5.34: Old

Surprise! 😀

I’m a teacher, and this week we have February break. I have been on a writing spree lately and was very far ahead with my updates, so to celebrate my vacation, we are getting daily updates from now until the 26th (Sunday). Then the normal four-updates-a-week schedule will resume 🙂




I have no idea how it snuck up on me so quickly, but it did – My love turned seventy years old today. It’s amazing how time flies, isn’t it?

We had such a nice little party to celebrate. Auggy, Noah, Clara, and Florian all showed up… Even Onkel Stefan and Aunt Madalyn were there. They’ve been trying so hard to visit us and be involved as much as they can, ever since they moved back to Windenburg. And it’s really nice – they both helped me so much back when I lived in Willow Creek, and I’ve always missed having them so close. I think everyone else did too. Especially Papa.


It was just so nice to have so many people there today… It’s not often we all get together like this.

Zayne baked Mark a beautiful cake and made a delicious dinner for everyone… It was amazing. Mark always likes to joke that the biggest downside to Zayne not living with us anymore is the food. I’d say there are a few reasons I’d rank a bit higher, but… His cooking’s definitely on the list.


Charlie and Ben came too, of course. They gave him a nice big bottle of brandy — his favorite. He loved it so much. And Alex and Tony both took the time to call and wish him a Happy Birthday too. He really loved that the girls remembered him, I think. He was so happy… And so was I. He’s always embraced my children like they were his own, and I think feeling like they embrace him too means a lot.


It was just such a lovely day – We saw a movie together in the afternoon, had that wonderful dinner with the rest of the family, and topped it off with a romantic evening together. That was probably my favorite part. I put on this silly getup Clara helped me pick out, and I was trying to be all cute for him… I felt so ridiculous, but I really wanted to do something special for his birthday.


He just laughed and told me I was trying too hard. “Just be yourself, darling,” He said. “You’re always sexy to me.” God, it was perfect… He’s perfect. And I’m so happy his birthday was too.


But no matter how amazing it was, there was something nagging me. It was in the back of my mind all day. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was, but there was just something I couldn’t shake, no matter how much I tried.

It wasn’t until tonight, when I was tossing and turning and trying to sleep that I realized what was bothering me.

As much as I hate saying it… Mark – my soulmate, the love of my life – is old.


I know this shouldn’t be surprising or anything. I’ve been feeling it for a while… His hair is gray and his skin is wrinkled. He’s a little more forgetful now. His sex drive isn’t exactly what it used to be. He takes pills for his blood pressure. He gets tired easily… Those kinds of things – all the normal things that happen when you get older.

But there’s just something about writing it down, or saying it out loud – He’s seventy. Seventy years old. It really hits me. Hard.

I still love him. I’m still attracted to him. It’s not about that. I’m just so nervous. I’m scared.


Time moves so quickly… Too quickly. Just look at how much everything’s changed for our family in the past few years — Charlie’s getting married. Clara’s a grandmother. Maman’s retired. And Opa’s gone.

I think that’s really what’s hit me the most. Losing Opa was horrible for all of us… But I think the worst part has been seeing Oma having to go through this. I can tell she’s trying really hard, but she’s just not the same anymore. And can any of us really blame her for that? She lost her soulmate. The love of her life.


And someday, that will be me.

Just thinking about losing Mark kills me. And yet I know it’s a horrible reality I’ll have to face someday… Someday so much sooner than I’m ready for. How the hell do you get life to just slow down? How do you stop time from slipping through your fingers?


Before you know it, it’s gone. It’s too late.

I keep thinking about all that time Mark and I lost. I look back on all those wasted years…

And then I’m left wondering how many we may have left.



42 thoughts on “5.34: Old

  1. Dang! Two tear jerkers in a row! We all know that at some point this was a reality she would have to face. Sadly she will likely be the next widow trying to figure out how to live without their soulmate. 😢 So sad…At least they finally had some time together.

    And daily updates. Yay!!!!

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    1. Yeah, sorry for the double-whammy! Like you said, we’ve all kinda known it’s coming, but I think it’s something Joce has tried not to think about much… But with Jonas dying and Mark turning 70, suddenly it’s at the forefront of her mind 😦 I feel so sad for her

      And I’m glad you’re excited for the daily updates 🙂


    1. If you go back to the last chapter, Mari mentions Remi’s son, Leo 🙂

      And yes, Joce looked great 😛 I’m sure Mark liked it haha


          1. Who knows what happened to my brains when I read that paragraph. Also I feel like this is one of the things Luc was so weirded out about when Joce and Mark started dating. Mark IS so much older than her. But it’s not gross it’s sad because he’ll probably die soon and that’s just the circle of life. Be strong Joce.

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  2. Yay! A week of updates can’t wait for all the drama😆! Yeah when you said awhile ago that most of your sims die in their eighties I was getting worried, but what for they’ve had a long loving relationship that was just right for them! So enjoy your man Joce don’t worry about the minor details just love him till he he’s gone❤️ I was trying to sound positive but that last line doesn’t seem as sincere as I want it to be😆

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    1. I’m glad you’re so excited 🙂 And LOL I understand your message to Joce 😛 It came out okay 😀 And it’s good advice 🙂


  3. Woo! Daily updates!
    Oh Joce, you break my heart… I mean, I understand why you’re worrying, but I don’t want to think about it now. Not so soon after Jonas.
    On a lighter note, it’s sweet to see how in love they still are.


  4. I know Mark is the love of her life, but…

    For starters, you can’t predict that he’ll necessarily die first. Anything can happen. Look what happened to Zayne’s parents… Joce could die first, of any number of accidents or ailments. Granted, this is the Sims, so an accident is more likely than an ailment, but then this is a story legacy and maybe you intend to write something like that. I don’t know.

    And that doesn’t even need to be the reasoning. Maybe Mark will make it into his nineties, and Joce will grow old and die alongside him. It’s unlikely, given his health, but certainly possible.

    And if he does die first, well, Joce is not super old. There is a chance she could find someone else, if she ever wants to. Some people do, some people don’t. That’s up to them and of course, she’s got a quite fulfilling life already with the rest of her family–an excellent support structure when Mark does die.

    Not that I don’t feel bad for her–I’ve been kind of expecting this all along; when they met, Mark was more than twice Joce’s age.

    Mark hasn’t been the perfect guy, if we’re honest. They’ve had their ups and downs; otherwise, Joce’s kids would be Mark’s. He hurt her a lot before they finally managed to be together. And while they are wonderful together (after all the struggle to get there), his death doesn’t have to be the end of Joce’s life. I do wish that he hadn’t wasted so much time worrying about what others would think, and had simply accepted Joce earlier on. They lost a lot of time together that way, and there’s really no making up for that.


  5. That lingerie, though, Joce. XD

    As sad as Mark’s aging is, you’re going to have to accept it, Joce. Just live life to the fullest with him and make his last years the happiest years (the “last years” part sounds a bit morbid, but it’s meant with love :P)

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    1. She was trying so hared to be sexy for him LMAO But yeah, not her style hahahaha

      Those are good words of advice for Joce. I know what you’re saying, even if it sounds a touch morbid, yes hehehe

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  6. We’re coming up on the moment I’ve been thinking about since Jocelyn was in college. That moment when she realizes all the years she lost because if the time they spent apart.

    This is why I was vehemently mad at her family and her brother and Hazel in particular. Having lost a great love at a young age, I know that awful feeling of lost/stolen time. I wanted so badly to save Joce from that fate.

    Hopefully she takes this as a sign to make the most of the time they have left, and hopefully she really has let the past go and isn’t feeling lingering resentment. I want her to be better than me. *gives side eye to Lucas & Hazel’s urn*

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    1. Cece you win the grudge holder of the year award 😂😂😂 Thankfully Joce does not feel the same way 😛 She meant everything she said in that chapter where she spoke to Luc’s urn. She knows that staying away for all those years was her own fault. She doesn’t blame them for that decision, and she’s forgiven them for their original mistake that drove her away 🙂


      1. Let me tell you how much I’m NOT worried about Zayne, lol. Long ago, I decided that if Joce could forgive, I could– well not forgive, but at least let it go until Mark got old. Welp, he’s old now, so now I’m sad again for what they lost.


  7. Hehehehe glad you enjoyed the lingerie moment. TOTALLY out of her comfort zone 😂

    As for preparing you for something, well, right now Joce is panicking about what’s to come in the future… but hopefully not the immediate future!

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  8. I’ve been dreading the day he dies since last arc…unfortunately Joce will have a long widowhood (obviously they are not officially married but in reality they kind of are). But hey, Joce, that’s what happens when your soulmate is much older than you…and think of the twenty-odd good years you had together, plus at least five more, I’m sure.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha it’s true that they’ve had some nice years together 🙂 it’s just suddenly hitting poor Joce that they won’t have as many as she’d like 😦


    1. Hahaha it’s ok, it’s impossible to connect with everyone 🙂 But yeah, I think it’ll be sad 😦 Definitely for me! Haha


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