5.25: Reputation

I have absolutely, positively no idea how this happened, but apparently my party was epic. Unbelievable. Insane. “One for the ages”, Damion told me.

And I wasn’t even there for most of it.

As soon as we ran out of drinks, everyone bailed and headed to this karaoke bar around the corner… And they won’t let you in if you’re under eighteen. Just my luck, right?


Charlie totally saved me by making up some BS excuse about me having to drive her and Ben back home. And everyone bought it (thank God). I threw a bunch of cash at Remi and told him to buy everyone a round on me…

And apparently it worked. According to him and River, everyone was so damn drunk and having such a good time, no one noticed I never came back. They all just assumed I was off in the crowd somewhere getting hammered.

I’d probably die if they knew that I actually spent the rest of the night cleaning up my apartment and playing board games with Charlie and Ben.


Anyway, the point is… Everyone freaking loved it. And somehow, they’re giving me all the credit!

I think the best part is Victoria… She’s been texting me a lot ever since the party. Lots of stuff about cooking and school and stuff… But cute little smiley faces and funny little jokes too. Could it mean what I think it means?! I mean, could a girl like her actually…?


I know, I know. I’m getting way ahead of myself. But seriously. I can’t believe Victoria’s talking to me! She’s so out of my league, but I don’t even care.

And she’s not the only one talking to me now. I was used to Remi and River’s friends being pretty cool to me and stuff… But now, I’m getting messages from people who I barely even know! People who weren’t even at the party! I have no idea how these people got my number, but my phone’s been blowing up lately.


I guess have this crazy reputation as some kind of ‘party guy’ or something now. It’s been less than a week and I’ve already been invited to like five different parties. Ha! I’ve even had to say no to a couple of invites! (Gotta work sometime, right?)

And speaking of work, that’s been going pretty awesome too, actually! I mean, the restaurant’s still okay I guess. But I’m talking about working for Eun. I almost can’t believe how much cash I’m making doing something so simple, y’know?


I mean, I get that there’s some shady stuff involved. I’m not a complete idiot. I know that whatever’s in those tiny little pouches and envelopes can’t be good… But whatever it is, I never wanna find out. I’ve never asked Eun, and he’s never told me… And I hope it stays that way. For now, I don’t ask questions and he drops a hundred euros in my mailbox at the end of every week.

This whole thing is just… surreal, I guess. My life’s changed so much ever since I left home. And it’s really cool and fun and awesome, but…


I guess it’s kind of exhausting too. Overwhelming, I guess? It’s so much fun. But I guess I don’t really feel like… me anymore.

And I still haven’t decided whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.


64 thoughts on “5.25: Reputation

  1. Total Points at Beginning of Week 3: 10 points

    Tuesday’s Update 1/24/2017
    Gains 45 points for 9 weeks of living alone it should only be seven but I missed out on 2 weeks that were suppose to be in a previous post. Curse you time skips!
    Lost 5 points for agreeing to work with Eun
    Lost 5 points for doing something the entire audience of readers said was a bad idea.
    Lost 5 points for not asking questions about suspicious deliveries.
    Gains 3 points for party going improvement.
    Gains 1 points for chatting up girl since it was two girls it’s 2 points.
    Gains 1 point for working on cooking skill.
    Gains 3 points for being confident enough to throw a party.
    TAPU: 49 points
    Due to the unforeseen time jumps I have added the Double Penalty Clause. I will make an example later on.

    Thursday’s Update 1/26/2017
    Gains 2 points for inviting Charlie to party.
    Gains 2 points for getting his grades up.
    Gains 2 points for buying Christmas gifts. Hopefully with clean money!
    Gains 2 points for easing Jocelyn’s anxiety.
    TAPU: 57 points

    Saturday’s Update 1/28/2017
    Lost 1 point name drop fail. Know your audience.
    Lost 3 points running out of drinks. Best way to kill a party.
    Lost 2 points had to be saved by Charlen.
    Gains 3 points throwing wads of cash like a boss.
    Lost 2 points only hosting half your party. With reason but still.
    Lost 2 points for presenting potential blackmail opportunity.
    Gains 3 points for acting your age at the end.
    TAPU: 53 points

    Sunday’s Update 1/29/2017
    Gains 5 points for taking credit for an epic second half party you weren’t apart of. When life gives you lemons.
    Gains 3 points for gaining Victoria’s interest.
    Lost 3 points gained interest through lies and half truths. This won’t last
    Gains 2 points for being bitten by the popularity bug. Let’s hope the effects of the bite don’t wear off at the worst possible time.
    Lost 5 points for willingly participating in possibly known illegal activities. Clearly Joce did a terrible job at explaining common sense.
    Gains 2 points for confirmation that he has a conscience. It maybe weak, but at least we know it’s there.

    Week 3 Total Points 57 points

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  2. The stuff he’s selling will most likely get him into trouble. He should at least know what it was. His attitude See no evil, hear no evil won’t protect him. You can cover your eyes, Zayne, but it won’t make you invisible.

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    1. Oh he definitely knows it’s some kind of drugs. But it the specifics. You’re so right though, if he continues to just ignore the issue it’s not gonna protect him or make it go away!


  3. Oh lol. Well the party went well and you’re on top of the world. Love his voice in this alternating between ecstatic and worried. The part about not feeling like himself worries me. Identity is key. Looks like he’s just getting pushed all v the momentum and hasn’t quite figured out how to steer.

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    1. That’s a perfect description for it — he’s in a car that’s speeding out of control and now he’s essentially sitting there behind the wheel screaming 😂

      He is definitely feeling super conflicted at the moment. Part of him is so happy and excited and part of him doesn’t even know what to do with himself anymore. He has to figure this out (and hopefully he will!)

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  4. Zayne, I think if Victoria finds out about your lies and illegal activities, it’s probably going to blow up in your face.

    … I mean, I’m glad he’s making it and his grades are improving. I’m glad he’s actually cleaned his apartment and spent some time with family members and other friends. But there’s no way that this will end well for Zayne.

    Also I see that Holly’s still hanging out with everyone–I guess she’s friends with the family by this point, or they at least know her pretty well. Is she flirting with the white-haired sim or laughing at Zayne’s joke? Really can’t tell!

    I miss Holly from my game, so it’s great to see her. I’ve been playing with vampires in Forgotten Hollow using a sim named Valerie Vincent. I should really get back to playing Holly’s legacy soon.

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    1. Yup, Holly is in Zayne’s little ‘circle’ now 😉 She is such a vibrant sim, I love it 🙂

      And yeah, Right now there are a few ups for Zayne along with the ‘downs’! Hopefully the “ups” continue? We’ll see 🙂


      1. Just watch out for Holly if she’s living in an apartment. I’m not kidding that she’s chased down noisy neighbors to start fights when I wasn’t looking! You’d think a cheerful sim would be, well, nicer! (But I did get a laugh out of it…)

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  5. I think this is a sign for him to get out before he’s dragged too far in.

    It’s good he’s having fun though 🙂 i’m just worried about him losing himself admidst everything that’s going on

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    1. Hahahaha it’s okay to yell! He’s being so frustrating right now *sigh* And you’re right — He’s literally lying to every single person he knows about one thing or another. He’s a mess.

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  6. Something tells me this isn’t going to last….
    There’s only so long you can get away with half truths and outright lies. Especially now that Zayne is in the social spotlight.

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  7. Zayne, you’re an idiot. You must go where everyone in your family has been before: The Shame Corner.
    Just go home! Go back to your family, because you’re obviously not ready, and that’s OKAY! Darn it, Zayne making me angry XD I don’t want him to get in trouble 😦

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  8. omg. I’m actually caught up?!? I just binge read this and dust to dust iver the oast couple of weeks.
    Wow. Such an awesome story. SO much drama. I was particularly worked up when Joce and Mark first revealed their relationship – so happy they’re together now.

    Zayne really is adorbs. Dem freckles yo.
    And something he thought earlier on, about wishing he had a little brother? Made me wonder if there’s actually a big brother out there domewhere. Afterall, Luc did get around.

    Oh, and the Luc-dying related chapters? I was crying so much ): but I console myself with the thought that they’re alive and well, living a verboring life in another save game

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You did catch up! Awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my stories! I’m so glad you’re enjoying all the drama (and Marklyne 😛 they are so cute)

      Your idea/theory about Zayne having a brother is a cool one! You never know 😛 And yes, I have multiple save files for this legacy and there is one where Luc and Hazel are alive and well with scar-free little Zayne ^_^

      Thanks again for reading! I appreciate it very much 🙂

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  9. *munches popcorn* You’re not yourself, and that’s a bad thing.

    Someone said the ‘higher you are, the father you fall’ earlier in the comments. I’m looking forward to watching the fall.

    *munches more popcorn*

    *gets up to clean up crumbs*

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  10. Doing a catch up read again, but Woo! Totally called it on what Eun’s plan was with Zayne (so far anyways like I said mid catch up read.)

    Careful Zayne, Ignorance does not save you if Eun gets caught or he needs a fall guy if things get bad!

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    1. Wooh, I hope you’re enjoying the catch up! 🙂 And good detective work! Eun is definitely a shady dude and now Zayne is in way over his head… Lots of potential for disaster from here, but we’ll see 😉


  11. Boiiii it’s no easier to read the second time around. I just want to yell into the computer screen. When you’re reading a story and THAT emotionally invested in the character XD

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