5.39: Worth the Wait

I thought saying goodbye to Hope was hard the last time. But God, this time was so much worse. It hurt. It seriously did.

02-19-17_1-17-15-pm 02-19-17_1-18-04-pm

The time we had leading up to that goodbye though… Well, we didn’t have much of it. But it was incredible.


It finally happened. After all that waiting and wondering and chickening the fuck out, it happened. I don’t even think either of us were planning on it. It’s like that spark we felt has just been growing and growing all this time, y’know? And the moment we saw each other again, well… We caught fire right away.


And oh my God, it was even better than I’d imagined it would be. And I don’t just mean the sex (though that was pretty freaking amazing… Holy shit).

But I mean just… being with her. Holding her hand. Kissing her lips. Cuddling on the couch together. I’d almost forgotten how amazing those things feel when they actually mean something… And I don’t think they’ve ever meant this much with anyone before.


It’s so cheesy, but I seriously feel like the luckiest guy in the world right now. I wake up every morning worrying that this whole thing will turn out to be some kind of crazy dream. But hey, until I do, I plan on enjoying the dream while it lasts.

I just hate that she couldn’t stay longer. She was only here for a few days, and she was so damn busy the whole time – a big photo shoot, dinners and meetings with people from the modeling agency… Not to mention all the shit I had to do at work too. It felt like I barely saw her.

But we definitely tried to make the most of the time we had. She called and canceled her hotel reservation right away – she ended up just staying at my place. And that definitely helped a lot. Hope’s days may have been booked pretty solid, but we got to spend every night together.


And we still managed to fit in some time in between all my shifts and her appointments. I cooked for her a few times, we rented a movie Sunday night, and we even squeezed in a trip down to the arcade one afternoon (turns out she sucks pretty bad at video games… I knew there had to be something about her that wasn’t perfect!)


It’s kinda funny, I guess. In some ways, it feels like everything’s changed now. But it also feels like nothing has too… Especially now that she’s gone again.

Things are exactly the same as they used to be. We’re back to nothing but phone calls and text messages and Facebook chats until we see each other again.

And we’re also back to having no freaking clue when that’ll be.


Hope promised it wouldn’t be as long as last time. But who knows? Her schedule’s so unpredictable, and she’s been traveling even more than usual lately… For all I know, it could be months before she makes it back here.

And honestly? A week, a month, six months – It doesn’t matter. It’ll feel like a damn eternity to me no matter what.

But as much as this whole thing sucks, I know I can handle it.

Because she’s definitely worth the wait.

02-19-17_12-16-33-pm 02-19-17_12-17-50-pm


50 thoughts on “5.39: Worth the Wait

    1. This actually made me laugh… Hahaha sorry, sorry. I know, I have a terrible reputation. 😛 But we’ll see! Things have been going well for them so far! 😀

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  1. So sweet. So, why do I feel like something really bad is getting ready to happen. Poor Zayne. Next time they are together they need to make some decisions. I hope some pics don’t come out and he goes all jealous and they have a big fight. Nah….you would never do that to them.

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    1. Everyone keeps waiting for something bad to happen XD I promise all is well (for now 😛 ) I do agree that, as things get more serious, they need to start considering the future and stuff, since long distance definitely cannot last forever!

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  2. I know things aren’t too good for Zayne at work, but he must have some vacation days to use? For a little visit or a trip together… Not that it would solve anything, but daaaaamn, they deserve it.

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    1. They definitely deserve some more time together, huh? I think a trip to visit Hope is definitely something he’d love to do. Money for travel would be difficult (San Myshuno is FAR haha) and coordinating with her schedule would be too. But I definitely think a little bit down the line once they’ve settled into things, he’d want to go visit! 🙂

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      1. woI know all too well how diffcult it is. But I’m rooting for them so much. I finished the Bloomer Legacy ( Plumbob, if you’re reading this- I wrote a long comment with all my thoughts and then lost it when my phone died… I’ll try to rewrite it later today) so I’m much more emotional about Hope now and can’t help shopping HoZey 😀

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    1. I’m so happy you like them together! They are becoming one of my top favorite ships, I must say haha. Definitely cute together! Hopefully the HEA is on the horizon 😀 (Only I know the answer to that one 😛 )

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  3. They’re too cute together.

    … OK, so now I’m guessing she’s pregnant from the goodbye sex. If that’s the case, he’ll definitely be seeing her again soon.

    Also, is the theme from this and the next generation “love at first sight?” Hm… It’s interesting to try to guess.

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    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the cuteness! 🙂 And I love the prediction that Zayne is following in his family’s footsteps haha we’ll see! ^_^ Nice guess at the theme too. 🙂 There’s definitely a bit of that happening right now, that’s for sure!


  4. Lady WitcHazard: Well Citizen it appears that you’re trying to keep us entertained with this ship however some of my fellow WitcHazards are having a change of heart!

    Dark WitcHazard: I just thought about it if Hope breaks up with Zayne he’d be heartbroken and go to a real dark place. Hurricane Jocelyn 2.0 anyone. I’d really love to see that😈

    Lover WitcHazard: I got what I wanted from this hip last chapter! I could careless what happens now!

    Nooboos WitcHazard comes from behind putting these two at gunpoint!


    Lady WitcHazard: Nevermind she’s got it covered. Carry on!😨

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  5. Yeah, she’s definitely worth the wait. Gah, I wish Zayne were a little more proactive. Why not ask her where she’ll be in 10 days, hop on a plane, and meet her there? Seize the day man. I bet someone in your family will help with the plane ticket. Young love, come on!

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    1. Hahaha I know, Zayne is very cautious. I think that if he could get the time off of work he’d be up for doing something like that eventually. For now both of them are very busy with work, and they both take their careers seriously (despite both of their dissatisfaction with how their jobs are going currently!)

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  6. That last picture of Zayne smiling up at the picture on the wall is just too cute! I wonder how long Citizen will let the honeymoon continue between these two. 😛 Maybe, just maybe she’ll surprise us all and they’ll be moved in, married, with a single child in just a few more months…. MAYBE.

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    1. Ugh. Sorry you had to deal with that 😦 I thankfully have never had to deal with a long distance relationship, but it sounds so terrible 😦

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