5.45: Risk

Author’s Note: As you guys may have noticed, there was no new chapter yesterday, and this chapter is being posted on a Wednesday, which is unusual for me! 

That’s because, for now, I am cutting back my update schedule to three chapters a week instead of four. There are lots of reasons for this (both personal and simlit-related haha). No bad reasons, I just am ever-so-slightly cutting back on the amount of time I spend working on A2A every week. Don’t get scared though! I have no plans to ever cut back more than this, and definitely no plans for a hiatus or anything crazy like that. You guys know I love the Rosebrooks way too much for that 😉

I bet by the summer I’ll be back to four a week. But for now, a little ‘break’ for me! 🙂 You can now expect three A2A chapters a week — Weekends & Wednesdays (doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? 😉 )

See you Saturday with a new chapter! As always, thank you all for reading ❤


I feel like I have so much to think about right now.

It all started last night, while Hope and I were having dinner. I made one of her favorites – lobster tortellini – and she was being her usual self, gushing over how delicious everything was, even though it’s the same recipe she’s had a dozen times. She’s so sweet. Always so supportive… But always pushing me too. That’s part of why I love her so much.

And last night, she pushed again… hard.

She started telling me I need to get my tortellini added to the menu down at the restaurant. And the way she said it was so innocent, y’know? So sincere. But it just rubbed me the wrong way for some reason. I ended up going on this giant rant about Denise and what a controlling piece of shit she is and how she treats me like I’m her bitch instead of her assistant and… Yeah. It got kind of ugly.

I don’t think it was hugely surprising for Hope to hear just how miserable I am at my job. I mean, she’s been hearing me complain for years, but I just keep making all these excuses and trying to downplay how bad it really is… But it sucks. It really, really does. And I was so sure getting promoted would make things better. Boy, was I wrong.

Hope was amazing, of course. She sat there and let me vent for a while… And when I was finished, she just looked me in the eye and said “You can’t keep letting her treat you like this. Don’t sit there and let her walk all over you. Do something about it.”

And I know it’s easier said than done, but… She’s right. I can’t just keep sitting here doing nothing.

Cooking’s been my dream for years… But I want to do it on my terms. Or at the very least, I want to work with someone who’ll compromise a little. I really fooled myself into thinking I’d get some more respect after I got promoted… I mean, I know I’m supposed to be Denise’s second-in-command. I still answer to her. But I thought she’d give me at least a little freedom, y’know?

I’ve let this go on for years now, ever since I first started working in the kitchen. And I’m not sure how much longer I can handle it. It really feels like I have to do SOMETHING… But what?

I mean, look at Hope. She moved all the way from Newcrest to San Myshuno to try and start her career. She took a HUGE risk. And when it didn’t quite pay off the way she wanted it to, she didn’t just sit there doing nothing. She took another chance, and now she’s here in Windenburg with me, doing better than she’s ever done before.

Onkel Stefan did the same thing, years and years ago. He took a big risk moving to Willow Creek, and it payed off. My Papa too. While Tante Joce and Tante Clara went off to uni, he stayed at home with Onkel Florian working on the band… And they had a great career. He never even would have met Mama if it weren’t for the band. His risk ended up being worth it too.

And I tried taking the same one. I never went to uni either. I’ve always hated school, and I was kinda gambling on the chance that the restaurant would hire me in the kitchen someday. And they did, eventually. I got exactly what I’d always wanted…

I guess it just turned out that it wasn’t what I wanted after all.

There’s really only one way I can think of fixing this whole thing… And the thought is terrifying, to be honest. It feels like it’s too late now. Like I’m in too deep, y’know? It took me years of hard work to get to where I am right now.

Could I really throw it all away and go back to square one?

Should I really risk everything just for some crazy dream?

45 thoughts on “5.45: Risk

  1. The beautiful woman sleeping behind you in the last picture says Yes.

    Looks like his time in the apartment really had a chilling effect on him. He’s a Young Adult! He’s not supposed to have a mid life crisis yet.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Haha he has the hot-headed trait… He can’t help but rage sometimes 😂 (but he takes great offense to that “soul” comment haha)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dark : Well there is always Code Bermuda Triangle! I think it’ll be perfect for Denise hehehe!

    Lady : We’ve talked about this no using Code Bermuda Triangle unless it’s absolutely necessary!

    Dark : Oh come one you wouldn’t let me use it on Grant from Second Chances at least let me have this one!

    Lady : No! End of discussion!

    Dark: I never get to kill anybody anymore you’ve gone soft!

    Anti-Shipper: Hope give him two more years and if Zayne hasn’t gotten his life together by then pull the plug and find yourself a photographer!

    Shipper: What if he takes a chance but it doesn’t take off right away?

    Anti-Shipper: Then she’ll see other people until he get’s his shit together! There problem solved.

    Nooboos: What if she has a nooboo while there separated?

    Anti-Shipper: Then he’ll just have to deal with it either he wants her or not!

    Lover: i adore Hope’s modeling career she makes a great model! So when is she doing a I’d Rather go Naked than Wear Fur photo shoot seems like something right up her alley? She definitely has the curves for it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah it’s so scary! I am totally not a risk taker either, usually… neither is Zayne. But Hope definitely is! Maybe she’s rubbing off on him a bit?

      Liked by 1 person

  4. He needs to do it, if he can’t advance and grow in his career any more where he’s at right now. And if not for that he should do it for his own happiness. Coming home frustrated every day will start taking toll on his relationship with Hope too. Do it, Ginger! 😀

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  5. I love seeing Hope so understanding and supportive. It’s great that Zayne appreciates it. Let’s just hope he doesn’t abuse/ruin it because of his frustration.
    I totally get his fear and hesitation. I smell heavy psychological research on your part once again.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Hahahaha hopefully no Mari-level issues for Zayne… but you never know! (Fun fact: When he was a kid, I did a bunch of research about how small children handle grief. That helped a lot!).

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Just go for it Zayne! Come on, man. This is a golden opportunity, you know why? Because the Rosebrook clan will have your back. There is not one relative that I can think of that could be go crazy with rage and be unreasonably non supportive on this matter (and I probably just jinxed it, damn it). Not one. Do you know how often this happens? Never, Zayne. Never. I cannot think of any reason why they wouldn’t help you out (unless it’s petty *gives a certain triplet a look*).
    You can be the first heir to pretty much get the support of your ENTIRE family during a crisis.

    Make my day. Do it, Zayne! It’s the point of do or die (inside). What will it be?
    Please don’t choose die.

    Liked by 1 person

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