Interlude: Surprise

Another steamy screenshot warning on this one!



Okay… Um… Formula for Sulfuric Acid… Remi’s brow furrowed in concentration, and he willed himself to not peek at the open textbook in front of him. It’s… H…2… Um…

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you?” His thoughts were once again interrupted by a husky female voice carrying from the room next door.

“Mmm… Hehehe!” A high pitched voice replied.

Again?! Oh my FUCKING God. ENOUGH!


Remi slammed his book shut and rose to his feet, a white-hot anger bubbling up inside of him. In seconds, he was standing outside his sister’s bedroom. The giggles and whispers from within continued. With a deep breath, he reached for the handle and threw the door open.


“What the FUCK, Remi?!” River rose to her feet, retrieving her t-shirt from the floor beside the bed and covering herself as quickly as she could.

On the bed, Coleen just looked up at him, making no attempt to cover herself. “Oh, sorry… Were we too loud?” She asked seriously. “Sorry.”

“Yes, you were.” Remi narrowed his eyes at her, willing himself to not let his gaze linger on her beautiful, half-naked body.


He felt a harsh tug at his elbow as his twin rather forcefully dragged him from the bedroom. “Just a sec, Col.” River called over her shoulder as she closed the bedroom door behind them. “Have you ever heard of knocking?!” She hissed at her brother between clenched teeth.

“I dunno. Have you ever heard of human decency?!” He spat back at her. “I have a huge test tomorrow and the semester’s almost over. You know that! Can’t you just hold off for one friggin’ day?! Or go to Coleen’s place or something?!”


His sister simply rolled her eyes. “This is hysterical. You’re jealous!”

Remi could not hold back the sudden warmth that came to his cheeks. “What?!

“You’re jealous because you still haven’t gotten any ever since we moved here.” She smirked. “Minus that pity handjob Coleen gave you after your shitty date.” She giggled.

She told you about that?!” He felt like he was going to die.

River nodded. “Of course she did.”


Remi said nothing for a moment. His sister was being a total bitch, but… Damn it, she’s right. He was jealous. Incredibly so. Remi wanted everything River had. He wanted to make it through more than two dates with a girl before she gave him the awkward ‘thanks, but no thanks’ talk. He wanted to be the one to bring a date back to the apartment for once. But more than anything, he wanted the one thing his twin didn’t have – a real relationship. Why the hell was that so hard?

Instead, he had to deal with his sister’s seemingly endless string of flings and one-night stands. And the fact that River’s most recent conquest happened to have rejected him weeks ago… Well, it was just adding insult to injury.

“Can’t you just take it somewhere else? Anywhere else?” He asked at last.


River shook her head. “Sorry. Coleen’s brother brought a guy over to their place. That’s half the reason she’s here.” She explained. “She was considerate enough to give them some privacy…” River eyed her brother significantly as she spoke.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Remi held his face in his hand for a moment, considering his options. He had absolutely no desire to leave, but if his sister wasn’t budging, staying did not sound very appealing either. “Ugh, fine! I’ll head over to Axel’s place… But don’t expect me to be gone all night. I’m coming back.”


“Don’t need all night.” His sister assured him with a smile. “Thanks, Rem. I’ll make it up to you. I promise.”

“Yeah, whatever.” He didn’t even bother to retrieve his textbook before walking out the door.



“Dude, no way.” Axel laughed. “This is one of the few times when the remakes were actually like, worlds better than the originals.” He paused for a moment, pounding rapidly on the buttons of the controller. “I mean, have you even seen them?”

“Are you kidding?” Zayne smiled, not taking his eyes off of the television screen. “I grew up on those movies! Don’t ever let my Tante Joce or grandpa hear you diss the originals like that. They’re kind of obsessed…”

Before Axel could continue their Moonlight Massacre debate, they were interrupted by a sudden knocking at the door. Zayne paused their game as his friend rose from the couch to see who it was.


It had been a pleasant surprise when Axel invited him over to hang out that afternoon. Zayne had run into Axel on his way back from depositing his most recent paycheck. They got to talking a bit about the new Space Dementia DLC, and the next thing Zayne knew, he was sitting on Axel’s couch sipping a soda, trying out the DLC, and talking about horror movies.

“Oh, Remi. Hey!” Axel’s voice called Zayne back to the present as he stepped aside to let his friend enter.

“Hey, man. Sorry for barging in like this… River’s being such a fucking bitch right now. I –” Remi paused, surprised. “Zayne? What are you doing here?”


Zayne just shrugged. “Checking out the new Space Dementia DLC. It’s pretty sweet, actually.”

Remi raised an eyebrow curiously at his friend. Axel just smiled. “I’m allowed to have other friends besides you, aren’t I?”

“Of course!” Remi replied. “I’m just wondering how much you had to pay Zayne to hang out with you.” He teased.

“Not enough…” Zayne replied with a playful glint in his eye. “But I felt bad.”


“Cute.” Axel rolled his eyes, dropping back onto the couch beside Zayne. He seemed very eager to shift the conversation back to his friend. “Alright Remi, spill. What did she do this time?”

Zayne couldn’t help but lean forward eagerly. It wasn’t often that he got let in on this kind of gossip. For the first time, he truly felt like he was one of Remi’s friends, and not just his cousin.

Remi hesitated for a moment, cleared his throat softly, and told the other two exactly what had happened.


“Jesus.” Axel shook his head as his friend finished his story. “And with Coleen too… That’s pretty damn low.”

Remi shrugged. “Last night was their second or third date. I guess I should have expected this sooner or later.”

“I vote sooner.” Axel smiled. “Honestly, I’m surprised Riv waited this long.”


Zayne tried his best to hide his discomfort as the other two continued speaking. He liked being included, but he was definitely getting way more information about his cousins’ sex lives than he cared to know. Maybe this is my cue to leave… I’ve gotta work tonight anyway. He reminded himself as he rose to his feet.

“Alright, as enlightening as this whole thing has been… I should probably run.” He said, smiling. “I’ve gotta attempt to do at least a little homework before my shift tonight.”

“Ha! Tante Jossy’s still on your ass about that chem test, isn’t she?”


“Unfortunately.” Zayne grumbled. Her constant phone calls nagging about his homework were getting tiring, and he knew she wouldn’t stop until his grades started going back up.

“Hey, before you go… Are you busy Friday night?” Axel asked as Zayne headed toward the door.

He paused, mentally going through his work schedule for the coming week. “Don’t think so.”


Perfect… I think I’m gonna have a few people over.” He smiled. “One last hurrah before winter break, y’know? Plus I figure I’ll invite a few cute girls so we can finally get Remi to stop whining so much… Ow!”

“Dick.” Remi laughed, pulling his fist away from his friend’s shoulder. “But… I’m in.”

Another party?! Cute girls?! HA! YES! “Sounds great.” Zayne kept his expression as casual as he could manage. “See you then, I guess.”

Remi smiled. “Bye, Zayne.”

“Later!” Axel called.

01-10-17_10-38-42-pm 01-10-17_10-41-01-pm

Zayne kept his smile the entire way home.

Until he checked his mail, at least.


The sight of the heating bill made his heart sink. He thought of the paycheck he’d just deposited that afternoon… More than half of it would go toward the heat. Plus he still had his phone bill to pay, groceries to buy…

“Fuck.” He muttered, wishing he could tear the bill up and throw it away.


Zayne nearly jumped at the sound of a deep chuckle from over his shoulder.

He turned around, his eyes widening as their gaze fell on the familiar figure who walked toward him. Zayne nearly held his breath, waiting for him to walk by and continue down the stairs.

But he didn’t.



53 thoughts on “Interlude: Surprise

  1. River really Remus clearly isn’t over Coleen yet ugh , but as his sister you should be mindful of this. Also yo literally seem to have no particular preference except for being hot so pick anyone else!

    (Cocks gun at Coleen) You a real piece of work you know that! Apparent;y you didn’t get my last threat so i’m going to be straight with you. Please refrain from causing my Beloved Remus anymore pain or else you will ending up in a body bag thrown in the deepest depths of the abyss KNOW THAT!

    A relatively a good chapter for Zayne. I hope he’s stays away from the neighbor and doesn’t agree to any weird deals he might offer. I believe he will once again have a positive number perhaps I should make things more difficult hehe…..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahahahaha poor Coleen! 😛 She’s just trying to have a good time! I don’t think she realizes that Remi still has a crush on her. She just figured it was one crappy date that didn’t work out, and then moved on. (River, on the other hand, should probably be a bit more sensitive… But she totally has a selfish/bitchy streak that’s in full-force here haha)

      And Zayne appreciates ending with positive points again 😀 He hopes that this trend can continue 😉


    2. So because I want everyone who loves this story as much as I do to see or get involved I decided to share this on WordPress as well cause not everyone who reads this might be on the sims forums and I want to have fun with this. So as of today I will post Zayne’s SP here. This is mostly my own thoughts about our lovable heir, but if you feel there is something I missed in a update feel free to comment and add or subtract strikes. Below is the current situation with Zayne points for this week and last week. On future updates if you have something you’d like to add please reply to my comment of that update. Okay that’s all carry on.
      Zayne’s Survival Points
      Points based on Zayne’s positive and negative actions while living alone ranging from 1 to 5. He gets 5 points for every week he remains in his apartment.

      Tuesday’s Update 1/10/17
      Gains 10 points for weekly bonus for two weeks.
      Lose 2 points for dropping his homework.
      Lost 2 points for lying to his neighbors.
      Lost 2 points for not doing his chores around the house.
      Gains 2 points for doing well at his job.
      TPAU: 6 points

      Thursday’s Update 1/12/17
      Lost 2 points for getting caught lying about his age.
      TPAU: 4 points

      Saturday’s Update 1/14/17
      Gains 5 points for weekly bonus.
      Lost 1 point for failing test but loses 2 points implying he only failed twice.
      Gains 1 point for trying to fix broken sink himself
      Gains 1 point for calling landlord for help.
      Lost 1 point for leaving sink broken.
      Lost 2 points for getting behind on bills
      Gains 3 points for having enough money to pay bill and probably late fees.
      Gains 3 points for optimistic take on the events of the party. It made me laugh so hard!
      Gains 2 points for proper party edicate. Never bring a plus one to a party unless its allowed learned that the hard way.
      Gains 3 points for home visit.
      Lost 3 points for lying to parental figures.
      Lost 2 points for terrible money management.
      TPAU: 12 points

      Sunday’s Update 1/15/17
      After such a hilarious for me, but horrifying update for Zayne I’ve decided to give him a pass on this chapter. Also since there wasn’t really much I would strike him for. Plus I have a heart.
      TPAU: 12 points
      Week’s Total of Points: 12 points

      Week 2
      Tuesday’s Update 1/17/17
      Lost 5 points for school calling home.
      Lost 3 points for getting caught in previous lie to parental figures.
      Lost 3 points for poor phone edicate. I would let this slide, but Joce’s constant worrying in this chapter shows Zayne’s doesn’t call enough to put her mind at ease. Which should be a top priority sense he’s still a minor.
      TPAU: 1 point

      Thursday’s Update 1/19/17
      No Strikes
      TPAU: 1 point
      Saturday’s Update 1/21/17
      Gains 2 point for social status still being intact thank god for alcohol.
      Gains 2 points for being suspicious of neighbor.
      Gains 3 points for facing fear of fire and currently using the stove.
      TPAU: 8 points
      Sunday’s Update 1/22/17
      Gains 2 points for the joke about hanging out with Axel aw I love it!
      Lost 5 points for call from home!
      Gains 2 points for having money to pay the bills. You may starve, but at least you won’t be homeless. Here’s to being really optimistic.
      Lost 2 points for cursing. I know you’re young, but you must use curse words responsibly. You save them up for the right person, at the right time, then curse them out like a sailor.
      TPAU: 10 points

      Week 2 Total Points: 10 points
      Double digits again! Maybe I’m being too generous.

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  2. Uhh i Wonder what he want with Zayne 😉 maybe he’s attracted to him? I could picture that Guy being gay.
    Also, River is being kinda slutty, huh… But is really is lov gong out with her brother’crush, Even though it didn’t go so Well betjene the two.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha I like your theory! We’ll find out in the next chapter what’s going on with him, I promise 🙂

      As for River, she definitely likes ‘having fun’, though she isn’t all about hookups — like Remi said, she and Coleen have actually been on a few dates already. But it’s definitely pretty inconsiderate of her to be going out with the girl who rejected her brother 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I have a theory that the ‘loud sex’ was just a ploy to get Remi out if the house. I could see them wanting to do more so they amp up the noise knowing he’s a wall away. Haha. Now that he’s gone, of course they’re free to do whatever they want in private.

    Ah, I love how Zayne was all eager to hear his cousin’s gossip, and then was driven away by too much detail! Lol. Glad to see he’s doing his homework, although another part is worrisome. It almost looks like he’s figuring out his balance living alone. Although then the bills came…Followed by shady neighbor….I’m not sure this will go well on top of party….

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha that theory is very possible! Poor, poor Remi… 😛

      And yeah, Zayne is doing a crazy juggling act right now… He’s kinda figuring some things out (like a social life and trying to not fail in school) and epicly failing at stuff like finances… Hopefully things will start looking up again soon though 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. And suddenly I feel bad for Remi. (Seriously, River? You couldn’t find any other lovely lady to do that with?) And, well, I’m sure everyone remembers the last time a set of twins exchanged blows with each other…

    As for Zayne…Hey, he bombed his test. He doesn’t really have the right to be mad at Jossy. (It’s like if he stuck his arm into a wood chipper, and got upset that it shredded his arm up)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha that wood chipper comparison is brilliant XD Love it. And it’s true!

      And yeah… River is being quite inconsiderate of Remi’s feelings right now 😦 Poor guy!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Loving that the tradition of Moonlight Massacre references continues 😀 And didn’t Camille make Space Dementia? 🙂

    Haha River is not the most compassionate person in the world! At least try to bed someone your twin doesn’t have a crush on 😀 Poor Remi. Wonder why he always ends up getting friendzoned… he’s probably too nice.

    Zayne’s face when he gets invited to the party as soon as he’s out the door ❤ I guess at least he's somewhat trying to catch up on his school work… I'd say it's a step in the right direction, but that ending looks ominous, so…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehe MM has become a “thing” lately in the legacy, so it may as well continue, right? 😛 And Space Dementia is actually a game I made up myself 🙂 It’s the title of a song by the band Muse (who also have a song called Citizen Erased… Three guesses what my favorite band and song of all time are 😉 Heheheh)

      And yeah, River is not always the nicest person. I think she’s one of those people who doesn’t even realize she’s being inconsiderate/bitchy… Especially with a brother like Remi who, as you’ve noticed, is kind of too nice!

      And Zayne, Zayne, Zayne. This kid’s life is full of ups and downs right now haha. We will see where the encounter with his neighbor leads 😛


  6. Dun da-da da dunnnn!!! That dude is definitely going to cause Zayne trouble. Then when things go horribly wrong Jocelyn will beat herself up for making him do this on his own. Hope not.

    River is a mess, shades of Jade in her genes. I felt really bad for Remi.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a great point about Joce… If things go badly, she’d definitely blame herself, and regret this whole thing! So… hopefully they won’t? 🙂

      And River definitely likes to have some fun… Though she does attempt actual dating as well (like with Coleen, they’ve actually gone on a few dates, as Remi said. So it’s not JUST one night stands… That puts her at least one peg above Jade? Hahaha). But yes… Poor Remi 😦


  7. Everyone thinks Shady guy is either attracted to Zayne or gonna sell him drugs, and I’m thinking. What he’s gonna do is offer Zayne a job of Questionable legality. He’s been watching Zayne he can probably tell he’s low on money, what better target to induct someone to your criminal work than someone desperate for money?

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Oh my god, I’m so excited to see what the guy wants with Zayne. There are some awesome theories in the comments, but I guess we are just going to have to wait and see. :p

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Selfish bitch is the perfect way to describe River in this chapter… poor Remi!

    And I like your theory about Zayne’s neighbor. We’ll see what happens! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Stranger danger! Stranger danger!
    It doesn’t matter what his reasons are, stalker dude is bad news, I’m telling y’all. He has “bad influence” written all over him in permanent marker. Why am I sure that Zayne is gonna fall for his trap, whatever it is?

    Also, River, you officially suck. Way to go, girl. Seriously, at least have the decency of giving Remi a heads up. He’s your twin, for Citizen’s sake. Not only that, you probably just detonated the Rosebrook Twin Curse on yourself and Remi. Remember Tobi and Stefan, remember Joce and Lucas? Once they had a stumble, they just rolled until an avalanche happened (and the worse their relationship got, the bigger the disaster). Prepare to roll.
    Damn it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ok I love that you said “for Citizen’s sake” instead of “for God’s sake” 😂 That’s right — in this story, I am God. Fear me, little characters! 😂

      Ok no but seriously, in tomorrow’s chapter we will find out what Mr. Stranger Danger is all about! And yes, this was a super low blow by Riv :-/ Though hopefully this won’t have any lasting devastating effects!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. I don’t like this!!!!
    Seeing everybody theorize about drugs has me thinking that’s very possible 😦 drug money to pay the bills DX Zayne needs to be protected 😦 even if he isn’t as much of a cinnamon bun anymore
    And also, River, RUDE. Getting with someone your brother tried dating 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s a less-cute cinnamon bun now 😂 Hopefully he doesn’t get caught up in anything too crazy!

      And yeah… bad move, River :-/


  12. Oh, River, what a meanie! 😀 As a student, I really really hate people like her. They are obnoxious as hell but you can’t say anything to them because they make you look like a jealous idiot. And I especially hate how they think it’s super hot, when in reality, it’s just plain embarrassing.

    Hopefully, they break up soon and put poor Remi out of his misery.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Every time I see a warning about steaming scenes, I think “Cool! 50 Shades of Sims!” So disappointing…

    But this dude needs to leave little Zayne alone. He will not let you pay him for sexual favors, dude.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! Tobi and Colette in the shower is the steamiest I’ve ever gotten, sorry 😛

      And as for Zayne’s weird neighbor… read on 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  14. River, please, my “Get your life together” thing is aimed toward you now. Please. Spare Remi the visuals, audios, and everything. I still love you, Riv, but PLEASE.


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