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5.47: One Day at a Time

Well, about one month of planning down. It’s gone by pretty quickly, actually. I feel like I’ve been so busy… non-stop, y’know? And Hope’s been just as busy as me. Maybe even busier. Meetings with designers, photoshoots almost every weekend… … Continue reading

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5.46: Passion

I still can’t believe it, but Monday was my last day at the restaurant. I spent eight years of my life working there. It’s the only job I’ve ever had (well, only real job… I still hate thinking about that … Continue reading

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Interlude: Proud

Zayne nearly jumped at the sound of a gasp from the living room. He’d been so lost in his thoughts that he’d nearly forgotten he was not alone. “Oh my God!” Hope cried. It was impossible to tell whether it … Continue reading

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5.45: Risk

Author’s Note: As you guys may have noticed, there was no new chapter yesterday, and this chapter is being posted on a Wednesday, which is unusual for me!  That’s because, for now, I am cutting back my update schedule to three … Continue reading

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Interlude: Not Bad

Zayne smiled warmly as he watched the little girl dig her fingers into the pink frosting. “Yum!” She cried, lifting a handful of frosting to her lips. “Isn’t that delicious?” Charlie beamed at her daughter as she spoke. “Onkel Zayne … Continue reading

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Interlude: I Love You

Zayne gave Hope’s hand a small squeeze. “Ready?” He asked in a whisper. She smiled gently. “Born ready.” Hope assured him as they stepped through the double doors together. The small ceremony hall was already full of familiar faces (and … Continue reading

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5.44: Steady Flame

Dear Diary, I really don’t think it’s hit me yet. This almost feels like a dream or something. Just four more days, and I’ll be standing in front of all my friends and family, exchanging vows with the love of … Continue reading

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