Interlude: Goodbye

Zayne felt sick to his stomach for the entire rest of the afternoon. All he could think about was seeing Hope again… The thought both excited and terrified him. They hadn’t spoken at all since they’d broken up. She’d already packed up her things when he’d arrived that night, and she left soon after. Hope had been living in a hotel ever since.

The apartment felt so cold and empty without her… Everything did. Zayne couldn’t eat. He couldn’t sleep. All he could think of was Hope, and how terribly he’d ruined everything. His friends and family had been trying again and again to get him to open up. Dom, Remi, and Charlie had all been practically breaking down his door for the past two weeks just to get him to talk to them.

But he didn’t want to talk to anyone. He just wanted to be left alone. Why couldn’t anyone understand that?

This was different though. Hope wasn’t coming to rub salt in his wounds or make him feel worse. She was saying goodbye. Maybe forever. Zayne felt another wave of nausea at the thought. This time tomorrow, she’d be thousands of kilometers away in San Myshuno. Who knew when they’d even speak to each other again, let alone see each other?

Zayne lifted one large hand, wiping away a few tears from his eyes. Not tonight. He told himself. Keep it together. For her.

As though on cue, a faint knocking reached his ears. For one wild moment, Zayne almost wondered who it could possibly be. But the realization was enough to knock all the air from his lungs. It was Hope. Knocking. In the two-and-a-half years they’d lived together, she’d never knocked.

But she had to now, didn’t she?

This wasn’t her home anymore.

Zayne wiped away a few more stray tears and cleared his throat softly before finally opening the door.

She was so beautiful that it almost hurt to look at her. And who knows when I’ll ever see her in person again? Zayne tried his best to chase the thought away. “Hi.” He muttered at last.

“Hi.” Hope’s reply was just as soft and uncomfortable as his had been. “Thanks for letting me stop by.”

“Sure.” Zayne shrugged, trying very hard to smile. “Um… Do you wanna… Like sit down, maybe?”

“Yeah,” Hope nodded, her smile obviously forced as well. “Okay.”

The silence seemed to stretch on for hours, though Zayne was fairly certainly only a few minutes had passed. What could they say to each other now? How do you say goodbye to someone you’ve shared so much of your life with?

Hope’s voice finally broke the silence. “So… How have you been?” She asked softly, seemingly unable to meet his gaze.

“Um… Honestly? Pretty fucking terrible.”  Zayne burst into laughter as he spoke.  It was such a stupid question… And he had a feeling she knew it too. Her bright, beautiful laughter mingled with his almost instantly.

“Okay, that was so dumb.” She managed to choke out. “Please forget I asked that.”

Zayne shrugged, still smiling. “Hey, it was better than just sitting here saying nothing to each other all night.”

“True.” Hope agreed, her smile beginning to fade slightly.

He hesitated a moment before speaking again. “So… what time’s your flight?”

“You won’t believe this… 5:30.” The girl replied with a small laugh.

“In the morning?! Jesus.” Zayne shook his head. “Good luck with that.”

“I know. I’ve gotta get to the airport by four.” Hope smiled. “But at least I know I’ll get some sleep on the plane?”

“Good point… Might help with the jetlag a little.”

“Hopefully! I’m not gonna have much time to adjust… I already have a huge shoot scheduled for Saturday.”

“Wow! Already?”

She nodded. “Two back-to-back next weekend too. And I’m walking in a show on Tuesday.” Her smile widened a bit. “Once they found out I’d be moving to the city, some of the local designers got pretty excited.” She explained.

“That’s incredible!” Zayne replied seriously. “Look, I know I’ve done a shit job of showing it… But I’m really proud of you, Hope.” He meant every word. “You’re gonna do so many amazing things… Well, more than you’ve already done.” He laughed softly for a moment. “This move is gonna be great for you.”

“Thanks. I hope so.” She smiled warmly. “And, for what it’s worth, I’m proud of you too.” She paused for a moment before continuing. “I think I’ve been holding you back so much more than either of us realize. This could be a new beginning for you.” Hope’s voice was sincere. “Just learn to believe in yourself, Zayne. And you’ll do amazing things too.”

He knew she was trying to lift his spirits, but instead, her words simply broke his heart. Maybe she had a point. Maybe focusing on his restaurant would be easier without comparing himself to her, or feeling so pressured all the time…. But she was trying to imply that he was better off without her. And that simply wasn’t true. It never would be. Never.

“Thanks.” He replied at last. What else could he possibly say?

They fell into an uneasy silence once more.

“Hey, did you eat dinner already?” Zayne asked softly after a few moments. “I could make you something… For old time’s sake?” He offered, hoping she could not detect the desperation in his voice.

Hope shook her head slowly. “Thanks, but I’m really not hungry…” She bit her lip. “And… It’s getting pretty late. I should probably get going.”

Zayne felt his heart drop into the pit of his stomach as she rose to her feet. This couldn’t be it. Not yet.

“Hope, wait.” He practically leapt from the couch. She had barely made it three steps. “Don’t go.”

“Zayne…” Her voice was pained. “I have to. You know that. We –”

“I know you’re leaving. I know it’s over.” Zayne’s voice broke slightly. “That’s not what I meant.” He hesitated for a moment. “Just… Stay with me tonight. Please.” The words passed his lips before he even realized what he was saying.

Hope shook her head. “We both know that’s a terrible idea.” Her voice was barely above a whisper. “I can’t.”

“Look, I just…” A heavy sigh passed Zayne’s lips. “I can’t let us leave it like this. No matter how shitty things turned out, I still love you, Hope. And I just want the chance to say goodbye.”

For a few moments, Hope said nothing. Zayne was fairly certain he could detect the slight glistening of tears in her eyes.

“I love you too.” She whispered at last. “You know that, don’t you?”

He nodded, quickly closing the distance between them. “I do.”

71 thoughts on “Interlude: Goodbye

  1. I’m just sitting here trying not to sob… Don’t mind me. DX
    Fantastic chapter. The feels are just killing me. Really hope they’re able to get back together later in life, and that Zayne is able to get his restaurant up and going.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, supernatural! Sorry for the feels… This one REALLY got me too. Tears were shed while writing and screenshotting this one 😦

      Thank you so much for reading! ❤


  2. Plot twist: Hope gets pregnant from this.

    …I know how these things work. :/

    Who knows, though: Maybe Zayne somehow (SOMEHOW) manages to get his shit together and find someone else to be happy with before she ever tells him.

    Too bad we’ll all have to wait until Wednesday to find out the next turn of events.

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  3. Bad move, Zayne and Hope. You’re gonna end up with a baby. You already broke up it’s like cheating on that. You both need to move on and get on with life. Sorry for putting it so bluntly, :).
    (No long letter today and I mean it this time.) If you end up with a child, how is it gonna work, we already had Collete have the problem of parents in different countries please don’t make this kid suffer. Hope, I can’t decide whether you made the right decision or not, because he is now going to be heartbroken but if you waited he would try and make it work.


    1. Haha well hopefully in their sadness/passion they remembered to wrap it up (and Hope is on birth control anyway, I assure you :P) So hopefully no unexpected babies will come of this!

      I think they both needed to be together one last time… It was like closure for both of them. 🙂

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  4. Lover: Ah breakup sex number 10 in in the top ten kinds of sex. You put all this effort and passion into it because cause you know it’s the last time it makes it so bittersweet since most of the time it’s amazing but it’ll never happen again. Kudos to Hope for sticking to her guns and getting out of there!

    Emotional: They didn’t make the promise to meet up where Ethel first met gen years from now to discuss how amazing or terrible their lives our how sad.

    Anti Shipper: I’m sorry about yesterday I was jerk and let my win go to my head. But now you’ll listen to me when I say don’t get to caught up in these shipping wars cause you never know what willl happen. I love you❤️!

    Shipper: Love you too and I forgive you! (Slyly looks at Anti Shipper!)

    Anti Shipper: I’m still sleeping on the couch aren’t I!

    Shipper: And not the one in the living room the one in the attic!

    Anti Shipper: Uh she’s still mad! I can’t even enjoy my victory when she’s this upset!

    Charmer hands him a glass of whiskey.

    Anti Shipper: I thought you weren’t a bar keep?

    Charmer: Turns out I’m good at bartending who knew?😆

    Anti Shipper: 😒

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    1. Hahahaha it was definitely very bittersweet for both of them, but I think they needed that closure. Lover’s assessment is good 😛


    1. I love your optimism! 😛 Haha at this point the future is wide open for both of them. We’ll see what happens 🙂 Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I half agree with you. But I don’t want him to move to San Myshuno because then we won’t get to see his family visiting the restaurant and having important events there over the years. I’m moreso hoping her career brings her back to Windenburg. Maybe she’ll take up photography like her uncle.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. You are my HoZay shipping role model. It’s hard to root wholeheartedly for them because of how bad things got. I just can’t condone some of Zayne’s behavior, and I struggle to want to encourage Hope to return when any other life pressure could send them back to that environment.

          That being said, I want them together and I want things to be good for them. Both at the top of their careers, a power couple for all the magazines to fan over!

          Liked by 2 people

          1. I guess the fact that they’ve been through so much makes me want to root for them. But yes, Zayne didn’t behave very well. I don’t know, I just see something very special with them. They definitely don’t need to get back into the same rut though.

            Now, them as a power couple would be awesome!

            Liked by 2 people

            1. You’re so right! They are so special. I felt it when they met. Did you read the chapter over on the Bloomer legacy from Hope’s perspective of when she talked to Zayne outside the restaurant? And that chapter when we finally get Zayne’s perspective of when he first laid eyes on her? It was just instant with them. Even if they don’t get back together, they’ll always be each other’s one-who-got-away.

              Liked by 2 people

              1. I didn’t read the Bloomer legacy, but I did see how instant it was for them, way back when. And meeting up years later just seems like fate. But, that’s not usually how it goes in real life. They definitely are/would be the ones that got away. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  5. Yikes this hurt. I myself would never EVER in a million years say goodbye this way, but I enjoy it when it happens to characters I love to read.

    I like the way this ended because I feel like maybe they’ll check in with each other occasionally just to see how they’re doing. They both got so invested in each other’s careers that I want to think they’ll update each other when great things happen.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I appreciate your optimism for their future 🙂 I think it’s a definite possibility that the’ll keep in touch, because they are truly each other’s best friend. But that being said… Staying in touch may also prove to be too painful for them. It could go either way. We’ll have to wai and see…

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  6. I started to write a long reply to you, but I don’t want to get into a fight 🙂 I’d like to drop it and move on.


  7. “It knocked all the air out of his lungs. It was Hope.” Great play on the irony! Well, I’m crying. I said I was satisfied yesterday, but now I realize how much I needed this. As a HoZay shipper I’d like to thank you, for creating this hear-wrenching couple, giving them a good run, ending things in the right moment (before it got spoiled) and saying good-bye in a beautiful way. I’m super excited for Hope’s career now and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Zayne.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awww thank you so much peaoorko! I think Hope and Zayne definitely needed this… and so did the shippers haha Closure for everyone! 🙂 I’m really glad you enjoyed their arc. It was very heart-wrenching for me as well… Hopefully they can both move on to bigger and better things from here 🙂

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  8. This was so sad. I might of choked up more than a little even if I’m mad at Zayne. This seems to keep the door open for contact later. But maybe that is good. They both are so sad. 😢 Perhaps they will be able to reunite in a year or so. Crossing my fingers

    Great job with all the feels in this chapter.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks, Audrey. This one was incredibly emotional for me too! It would be so much easier if they had actually fallen out of love with each other… but unfortunately that’s not the case, so it hurts all the more for it 😦

      As for future contact, I feel like it could go either way right now. On the one hand, they truly are each other’s best friend and that love and caring for each other is still there. But on the other hand, BECAUSE those feelings are still there, it might be easier to kinda cut ties and try to move forward… We’ll see which way it goes!


  9. I think you’re right that every character belongs not just to the writer but to the people who read them as well. But that being said, there is definitely a way to miss the point of the writer. Their intent, theme, plot, etc usually has a specific point, and sometimes readers miss it.

    As many of my english teachers and professors often told me, what you want to read and what’s there aren’t always one and the same.

    Zayne frustrates me to no end, so I kind of understand how angry he makes you. But to insult him from your perception of his views (which I think have actually twisted his views) on masculinity is a bit harsh… Maybe almost as harsh as some of the harsh things I’ve said about Lucas and Hazel before they died… and maybe also after they died.

    One other thing you said that I agree with, I think she should be very proud that her writing brings out such dramatic responses from her readers.

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  10. I sense that a certain someone is pregant…And really, if the problem is that they are holding each other, why not just grow in their carers, and when they are like, at the top, they can start dating again! And if she isn’t pregnant…meh, Jocelyn was the same thing! Was with the love of her life a little later, and had childrem with other people…this could ahppen to Zayne! And if she is…this sure could get interresting, as they truly love each other, so the baby could be possibly an excuse to be with each other, or, maek things worse…I just imagine Zayne not even knowing he had a daughter! ooof!

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  11. “Maybe focusing on his restaurant would be easier without comparing himself to her, or feeling so pressured all the time…”
    Yes! I know he’ll probably never be truly over her, but in time when the pain is lessened he’ll see the benefits…if he does what he needs to do, that is. Good luck to you both!

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  12. And I have to say–I don’t mean any offense by any of this to you. Actually you’re an excellent writer, and it’s interesting that everyone commenting has different opinions and viewpoints on what’s going on.

    That said, I’ve seen an abusive relationship before and yes, it did get to physical abuse. I was a kid at the time and couldn’t do anything but stand by and watch terrified. So with that context in mind, maybe you can see why I really don’t like where things have gone with Zayne and Hope.


    1. I am sorry you had that terrible experience and I understand that it’s affecting how you’re viewing their relationship.

      All I can do as the author is tell you with 100% certainty that I am not intending for this to seem abusive in any way and Zayne would NEVER physically abuse Hope. EVER.


      1. Well the abuse I saw didn’t start out physical either. It was just a lot of putting the other person down, screaming, yelling, etc. Perpetual arguments. (Which is another reason that even if Hope is pregnant, I’m hoping they don’t get back together for the sake of the child. Because that’s NOT an environment that is good and healthy for a child.)

        Full disclosure, this was my so-called dad and how he treated my mom. I haven’t had contact with him for years, by choice. He seemed to actively enjoy terrorizing us all. Didn’t want to spend time with his own kids, didn’t spend any of his money on the family–only himself. So my mom had to raise 3 kids, buy a house, everything, on a teacher’s salary. Because he wouldn’t.

        I know Zayne isn’t THAT bad, but the toxicity of the arguments they’ve had is more than enough to set me against the relationship, at least until Zayne can get his act together. Almost venomously so–which you might’ve noticed.

        I’m old enough to understand that sometimes there’s something about individuals that ends up causing this sort of friction with one another even when they’d be perfectly fine with someone else, with only the usual amount of arguing. And that doesn’t mean they don’t or can’t love each other. I wouldn’t even argue that an abuser can’t love the victim (though in the case of my mom, well, my so-called dad didn’t–but I don’t think he’s capable of loving anyone in the first place, except possibly himself), but it’s certainly not a healthy kind of love.

        That’s why I’m all about Hope loving herself first. I don’t think it’s selfish at all to want your own happiness, or to care about your own mental health. And no matter how much you love or think you love someone, if the relationship isn’t healthy, it’s time to move on to take care of yourself.


        1. I have similar experiences as you, so I understand your feelings on this topic, but I just wanted to point out that Hope was the one that wanted to say goodbye. Not Zayne. He wasn’t manipulating her at all. Their desire to see and be with each other one last time was mutual.

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    2. I think it’s human nature for our personal experiences to color how we view things, and I fully understand that.

      I hope the upcoming arcs (or maybe even upcoming gen haha) is more pleasant for you to read and something that does not bring back painful memories that affects your enjoyment of the story 🙂


  13. I get that people have different personal experiences, but I don’t see how anybody’s being manipulative here or anything. Just sadness and trying to cope. Breakups are messy, and not clean cut. You don’t just stop having feelings for a person because you’re no longer together. If you believe a breakup can be cookie cutter, than I salute you… but on most occassions, when emotions are involved, it doesn’t happen.

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    1. Thanks, Marketa! 🙂 As you already know, there are absolutely no ulterior motives here… it’s just two people in love saying goodbye because their relationship didn’t work out. 🙂


  14. Ohhh I finally caught up after all that binge reading and now the two are so twisted. I feel so bad for them but he really did cause this to happen. He should have just admitted to being afraid to start the restaurant and afraid to fly. Aww I hate it people make these mistakes! I hope they figure it out 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading!!!! I appreciate it so much! ^_^ I’m sorry you caught up on such a sad chapter though 😦 Zayne largely brought this upon himself, it’s true! But it’s still so sad too 😦

      Thank you again! ❤


  15. 😭😭😭 those images at the end broke my heart all over again. It’s one thing for them to say it’s over, but now she’s gone, it’s so final 😭 I feel for Zayne and Hope both, and I hope they can move forward from this. I would be worried, the way things ended, if Hope were staying nearby – it would seem like a recipe for a lot of make-up and break-up sex, with them never actually coming to a beginning or an end. But I think with Hope leaving, this was a really beautiful end for them – just because the love isn’t enough doesn’t mean the love is gone, and I’m glad they got to affirm that to say goodbye.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m really glad you liked this one! But yes, it’s so sad! It really is over 😦 (And you’re right — if she was staying nearby, this would have been a very terrible idea! Haha) Thanks for reading 🙂


  16. Some people commented on this being abusive or manipulative and I guess I can kind of see where this is coming from – everybody can have his own opinion on certain topics and reading a story is always a personal experience where your own thoughts and memories come into play. I wanted to say, however, that to me the chapter had another tone to it.
    I think one of the most important things in a relationship with another person is mutual respect and love. Before, Zayne and Hope did love each other, but I think they had certain problems with respect (saying things to hurt each other, the whole thing with their careers etc), but in this chapter, I saw ONLY respect. The best thing Zayne could do now is letting Hope go, respecting her decision, putting her above himself and his own happiness and doing what is best for her. Hope was of course not right by making it seem like it was her fault, because it wasn’t 100% – but I think by saying that he might be better off without her, she showed how truly she knows him and how comparing himself to her would have put some rocks in the road for Zayne who seemed (to me) to search for any excuse not to risk something. She, also, put his personal growth over her desire to be with him.
    Now, the lulling excuse of “well I can’t do it because Hope XYZ” is gone. He has only himself to blame if he doesn’t make it and this could go both ways, either he finds confidence in himself and makes it work or he realizes he needs help and gets a therapy which would also help him. Zayne now has the chance to find himself, to look into his own mind and see the great talent he has to offer to the world. He is something amazing in his own right and I really hope he sees that he does not NEED her to be something. He doesn’t NEED her to be complete. He can be successful on his own and then maybe win her back, when he has matured as a person. Sorry. I love his character so much xD
    Sorry for writing you a novel. I just think that this chapter was so full of love. This was one of the times where their love was not the young, childish, blind kind of love, but a feeling of unconditional and deep bonding that is stronger than one’s self. I hope I don’t offend anybody with my opinion. I don’t mean to devalue you if you read this as abusive or manipulative. Maybe I’m deciding to put on the pink glasses of happiness, but I think the babies grew so much in this chapter. It feels like this was the “cleanest” love they ever got to show each other, because they each truly put the other’s happiness over their own.
    This chapter was sad and beautiful at the same time. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. This comment was very wonderful to wake up to! Thank you, Stardust 🙂 I feels like you definitely understood what I was trying to convey in this chapter — it was all about love, respect, and getting closure for both of them. 🙂

      Thank you again for the great analysis! ❤

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  17. I actually clicked back to read this a second time and realized the banner had changed up top and that was the moment I got very sad. Poor Zayne is alone again, but hopefully this time he can focus and get his life moving. I wonder how hard it’s going to be to avoid an ex who’s in magazines, movies, and on TV.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Is it bad that I’m hoping for a baby to come out of this? Male + Woman = Baby + Drama + Eventually Happiness????

    Hmm, the possibilities for the two of them. At the same time, if they could move on and then come back to make some cute babies. This should be good for them, time apart is always good in the long run. I just hope they both learn from this and don’t make the same mistakes later in their very drama filled life.

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  19. I wanted to let you know that I do agree with your assessment that if you put your characters out there, they not only belong to you, but to your readers also.

    And all readers will have varied responses because people are different. I think that’s the beauty of reading the comments!

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  20. I think that this is a very real aspect of a relationship. Not all relationships work out the way we imagine them to. As a serial monogamist, I can definitely attest to imagining the happily ever after and never getting it. ( I am not happily married so yay!) I’d like to thank you, Citizen, for always putting forth some very real stories, far too often stories consist of rainbows and butterflies and that all live happily ever after — the end. But when you really break it down this game that we all use as a storytelling tool is a simulation of life. And real life is not pretty, not always.

    I really want to see both of these characters succeed in their lives. I can see both paths working out for them since right now they are both fairly youngish? But regardless of whether or not they get back together, I think what is important here is that they grow from the experience.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jenn! This comment means a lot 🙂 And yes — real life is often not pretty!

      Hopefully things will get better for both of them from here… time will tell!

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  21. Trying so hard not to cry right now but we also have that sneaky feeling Hope may have taken a little something of Zayne with her that night…that might pop out in about 9months time….oh hello plot twist…now please pass the tissues and chocolate thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha a lot of people share that theory! Definitely possible! Guess we will see in time… *passes over a box of tissues and huge chocolate bar*

      Liked by 1 person

  22. 😭😭🌊🌪🛳 I’m so hurt right now. That was a beautiful but sad chapter. This can’t be the end though, they will find each other again and it will work. It has to ☹️

    Liked by 1 person

    For once I’m putting you in the shame corner, Amanda, 😡
    What even are these guys’ ship name. I hardcore want this ship to sail more than any of the others I think.
    Let’s see Alex and Jade were fine. Mari and Jonas I loved, but like okay. Tobi and Collette were cute, and I did really like them. They were definitely high on the I want this to work. Stefan went away so :shrug: I love Florian and Clara but I also wanted to marry Clara sooo. Joce and Elliot nah. Joce and Mark I mean more so now than before but like they’re not my favorite. Luc and Hazel were adorable but you’re evil soo. Have I forgotten anyone major. I guess Auggy and Noah, they’re super cute but not as important to really get invested in a ship. As for the triplets, I ship Tony with myself as well. Charlie and Ben are meh lol. I love River and her partner but again spares aren’t as in focus same with Remi and his wife.
    Overall, my favorite ship so far I think has to be Zayne and Hope with Tobi and Lettie in a close second.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha most people called them HoZay. And I’m sorry to have sunk your favorite ship 😭 (I’m also sorry to not reply to every single one of your comments, but I am reading all of them and loving them!)


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