Interlude: Exactly What You Think

Zayne’s eyes snapped open. His head felt foggy and his body was so weary that it took him a few moments before he was able to pull himself out of bed. The sky outside was still pitch-black. It had to be three or four o’clock in the morning. What could have woken him from his sleep so abruptly?

Then Zayne heard it – a loud but muffled voice calling out from the living room. “Seriously, dad?! You too?!” It cried.

He glanced over at the bed behind him and finally noticed that it was empty. Hope, he realized, his groggy mind clearing a bit. Zayne rose to his feet and slowly made his way toward the living room. Hope’s voice grew clearer with every step he took.

“Look, can we please talk about this later?” Hope sighed heavily. “Or better yet, not at all? I’m an adult and this is my job. Can’t you understand that?” She paused, rolling her eyes at whatever she heard on the other end of the line. “Yeah, okay. Bye.”

“Hope?” Zayne muttered as he finally reached the couch where she sat.

“Oh God, I’m sorry.” She sighed, placing her phone at her side. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s okay.” He replied, smiling slightly despite his confusion. “What are you doing up so late? And… Why are you yelling at your parents?” Carly and Ralph had returned home from their visit barely two weeks ago, and everything seemed fine when they left… What had they done to piss her off so soon?

His girlfriend shook her head. “It’s so dumb. So, I got an email with the proofs from my big Vogue shoot at like midnight. They’re so amazing, Zayne.” For a moment, she smiled. “I didn’t wanna wake you up, so I was gonna wait and show you in the morning. But I did send them to my sister…”

“Okay…” Zayne wasn’t quite sure where this was heading.

“And Sadie loved them… But maybe too much.” Hope continued. “A little bit after I went to bed, my phone went off…” She paused for a moment, sighing. “It was Sadie. She got way too excited about the pictures, and ended up doing the stupidest possible thing she could have done.”


“She sent them to my mom.”

Zayne furrowed his brow. Clearly Hope was upset that Carly saw the pictures… But why? “I don’t get it. Shouldn’t that be a good thing?”

“You’ll understand when you see them.” She assured him. “Anyway, I guess mom totally lost it and ended up showing dad, and that got him flipping out too… It’s ridiculous. They’re totally overreacting!” Hope shook her head slowly. “So I decided to call them and try to do some damage control… As you can probably tell, it didn’t go over so well.”

Zayne couldn’t shake the feeling of dread that had started creeping up on him as Hope told her story. “I guess I still don’t really get it.” He said slowly. “I mean, what the hell could be in these pictures that got your parents so worked up?”

“I’ll show you.” Hope smiled, reaching for her phone and handing it to him. “And you’ll see how ridiculous they were being.”

Zayne raised an eyebrow curiously as he began scrolling through the pictures.

“You know my mom… Of course she’d freak. But I never thought dad would.” Hope laughed softly to herself. “They’re beautiful though, aren’t they?”

It felt as though all the breath had been sucked from Zayne’s lungs. “Jesus, you’re practically naked.”

“Um… not really. But so what?”

He finally lifted his eyes from the screen of the phone, his gaze resting upon Hope’s face. “Why the hell would you ever take a job like this?!

“Like what?!”

Zayne felt his cheeks grow hot as his anger slowly bubbled up to the surface. “Like you’re in a…” For a moment, he almost seemed to be struggling to find the right word. “A porn magazine or something!”

In an instant, Hope was on her feet. “What the hell did you just say?!”

“You heard me.” Zayne fought to keep his voice steady as he rose from his seat as well. “I can’t believe you’d do something like this!”

“This has got to be some kind of sick joke or something… You sound just like mom and dad!” She narrowed her eyes at him as she spoke.

“Yeah, well maybe for once you should actually listen to them!”

Hope looked almost disgusted as she spoke. “What’s wrong with you?! You know how much this job meant to me! How can you be such a dick about it?!”

Zayne tried in vain to calm himself before replying. “Maybe I’m just a little surprised, okay? I mean, how can you take a job like this without telling me first?!”

“Why should I have to tell you anything?!” Hope snapped back at him.

“Because I’m your boyfriend! Or maybe you forgot that while you were busy parading naked in front of some photographer… In a shoot that the whole friggin’ world gets to see! I thought you were above trashy shit like this, Hope.”

Her jaw literally dropped open at his words. For a moment, she seemed to be struggling to find her voice. “Okay, first off, I’m not naked, okay?!” She managed to choke out at last. “Jesus Christ, grow up, Zayne! This is my job. This is my body. And you know what? So what if I was naked? Why the hell should I have to ask your permission?! You don’t own me!”

“You’re right, I don’t.” Zayne agreed. “I never said I did! But this is like my birthday all over again… Maybe even worse! It’s like you were hiding it from me or something.”

“What the hell would I have to hide?!”

“I dunno! I just…” He shook his head slowly. “Can you seriously look me in the eye and tell me it’d be perfectly fine if I whipped out my dick in front of some female photographer without telling you first? Maybe plastered pictures of it all over billboards and magazine covers for women to drool over?”

Hope shrugged, the scowl never leaving her face. “It’s your body. Be my guest.” She paused for a moment. “Know what? Why don’t we do it? Rent out some billboard space for a nice big dick pic, huh? You should be able to afford it with all that money that you aren’t using for your restaurant!”

“What the hell?! What does that have to do with anything?!”

Everything.” Hope practically hissed at him. “You throw a damn fit any time someone tries to point out that you aren’t doing shit to work on this ‘restaurant’… You haven’t for months! You keep snapping at me to mind my own business and let you worry about your career… And then what do you do? You turn around and pull shit like this!” She cried, throwing her hands up in exasperation.

“You’re jealous, Zayne. You can’t handle watching me succeed. And you know what? That’s your problem, not mine!” Hope pointed at him accusingly as she spoke. “You can’t keep going on like this! You need to let someone help you, for Christ’s sake! This is eating away at you. It’s changing you! Can’t you see that?!”

Zayne said nothing for a few moments as the weight of her words poured down on him. Somewhere in the back of his mind, it was like a small voice was calling out to him – Stop! Calm down! Listen to her!

But there was another much louder voice that drowned it out.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about!” He shot at her venomously. “Don’t pretend you have any idea what this is like for me!” Zayne narrowed his eyes as he continued. “Not everyone has it as easy as you do! Some people actually have to work to get what they want, okay?! Some of us have real jobs! We can’t all get paid to just stand in front of a fucking camera all day and call it ‘work’!”

It felt like someone had pulled the rug out from beneath Zayne’s feet. The thick fog of jealousy and anger that had clouded his mind seemed to vanish in an instant. Holy shit. What the fuck did I just say?!

“Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. I didn’t mean that. Shit. I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry… God, I wasn’t thinking… I just –”

“Fuck you.” Hope’s voice was barely above a whisper. “Fuck you. I’m so sick of you making me feel like shit all the time for doing what I love. And I can’t stand watching you act like a victim when you won’t get off your ass and actually do something about it!” The venom in her voice stung more and more with every word she spoke.

“Maybe modeling isn’t a ‘real job’ to you… But at least I have a job.” She shook her head slowly. Her anger seemed to have been replaced by… something else. “I can’t take these jealous tantrums anymore. I can’t stand hearing you talk to me like this.” Hope paused for a moment. Her voice was shaking as she continued. “I love you, Zayne. More than anything. But I am so fucking tired. And honestly, I don’t know if I can do this anymore.”

Zayne felt a sudden heaviness in his chest. “W-what are you saying?” He whispered.

“Exactly what you think I am.”

“Please. Hope, I didn’t –”

“Look, I just…” She bit her lip for a moment. “I just need a break, Zayne.” Hope said at last. “And so do you.”

“But I –”

“I don’t wanna talk about this anymore, okay? Not tonight.”

“I…” For a moment, Zayne considered trying to argue again. But what would be the point? Hope was absolutely right, wasn’t she? “Okay. I’ll… I’ll just… Go, I guess.”

It was like the room was spinning. How could he have said any of that? How could he be such a jerk? How could any of this be real? Maybe he was imagining it… Maybe it was a nightmare.

He fumbled through the dimly lit apartment, grabbing his car keys and slipping on his shoes in a daze. Zayne hesitated as he reached the front door, praying that Hope would say something – anything – to stop him.

But she didn’t.


79 thoughts on “Interlude: Exactly What You Think

  1. Hate to say it Zayne, but you kinda had this coming…Oh wait, no I don’t. >:)

    In all seriousness, this relationship was going downhill something bad. It was unhealthy and, dare I say it, bordering on verbal abuse.

    Okay, maybe Hope should’ve said something to him (mostly not to catch him off guard about it), but there’s really no point in slut-shaming the poor girl.

    I hope that this is the true wake-up call Zayne needs to finally realize what he’s been doing to…pretty much everyone.

    And I hope that Hope (har) doesn’t do anything drastic herself (I remember that one line from the chapter with Chuck’s wedding. Hope best stay away from Ben after this, hoo boy)

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    1. Abusive might be taking it too far, but yes, this was coming for a while. Zayne’s insecurity and jealousy has gotten way out of control (as we can see in his reaction about her photo shoot), and Hope’s pushing sent him further and further down the path of anger/bitterness.

      Hopefully this is a wake up call, yes! Zayne is on the verge of losing the most important thing in his life if he doesn’t do something FAST. And yes, hopefully Hope (haha) doesn’t do anything crazy. They could still have a chance to fix things during their break… We’ll see!

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  2. Zayne, throughout the last chapters, you have been an utter dick to Hope, and you are being a jealous bitch. Pull your head out of your ass, for crying out loud.

    Hope, girl, you deserve better! And Zayne, you could be the better thing she deserves. So pull it together! *shakes head* For God’s sakes!

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    1. Hahaha “jealous bitch” is sadly accurate, yes! But you’re right — Zayne most definitely could better himself. He’s a good guy and he loves Hope more than anything… but he has to move past his issues and find a way to deal other than lashing out. He’s gotta figure this out fast if he really wants to save their relationship!


      1. Also, I wonder if he’s going to go back to the Rosebrook house and whine to Tante Joce. Or maybe he’s just going to go sleep at a motel or something. Or maybe just drive around dramatically for a bit.

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        1. Haha you’ll see in the next chapter where he went. Though regardless, I don’t think he’s gonna do any “whining”… He internalizes a lot, so wherever he goes he’ll probably lock himself in a room to mope and not talk to anyone haha

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              1. Oh no I wish I could remember! Haha it’s a hair I downloaded a few weeks ago. Tonight or tomorrow I’ll take a peek in my mods folder and try to remember which one it is hahaha


    1. Hahaha well you’re halfway to what you wanted 😂 And yes, Zayne should have known that sooner or later she’d be showing more skin… the nature of her job! I think if he’d had some warning he would have accepted it much more haha

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  3. And just like that he left. Still being a victim. Wanting her to ask him to say. Yes he sorta kinda tried to apologize but folded right away. Didn’t even really try. She was so right with everything she said to him. He feels like he can tell her what to with her job and that she should discuss things with him but when the tables are turned he won’t open up. I suppose he is going to a hotel or maybe back to Mommy and Daddy well Aunt and Gramps in his eyes. Hahaha! Where he can wallow in more self pity because that is exactly what he did when he left – poor me – but this time it hurt more than ever before. He took the easy road again instead of standing and fighting for what he wanted.

    You really have my interest piqued. Is this the bottom? Or is there one more drop before he finally hits the Zayne level of rock bottom. (Eun beating the crap outta him) If he wants Hope back in his life he’s going to have to trust her and let her in. Relationships are all about compromise and honestly he didn’t seem like he was there yet. He just rolled over and said yep – she’s right. I’m a loser. Bye.

    And OMG – those pictures were amazing! Loved them! Lol….And of course modeling IS a real job. I hated that she conceded it might not be a real job in his eyes. It seems like she did that for him hoping he would acknowledge that it was real and he was indeed being an ass saying it was easy.

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    1. Hope made it very clear that she didn’t want to talk to him any more that night. He knows Hope and knows that she likes space/time to cool off when they fight, and this was probably their biggest fight ever. I think if he’d stayed it would have made things much worse. Hope wouldn’t have wanted to hear it, and things would have escalated (I’m already surprised none of their neighbors called the cops haha!)

      I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures, and yes, modeling IS a real job. 🙂 Even Zayne knows that. He just spoke out of anger without thinking. He definitely needs to change if he wants to win her back. He needs to learn to overcome his issues and deal with them in some other way than lashing out. We’ll see if he gets there.

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  4. Uh, what an intense chapter! Apart from the delicious drama, I love how you integrated the pictures *takes notes furiously*. I kinda feel for both of them … Even though Zayne did say some stupid stuff, I am glad that he realized it and I hope this will be a wake-up call for him. I feel kind of bad for Hope, though. Poor girl. Somebody on the last chapter said something about Zayne’s pride being his “secret trait” and I totally agree.
    It seems as if he has some egoistic tendencies going here, like how he immediately thought about how all of this might affect HIM. Maybe he should try walking in other peoples’ shoes for a bit?
    Anyway, I still like him very much. He is a very “human” Sim, if you know what I mean 🙂

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    1. Thanks, stardust! Zayne always says stupid stuff, unfortunately… haha and I do think it’s true that he’s very “proud”. But in a weird way, the pride is almost like a mask for his real insecurities. The kid has shitty self-esteem underneath it all.

      I feel bad for Hope too. She’s had to put up with a lot, and enough is enough for her right now! Hopefully after they’ve both had some time apart/to cool down, they can clear their heads a bit?

      I’m glad you like Zayne! You are one of the few haha He is very near and dear to me, even if I wanna smack him upside the head 😉 haha

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  5. I knew it would blow up like this 😦 i’m so sad for both of them. They could have worked it out before… Now all these feelings just blasted out and came out way exaggerated – on both sides. I’m with Hope on the Restaurant thing but I also think not telling Zayne about doing a half-naked shoot was disrespectful. If she thought he wouldn’t agree maybe she should have thought more thoroughly about taking it.

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    1. Oh yes, everything escalated and got super exaggerated, it’s true! And you do make an interesting point — Hope should have known Zane would have a problem with the shoot, and given him some warning. I actually do agree with that. I think Zayne overreacted and said some terrible things, but I also think she should have said something to him instead of just springing the pictures on him. Especially knowing him and his temper!

      It’s Zayne — of course he was gonna overreact and be a jerk 😂

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  6. Hmmm-hmm. I kind of had a feeling some shoot like this would come up and Zayne would not be able to handle it.

    I understand both their points of view, but honestly, I think Hope was right in this moment. They need some time to breathe before they can work this out.

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    1. It’s very true! They need to take a breather, re-assess the situation, and figure out what to do to save their relationship (if they decide it’s worth saving… 😮 )

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  7. Dude. “Trashy?” Honestly? You’d say that to someone you supposedly care about? Really?

    The above commenter was right, this is indeed abusive. It’s not physical abuse, but it is emotional abuse. All the snapping at Hope, and putting her down for her job, and calling her trashy, isn’t just arguing. Zayne has genuinely crossed a line.

    Incidentally, though I probably don’t have to tell anyone this, modeling IS real work. I’ve never done it (nor will I–not with THIS body), but holding a pose in front of a camera is, from what I’ve heard, very tiring. And you’re doing all this standing under bright, hot lights while someone yells out instructions at you and after you are done may even yell at you for not conveying just the right emotion. And it’s likely that she felt super vulnerable being topless in front of a camera, so to have the shots turn out in a way she was proud of and didn’t actually look trashy like Zayne said? Well, Hope probably should be excited.

    And she’s right. It’s her body. She had no obligation to tell Zayne that she was having topless photos taken. Granted, it might have helped things if she’d communicated, but would he have exploded any less then? And what if he’d demanded she didn’t do the photoshoot at all? He doesn’t have that right. It’s her body, her life, her career. Even if she HAD done an ad for a porn magazine, and even if she had been fully naked in a sexualized pose, that’s her choice. And of all things, Zayne goes and tells her she looks trashy? And her mom and dad flip out over it too? She is an adult and she is working as a model. Surely they knew she’d be doing some shots that weren’t so innocent sooner or later. And again, it’s her choice whether or not to do so.

    I just really hope she doesn’t turn around and get super guilty for doing that photoshoot or suddenly find herself only able to get jobs that involve nudity. To have the guts to stand topless in front of a camera and then let the world see? That’s a vulnerable position and she’s very brave. As long as she wasn’t pressured into it in some way–and I don’t think she was–it should be empowering, not something she’s called trashy for or belittled over.

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    1. I agree with you that modeling is real work (and honestly Zayne knows that too — he was speaking out of anger but didn’t actually mean it). And I think Zayne would have probably argued with Hope about it but ultimately been (maybe reluctantly) accepting of she’d told him about it ahead of time. And if he’d put up a huge fuss, Hope would have kindly told him to fuck off and she’d do it anyway haha

      I still don’t agree that what Zayne is doing is abuse, but I respect that everyone comes from different experiences and has different perspectives that affect their interpretation of things 🙂


  8. As someone who has taken lessons on how to have ‘healthy’ arguments, I can say Hope is in the wrong here. She took something that was really bothering Zayne (her lack of communication when it came to her career) and turned it on him. That is manipulative, even though I know she wasn’t trying to be. Of course, once Zayne loses it he is also in the wrong, but that subject should not have been broached there and in that setting. I feel so bad for both of them, because they obviously love each other, they just don’t know how to properly communicate.

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    1. I appreciate you sharing this unique perspective! I think there’s some truth to what you said too — Hope really should have known the shoot would be a trigger for Zayne, and I agree that she should have told him about it sooner. Not to ask permission, but rather to warn him so it wouldn’t come as such a nasty surprise to him. I think that, overall, Zayne is “more wrong”, but I definitely think Hope has made some important mistakes in their past few arguments (including this one)

      You are right that they both love each other so much. But they need to either figure out their issues, or decide its time to move on 😦 Either way, it won’t be easy…

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      1. I agree that over the course of their entire relationship, Zayne is ‘more wrong’. However, here I feel that Hope is ‘more wrong’ simply because she was the one who escalated the fight, she is the one who poo-pooed on his concerns and feelings, and then she is the one who turned around a shoved his failures into his face during a conversation that had nothing to do with that. She knew what that would do to Zayne, she was baiting him there, even if she didn’t realize it. It’s funny, because I usually relate to Zayne, but here I related to Hope because I have a habit of curbing my faults in arguments and bringing up their failings as shield for my own. :[

        Should Zayne have blown up on her? No, obviously not, but he wouldn’t have blown up had Hope stayed on ‘topic’, so to speak.

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  9. Packing chocolate some booze and a hot mini dresses.
    Hope girl lets go party on some boy top model yatch and never never go back to winderburg.
    Bye zayne say hi to Joceline from us.

    Do not stop shooting on the sinking ship.
    I repeat
    Do not stop shooting.

    Ps: zayne maybe you will grow a pair and fight for what you love when you get elder???

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    1. Since adopting is allowed (joce kinda adopted the next heir)
      Could it possibly be that the way of redemption of our current heir is parenting an orphan and raise him helping him cause he can understand what it feels to lose both parents????


  10. *sips iced tea*
    *savors the hints of citrus*
    The sunsets are so beautiful from here. The plumes of smoke coming from these ships that pass in the night almost look like wispy clouds encircling the sun.


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  11. Maybe it’s just me being an old fogie, but people keep saying how much Hope and Zayne love each other, or how much they’re in love, but I have a hard time seeing it. From either one of them.

    (Con’t bc mobile is silly)


    1. For me, love is giving your best for another and receiving their best in return. Neither one seems to be doing a whole lot of giving, but each is expecting to receive a lot of grace. Is there more to the relationship than satisfying sex?

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      1. This is an interesting perspective! I can promise you that there is a lot more to their relationship than sex. We haven’t gotten to see much positives in this arc because I’ve been focusing on the deterioration of their relationship.

        Their careers are really what’s changing things for them right now. They’ve always been incredibly supportive of one another and stood by each other through a lot. But the combined stress of Zayne trying to start his restaurant and Hope becoming so successful has changed things in ways neither one has expected. But I wouldn’t say that they don’t love each other. They do. But they’re facing a lot of outside pressures that’s making it difficult for them to show it lately. Something has to change.

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        1. Hmmm…actually…I can totally see what shamanarza means. They probably do love each other, but maybe she she’s seeing is that their love isn’t that mature…like the both of them lol. But seriously…maybe it’s not TRUE love yet, and that’s ok. They’re young and are still growing as people and in their relationship. True love might get them talking about marriage and stuff and they’re clearly not there yet.

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          1. Okay, that is something I can agree with a bit more, I think. They do love each other and things are about more than just sex…. But it’s maybe not a fully ‘mature’ love yet. They both have growing up to do — Zayne mostly, but Hope too.

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  12. haven’t finished the chapter yet but I know Zayne is going to do something stupid.

    Oh I knew it. Zayne you are hopeless. Literally. I didn’t even mean to make that pun. Get it together!

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  13. I love these chapters! I went into a fit of laughter when Zayne started talking about whipping out his manly parts in front of the whole world. I was like, YES! YES! Bring it, Zayne! 😀 I was laughing so hard.
    But what he said to Hope, that was the final shovel of dirt and the grave of their relationship was complete. He utterly belittled her job, her dreams. That’s a complete opposite of what loving someone means. You don’t say such words and get away with an apology or makeup sex. Zayne just steered the ship right into the iceberg and he deserves to go down with it. And I’m breaking Tony and Eun out of prison so they can cannonade him from the shore.

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    1. Haha sorry, no Zayne dick pic for you 😛

      As for what Zayne said, I don’t think he meant what he said at all — it was spoken in the heat of the moment out of anger and frustration. I agree that belittling someone’s career/dreams is pretty horrible, and I think Zayne realizes it is too haha. He needs to learn to control his temper and jealousy if he wants any hope of repairing the damage to the ship!

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        1. I think it’s coming from his jealousy. He’s bitter that she is doing so well while he’s still struggling, so he’s trying to tell himself “oh, well she has it so easy. She doesn’t understand how hard it is for me.” He’s lying to himself to try to make himself feel better. It’s a terrible idea obviously, and has now backfired horrifically haha

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    1. Hahaha I had no idea that line about the billboard would be so popular 😂

      Yes, things need to be fixed! But I think it takes two to tango… The two of them need to work TOGETHER if they want their relationship to survive this “break”!

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  14. Zayne,
    Sorry but you’ve had it coming for a while. Maybe she was in the wrong for not saying something sooner but she is right and you’re an absolute idiot. If you don’t take this as a hint to change your attitude you could lose something other than your temper

    On a side note, it was a good chapter.

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    1. There you are, Bugsie! Thanks for reading!

      Zayne most definitely needs to use this as a wakeup call… hopefully he will!


  15. I’m actually glad. They do need that break. Now that their relationship reached the bottom, maybe things can start looking up? I want both of them to be happy, wether they end up as a couple or not. I mean, I can see the love and I adore HoZay, but I also know that love can be insufficient to make things work.
    I agree that Hope is partially to blame for the poor communication, but hopefully Zayne will finally listen to her and get some help with the restaurant!
    So yep, I’m choosing to go with the silver lining and look at this heartbreak as a turning point. Or the beginning of the turning point.

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    1. I love your optimism! And I agree – I want them both to be happy too, together not apart. But hopefully together!


  16. After reading all of these very passionate comments, I am still in Hope’s corner that she was not nearly as much at fault as Zayne. She was clearly done. Maybe not telling him was her way of sending Zayne a wake up call. Two can play that game. You have your career (or lack thereof) and I have have mine and we don’t get to tell each other what’s going on or ask opinions. You want me out of your career, then you don’t get to be involved in mine. Sad…because she obviously loves him but can’t handle his jealousy and misplaced pride. She only wants to help.

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    1. Oh yeah, Zayne was way more at fault than she was. That much is 100% certain haha But I just think Hope has her own faults (much more subtle than Zayne’s of course haha) that are contributing in their own way to their problems, but most people aren’t acknowledging that (so I get excited when people do 😂)

      And yes, I think on a more subconscious level, yes, not telling Zayne was kind of her “screw you, I’ll do what I want if you’re gonna do what you want” thing, so I agree with you there! She does want to help, and she’s fed up with his jealousy and temper. It’s a lot to take.

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  17. I can kind of see where Hope’s parents and Zayne are coming from here, they’re concerned about her. Yes, it is her decision, but it’s not fair to her family/boyfriend to completely blow them out of the water when they express concerns about what she’s doing. It’s also not fair on her part to bring up the fact that Zayne is currently struggling, when they’re not even talking about Zayne. They both need to calm down and think about things carefully.

    All in all, I think Hope’s more at fault here than Zayne is.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your perspective, SeaDragon! I think Hope was definitely at fault here in some way too. I think overall Zayne was pretty insensitive, but she could have given them warning (and probably should have!)

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  18. Great heated chapter!! Love it!! I find myself siding with Zayne in his shock at her photos. I did not take that part (at least) as so much a jealous reaction but more like initial shock, he really hadn’t expected it of her. Of course he totally over-reacted in typical Zayne fashion and his comments about dishing her job were pretty low (though quite honestly I do think modelling is a self seeking career and a short lived one at that as you are only young for a such a short period of time! Which is probably why she does need to make the most of it, whilst she still can! Just my opinion but as she pointed out to Zayne ‘at least I have a job’ and it obviously is paying well too! I’m not sure if part of his shock is that he felt she had lowered her standards somewhat? Or maybe it’s a combination of things, part jealousy, even part thinking she’s better than having to expose herself in that way. And whilst she most certainly wasn’t totally naked, you don’t get to see her breast it’s still about what it suggests? I think that’s why her parents over reacted. And what next? Sure it’s her body, totally agree with her on that, but I do think she could have at least given him so idea on the type of photo shoot it was, but then he probably would still have lost it anyway 🙂
    People do say stupid things in the heat of the moment and at least he realised that! Good for him, because some men just don’t!! They still think they’re right even when wrong and at least Zayne knew that he was in the wrong.
    He really needs to get that restaurant up and running and get some confidence back in himself again. I think that would then make him grow up a bit, value her job and be the man he is capable of being.
    I can’t wait to see what happens next!! And a good story wouldn’t be a good story without the juicy drama 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks crstasse! I appreciate you sharing your perspective about Hope’s photo shoot… I was actually surprised (in a good way, almost) by how many people shared your perspective. She really should have given him warning! And as for the reasoning, I’d say it was about 70% jealousy, 20% pure SHOCK, and 10% actually thinking that she’s “above” that kind of modeling)

      Hopefully Zayne can get things together. Like you said, that’s really what he needs to start growing up — getting that restaurant off the ground!

      Thanks for reading 🙂


  19. Oh damn. I hope this break isn’t permanent. I think Hope Was wrong for doing those pictures. She should be more picky about her shoots. But Zayne fucked up royally too here.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, hopefully it won’t turn into a permanent thing! :-/ I appreciate that you’re able to see both sides of this situation. Thanks, kaffepigen! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  20. Oh, dear, Zayne…he really did something stupid this time, not surprised that hope left him, even thought he’s the heir, we don’t actually have to be on his side, do we? Because I think I’m more for hope, I mean, come on! It’s her body, she can do whatever she wants with it! Hope is a wake up call to Zayne, as hope was being pacient for too long…Hope when we heard from him is not like” Oh, she’s so better than me, didn’t even ask, she’s the one wrong…”’

    Liked by 1 person

  21. I was hoping it wouldn’t get to this point. His intent may not have been abuse, but this is really inching into verbal and emotional abuse territory. Purposely belittling what she loves, blaming her for his problems, smushing her down to make himself feel better… I mean, damn.

    I know that’s not in Zayne’s heart. But if he’s exhibiting the behavior of an abuser, however temporary it may be, it’s hard to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    It seems like this was finally his wakeup call. He’s finally pushed her too far. I have my fingers crossed they can fix this.

    When they’re good, they’re so great. I so want them to get back to that without too much emotional collateral damage.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I really really am. I know that of all the things inside a person that can bring out their worst, jealousy damn near tops the list. The hope that Zayne could one day mature and get a better hold on it is what keeps me going.

        I’m a fan of emotions. I say, have all the emotions. Feel whatever you want to feel. Just, you know, don’t let your emotions turn you into an ass. Your emotions shouldn’t control your behavior. They’re for discussing, not for acting out.

        Liked by 1 person

  22. I knew it, I tried to tell you Zayne. Hope ain’t the one to keep taking your crap. And how dare you try to shame her for those pictures. She didn’t show off anything but a little skin, the rest was up to your imagination which could be down while wearing a full length gown Jesus Zayne. I really hope this was his wake up call and that they are able to repair the damage to their relationship.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. damn damn damn damn damn damn damn
    Zayne you done fucked up.
    Also I had an inkling something like this would happen. She’d do a nude or semi nude shoot and he’d lose it. To be fair, he probably did have a right to know the kind of photos since they are in a committed relationship :shrug:
    Still, he’s acting like a dick and needed a wake up call, just like when he was a kid. Wake up, boy-o. It’ll all be fixed in the end… right? Right? lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it probably would have been good for her to give him a heads up. I understand why that upset him so much. But he went way too far here 😦


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