Interlude: Natural

Zayne’s large brown eyes scanned the faces of the passengers as they made their way into the lobby. Each time a new face came into view, he felt his heart practically skip a beat – a rush of adrenaline and anticipation would shoot right through him… Only to be replaced by disappointment.


After a few minutes of this, he gave up, sinking into one of the nearby seats with a small sigh. Zayne knew he was being ridiculous. She’d get there when she got there. Being anxious and impatient would do nothing to make things better… And yet he couldn’t help it.

It was driving him crazy. He had to see Hope again. It had been a little more than two months since they’d said that last goodbye. How had he lasted this long without her? All their texts and phone calls and Facebook messages had done little to fill the empty space she’d left behind. There was simply no substitute for having her there with him in person – vibrant and beautiful and perfect. The most amazing person he’d ever met. The best friend he’d ever had.



He leapt to his feet at the sound, his lips stretching into a smile as Hope’s beautiful face finally came into view.  “Hey!” Zayne called out in reply.

His eyes had only moments to capture the perfect vision of her rushing toward him. Then, she was in his arms at last.


It felt like he was dreaming. Zayne wasn’t quite sure how it happened.

Did she kiss him? Or was he the one kissing her? Maybe both, he decided. It just felt so natural, so right. Her lips were soft and warm, parting slightly so her hot breath mingled with his as the kiss deepened. He ran one of his hands through her thick brown hair, pulling her body as close to his as he could manage. Zayne was certain they were putting on quite the show for the other passengers. But he was also certain that he did not care.

He suddenly felt so foolish for wasting all that time agonizing over whether Hope saw him as more than a friend. Guess I have my answer…


At last, Hope pulled away from him, a wide grin stretching across her face. “Damn… What a welcome.” She said breathlessly.

Zayne chuckled softly for a moment before replying.  “Hopefully the flight was just as good?” He asked, stroking her cheek gently.

The young woman shook her head, giggling. “God, I wish. How long before they invent teleportation?”


“I dunno. Let me just whip out my time machine and I’ll go ask.” He smirked playfully at her as he spoke.

Hope rolled her eyes, but kept her smile.

“So do you wanna go grab some lunch or something?” Zayne offered. “Or we can stop by my place and I can whip something up. It’ll probably be a couple hours before you can check in at your hotel, right?”


She nodded. “Your place sounds great… I could probably use a shower.”

“Oh jeez. Yeah.” Zayne teased, feigning seriousness. “I thought you had some nasty new perfume or something. That makes a lot more sense.” He winked at her.

“You ass!” Hope smacked him on the arm, laughing.


“Kidding, kidding!”

She smiled warmly at him. “I know.” Hope paused for a moment and reached down to take his hand in hers. “I really missed you, Zayne.”


He marveled at how small and warm her hand was in his. “Me too.”

02-12-17_1-13-49-pm 02-12-17_1-15-32-pm


Zayne sat on the bed in his apartment, listening to the sound of Hope’s hairdryer through his paper-thin walls. It was so hard not to think of her in there, her body damp and warm from the shower… Everything about her was just so perfect – surely her body must have been too.

Zayne would have given anything to find out for himself.


The taste of her kiss still lingered on his tongue as he sat there, thinking about the beautiful woman on the other side of the wall. It was such a tease… Almost too much for him to take. Zayne found himself wanting nothing more than for her to finally finish up. Then we can go get lunch and I can calm the fuck down. He told himself.

As though on cue, the bathroom door finally opened. Thank God.

02-12-17_1-35-19-pm 02-12-17_1-53-45-pm 02-12-17_1-56-30-pm

“Oh! Zayne!” Hope’s eyes widened in surprise at the sight of him. “I didn’t realize you’d still be in here.”

Zayne’s eyes couldn’t help but widen as well — he hadn’t expected her to come out wearing nothing but a towel. He hesitated just a moment too long before turning away, his cheeks suddenly reddening. “Shit. Sorry. I… I’m an idiot.” He muttered awkwardly, rising to his feet. Duh. Wait in the fucking living room, dummy! “I… I guess… I’ll just…” His voice trailed away as he began heading for the bedroom door.

Hope took a step toward him. “Zayne, wait!”

02-12-17_1-58-45-pm02-12-17_2-01-29-pm 02-12-17_2-10-49-pm 02-12-17_2-12-57-pm 02-12-17_2-15-09-pm


Holy shit… Did that really just happen?! Zayne reached into the sink, splashing some cool water on his face for a moment. He quickly pulled on his boxers, grateful he’d remembered to retrieve them from the bedroom floor. The rest of his clothes still lay forgotten beside the bed.

He almost couldn’t believe it. It all just seemed too good to be true. It had been just like the kiss… So natural. So right. Like it was meant to be.


And, just like the kiss, neither one of them had even mentioned it afterward. When it was all over, they just held each other for a minute or two while they caught their breath, then Zayne headed to the bathroom to clean up and give Hope a chance to get dressed.

What if this was all just some weird heat-of-the-moment thing? Zayne wondered. Did it mean the same thing to her it meant to him? And what would he possibly say to her when he went back out there?

Only one way to find out. With one last deep breath, he finally opened the door.


To his surprise, he found Hope sitting on the edge of his bed, wearing nothing but her bra and underwear. He’d expected her to be fully dressed and ready to go to lunch by now. She smiled sweetly at him as he approached. “Hey.”

Even after everything they’d just shared, her smile alone was still enough to make him weak in the knees. “Hey.” He replied, sitting beside her.


Hope wrapped her arms around him for a moment then, pressing her lips to his. Zayne pulled away from her slightly. “Do you just wanna like… hang out for a while?” He offered.

She nodded eagerly. Zayne lifted her gently into his arms and pulled her with him as he lay back on the bed. His gaze bored deeply into hers as they lay there for a few moments, silent and unmoving. It was amazing. God, I wish we could just lay like this forever. He thought as she ran her fingers through his hair.


“Wow.” Hope whispered at last. “That was…” She hesitated for a moment. Zayne practically held his breath as she waited for her to finish her thought. “Unexpected.”

A loud burst of laughter escaped Zayne’s lips at her words.


“Nothing, I just… Well, I was kind of hoping you’d pick another word to describe it.” He chuckled.

Hope smirked at him. “Oh, were you expecting me to go on and on about what a sex god you are?”

“Well, not on and on, but…” Zayne teased, giving her a small wink.

She let out a giggle and gave him a soft kiss before propping herself up, looking into his eyes as she continued. “You know what I mean though.” Hope’s tone was more serious this time.


Zayne nodded slowly. “I know. I’ve been taking things so slow… Maybe too slow.” He admitted. “And it’s not that I didn’t want to take things further, y’know? Try to be more than friends… God, you have no idea how much I’ve wanted to.”

“Oh trust me, I have some idea.” Hope assured him with a small smile. “And I get why you’re nervous… I really like you, Zayne. Maybe more than I’ve ever liked anybody.” She confessed. “And I want to make this work.”

“Me too…” He smiled, sitting up to better meet her gaze. “Hope, you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met in my life. But I’ve never done this whole ‘long distance’ thing before. And I don’t wanna mess it up.”


“Oh, don’t worry. You won’t.” She teased. “I won’t let you.”

“Is that so?” Zayne pulled her back against his chest, suppressing a laugh as he planted a soft kiss against her lips.


“Mmm-hmm…” Hope murmured against his lips. He felt her head bob slightly in agreement as she returned his kiss.

“So… what ever happened to lunch?”He pulled away from her at last. “Didn’t you say you wanted something to eat? Or… Can it wait a while?” Zayne asked almost hopefully.

Hope rose to her knees, her mouth curling into a playful smile as she pressed her lips to his.

02-12-17_2-37-51-pm 02-12-17_2-39-39-pm


And you guys didn’t trust me! 😉

One quick moment to interrupt the HoZay’s first official voyage! I know many of you are members of The Sims forums. I am starting something new on my Ashes to Ashes thread, where every Friday (to start with, at least) I’ll be posting some kind of thought or question to stimulate some back and forth discussion there 🙂 (also, any time someone has a thought or question they wanna bring up to me or other readers, always feel free to share over in my thread (even if it’s not a Friday 😛 )

I’ll be trying this out for the first time tomorrow morning with a light/somewhat silly question to start. I hope to see some of you there!

You may now resume your shipping and/or worrying 😛 


52 thoughts on “Interlude: Natural

  1. You commented! Yay!!!! 😀 (and I hope you’ll stop by my thread tomorrow for a discussion hehe I know you always are fun on the forums 😂)

    And LMAO yes, spontaneous making out… and spontaneous… other things 😉 Ah, young love 😛 ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha it did! ThePlumbob and I decided that things working out this way felt the most right for them. They are both so attracted to each other and they’d been apart for two months. So the moment they saw each other again, things totally caught on fire!

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  2. Let the court of WitcHazards commence! I Lady WitcHazard shall be overseeing the debate. Today’s topic whether we support the Hozay ship or not. Shipper WitcHazard plead your case.

    Shipper WitcHazard: Thank you your honor. Well it’s pretty clear that Hozay is a thing our Beloved rebellious prince has found his match in princess Hope. Zayne has made many strides to get here so I vote we support them. Whose for or against.

    Three for three against.

    Lady WitcHazard : Emotional WitcHazard why are you against the ship? I’d think you’d be over the moon seeing how lovey dovey they are.

    Emotional WitcHazard: I more worried about Mama WitcHazard since we almost lost her during the whole Marklyne debacle. Not too mention she’s already in a tizzy because of the Jackson situation! She doesn’t need the extra stress on her heart.

    Mama WitcHazard: It’s fine E I’ve been supporting young love for a long time now I want to support Zayne’s happiness so let me.

    EW: ….. I’m still opposed.

    Shipper WitcHazard: Anti Shipper WitcHazard we know your claim. Dark WitcHazard what’s your claim to oppose.

    Anti-shipper WitcHazard: I’m just saying Hope shouldn’t put her career on hold for someone who doesn’t know where he’s going in life! She should have waited to see what’s his plan before giving up the goods!

    Dark WitcHazard: I don’t have one I just can’t stand Nooboos WitcHazards chanting it’s putting me in a foul mood.

    Nooboos WitcHazard: HaveanoobooHaveanoobooHaveanoobooHaveanoobooHaveanoobooHaveanoobooHaveanoobooHaveanoobooHaveanooboo!

    Shipper WitcHazard: So your honor it’s up to you!

    Lady WitcHazard: Fine with all the evidence presented there is no solid reason to not support this ship so as of right now we will support Hozay until we have reason to not support agreed.

    Other WitcHazards: Agreed!

    Don’t make me regret this Citizen! 😝

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  3. Welp that was quick! I hope they took precautions in all that heat of the moment, because long distance relationships are hard, but long distance parenting is impossible! Also knowing the Rosebrook curse…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha it was, but it felt right for them. They are so attracted to each other and haven’t seen each other in two months and are only gonna be together for a few days. They had to act fast! Haha

      I did not want to go into gross details lol But part of why Zayne was in the bathroom was to throw away the condom 😉 They were safe

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  4. I tried hard, but I failed, didn’t I? 😛 Hehehehe

    I’m so glad you loved this chapter! It was such a joy to write… They are a wonderful couple. So much chemistry 🙂 (Physically and personality-wise). And yes, they are “together” in every sense hehehehe.

    I’ll try to be nice! 😛

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  5. Welp. That went from 0 to 1000 in a second. I can sense the Rosebrook Curse brewing. But for now: *whips out announcer voice*

    How will the family react to the relationship? Will Jocelyn have the Birds&Bees talk with Zayne? Will he die of embarrassment? Did they use protection? Will HoZay have a surprise baby? If so, will they be twins/triplets? How will HoZay manage the long distance after this? Will one of them give up their home for the other? Is Zayne opening his own restaurant? How much longer will he remain stuck? Will Zayne inherit one of the Rosebrook Syndromes?

    Stay tuned to find out.

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  6. I knew they wouldn’t be able to keep their hands off each other!!! That was a beautiful chapter and very sweet and sexy. Aww Zayne is so gorgeous.. If I was hope I don’t think I’d be able to resist him either!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! ^_^ So glad you enjoyed! I loved writing this one… they’re such a good couple! (And yes, Zayne ended up being one handsome fella 😉 )


  7. All right, I’ve been reading this story for a while and all I can say is as far as I recall, nothing’s gone this smoothly since the first generation. I’m very suspicious and nervous that things are going to get rocky really fast…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha a bit of calm is nice, isn’t it? you’re right though that it’s been a long time since things have been going this well for anyone! Zayne’s been very lucky so far 😉

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  8. OMG! Loved this chapter. Just a few things.

    1) I read this while at work, and let me tell you that I didn’t give a damn about the NSFW bits. My CEO could’ve walked past and I would’ve been like, “shush, Zayne and Hope are finally sealing the deal, this is important!”
    2) I may have audibly squealed at least five times, that I counted. There were so many small special moments here.
    3) Zayne is adorable to be still a bit insecure, in the bathroom, right after sex.
    4) I love how confident Hope is. I hope they don’t have to stay long-distance for long. I imagine she’s secretly learning German so she can speak in his native tongue.

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    1. I knew you’d love this one, Cece! Your comment made me smile. ^_^ Hope you didn’t make too much of a scene at work 😂

      You are right about Zayne’s cuteness hehe he really is extremely insecure, and Hope’s boldness makes them balance each other out rather nicely I think!

      They are legitimately one of my favorite couples in my legacy so far 🙂 Their chemistry is electric!

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      1. These are one of those moments where I actually yearn for a let’s play. Usually I’m just rolling my eyes at youtube videos for sims. Who has the time, why is the volume always so loud, why are these things 35 minutes when I could be playing with my own sims for 35 minutes? I’m off topic, where was I?
        Oh yes, I wish you had a let’s play, even if only for a few minutes just so I could see their chemistry in person. I’d feel like I was eavesdropping on them or maybe they’d briefly auditioned for a reality show or something, but still, what an idea, huh?

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  9. Yesss! I love how quickly this all escalated. Such a good combo of love and attraction and passion. This was perfect for the relationship between the two of them and, I’m not going to lie, I *might* have let out a little squeal. 😉

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  10. I love this chapter! I love them! I’m still afraid because: no drama, no progression, no growing up 😉 but I am totally in love with them. They’re in my top three ships of this story (the first is Marklyn, obv)

    Woohoo: I have to choose only one? You hate me! Well Florian, definitely my tipe, but I wouldn’t disdain Zayne or Mark or Alex (founder). EDIT: Remi! Remi! Remi!

    Marry: Jonas Jonas Jonas Jonas… I’ve said that I would marry Jonas? Also Florian would be a good marriage material, but I prefer Jonas. Ah! If you didn’t get already, I would marry Jonas.

    Kill: Maybe Mari, for your reasons, even if her death will probably destroy me. I really love her. Also Tobi or Colette could die. I don’t really care about them and if I hated Luzel’s behavior in the all Marklyn’s thing, I hated their more. I preferred Tobi only in her relationship with Jonas, because Stephan was awful in that situation.

    BFF: Clara, Clara and Clara, but also Remi.

    I figured it! Me and Remi could be friend with benefits. Clara could marry Florian after I Woohooed with him. Finally I can marry Jonas. It’s done, definitely 😌


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  11. Oh, Citizen, Citizen, Citizen… Girl, I may never, EVER trust you when it comes to relationships, mkay? I STILL don’t trust some relationships, even though they’re married…


    1. Hahaha I’ll never understand it 😂 No one has broken up and STAYED broken up since Gen 2 😛 (unless we count Auggy/Emma and Joce/Elliot… but I don’t haha)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehe you did come back to one of the happiest arcs I think I’ve had! ^_^ I love Hope and Zayne together. They are so adorable and have such chemistry… glad you feel it too 🙂


  12. So, I have a question. Back a few chapters ago you did the Valentine’s picture and obviously blocked out Hope because spoilers, darling.
    BUT that picture doesn’t show up until now. The question is, how many chapters in advance do you write/take photos for XD or did you just take that photo knowing you had this scene planned, and then did the rest when you got there?


    1. Haha at the time of this gen I was probably 4-5 chapters ahead. Right now I’m actually not ahead at all though because real life has been so busy 😭


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