5.20: Epic Fail

Steamy screenshot warning (haven’t had one of these in a while! Haha). Proceed with a bit more caution than usual!


Jesus, when will my head stop pounding? My eyes are practically pushing out of my skull just trying to look at the damn page. I’m definitely going back to bed after this. I just really wanted to get a few thoughts down while they were fresh… I mean, my first uni party will only ever happen once in my life, right?

I just wish I actually had something good to say about it.


Words like “disaster” and “train wreck” are probably a little extreme… But the more I think about it, the more I think those might be understatements.

At least Remi and River seemed to have a good time. He spent the whole night laughing with his friends and flirting with the bartender (though honestly, she seemed a lot more interested in the other guy who was helping to mix the drinks… Didn’t seem to bother Remi though). He really makes talking to people and making friends look so easy. I have no idea how he does it!

01-04-17_8-22-11-pm 01-04-17_9-53-32-pm

And River, well… She spent almost the whole night swapping spit with half the people at the party… Guys and girls. And I mean, I’m not gonna judge her or anything for that. I just never realized she was into… both. But good for her, I guess. I mean, she definitely didn’t have any trouble getting some action.

01-04-17_9-43-26-pm 01-04-17_9-50-18-pm

As for me… Yeah, I failed in both categories. Epically.

I wanted to try to make some friends, maybe even talk to a few girls. But everyone was just so… cool. Like, intimidating, y’know? I didn’t wanna sound like an idiot, so I just sorta froze, I guess.


I spent the whole night just kinda walking around and people-watching, which was a little fun, in a way. But lonely too. And I didn’t really have anything better to do, so I just kept drinking and drinking and…  Well actually, that’s probably the only prediction that actually came true. I drank more last night than I’ve ever drank in my entire life.


And holy shit, did I pay for it.

I was in the middle of stumbling around the apartment for about the hundredth time when it happened. It was out of nowhere. One minute I was feeling fine (well, minus being falling-over-myself-drunk), the next, I felt like my stomach was going to explode.


I was so sure I wasn’t gonna make it to the bathroom on time, but somehow, I did.

Unfortunately, someone else made it there first.

01-04-17_8-34-13-pm01-04-17_8-35-12-pm 01-04-17_8-38-45-pm 01-04-17_8-46-13-pm 01-04-17_8-50-46-pm 01-04-17_8-53-52-pm 01-04-17_8-52-20-pm 01-04-17_9-04-43-pm01-04-17_9-01-43-pm 01-04-17_9-09-19-pm 01-04-17_9-18-17-pm

It was the most humiliating moment of my entire life. I ran – literally – right out the door and all the way to the elevator. I didn’t stop until I got back to my apartment.

God, what a fucking mess. Literally. Remi and River probably hate me for leaving all that nasty puke for them to clean up. And how the hell can I ever show my face in front of any of their friends ever again?!


Something tells me I won’t be getting invited to any more parties… Ever.

This fucking sucks.

59 thoughts on “5.20: Epic Fail

  1. Well I think the party being a bust was the worse thing so since it made me laugh and giddy I’ll let him slide with a warning pace yourself with the drinks Zayne next time I’ll double the strike points since I’m letting you off the hook for it now! Other than that maybe you can spend the time daydreaming to actually focus on your school assignments! On a side note that face when he saw them in the bathroom was priceless!
    Also don’t stop and watch just puke in the toilet! If they don’t have the common sense to lock the door while it’s occupied then they should have chose a room that doesn’t have a public primary function!

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    1. Zayne appreciates that you’re cutting him some slack here! Haha. And yeah, those bathroom shots were my favorites to take! 🙂 I don’t think Zayne will ever forget that moment 😛


  2. “Words like “disaster” and “train wreck” are probably a little extreme… But the more I think about it, the more I think those might be understatements.”

    Ya think, swiss cheese for brains?

    Jossy and Mark ain’t gonna be happy when they find out. (because hey, who’s to say Remi and River aren’t going to spill the beans? Out of concern for Zayne, of course)

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    1. Haha we’ll see if Joce and Mark find out! If they do, you’re right — I don’t think they’d be too happy! (But I also think Mark would secretly laugh about the horror that unfolded in the bathroom LMAO)

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    1. I’m glad this one gave you a laugh! 😛

      Those two sims he walked in on are from the casting call 🙂 Gavin and Erin, I think their names are? But I cannot remember which readers made them. Two drunk friends of Remi and River who were apparently so caught up in each other that they forgot to lock the door… XD


    1. I’m glad you liked that scene! I really love how those shots came out (both for humor and just liking how they look haha). I used the pose player for them 🙂 The two sims he walked in on were in a few kissing poses I’d downloaded. Then for Zayne, I used one of the “shocked” expressions at first, then the puking animation 🙂

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    1. Haha poses are definitely addicting! 😀 A lot of the time, I use poses from the animation list that comes with the pose player. But I definitely have about 75 million other poses 😛 I’m not sure how I could go about uploading my pose folder, but I can tell you that this is the site where I get all my poses from: http://sssvitlans.tumblr.com/poses 🙂

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  3. I was wondering… does Zayne has any friends at school? like of his own age? Except for that one guy. But he’s so focused on fitting in with the college kids that he’ll be totally left out of both groups because no matter how hard he tries, he’s still 16

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    1. This is a great point/question! Dom (the geeky kid we keep seeing haha) is Zayne’s very best friend. He has a few other classmates he kind of talks to, but not many close friends. And I definitely think he’s kinda stopped talking to those other friends since moving out :-/ He’s so focused on fitting in with the older crowd, like you said!

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  4. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! That was the funniest thing ever! His expression and puking on the floor! 🤣 The toilet Zayne! Well he’s definitely getting some ‘real life’ experiences! Wonder what, if anything, he will learn from this. Oh I know! Lesson 1: One less beer. Lesson 2: Lock the bathroom door if you want to fool around at a party.

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    1. Hehehehe that bathroom scene was one of my favorite things I’ve ever screenshotted 😂 I was laughing out loud the entire time! Poor kid.

      Hopefully he has learned something! Those two suggested lessons are good words of advice 😛


  5. 😂😂😂😂

    I kinda wanna say poor Zayne, but my heart ain’t in it!

    I don’t know why he thinks growing up is some effortless thing he can will to happen with his mind. Now he’s gonna be that weird little guy skulking sound the party staying at everyone, smh.

    On another note, nice party Remi & River! Brings back memories, lol. River is a hot mess, well… maybe just a lukewarm mess, she doesn’t seem to be doing any harm or coming from a place of self-loathing on this one…? Remus is great, just a fun-loving guy.

    Fingers crossed that somehow the parents hear about this one. I hope Clara tells Joce the story, I line their convos over drinks.

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    1. Hahaha the “weird little guy”… basically 😂

      Rover is definitely on the Jade end of things haha she’s just having a good time (and is hopefully being safe!) and yes, Remi is just a great guy who is very friendly and charismatic:)

      And oh man… what an interesting convo that would be, huh?? 😛

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  6. That was the funniest chapter ever! OMG, I can’t believe you, Zayne! You walked into a couple making out (#boobies #titties) and you threw up! Oh, you fool! XDD I knew this party wouldn’t go well for him! #FAIL Hope he learned his lesson, BUT the real question is: What would Mark and Joce think about this?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehe I’m glad it entertained you! I laughed a lot with this one. ^_^

      And Joce and Mark? Good question! I think Joce would probably be flipping out while Mark secretly laughed in the background 😛

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  7. The bathroom scene is definitely the highlight of the party. 😀 I don’t think it went that bad except for Zayne not being able to connect with anyone. Walking on someone while they’re at it is expected at these kinds of parties. I can see Remi and River making fun of Zayne though. They could spin it the way it would sound that Zayne was so repulsed by the scene that he threw up. I suppose only the couple saw him, not all the people, so it’s not such epic fail even though it might look that way in his teenage mind. 🙂
    Mmmm, Mateo looks rather hot in the picture kissing Riv. Haven’t seen him in game only in CAS. Gotta rectify that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mateo is quite hot in-game! I recommend looking for sure 😉

      And I think you’re right that what happened in the bathroom probably wasn’t quite as devastating as Zayne’s making it out to be 😛 But to him, the world is basically over because it was nothing like what he’d imagined it’d be! Hehe


  8. I’m guessing the Railroad Twins (R&R, ha ha) were busy enough that they’ll genuinely ask Zayne how he liked the party. Wasn’t it amazing, didn’t you have fun, guess what: someone puked in our bathroom and missed the toilet, lolz all around.

    I like the perspective Zayne’s quickly gaining on how much not-grown up he is yet. Though really, I’m pretty disappointed that his family never taught him things like ‘how to cook’ or ‘this is called a budget’. Guess they’re rich enough that those are just optional courses.

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    1. Lol at “the railroad twins”! 😂

      As for Zayne not being taught about cooking or budgeting, well, the family is aware of Zayne phobia of fire, so I think that would definitely make the cooking lesson a difficult one to bring up. Plus yes, they are very wealthy so they might have a different perspective on when those sorts of lessons are taught haha


  9. Well, we can all agree that this was not a good idea…Oh my! I can only imagine what this two thought when he ‘ trow up ”We were that bad?” ”I thought this was my better angle…”’ anyway, noly by walking into this…moment is alredy embarassing, Imagine to just say it! I’m sure this won’t stop in there, and b the time they realize everyone know’s about the boy the pucke because of two people making it…Life isn’t as glamours as the disney movies showed you, huh, Zayne?

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    1. I’m laughing at what you said the couple might have thought 😂 Life definitely isn’t very glamorous for Zayne right now haha


  10. Is it wrong that we’re laughing so hard at the poor kids humiliation. Poor Zayne…but seriously dude what honestly did you expect to happen at a party full of older people. Oh god the bathroom scene!! This is why we LOVE this legacy!! xox

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    1. Hahaha not wrong at all! 😛 And I’m glad you loved the bathroom scene! I died laughing taking those shots ^_^ This story gets really dramatic and heavy at times, so it’s nice to have some comedic moments like that to give us all a break! Haha Thanks for reading 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha it was definitely destined for disaster, it seems 😛 (By the way, hi! I think this might be your first comment on my story? But I remember seeing your name on the Gallery with the casting call! Thank you so much for reading A2A!)


      1. Yeah, this is my first comment. I’ve been a bit of a lurker for a while, reading without commenting, so I thought I would actually say something. I love your story and can’t wait to see what happens. ^_^

        Liked by 1 person

  11. Oh Zayne. Just be yourself, man. No one can accept you unless you accept yourself, age and all. Everyone notices when you try to hard, heck, your own body noticed and froze.

    The funniest thing is that this wasn’t that bad. This is a “look back and laugh at my own stupidity” kind of situation, and it’ll get funnier with time. I’m surprised that the party was pretty chill, but I’m guessing Zayne left early, which means the drama will continue on with the party, or have an after party effect (probably both).

    Welp, I guess that means I oughta go get more snacks. Can’t have drama without snacks, it would be bad manners.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw I like your compassion for poor Zayne here! Hopefully he can look back and laugh one day! 🙂 and always have snacks handy when you read this story 😉

      Hehe thanks for reading! 🙂


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