5.29: A Little Different

Well, things are definitely a lot better since the last time I wrote in here… Just like I knew they’d be.

Eun actually ended up apologizing for what happened. I thought that was pretty cool of him. I was kinda surprised, to be honest. And he promised me that guy who threatened me won’t be a problem anymore. Something about the way he said it made me a little nervous… But I decided not to ask. The point is, he really seemed like he was sorry. And it sounds like it won’t be happening again… Thank God!


I started doing more runs for him, and so far everything’s been okay. I guess part of me’s still freaked about what happened… But I really, really need the cash. I can’t just quit or anything. So I’m doing what I said I would – sucking it up and dealing with it. So far so good.

And working with Eun’s not the only thing getting better.

Things with Victoria are more amazing than I ever thought they’d be… We’re kinda-sorta dating now, I think! I mean, the last time we went out together, she kissed me!


And it was a REAL kiss. It started as just a stupid little peck, but then she kinda took over and… WOW. I totally had zero idea what I was doing, but she didn’t seem to notice.

I couldn’t even sleep that night. I just kept thinking of her… And that kiss… And her tongue… Holy shit.

I mean, I’m still so stressed with school and the restaurant. I still feel weird about working for Eun. I still wish I didn’t have to lie to everyone. I still miss my family. I still miss being a normal kid. And there are days when I still catch myself kinda wanting to go home…

But there are definitely plus sides to living on my own, and I’ve been trying my best to focus on those lately.


And I just found out I have something pretty freaking awesome to look forward to. Something that’ll definitely help get my mind off the bad stuff.

So my Onkel Florian and Tante Clara are going away next weekend. Remi says they’re all excited about it… I guess they haven’t been on a trip together in years and years, so Onkel Florian surprised Tante Clara with a weekend in Champs Les Sims.


While they’re away, Remi and River are gonna be housesitting, and babysitting Rory too. But Saturday night, she’s staying over her friend’s house… So they said they’re gonna take advantage of it and invite a few people over.

Of course, knowing them, “a few people” really means “everyone we know”… Which means it’s gonna be epic. It’s always so hard having parties in our shitty little uni apartments. I can’t even imagine how insane an actual HOUSE party will be!

I’ve already called and told some of the guys about it, and Victoria too… I think Charlie and maybe Alex might come too (can’t count on Tony not to tell Tante Joce though…). Everyone’s so pumped. And I am too. I really am.


But despite everything, I still…

Ugh. I dunno.

I know I keep flip-flopping between being all giddy and excited and weird and mopey… But I can’t help it. It’s like I can’t even decide what’s amazing and what’s terrible anymore. Maybe everything’s neither. Or both?

The point is, it’s already been more than five months since I left home. And it’s definitely been an adventure. Not always a great one… But I’m trying so hard here. I can’t back down now. Not after all this time.

Tante Joce and grandpa have finally stopped nagging me about everything. They even tell me they’re proud of me. I think they finally believe that I can do okay without them holding my hand all the time… And that’s all I ever wanted.

I just thought it might feel a little different then this.



47 thoughts on “5.29: A Little Different

  1. Correction, little punk. THEY have a “shitty little uni apartment.” You have a “shitty little apartment.” Don’t get it twisted LOL.
    And, ummm…you and Victoria are cute and all but I’m still coming for you when the shoe drops. Just you wait…

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  2. I find it so interesting that out of all the heirs in their teen years Zayne has to be the most fickle when it comes to his mood. He’s never just feeling happy or just moody or angry he’s always flipflopping. Which means the next stage of his life is going to be boring or 10x worse than this I vote the latter!

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    1. It’s true, he is very conflicted. He’s constantly torn between he real him, and the person he’s pretending to be… and his emotions feel that same tug!

      I definitely hope his YA years aren’t boring to you! But we’ll see 😛


  3. Why do I have the feeling that when the twins are planning a party for ‘a few people over’, they mean ‘the triplets and Ben and maybe whoever the other girls are seeing’. Meanwhile Zayne has just decided to throw a kegger (juicer?) at someone else’s house, without anyone’s permission, and with someone else on the hook.

    Other people have popcorn. I thing I’m putting marshmallows on a stick for this spectacular failure.

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  4. That Harry Potter connection is perfect! Harry pissed me off so much in that book because of how whiny he was… Totally Zayne! LMAO

    He’s definitely making some poor choices right now. He has to stop trying to be someone he isn’t 😦

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  5. Hm… I still think he should quit his shady job with Eun, move back home and NOT tell ANYONE about said job. He needs to feel the love from a parent everyday and there is nothing wrong with that.

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    1. This is so insightful — He needs that love in his life right now and he’s really missing it. He’s still a kid, and he should probably go home. Unfortunately, he’s also a Rosebrook… :-/

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  6. Gahhh. Zayne, you aren’t grown up! Stop pretending to be!!!! 😡 Victoria is gonna kick you to the curb when – not if – she finds out. And if Eun shows up at the “house party”, whoa. 😳 I can see all kinds of scenarios happening there, but then I have for everyone single party and the worst that has happened is he walked in on naked people and threw up. 😂 None have been as bad as I imagined. And he and Victoria have only kissed? That seems weird for a 16 year-old. But maybe because she is older he is intimidated – but now that she is taking the initiative, those hormones are about to kick into high gear. ❤❤

    The way things are going, I don’t see Zayne ever going home before graduation – high school, not college – as he will keep delivering for Eun for the easy money when the restaurant job gets too demanding and he can’t keep up with his school work and has to quit, putting him exactly where Eun wants him. Unless something finally gives and he gets into some serious trouble before that. Otherwise…I am afraid Zayne is going to wake up one day and find himself seriously screwed…. 😥

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    1. Haha I think you hit the nail on the head with Zayne and Victoria. He’s very afraid because she’s older (and “cooler”) so he’s been taking things slowly out of nerves 😛

      And you have a very interesting (and possible) prediction for Zayne’s future… We’ll see relatively soon (I’m already writing and screenshotting YA chapters ^_^)

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  7. Lol – Love the update and Zayne – he’s really flipflopping hard back and forth between the extremes. Very teenager of him. Tries to imagine self at 16 living on my own…wow! Zayne is VERY hardworking making that work. There’s no way I would have wanted that much responsiblity on my own.

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    1. I appreciate that you recognize Zayne as hardworking XD Despite all his faults (and there are many!) he is also working his butt off to keep this apartment. He really wants to prove himself!

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      1. He is! He’s making some crappy decisions, but I’m actually really impressed he hasn’t thrown in the towel. I think if he had to – he’d be just fine on his own…maybe in jail someday – but they provide a solid 3-squares. 😛

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  8. Honestly, I’m highly anticipating Zayne’s inevitable rude awakening. Hard to feel pity for him when I feel like all he keeps repeating is ‘I pushed my family away, betrayed their trust, started dealing drugs, am faking being a college student with my new ‘friends’, and keep lying about it all. Why don’t I feel happy?’ *biggest eyeroll ever*

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  9. Something tells me all his lies are going to crumble at this party. I mean, having all your uni friends over to one of your family memeber house? Won’t there be photos or something? I don’t know. I just feel like his family life and “uni” life are going to crash together soon. XD

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    Seriously, Zayne, learn from your mistakes.
    My face this entire chapter was bugged eyes and a straight face. Bad Zayne, Bad *squirts squirt bottle*

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  11. You have thrown away your childhood a little too soon, Zayne. There is no going back indeed.
    I’m more and more fascinated by Eun. “Something about the way he said it made me a little nervous…” this cracked me up. Oh, I want to know what Eun did so bad!

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  12. I honestly have never watched Hamilton and have only listened to songs but Zayne sounds like the perfect fit to the sentence “He will never be satisfied”
    He wasn’t satisfied at home
    He wasn’t satisfied with his friends
    He wasn’t satisfied with his things
    He wasn’t satisfied when they told him they were proud of him for making it so far.

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    1. I LOVE HAMILTON OMG. Sorry, fangirl moment hehehehe.

      And it’s very true — he’s having a hard time finding satisfaction for sure!


      1. I’ve been waiting for it to come out on DVD with the original cast so that I can decide for myself, but the tracks i listened to and anims I’ve watched on it are pretty good tbh I really love musicals and stuff like that though so its not really a surprise to me

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