Interlude: Talk

Charlie sat alone in her bedroom, staring at the wall. What the hell am I gonna do? She asked herself for what felt like the thousandth time. Each time she asked, she felt herself getting closer and closer to the answer… She just wished the answer was something – anything – else.


How had things gone downhill so quickly? She’d been so sure that inviting Dom to Remi and River’s party was a good idea. If Zayne would have confided in anyone about what was going on, it would be Dom. Charlie hadn’t told him much – just that she was worried about Zayne, and hoped Dom could get him to talk about what was going on.

He’d seemed eager enough – probably looking for any excuse to hang out with Zayne again, after how much he’d been ignored lately. And Charlie was so sure it would all work out – Dom would find out that it was all some kind of big misunderstanding about Eun, and Charlie could finally be free of the guilt that had been following her for the past few weeks.


Except now she felt guiltier than ever. It was her fault Dom was there that night… And with one little slip-up, Zayne had lost everything. Charlie tried to imagine how she’d feel if she’d suddenly lost all of her friends and had her reputation ruined the way her cousin had… And that just made her feel worse.

She’d just made things even harder for him, and was nowhere closer to finding out the truth. How much longer could she just sit by and do nothing about this?

Guess I don’t really have a choice, do I?

With a deep breath, Charlie lifted herself to her feet and headed downstairs.

01-29-17_4-00-36-pm 01-29-17_4-03-58-pm

She discovered her mother’s location almost instantly – Jocelyne’s voice carried easily through the closed living room door. Charlie could not quite make out what she was saying, but it was clear she was unhappy about something. She hesitated for a moment. Clearly this wasn’t the best time… But she just couldn’t wait any longer. I’ve gotta get this over with.

“Charlie.” A deep voice called her name. She turned to see her great-grandparents standing in the hallway, looks of concern on both of their faces. “I think your mom’s a little busy at the moment… Whatever it is, you should probably wait.” Jonas continued gently.


The girl shook her head. “I know, but… This is really important.” Charlie explained. “It can’t wait.”

Mari and Jonas exchanged a look. “What’s wrong, sweetie?” Her great-grandmother asked at last.

“I just… I have to talk to mom about something. That’s all.”

“Okay, honey.” Mari replied, her look of concern not entirely fading. “Well if either of you need anything, you know where to find us.”


With a nod, Charlie watched as Mari and Jonas headed off toward their bedroom. Then, she opened the living room door.

“Mark, come on. You can’t always pull that ‘Kids will be kids’ line!” Jocelyne sighed heavily in exasperation. “We’ve let this go on long enough!”


“Honey, I know. All I’m saying is –” Mark’s voice cut off abruptly as he caught sight of Charlie in the doorway.

Jocelyne turned around, her eyes narrowing as they came to rest upon her daughter. “You have a lot of explaining to do, young lady.” She rose to her feet as she spoke.

Oh God… What now?! “M-mom, I…”


“Do you know who I just got off the phone with?” Jocelyne asked. “Your Tante Clara.”

Shit. Charlie’s heart sank. Apparently last weekend’s party was no longer a secret.

“Would you like to explain where you were last weekend? Because your father told me you spent the night at Ben’s… But you didn’t, did you?”


Charlie shook her head. “There was a party at Tante Clara and Onkel Florian’s.” She confessed. “And I guess it got a little out of control… But I’m eighteen now, mom. And I wasn’t the one who decided to have a party when my parents were away.  It’s not like I did anything wrong. I’m not a kid anymore.”

“You’re not.” Jocelyne agreed, still glaring at her daughter. “But Zayne is.


“He was there too, wasn’t he? God, Charlie… How could you keep this from us? Zayne has no place at that kind of party. He’s just a kid!”


Is she for REAL?! Charlie wasn’t sure whether she wanted to laugh or cry. “You’ve gotta be kidding me, mom! You find out I lied to dad about where I went, got drunk off my ass at a party with a bunch of uni students way older than me, and you’re mad about ZAYNE?!”

Her mother’s brow furrowed in confusion. “What are you saying? You want me to be mad at you?!”

“I want you to GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ME, mom! For once in your life!”


“You heard me! The only one in this family you give a shit about is Zayne! And he’s not even your real kid!”


The silence that followed was deafening. Charlie struggled to fight back the tears that threatened to escape her eyes.

Jocelyne appeared to be at a complete loss for words.

“Charlie, honey…” Mark rose from the couch and stepped toward her, breaking the silence at last. “You don’t mean that.”

“Don’t call me ‘honey’, Mark! You’re not my dad.” Charlie snapped at him. “Can you just give me and mom some privacy? Please?”


The man’s face fell. “S-sure. I’ll just, uh…” He looked helplessly at Jocelyne for a moment before leaving the room without another word.

It was a few moments before Charlie or Jocelyne finally found their voices again.

“Charlotte, please sit down.” Her mother spoke at last, her voice pained. “We need to talk about this.”

After a moment’s hesitation. The girl did as she was told. Beside her, Jocelyne did the same.


“I’m sorry it came out like that. I just… I’ve wanted to say this for a long time.” Charlie’s voice was barely above a whisper. “But I was too afraid to.”

“Never be afraid to talk to me.” Her mother replied gently. “You know I’ll always listen, no matter what.”

Charlie took a slow, deep breath. This was definitely not the conversation she’d planned on having with her mother… But she couldn’t turn back now.  “I guess… I kinda feel like you’re always putting Zayne first… For as long as I can remember. And it’s been getting worse and worse the older we get.” It was terrifying to finally explain her true feelings… But strangely satisfying too. “Kinda spoiling him, I guess. Giving him more attention and stuff… Know what I mean?” Her mother gave a small nod. “And it wasn’t until after Zayne moved out that it felt like you were finally putting me and Alex and Tony first… But then you still slip sometimes. And it makes me really mad. I thought things would be different now. That’s all.”


She reached up, brushing away a few stray tears that had managed to escape. After years of keeping them inside, her feelings were finally out in the open. But how would her mother react? God, I hope she doesn’t hate me.

Jocelyne appeared thoughtful, and did not reply for several long moments. “I never realized you felt that way.” She said at last. “But I promise, I love all of you. Equally. You’re my babies. And I’m sorry if you felt I was being unfair.”


“I know you never mean to do it. And I know Zayne doesn’t have his parents. I get that maybe you’re trying to make up for it or something? But…” Charlie shook her head. “Mom, you have no idea what it’s like feeling like your parents always put you second. It sucks.”

To her surprise, Jocelyne’s lips curled into a small smile. “Actually… I do have an idea. Believe it or not, I used to feel the exact same way you feel right now.”

“You did?” Charlie could not hide her surprise.


“I did. When I was growing up, it always felt like your Onkel Luc was the one getting all the attention. It felt like my parents always picked him over me…” She paused for a moment, clearing her throat softly before continuing. “I don’t even think they realized they were doing it. And they definitely didn’t realize how I felt about it… Because I never told them.”

“Is… Is that why you moved away from home? And why you and Onkel Luc didn’t get along when we were little?” She asked softly. Charlie and her sisters were never told the details, but it was no secret that there was a lot of tension between Jocelyne and her family before she moved back to Windenburg.

“Kind of.” Jocelyne replied. “It’s a very long story, but… I’ve always wondered if things would have been different if I’d told everyone how I was feeling sooner. I let it build and build for years. It was horrible.” She shook her head. “And if I could go back and do things differently, I think one of the first things I would do is be honest with everyone…” Jocelyne reached over, taking one of her daughter’s hands in hers for a moment.


“I’m so sorry. I never meant for you to feel this way.” Her mother continued. “And maybe I have been a little unfair… But I swear to you, I never meant for things to be that way. And I promise I’ll try to be more conscious of you and your feelings in the future, okay?”

Her daughter nodded gratefully. It felt like a weight she’d been carrying for years and years had finally been lifted from her shoulders. “I’m really glad we talked about this.” Charlie said seriously.


“Me too.” Jocelyne agreed. “But… Can you promise me something too?”

“Sure. What is it?”

“Just be honest with me, honey. Never be afraid to talk to me about how you’re feeling or if something’s troubling you. I’m always here for you.” Jocelyne pulled Charlie close to her for a moment, pressing her lips against her daughter’s temple.


Charlie felt her smile slowly disappear from her face at her mother’s words. Be honest… Oh God.

“M-mom?” She said softly, pulling away from her. “Speaking of honest, I… Well… That’s the whole reason I wanted to find you in the first place.”

“What is it?” Jocelyne’s brow furrowed in confusion.

The young girl bit her lip nervously. “I… Well, remember how I said I didn’t like you giving Zayne all that attention?”


Her mother nodded nervously.

“I guess… I kinda haven’t been telling you the whole truth. About Zayne, I mean. Because I didn’t want you worrying about him.”

“What do you mean?”

Charlie felt her nerves from earlier quickly returning. “Well, like… He’s been partying a lot. Drinking a lot. Um… Lying to people about his job… And how old he is?”



“He never wanted you to find out, so I’ve kinda helped cover for him.” Charlie confessed. “Remi and River too.” Part of her felt bad throwing her cousins under the bus, but she couldn’t stand lying anymore. “But now things are worse, I think.”

“Worse?” Charlie could not remember the last time she’d seen her mother so terrified. “Worse how?!

“I think… I think he might be… Like… Involved in… Bad stuff.” Charlie felt like she was going to be sick. “Like… Like drugs, maybe?”


“DRUGS?!” In an instant, her mother was on her feet. “Oh my God, Charlie! How long have you known about this?!”

“W-well… I don’t know for sure… But I’ve suspected for like… Maybe a month?”

Jocelyne headed for the door without another word.


Charlie leapt from the couch, chasing after her as she crossed into the entryway. “Wait!” She cried out as her mother began searching for her car keys. “Where are you going?”

“We are finding Zayne and getting to the bottom of this!” Jocelyne cried. “Grab your coat. You’re coming too.”

“But mom, I –”

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“Oh my God, Zayne?! Zayne, what happened?!”

“T-tante Joce… I… I wanna come home…”

01-29-17_5-52-50-pm 02-08-17_4-07-31-pm


Just want to take a quick second to celebrate THREE HUNDRED CHAPTERS of this Legacy 😮 (And what a 300th chapter this is! Haha welcome home, Zayne…)

Thank you all for your constant support of my writing and love for my characters. It means the world to me. ❤


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  1. Yay Charlie! THE TRUTH SHALL FREE US ALL! I’m happy Zayne finally came back home. Bruised, bloody, and probably grounded for the rest of his life, but home. Taking a step towards the right (and difficult) way is refreshing, eh? Admitting you were wrong can be hard, but also humbling. Charlie and Zayne, I’m proud of you. You’ll get there in time.

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    1. Haha yes this chapter was very satisfying to write — finally a bit of closure for both Charlie and Zayne (and some better decision making! It just took them a long time 😂)


  2. Hahaha! Thanks! It was so nice to give Charlie some closure here… and of course for Zayne to FINALLY come back home! ^_^

    Thanks for the congratulations! 😀

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  3. First off, congrats on 300 chapters!!!!!!!!! Wooo!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    I agree with Julyvee! THAT WAS VERY INTENSE!! I’m so happy that Zayne finally listened to us readers and return home to his precious auntie!! He gets a gold medal for that! Well done, pal! I knew Charlie was a bit hesitant to spill the beans, but I’m glad she spilled everything to Joce!

    Also, where did you get Zayne’s bloody face makeup? I’m going to use that in my story soon.

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    1. Thank you Simslover! ^_^ Zayne appreciates his gold medal 😛

      I don’t have the links to the blood right now but I can message them to you directly on discord later! ^_^ I combined two together

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  4. What a Happy Valentine’s Day to me! I’m glad Charlie went diva on Jocelyn it’s somewhat justified! The Mark comment is sad, but true I hope he doesn’t take it out of context cause I’m sure she didn’t mean to say it that harshly. Zayne maybe be out of Eun’s clutches, but even if he testifies against him there still going to be some consequences. Maybe not jail, but still! Also I’m guessing we’ll find out what happened in the next update? Which means manslaughter is still on the table until proven otherwise, or Zayne is just extremely lucky! Well Here’s The Survival Pooints in their entirety! Maybe I’ll have better luck next Gen!

    Tuesday’s Update 1/10/17
    Gains 10 points for weekly bonus for two weeks.
    Lose 2 points for dropping his homework.
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    Lost 2 points for getting behind on bills
    Gains 3 points for having enough money to pay bill and probably late fees.
    Gains 3 points for optimistic take on the events of the party. It made me laugh so hard!
    Gains 2 points for proper party edicate. Never bring a plus one to a party unless its allowed learned that the hard way.
    Gains 3 points for home visit.
    Lost 3 points for lying to parental figures.
    Lost 2 points for terrible money management.
    TPAU: 12 points

    Sunday’s Update 1/15/17
    After such a hilarious for me, but horrifying update for Zayne I’ve decided to give him a pass on this chapter. Also since there wasn’t really much I would strike him for. Plus I have a heart.
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    Week 2
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    Lost 3 points for getting caught in previous lie to parental figures.
    Lost 3 points for poor phone edicate. I would let this slide, but Joce’s constant worrying in this chapter shows Zayne’s doesn’t call enough to put her mind at ease. Which should be a top priority sense he’s still a minor.
    TPAU: 1 point

    Thursday’s Update 1/19/17
    No Strikes
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    Lost 5 points for not asking questions about suspicious deliveries.
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    TAPU: 49 points
    Due to the unforeseen time jumps I have added the Double Penalty Clause. I will make an example later on.

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    TAPU: 57 points

    Saturday’s Update 1/28/2017
    Lost 1 point name drop fail. Know your audience.
    Lost 3 points running out of drinks. Best way to kill a party.
    Lost 2 points had to be saved by Charlen.
    Gains 3 points throwing wads of cash like a boss.
    Lost 2 points only hosting half your party. With reason but still.
    Lost 2 points for presenting potential blackmail opportunity.
    Gains 3 points for acting your age at the end.
    TAPU: 53 points
    Sunday’s Update 1/29/2017
    Gains 5 points for taking credit for an epic second half party you weren’t apart of. When life gives you lemons.
    Gains 3 points for gaining Victoria’s interest.
    Lost 3 points gained interest through lies and half truths. This won’t last
    Gains 2 points for being bitten by the popularity bug. Let’s hope the effects of the bite don’t wear off at the worst possible time.
    Lost 5 points for willingly participating in possibly known illegal activities. Clearly Joce did a terrible job at explaining common sense.
    Gains 2 points for confirmation that he has a conscience. It maybe weak, but at least we know it’s there.
    Week 3 Total Points 57 points

    Total Points at Beginning of Week 4: 57 points

    Tuesday’s Update 1/31/2017
    Gains 10 points for two weeks of living on his own bonus. I assume its been about two weeks from the party to the triplets birthday.
    Lost 2 points for poor reasoning. There was no third option.
    Lost 5 points lying to family. Double Penalty Pending
    Gains 3 points for getting a date. I’m only happy cause I want you see you fail.
    Lost 10 points caught in lie. Double Penalty acquired for : Lost 5 points lying to family. The first of many I’m sure!
    Lost 3 for after reading the text not understanding how much of a jerk he is. You Boob!
    Lost 2 points for another potential blackmail opportunity. Double Penalty Pending.
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    Lost 3 points for taking the money Eun threw at him. Zayne you’re not a whore, you don’t take this shit from anyone! If they don’t have enough respect to put the money in your hand then don’t take it!
    Gains 4 points for home call. I’m am just waiting for the sweet heartfelt moment when Zayne calls Jocelyne mom!
    Gains 2 points for wanting to go home!
    Lost 3 points for his messed up reasoning. Just go home Zayne!
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    Sunday’s Update 2/5/2017
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    Lost 6 points (Gains 3 points for getting a date. I’m only happy cause I want you see you fail.) And of course you did.
    Lost 6 points (Gains 3 points for getting a kiss from Victoria Yeah Boooooooiiiiii! If this relationship progresses any further the Double Penalty against this relationship is going to be brutal!)
    Lost 10 points (Gains 5 points for said Epic Party! Double Penalty Pending hehehe!)
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    Dang I really need to be more critical Zayne gives me way too many openings and I don’t take enough advantage of that.
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    Lost 3 points for isolating yourself.
    Lost 2 points for not apologizing.
    Lost 5 points for hurting Victoria.
    Lost 3 points for not understanding the fact that he lied to these people for 5 months. Did he really think they were going to be okay with this!
    Gains 2 points for admitting Ben was right. Not even your brother in law yet and he’s still looking out for you.
    Lost 5 points for asking a stupid question. How can I say no just say no damn it!
    Gains 3 points for realizing he should stop working with Eun.
    Lost 2 points for saying he can’t!
    Gains 3 points for once again contemplating the idea that he should go home. Zayne go home please just go home!
    TPAU: 32 points
    Sunday’s Update 2/12.2017
    Gains 3 points for deciding to leave Eun!
    Lost 2 points for not keeping a cool head.
    Lost 3 points for threatening a drug dealer. What were you thinking!
    Gains 2 points for that line about being okay with going to jail. You got ballz kid!
    Depending on how this fight turns out he might get bonus points next time.

    Week 5 Total Points 32 points
    Beginning of Week 6 Total Points: 32 points
    Tuesday’s Update 2/14/2017
    Gains 5 points Zayne finally came home! Good boy!
    Lost 10 points Jocelyn knows everything. Even though Charlie snitched it still counts.
    Final Total Points: 27 points.
    Thus concludes Zayne Rosebrook’s Survival Points System. I will try this again with Generation 6 Rosebrook Heiress! Circumstances may be different, but I’ll make it work!

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    1. Hahaha I’ve loved your points, it was so fun! ^_^ Thank you for that 😀

      I’m really glad you enjoyed this update too! We’ll find out what happens in the next chapter with Eun and jail or hopefully no jail 😂


  5. Finally! At least one of the rosebrooks have a brain for social interactions….And, god, I pray for you that the mutation in the rosebrook genes that are on charlie can go on om future generations! Thank you.

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  6. Oh my. Intense is right! Eun beat the crap out of him. He looks awful. I hope we have heard the last of Eun. I am glad he is finally going home. Somehow though I can’t believe Eun is going to allow him to walk away since Zayne threatened him. He knows too much.

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  7. As I predicted, the ending of this chapter kind of overshadowed the rest. I hope people only commenting on the end still liked that Rosebrooks actually communicated for once! Haha 😛

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  8. Congratulations on 300! You’ve been an amazing introduction to the world of SimLit… almost too good. I compare everyone’s writing depth, insight, and style to yours. Brava 🙂

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    1. Thanks! That is so sweet of you to say 🙂 (And I didn’t know I was your intro to SimLit.. Awesome!). Thank you so much for being a loyal reader. It means a lot ❤

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  9. That was eventful! I wonder if this will actually make Joce think twice about repeating her parents’ mistake, or if Zayne’s dramatic return overshadowed the main message of her conversation with her daughter. As for Zayne himself… would Eun just let him run off now? I guess we’ll see!

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  10. That’s amazing! Three hundred chapters of original ideas and drama! Congratulations! 🎉

    On Zayne’s return home: it’s a shame that it had to get this far before he realized that working for Eun without knowing the reason was a bad idea. I’m not backing up his decision why, but Zayne was tight at that time and didn’t know where to get any income from…in a way, he did prove himself responsibly because he went home instead of sticking around his apartment. I hope the bad blood between him and Eun doesn’t cause even more trouble 😢


  11. WHOA!!!!!! I am having so many thoughts and feelings swirling right now. I’ll try to at least list them because organizing at this moment is impossible.

    1. Go Charlie for being brave and expressing your true feelings
    2. Go Joce for finally learning from the mistakes of your past (at least when it comes to this one parenting thing)
    3. Damn Zayne is still bleeding fresh blood
    4. Poor Mark, that has to hurt. I bet he’s thinking about how Joce’s kids would be his kids if he’d made different choices earlier in life, but maybe not
    5. Remi & River and gonna be in sooooooo much trouble. Clara don’t play that.
    6. Mari & Jonas are gonna freak out, but maybe they’ll be relieved. Each generation messes up, and maybe they’re already on the backside of this one. Zayne got it out early…?
    7. How did Zayne get out of Eun’s apartment?
    8. I knew it! I knew Charlie invited Dom. I’m happy to hear she didn’t do it out of malice though.
    9. Charlie and Joce have incredibly thin arms, it always draws my attention because my Sims tend to be thicker, so it always takes me a minute to figure out why Charlie’s and Joce’s clothes look the way they do.
    10. I can’t wait to hear if Zayne tells the truth or weaves some other weird story.

    Sorry, I know that was all over the place.

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    1. Hahaha I love your all-over-the-place comment 😛 I will try to answer your thoughts 🙂

      1. It was so nice to write Charlie being brave and actually talking for once. You can tell her last name is not Rosebrook LMAO
      2. Yes, Joce was very receptive to the conversation with Charlie 🙂 I think her own past experiences when she was a kid help her to really understand. 🙂
      3. Yeah, he’s messed up real bad :-/ Did he earn that “Poor kid” yet? LOL
      4. I’m not sure if Mark necessarily thinks that way, but he really does love Jocelyne’s kids. I think that hurt a lot, but I also think he recognized that Charlie was really upset and on edge, so I’d like to think he didn’t hold it against her 🙂
      5. There will undoubtedly be hell to pay in the Vaughn household LMAO
      6. Haha I love that way of looking at it — get all the messing up out of the way early 😛
      7. We will find out just a little bit more about how Zayne ended up at home not next chapter, but the one after. 🙂
      8. Yup! She was the one behind it. And she actually had good intentions… Unfortunately it backfired horribly 😛
      9. Hahaha yes, you can blame Colette for that. She is basically a stick figure and has passed that figure (or lack of figure lmao) down to Joce, who in turn passed it to Charlie.
      10. We will see soon what Zayne has to say for himself! 🙂

      Thanks for reading, Cece 🙂

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  12. Poor Zayne. I hope Eun gets what’s coming to him.

    Also I’m glad Charlie was finally able to let it all out. It might not make things better just yet, but it will help the healing process begin, or so I believe.

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 I enjoyed writing this one very much. ^_^ Definitely a big moment for everyone (though poor Zayne! haha). And I appreciate your nice comment about my screenshots. Thank you!


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    1. Thank you! I loved writing this one… and the parallel between Joce/Luc and Charlie/Zayne was something I’d been looking forward to touch upon. Glad you enjoyed this one 😀

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    1. Thank you! ^_^ I am so happy to have him coming home too 😀 And yes, Charlie is so gorgeous isn’t she? Thank you for noticing!

      Teen-Zayne is already on the gallery 🙂 I will think about putting my others up there too. I am very protective of my sims 😂 but I do trust people to take good care of them in their games ^_^



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    1. Thanks! I’m so glad you liked this ^_^ I loved writing that convo between Charlie and Joce — like you said, long overdue!

      And I’m really happy you liked the Zayne scene too. I’d always wanted a dramatic homecoming for him 😉

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this one! I really loved writing this chapter a lot (both for the nice heart-to-heart and the dramatic ending!)

      And yes, one scar is enough! Let’s hope this beating doesn’t leave any lasting marks!


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