5.59: Compromise

I should have known this would happen.

I stopped by Greg’s office this morning to try and figure out more about these ‘menu changes’ he’d been talking about. I couldn’t just let it go without asking for more information. Like I said the other day, I’ve gotta start sticking up for myself, don’t I? I’ve gotta do something.

But he just doesn’t listen!

He just kept smiling and nodding no matter what I said — I don’t even know if he was really listening, to be honest. I think I was barely there for three minutes before he had to kick me out anyway. Guess dropping in unannounced wasn’t a good idea… He’s always got all these stupid business meetings filling up his whole day. How could I have thought he’d actually make time to talk to me?

Before I left, he told me he “understands where I’m coming from”, but that I shouldn’t worry about it. Then he promised we’d schedule a time next week to “go over things”, and that was it. That was the best I got out of him.

But it wasn’t good enough. And I should have fought harder to get him to listen! I was kicking myself the whole way home. I totally dropped the ball on this one. I let him have the last word… again!

Greg knows that this menu is my baby. I’ve had to sacrifice a hell of a lot of my original vision for this restaurant. The name. The decorations. The location. The layout. Even the dress code for our servers! Back when we first started working together, he seemed a lot more on-board with most of my ideas, but the closer we got to opening, the more he started trying to convince me I needed to do things differently. And like an idiot, I let him.

“Trust me,” he always used to say. “I know what I’m doing, kid.” (Have I mentioned how much I hate it when he calls me that?)

It was easy to go along with at first. I mean, part of what he says is true — he does know what he’s doing. He has a hell of a lot of experience with this sort of thing. He knows what customers want. But what ever happened to compromising? And not the BS Greg-version of ‘compromise’, where he talks me into going along with what he says. REAL compromise.

God, I’ve been holding a lot of this back for monthnow. I guess I never wanted to admit how much it bugged me. I just kept telling myself that it didn’t really mater, as long as the menu and the kitchen still followed my original vision — what wanted them to be like, not him.

But now he’s talking about changing that too. The ONE thing about this goddamn restaurant that still feels like it’s mine!

This is just so fucking frustrating. I promised myself I’d do something about all this… But I guess I didn’t try hard enough.

But there’s one part of my promise I intend to do a better job of keeping — and that’s to stop wallowing about shit like this.

I just need to figure out what to do next time, and try again.

Last night, I actually ended up finally opening up to Hope about all this shit with Greg. I’d promised myself I wouldn’t, but I just really needed an extra push to get me hyped up for this morning (even though it backfired horribly). And somehow, she was the first person I thought to turn to.

It’s been a lot easier talking to her now that she’s back in San Myshuno. We’ve kinda gone back to how things used to be before she visited… Which I’m really grateful for. I was nervous things might be different after we saw each other again. But they aren’t. Not on the surface, anyway.

She was really encouraging once I filled her in on everything that’s been going on… She’s been saying exactly what Tante Joce said, just like I knew she would. That I need to stand up for myself. “This is your dream, Zayne,” she said. “You can’t let him shit all over it.”

And even though I already knew that, I think part of me just needed to hear it. From her. I don’t even know if I can completely explain why it had to be her… But it did. It really did.

And I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…

I guess it all depends on the answer to Dr. Hall’s question, doesn’t it? I’ve still been thinking a lot about me and Hope and what I want the future to look like… And I still feel just as confused when I try to figure out the answer. Scared, even. The more I think about it, the more terrifying that question really is.

But I should really try not to think about it too much. Not for now, at least. Right now, I need to focus on figuring out what’s best for me and the restaurant… And how I’m gonna explain that to Greg.

I guess I’m mostly worried about what I’ll do if he’s not willing to listen.

Should I give him some kind of ultimatum? Threaten to quit? Try to buy him out? Give up and let him win?

What am I gonna do?

Honestly, I think that question might be just as terrifying.

40 thoughts on “5.59: Compromise

  1. Dark WitcHazard: Of you’re looking for someone to handle Greg for you I know a girl!

    Vulture WitcHazard: Are you recommending me! You do care aw hugs!

    Dark: Shut up and torture him already!

    Vulture: Will do Shadikins! So what I’m hearing is you need my services! Don’t worry I got this! I just need a plastic sheet for the floor, a nail gun, some pliers, duct tape, a chain saw, and a quite room for couple hours! No compensation needed I always take my victims middle fingers as a memento! The ultimate fuck you! Haha!😂

    Lover: So you and Vulture?😏

    Dark: We’re not getting back together!😤

    Lover: I didn’t say anything!😋

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  2. I think Greg knows how hard he can push and he is doing it. Poor Zayne is so out of his confort zone. I’m a little surprised he turned to Hope though. He was so worried she would think he was a failure. I guess it was safe. He knew ahead of time what she would say.

    I say buy him out Zayne! Now that you have experience under your belt, you can get another person you trust to handle the finances and do what you want! Maybe that’s what Greg’s hoping for anyway. And he knows how passionate Zayne is about the menu and kitchen. Make a quick buck.

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    1. Yeah, this is DEFINITELY pushing poor Zayne out of his comfort zone haha and you are right that it was a bit of a surprise for him to turn to Hope! You basically hit the nail on the head though – it was safe because he knew what she’d say. And like he said, he needed to hear her tell him to do it. I think it’s almost like he needed ‘permission’ to do it haha and he got it!

      I like your buying out idea! We’ll see what happens though… Tune in tomorrow for a chat between Zayne and Greg 😉

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  3. Greg is taking over the restaurant, and if Zayne don’t act fast, he maybe another thing they could cut form the restaurant..It is easier to let things go with the flow, and only have the cahs coming, bu then, it comes the questions: Have something you are proud about,that may not lead to big money, or have something that surely makes money, but you can’t call yours?

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    1. That’s pretty much the exact dilemma Zayne is facing right now 😦 And I think it’s very hard for him to figure out what will actually be best for him!

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  4. I suck at businesses, so no advice from me. Other than: listen to the Eye of The Tiger before the next meeting, Zayne. Pump yourself up!
    Yay for Zayne for sticking up. I mean, he still beat himself up after it didn’t go as planned, but it’s progress nonetheless and I’m happy for him.

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  5. Everything scares poor Zayne. But eventually he does what he has to do. So even though he doesn’t know where to start, I’ve got faith he’ll work it out.

    Really interesting that Hope is who he needed to give him that push…

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    1. Haha very interesting, huh? 😉 He is still so hopelessly in love with her (I don’t think that’s a secret haha) and she’s still the person whose opinion I think he trusts more than anyone else’s 🙂

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  6. *On the HoZay Repair Submarine*

    So, he’s going to her for advice. That’s good, that’s really good. The repairs are going smoothly. They’ll have this ship up in no time.

    “Captain, what about that Greg guy?”

    He’s not part of the ship, but he might be detrimental to Zayne, which IS part of the ship. So, all hands on deck and prepare the torpedoes…just in case.

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  7. Greg is bad….. Bad bad bad…. I can’t stand him. Not in the slightest.
    Starting to wonder when Zayne is gonna have a nooboo. Or who he’ll have one with. But I’m supposed to be patient…… I must control myself.

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    1. Hahaha he does seem pretty bad, doesn’t he? But so far, all we’ve had is Zayne’s word about him. Maybe he’s bit as bad as he seems? We’ll see 😉

      And patience is a virtue 😛 All I can say is there will be a nooboo sometime before Zayne dies? 😂 Hehehehe


  8. Uh oh… *clears throat for announcer voice*
    Looks like Zayne’s plucking up some courage, people. Will he have the guts to make Greg listen? Will he back down or will his temper take over?

    Greg is looking slick at the moment. Who knows what he’s thinking? Seems to me he’s trying to take over the restaurant. Might be he’s greedy or controlling. What do you think?

    He is more experienced, so he could be acting patronizing. The whole “I know more so I’m in charge and you should listen” kind of attitude. He definitely underestimates Z. With all the tension, Zayne is preparing for quite a fight.

    How will the meeting go? Will he continue to underestimate & patronize Zayne? Will Zayne make him listen? Will they come to a “compromise,” or a compromise? Is a restaurant custody battle is on the horizon? What kind of weather awaits the HoZay ship?

    Find out…in the next chapter of Ashes to Ashes: Fifth Generation.

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  9. Hmmm…I’m not sure if I like that he NEEDED Hope to tell him what he already knew to do. That doesn’t sound very healthy. Either he’s not trying very hard to get over her and she still maintains a very important place in his life when she shouldn’t. Or, he doesn’t want to get over her, and eventually, they’ll see each other again and have another come to Jesus meeting about their relationship status. OR, he is actually doing well at getting over her and is allowing her to operate in her first role in his life: best friend. Still…this ultimately leads to one of the two previous doors.

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    1. This is very true. He didn’t REALLY need it… that’s why he says “I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing”… I think he recognizes that this is potentially a bad thing. He is so confused about his feelings for her right now. I don’t even know if he can fully articulate it right now.

      He has a lot to figure out when it comes to Hope! He’s taking important steps but the boy still has a way to go!

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  10. I think Zayne needs to chill. Of course it’s great that he wants to stand up for himself but maybe he should Listen to Greg first and THEN stand up for himself. We’ll see how this turns out

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  11. I knew I didn’t like Greg! But I’m also upset at Zayne for going into business with him. He had so many opportunities to get excellent advice from people who would have only had his best interest in mind. He’s so stubborn and hell bent on never asking for help from people close to him for fear of appearing weak or incompetent. And now he has to deal with this guy trying to possibly take his dream away! God I really want to “adore” Zayne but he makes it so hard for me sometimes uggghh!😤

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