Windenburg and Zayne asks out Abigail? Don’t get me wrong, I definitely wanted him to date other girls, but with Hope back in town it doesn’t make sense anymore.


    1. He started dating Abigail before Hope moved back. 🙂 Just because Hope has moved back to Windenburg doesn’t mean he’s gonna dump the girl he’s currently dating and run right back to Hope because she’s in town again haha. Plus, it’s been about a year and a half since they made the decision to not get back together. A lot has changed in that time for both of them 🙂


      1. From what I read I gathered they had been on one date. Then Hope moved back, he helped her unpack and they had a good time together if the pictures are any indication, and then he decided to ask Abigail out again.


        1. He did decide to ask Abigail on the second date after Hope was back. He and Abigail had started talking/flirting/being interested in each other before Hope moved back though.


    2. I should say he started TALKING to Abigail/showing interest before Hope moved back. Their first date was probably around the time Hope moved back to the city, more or less. I was just thinking of the timeline haha


  17. Oh hell no….who is this Abigail chick? Looking like a knock off version of Hope. What is Zayne doing? Hope is back, uhhh hello! Why is he still out there looking? His one and only is back 🤗 (raised eyebrow and twisted lips)

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  18. Abigail… looks a lot like Hope?!? XD That’s interesting…
    also the whole not a father’s day thing was hilarious XD 30 and no kiddos yet! I need little Zaynes!

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