5.38: See Her Again

I woke up to the best news this morning!

I went on Facebook, and there was a message from Hope waiting for me.


She’s coming back! Finally!

It’s been two months already since she left, and it’s just been driving me crazy waiting to see her again.

I mean, we’ve got thousands and thousands of kilometers between us, but I still feel closer to her than I’ve ever felt to anyone. Even Amy. I never thought I’d feel the way I felt about her ever again.

Until Hope.


I know we only met a couple months ago, but it honestly feels like I’ve known her for forever. Talking with her is just so easy. It’s natural. Like breathing. I feel like I can tell her anything, y’know? And somehow, she always knows exactly what to say to make everything better. She’s incredible.

And I think she feels the same way about me… Or at least, I hope she does. I mean, she’s told me all about what a hard time she’s having right now with her job. She talks to me about missing her family… Stuff like that. She trusts me. She confides in me. She’s my best friend.

And I really want us to be more.


The distance just makes it so hard. Up until today, we didn’t even know when we’d see each other again. Hope already lives on the other side of the world. Plus her schedule’s so unpredictable, and she travels so much… I don’t know how we can make it work. But I want to. God, I want to so badly. I’m just scared.

I don’t even know how she feels about any of this anyway. What if I’m really just a friend to her? I mean, sure, she flirts with me all the time. But that’s what girls do. How can I be so sure it even means anything? I always catch myself trying to read way too much into every little thing she says. A smiley face or a heart in a text she sends me. When she tells me I’m “sweet” or “adorable”. Could any of it mean what I think it means?

Then I think about that last hug. That kiss on the cheek… And I feel so sure that it does.


But as long as I’m a fucking coward about this whole thing, I’ll never know, will I?

I still don’t know what’s gonna happen. Hope’s only here for like four days this time. And after that, she’ll be gone again, for who knows how long. This could be my last chance for a long time…

And I just can’t mess it up. I can’t.

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52 thoughts on “5.38: See Her Again

  1. Even if I love this ship, I have bad bad feelings about this all situation. I’m afraid Hope will reject him or worst and Zayne will hurt enough to refuse any future commitment (or at least for a long time).

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    1. That is very possible! At this point it’s hard to say how things will go from here. We’ll find out in our next chapter how her visit goes, at least!

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  2. I ‘hope’ it goes well. She seems like she is having a hard time getting jobs though and something about that has me worried. Then there are Zayne’s apparent insecurities. ☹️ I have several different scenarios running through my head that could make it go south.

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    1. In a weird way, I’m glad you’ve picked up on Zayne’s insecurities 😂 Just because they will be important throughout his life 🙂 he is NOWHERE near Mari-level insecurity, but I’d still say he’s our most insecure character after her. It makes things hard for him.

      There are definitely many potential ways things could go wrong from here… but there are also ways they could go well! ^_^

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  3. All these sweet interactions between these two are going to give me a cavity!
    This is great build up for a budding romance, however if they don’t end up together the hype is going to make it so brutal for everyone. 😆

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    1. Hahahaha you sound like Hazel! 😂 (The “giving me a cavity” part 😛 ) We’ll see how things go between these too! 😀


  4. I predict that he get the courage to tell/Kiss her, and then it can go two ways: either she feels the same way, which i would LOVE! Or she Lets him down. I it’s the latter, it could be because of the distance or because she simple doesn’t feel that way about him…

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  5. Uh oh, I have a bad feeling about this. So, kiddies, where do you want to go? Rejection Plaza? Friend Bay? Blast from the Past Park? Maybe Mt. Zayne Does Something Stupid?

    I HOPE I’m wrong and everything is hearts and flowers, but Citizen has yet to let me down 😉

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    1. All those names were great 😂 Find out which of those scenic destinations the SS HoZay will visit on Thursday 😛 (or maybe it’s none of the above!)

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  6. I’m so happy for HoZay!! Let’s hope this ship will be stable while it rides the CitizenErased Seas! Will it survive or drown? It’s time to spin the Wheel of Misfortune! (got that idea from Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker, a dating simulator game ^^) Let’s hope the wheel will give a good answer!

    Starting this update, whenever disaster starts to strike or something requires a decision that’s hard to make, I’ll bring out the Wheel of Misfortune and spin it to see what it’ll tell.

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  7. I’m glad you have a little faith in me! 😛 That’s more than can be said for others right now… Hehehehe. Time will tell how it all goes 😉

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  8. Oh goodie. I’m really not sure what to think. I love Zayne, I like Hope a lot and, I want them both to be happy and I trust you to develop this storyline in a compelling and satisfying way :D.
    Yep, gonna leave it at that, I honestly have no guesses. What I can say for sure is that I want to give him a hug. I mean- he’s incredibly strong, but he doesn’t appreciate himself enough.
    BTW, I can’t always log in to comment/like, but I enjoyed daily updates. Thank you!

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    1. Zayne appreciates your hugs! ^_^ He’s a great guy, but definitely has a lot of insecurities. And don’t worry about not always being able to comment. Just having you read is awesome!


  9. Zayne is really growing on me so much as a character now! He is totally in love and who better with than someone who is your best friend!! Though I hold my breath as to how this will pan out. Long distance relationships are always so problematic. I’m also curious about the third trait you told me is still yet to feature?? I’ve been racking my brains about that one. Can’t wait to see if Zayne will summon up the nerve and tell Hope how he feels and how Hope will react. I do think she likes him too. But relationships are not always easy in this wonderful story 🙂

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    1. I’m glad Zayne’s growing on you ^_^ He has definitely grown and matured quite a bit since his teen years!

      We will find out on Thursday how things go when Hope comes back to Windenburg 🙂


  10. Somethings going to happen, I know it. But I have a feeling that in the long run (though perhaps years down the road) it will work out. I see a lot of potential struggles heading their way.

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    1. Definitely possible! At this point there’s both a lot that could go wrong and a lot that could go right! Time will tell how things end up ^_^ Thanks for reading!


      1. Something something trust has to be earned…

        Though we can trust you to write a compelling story. Even if you must torture our beloveds along the way…

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  11. You can do it, Zayne! ❤

    Just hope nothing too terrible happens. Crossing the fingers and toes for good measure. (I'm keeping my eye on you, Citizen).

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  12. Sooo cute! Like two little young adults in love! ❤ I'm so glad they've clicked so nicely. I can't imagine dating someone you're not already bffs with. As much as it must suck to be long distance, perhaps it is better that it allows them to really get to know each other? (Not that they'd thank me for that – I'm sure they'd prefer to live closer.)

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    1. Hahaha you do make good point though — the distance definitely allows the friendship to develop better.. And absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? 😛

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  13. Just waiting for the bomb to fall. You always cause some type of disaster for your heirs. Haven’t you tortured Zayne enough yet. Let him be happy. Don’t make me give you more of my advice.

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  14. Agh, I ship this! *paints ship name onto a new ship in my armada* Join the crew, Hayne? Zope? Dangit. What’s the ship name for this?

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    1. Hahaha my readers call it them the SS HoZay 😛 Welcome aboard! Orangeplumbob is your proud captain.


    2. Welcome to the SS. Hozay. This is your Captain speaking. We run this ship tight and straight down the calm waters… *stares at Citizen* they better be calm and nice, Citizen. I don’t want my newest crew member to get sick, and jump.

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