Interlude: Starting Over







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      1. I hope he finds someone that makes him happy or they get back togethor after a while. I think they need to become friends first and get to know each other before the latter could happen. 🙂

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    1. Yes, finally! Haha Who knows what the future will hold, but the one thing that’s certain is he’s in a much better place emotionally and mentally than he was when they broke up 🙂 (though he still has some very hard days!)

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  1. This was great. Giant steps! Oh, and…the investor guy…at least I assume he’s some sort of business associate…he looks like Rowan from Maladi’s story. I do no trust him be default LOL. Sorry. I hope he’s a lovely man and nothing like him.

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    1. Yes, huge huge steps for Zayne! 🙂 I’m proud of him.

      Yes, that’s Zayne’s new business partner (in charge of the literal “business” side of things, as you might imagine 😛 ) I actually found him on the gallery haha can’t say for sure if he’ll be anything like Maladi’s character (sounds like he’s bad news? Haha) but we will definitely learn more about him in upcoming chapters 🙂

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  2. I loved this chapter and the way you took us through his journey! ❤ Maybe there is hope for Hozay! They seem to be talking now. I love all the ads he sees everywhere. That’s great. And that he even tried to be with someone else. I think he needed to do that even if he felt guilty.

    Has he been working out? He looked a bit more buff.

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    1. Thanks, Audrey! Hope is doing amazing in her career right now, so she’s really everywhere! And yes, they are talking again (though they haven’t gotten to see each other in person yet)

      Zayne did try to have sex with someone (that was just a one night stand) but it definitely didn’t make him feel any better 😦 He’d gone months without sex and was also very lonely… but that wasn’t the answer!

      And nope, no extra working out! Haha his new shirts he’s been wearing might show off his muscles better though? 😛


  3. *Inside the HoZay Repair Submarine*

    “Well shipmates, the ship’s repairs are coming in nicely. There’s still a lot to be done, but she will sail again. If we can get the SS Marklyn to sail again, then we can get the SS HoZay to sail out on the clear waters above us. Now buckle down, and work harder. This ship needs to float toward Nooboo’s little island.” Puts hands up to the other shipmates. “Yes, I am well aware of your fears, but I assure you Nooboos Witchazard is…well, she’s probably just as scary as ever. But we need to get this ship back up to Nooboo island for Zayne and Hope’s sake on carrying the Rosebrook family name! Now dismissed!” Waves shipmates away.

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    1. Anti Shipper: I believe you are mistake! I’d leave the SS Hozay where is my belongs at the bottom of the ocean! Hope is the last the future is Ms. Ivory just as soon as Citizen gets it in her thick skull! Eheheheheehheeheheheh!😆😈🔥

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  4. Anti Shipper: Um excuse me Citizen I believe there must be some mistake! Because is business partner is Male and blonde two no nos weren’t you at the meeting somebody give her the notes! I demand a recast this instant! And the one night stand is a blonde too you’re on thin ice Citizen! (Storms off)

    Shipper: Perhaps now we can put all his silly predictions behind us!

    Anti Shipper: Perhaps his business partner has a little sister a younger cousin perhaps! Yes we’re still in business people find me Ms Ivory!

    Charmer: And its back again!

    Emotional: Yay! Zayne is making strides for a better tomorrow! And finally realizing the best place for Hope is the friend zone!😆

    Lover: Darling if you needed some relief you could have just asked! I’ve been told I’m made of the highest quality wifey material, maybe that’s why I make the best mistress😘

    Dark: Ahahahaahahaahahahaahah! I’m still waiting for him to fall off the cliff!😝

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  5. Great chapter!!! Storywise and technical wise 🙂 I love how Zayne’s reactions to seeing hope on billboards changed 🙂 and good that he’s finally getting the Restaurant on track.

    Optimistic me is still hoping (haha) for a ship revival

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    1. Thanks, July! I’m glad you noticed that parallel from the first time he sees her to the last 🙂 And I love that you’re still optimistic! 😀

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  6. Loved this chapter!!!!! These images really told a well thought out story. I finally want to hug Zayne instead of slap him. There’s something about a Sim proactively working on their problems that suddenly make them seem way less awful.

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    1. Hahaha I’m glad you loved this one so much 🙂 It took him wayyyyy too long, but yes, he’s finally taking real steps toward change! 😀

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  7. Finally, Zayne. Thank you for not making me hate you. 🙂 I mean, poor girl who probably had a one-night-stand with Zayne, but good for you, Zayne. ❤ You're finally starting to move on.

    *whisper* Ship sinker… *cough*

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    1. Hahaha I’m glad you don’t hate him 🙂 He’s starting to finally get it together! (And I promise that girl wasn’t looking for anything more than that one night either, so she’s okay 😛 )

      And ship sinker? ME?! Nah. 😇

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  8. Beautiful pictures in this one! I almost feel like this chapter could work as a standalone short story, you would still very much get the whole message of it even without the characters being established and the context of Zayne’s overall journey.

    To Zayne’s credit, getting over your ex when their photos are plastered all over the city, the internet and every other magazine must be pretty hard. Good on him!

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    1. Aw thank you! I’m really glad you enjoyed this one so much ^_^

      And yes, it’s gotta be extra-hard when your ex is a model haha there’s literally no escape! 😂 I don’t think he’s completely over her yet, but he’s doing wayyyyyy better now haha


  9. This is so exciting! I love these kinds of timejumps where most of it is in pictures 🙂 it seems like he’s Come so far. And i have a feeling it helped a lot that he started seeing a therapist. It also seems like in the last picture that he is finally some what over hope and can now be happy for her.

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    1. Thank you, kaffepigen! ^_^ He has definitely come a long way, and his therapy helped so much!

      I don’t think Zayne is 100% over Hope yet, but he has definitely come a long way and he definitely feels happy for her ^_^


    1. Hahaha! I think there were no other hussies after that first girl 😛 That one night stand actually made the poor guy feel worse 😦

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  10. Yeah, this chapter made me tear up. I loooooooooooove your wordless chapters just as much as your written ones.

    I really like how you’re able to convey your messages through imagery as well as text. As someone who wants to also write sim stories (I’ve got one in mind right now, but it’s still in the fledgling stages), it’s very inspiring.

    The amount of GROWTH in this chapter was just fantastic. It was very realistic too, given that you showed Zayne’s hiccups along the way. He lost Hope (literally and figuratively!) and it really did seem to turn his world upside down, but he’s finally regaining balance. Yeah, he stumbles a few times here and there, but I like that he was able to pick himself up and keep going.

    After everything he’s experienced in his life, he should be proud of himself.

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    1. Thank you so much, that’s really sweet of you to say. 🙂 Wordless chapters are a TON of work (it takes hours and hours to set up all these dang shots haha) but I love the payoff of seeing the final product haha. I thought the best way to show Zayne’s progression was to, well, literally SHOW it instead of tell. And yes, there were a few hiccups, but he’s finally getting there. Slowly but surely! 🙂 Thank you for reading (as always!) And good luck with your own story! Writing simlit is soooooooo fun! My #1 favorite hobby… almost like a third job for me LOL


  11. !!!
    Sometimes your mostly wordless chapters speak the loudest.
    It also helps with time progression that you manage so smoothly.
    I love this 😀 and they’re talking again 😉 😉 😉 Come on ZaynexHope!

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