5.21: Instincts

Okay, it’s officially been too long. Way too long… But there’s nothing I can do about it.


“One month”, Mark said. That’s what he predicted. One month on his own, and Zayne would come crawling back home.

Except it’s already been a month… More than a month. And Zayne still isn’t back.

I know I shouldn’t be freaking out like this, but I really can’t help it. He’s less than a twenty minute drive away, but we’ve barely seen him at all since he left… We don’t even hear from him much either. And any time I try to ask how he’s doing, his answers are always the same: “It’s fine.” “Not bad.” “Okay, I guess.” Really helpful, right?


I really hate prying or being nosy, so I’ve avoided asking Remi or River outright about what’s going on, but I’ve tried dropping a few hints every now and then. Unfortunately, they give me pretty much the same thing – “He’s fine.” “Everything’s good.” “We’ll keep him out of trouble.” Yeah, well if they’re anything like their Mama (and I know they are), I know their definition of ‘trouble’ is a lot different than mine.

I’m so desperate that I’ve even tried asking the girls what’s going on with him, but I guess he hasn’t really been talking to them much either. They’ve been giving me lots of shrugs and noncommittal answers… Which is frustrating. Has he really not been telling them how he’s doing? I mean, they see him at school every day. Or almost every day, I should say. Tony did say he’s been late or absent more than usual lately…


And the icing on the cake was when we got a call from his Chemistry teacher the other day about his grades. Apparently he failed his last two tests! Zayne has never exactly been a model student, but this really isn’t like him. So what the hell is going on? Is it too many hours at work? Has he been partying? Getting into trouble? Whatever it is, I doubt I’ll be hearing about it anytime soon. He doesn’t tell me anything anymore.

Even Mark doesn’t seem sure about this whole thing… Mark! He’s the calm one. The level-headed one. The one who talks me down and tells me everything will be okay… But not this time. “Everything will be fine” has turned into “We just have to wait and see” in a matter of weeks.


Could maman and Papa be right? Is this whole thing a mistake? It’s sure starting to feel like it. At least Oma and Opa have been more positive about it. They keep telling me I need to stop second-guessing myself and to ‘trust my instincts’.

But what happens if I’m not even sure what my instincts are saying anymore?


I guess there’s nothing we can do about it. We can’t exactly force him to come back home, short of essentially picking him up and dragging him back. Which already seems a little tempting…

But I know I can’t do that. I’ve gotta tough this thing out, and let Zayne learn from this. Mark’s right.

We just have to wait and see.

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50 thoughts on “5.21: Instincts

  1. Well I’m only counting two strikes for this chapter so I guess that’s good for Zayne.
    Also Citizen I’m counting five weeks since Joce said it a been over a month for point purposes I was wondering exactly how long Zayne has been living on his own as of this update?

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    1. Haha you keep track much better than I do! I don’t worry much about exact dates. I just know Zayne moved into his apartment sometime in October and it’s now November. 🙂 So probably just over a month.


  2. Keeping your word isn’t easy, huh? I love the fact that Zayne isn’t the only one learning a lesson. He may be learning balance, hard work, and to appreciate his family more, but Joce has to learn that every kid grows up differently. They all need different types of attention. They need space, too. I understand that she’s trying to compensate for Zayne’s loss, but by trying to do that she’s distanced herself from her own children.
    I guess Joce needs to learn balance, too.

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    1. This is very wise! I think Joce is most definitely learning from this experience, you’re right! Hopefully at the end of this whole thing they all come out having learned and grown. But time will tell 🙂

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  3. *snorts* Wow, Zayne. Way to go, buddy. Walk into people have sex, throw up all over them, not consuming any proper food, fail your tests… Oh dear.

    Love the updates, love the story, love the characters but not their decisions and you are awesome Citizen! I don’t think I’ve been telling you that enough. I get so consumed with the drama I forget there’s a real person with real feelings writing it all.

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    1. Haha that’s very kind of you to say, thank you Spottydog ^_^ My characters often make poor choices, so it’s ok to not agree with the things they do. It’s part of who they are!

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  4. Ohhh. I feel sorry for Jocelyn. She is hurting so bad. Second guessing is horrible. Mark is right to tell her to see it through. Zayne will definitely learn something from this, just not sure how far he has to fall first. Seems like the Rosebrooks heirs all have to hit rock bottom before they begin to make better choices. Maybe Zayne will surprise us and his will be more of a comedy of errors and not super bad. Nahhh….we know who is writing this. But really, he already lost his parents….😕

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    1. It’s very true that my Rosebrooks usually have to make lots of mistakes in order to learn a lesson hahaha. Zayne seems to be heading in that direction too :-/ But time will tell how bad it will get! You’re right that he’s already been through something horrible. There will be happiness in his life, I promise you haha.


  5. I dunno, I think her instincts are saying it’s not right. And failing two tests seems like a strike against him. I hope she calls him out on that, it wasn’t part of the deal. He’s gotta keep up his grades or he’s coming back home!

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    1. Oh yeah, I don’t think Joce will let the failed tests slide completely, don’t worry! And yeah, her instincts definitely seem to not be sure about this, huh? Poor Joce haha

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      1. I don’t imagine that if Joce came to him now and said “hey buddy your grades are bad and that wasn’t the deal!” that he’d just come back home like “yah you’re right!” haha I think there’s gonna be a fight still

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  6. Here we go with this hands-off parenting again. (eye roll) I don’t care what kind of deal they made, what kinds of lessons Zayne is supposed to learn, or when they expect him to crawl home. If your child is failing in school, YOU TALK TO THEM! Your heard from the dude’s teacher and you go around him to get information on what’s going on? Come on! I think he could use a little parental fear right now because he already knows he’s messing up.

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    1. Haha she’s not completely ignoring the situation or anything. Zayne actually complains in an upcoming chapter about how often Joce calls him now to check up on him and make sure he’s doing his homework (and the little shit actually tries to listen! Hahaha)

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        1. Ah, but remember? Zayne paid for it all himself! 😛 That’s kind of the problem here haha. They don’t have much they can do to Zayne as a consequence, since he’s paying for his own apartment and bought his own furniture and stuff. Short of physically picking him up and dragging him back home (which I’m sure Tobi could still manage, even though he’s in his late 50s now 😛 )

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    2. Agreed. School is priority! If she’s waiting for an excuse to interrogate Zayne there won’t be a better one than this! Maybe they should have set up some rules like: your grades drop you’re coming home!

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      1. They probably should have included that in the rules, shouldn’t they? Haha Unfortunately they hadn’t counted on him stooping to THIS level of irresponsibility


  7. “We can’t exactly force him to come back home, short of essentially picking him up and dragging him back” – Of course you can force him to come back home Joce, he’s still 16 and only living on his own thanks to your permission. She should probably just go like “look, it was a part of the deal you’d keep on top of things, and failing class is the exact opposite, so the deal is off, end off”. I do get why she thinks he’ll only learn from this if she sticks to her guns, but then as a parent she should also know where to draw the line between giving him freedom and setting deal breakers that he as a child cannot object. Bit obviously that’s not how Zayne’s been raised so far.

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    1. The Rosebrook kids are, unfortunately, quite spoiled. Maybe that accounts for all of their issues when they get older? LMAO I suppose in theory Jocelyne could pull strings with the landlord (since her name is on the paperwork too) and get Zayne kicked out if she really wanted to. But I think you’re right — she’s trying to stick to her guns here. Though that might not work out quite the way she hopes!


  8. I’m sorry that you have to battle anxiety, that can’t be fun 😦 I would definitely describe Joce as sick with worry and anxiety over Zayne right now for sure, so that’s a very good assessment. Hopefully she can learn to cope in time 🙂


    1. Hahaha you think so? 😉 We’ll see! Things definitely haven’t been going so great lately. But maybe they’ll get better? 😛


    1. The only deal they made was he’d move back if he could no longer afford staying at his apartment on his own… unfortunately they didn’t factor grades into the bargain! :-/

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  9. I feel for Joce. Some of her worst fears are a reality and she can do nothing about it because Zayne is too proud to admit there are problems. And maybe too immature to even understand that he has problems…


  10. Hiiiiiiii! Ok, I’m not really good on English writing or on One-chapter review (or I would not be so silent all the time). I started reading your legacy at the beginning of 2017 and I didn’t really love the first gen (I’m sorry >_<), but since the second one I've really loved your story! I've always loved Mari, even in her bad days, but Joce's story is the one I've loved the most. As many readers, I cried reading chapters about Lucas' death and family grieving and, despite his attitude, I really like Zayne… even now he is so cute _>

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the first gen 😦 Poor Alex haha I will always have a soft spot for him. But it was very much a gen to just set things up and be a continuation of my family from Dust to Dust. 🙂

      I’m glad you have enjoyed the rest though! Thank you for reading and stopping by with a comment 🙂 I appreciate it!


      1. Yeah! I understood that, actually I reread it when I finished the other chapters and I understood it better… Then I also read Dust2Dust (beautiful actually) and your writing process really charmed me: I am deeply interested and I think I will ask more about it (for example, you think about the destiny of a generation when they born? Before? After? During the game?) but before I go to read the new chapter… I love Thursday 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m so glad you enjoyed Dust to Dust too! ^_^ I am happy to answer your question about my process 🙂

          I plan out my generations’ stories before they are even born. But I leave room to add or change things as I go.

          For example, I knew Tobi and Colette would have a daughter who would fall in love with a man much older than her. I wanted them to have just one baby, but then the game gave me twins! So I had to decide what to do with Luc. Mark wasn’t even going to have a daughter, but Luc being born inspired the whole Luc and Hazel plotline, which then led to the tragic fire and Zayne being our next gen heir. None of that would have happened if it weren’t for the game giving me Luc 🙂

          So I definitely plan early, but the game also helps sometimes ^_^

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  11. Hmmmmm I’m waiting for everything to come crashing down and for the bad news to start tumbling in and all of the drama that this legacy brings :O

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  12. Ugh, poor Joce. My current founder would probably tell off Zayne as soon as she learned of the situation though, if I’m being honest! She’d be SO mad that he WANTS to live in an awful apartment as a teen when he’s got a wonderful family and guardians waiting for him back with Joce! I’m gonna be attempting to reach through the screen and smack this boy soon enough

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Get in line! Lots of folks wanna smack my poor Zayne… But I guess I can’t really blame them LMAO He’s a mess


      1. Yes, he is. Its understandable where he’s coming from, though, not wanting to be “babied” as he called it, but at the same time… just doesnt feel right. More like he’s making it all about him, and we all know how that ends up

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          1. Seems to be a running theme for this family, every generations got somebody with a selfish streak, but i gotta admit its nice to read all the different perspectives and takes!

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      1. Ugh, Zayne…get it together. If he wasn’t partying so much and abandoning schoolwork, I wouldn’t be so concerned. But he’s going to flunk out of school, and then no one’s going to be happy

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  13. Sometimes I wonder why Joce has aged so terribly (Sorry Joce but it’s true) and then I realize how ALL of her chapters are like 8 pics of the same frowny face.

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