Interlude: Party


“Hmmm… Okay.” Remi glanced around the room for a moment, thinking. “Let’s say we stash the coffee table at Sebastian’s place. I’m sure he won’t mind, right? That’d free up a few extra feet… How many do you think we could fit then?”

Rich’s deep laughter filled the air before any of the others had a chance to reply. “Dude, you’re stressing way too much about space. Trust me, if people want in, they’ll find a way to fit.”


“You could prop the bedroom doors open?” Axel suggested with a shrug. “Let people hang out in there too? Unless people end up needing a little, erm… privacy.” He glanced significantly at River as he spoke.

The young woman laughed. “Hey, don’t look at me! Those two lovebirds are the ones you should worry about.” River nodded toward Rich and Mindy, smiling. “I’m surprised they’re not going at it right here on the coffee table as we speak.”


“Are you kidding? If you want that kind of show, you gotta pay.” Rich winked, earning a giggle and hard smack on the arm from his girlfriend.

Mindy rolled her eyes, still smiling. “I think we’ll be able to control ourselves for one night.” She assured the others. “You, on the other hand…” The blonde girl smirked at River.


She simply shrugged. “I just like having a little fun. Nothing wrong with that, right?”

Remi sighed at his sister’s words. River had definitely been embracing her ‘wild side’ since they’d moved out of their parents’ home. And while Remi had no moral objection to his sister’s escapades, he was already growing weary of having to turn up his music to drown out the noise… Or waking up in the morning to find strangers in their underwear hanging out in his living room.

“Okay, okay.” He said at last. “We’ll open the bedroom doors, and if people can’t help themselves, well… I guess there’s always the bathroom?” Remi couldn’t help but laugh. A year ago, he never could have imagined himself joking so casually about drunken hookups taking place in his bathroom. Damn. Being at uni definitely changes your perspective, huh?


“Great!” Lana chimed-in. “That solves the number problem… Now the question is, who gets an invite?”

River shrugged. “Easy. Everyone!”

Remi raised an eyebrow at his sister. “Everyone?”

“Sure! Why not?”


“Okay, define ‘everyone’.”

Remi watched as his sister and friends exchanged uncertain glances.

Axel was the first to make a suggestion. “Well we’ve gotta have Petra, right? It’s always a good time when she’s there. Fallon too. And… Zeva?” He turned uncertainly toward River as he spoke.


River nodded in approval at each suggestion. “We’ve gotta invite a few guys too though, right?” She smiled. “What about Gavin? He’s cute. And that new kid, Sammy? Ooh! Mateo too. We went to that crazy party at his place last weekend… Might as well return the favor!”

“Hmm… What do you guys think about Eun, and his crowd?” Rich cut in. “I’ve heard they can be pretty cool, once you get to know ‘em better.”


Axel let out a small laugh that sounded anything but amused. “That’s not what I’ve heard…”

“Eun? That little guy who lives next door to Zayne?” River asked. Her friend nodded in confirmation. “Aw come on, he doesn’t seem so bad… Add him to the list, Remi.”

With a nod, her brother began writing.

“Wait, are you seriously writing all this down in a literal list?” Lana laughed as she watched Remi furiously scribbling in the open notebook in front of him. “Because in that case… You can’t forget about Scotty, that weird Treet guy…” She rattled off the next batch of names rather quickly. “Celestia’s kind of a bitch, but you’ll get shit if she’s not invited. Probably Bianca and Natalie, to be nice… I bet Coleen will come, as long as her band doesn’t have a gig that night.”


Coleen… Remi stopped writing, bristling at the sound of the girl’s name. The others noticed almost immediately.

“Oh, come on. It was one shitty date, Remi.” River rolled her eyes as she spoke. “Aren’t you over it yet?”

“Yeah, there’s other fish in the sea, dude.” Rich assured him.

Beside him, Mindy smiled. “And maybe you’ll catch a new one at this party of yours.” She winked.


He just shrugged, a slight warmth coming to his cheeks. Remi wished he’d been better at hiding his reaction. “Know what? Screw the list. You said we’ll invite everyone… So we’ll invite everyone. I can type up a few fliers and we can put them up in the student center… Maybe around some of the buildings on the block too. That should cover it.”

“Ha! That’s the spirit!” Rich laughed, briefly raising a fist in triumph. “This is gonna be so fucking awesome.”

Axel shook his head. “You’re a braver man than me… But Rich is right – this is gonna be epic.” He smiled.


“Hey, what about Zayne?” Lana asked. “Does he count as ‘everybody’? ‘Cause he definitely seems like the type who’d be down for a party.”

Mindy’s eyes widened slightly in surprise. “Zayne? I dunno… He’s a fun kid and all, but…” She glanced at Remi and River uncertainly. “I mean… He’s a kid.

“Ha! Don’t let him hear you say that.” River laughed brightly. “Word on the street is he’s been telling people he goes to school with us.”


Rich chuckled heartily. “Oh, that’s cute! Sorry, I know I sound like a dick. Zayne’s fun. I like him. But who does he think he’s kidding?”

Remi could not help but laugh as well. “I know, that’s what I told him too.” He shook his head. “He’s just so damn obsessed with fitting in around here.”


“Hey, can you really blame him?” On the couch beside him, Axel shrugged. “No one’s gonna take him seriously if they know how old he really is.”

“Hmm…” River appeared thoughtful for a moment. “You know what? Let’s invite him.”



“Well it couldn’t hurt, right? That’ll help him get to know everyone a little better… And it’ll be a nice chance for him to have a little fun! That’s what he wanted with this whole ‘moving out’ thing, right?”

Remi shrugged. “I guess…”

“And if anyone asks, he’s the same age as us.” His sister smiled at her brother and friends. “All he’s gotta do is get rid of that stupid baseball cap and I’d buy it! Now let’s get the word out about this party! Remi, you work on those fliers and I’ll make an event on Facebook, okay?”


She got out her phone before he even had a chance to reply.

As the others began discussing what kind of food and alcohol to buy for the party, Remi bit his lip, a feeling of worry slowly creeping up inside of him. They’d promised their aunt they’d keep an eye on Zayne and keep him out of trouble… And something told him this wasn’t quite what she’d had in mind.


Oh, come on. He told himself firmly. Stop being stupid. It’s like Riv says – It’s just a chance for him to have a little fun. It couldn’t hurt…



60 thoughts on “Interlude: Party

    1. Haha well since they’re all legal adults (minus Zayne) I guess the parents wouldn’t have too much to be concerned with… assuming nothing really bad happens 😉

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    1. I thought you might like seeing him 🙂 His girlfriend was made by AudreyFld ^_^ they looked cute together so I paired them up 😀 As for Selena, right now she will probably be just a background extra (I ended up with over 40 submissions, so unfortunately only a few people get true roles) but we will see!

      I am loving writing Rich so far. He’s fun!


  1. And here I thought that Remi and River would keep up the weirdness and insist that Joce was their cousin, not their aunt. It’s still less weird than Joce’s younger Tante Clara. 😛

    As terrible as it could end up for Zayne, most college students would disown that twerp. River is a real saint.

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    1. actually Joyce is the same age as Aunt Clara..since Joyce, her now dead twin Luc and Clara were born in the same month and “year”. Remember when a teen Tobi announced his then-camp girlfriend (but now wife) teen Lottie was expecting? In the same chapter Mari announced to Tobi and Stefan that she and Tobi’s and Stefan’s step-fathe jonas,r were going to be having a child of their own and Lottie and Mari were both pregnant at the same time.

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      1. If we get very picky, Jocelyne is older (by just 2-3 weeks). But they are basically the same age for all intents and purposes. So you and Trip are both right in your own ways 🙂


    2. Haha nah, all the kids in the family see Clara as Joce’s sister. Obviously they know that Joce is really their cousin, but they never see her that way.

      And as for River… I think she’s just amused by the whole thing 😂

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      1. They’re just thinking of that alternate scenario where Tobi is even more stupid and selfish and makes Mari raise the twins as her own. They’re all just really white like daddy Jonas. 😉

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  2. Huh? What smell is this…? Do I smell…DRAMA? I think that with that many (posibily) drunk woman in the party, I won’t be surprised if he end’s up getting one prego..or not, the drama could be that his relatives, in some way, got him laid….oh my gosh! What with he sleeps with Coleen? And has a massive fight with Remi, because he was able to get things going with her faster than he? And Joce would be sooooo mad about all that…Definatly, there is drama on the waaay! ( And I love it! >:) )

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  3. Wow look at you dropping all those casting call name bombs! Twenty or so sims in that apartment is going to be way worse than Christmas with the Rosebrooks😆
    Coleen you just got a target on your back I will not have anyone mess over MY Remus!
    I was going to be nice now I gotta take my girl on the side and get her back into using the ancient arts! What your back Coleen The WitcHazard bloodline is coming for you!😈
    It appears that Zayne’s lying has spread another strike for the rebellious prince!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Losing more points! Haha yeah he even has other people lying for him now 😂

      It was fun doing all the name-dropping 🙂 I ended up with over 40 submissions so I had lots of names to choose from to mention hehehe (and believe it or not, screenshotting the party wasn’t so bad! Thankfully 😛 )

      And oh no, poor Coleen! I will tell her to watch out hahaha


  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!! ^_^ I will try to respond to all of them.

    1. You do make a good point about River’s family history! Hopefully she will not end up going down the same path as her mother and grandmother!

    2. I really love this perspective, especially because I don’t think most people will feel the same way. I feel a little bad for him too. Remi, River, and their friends do genuinely like Zayne, but they definitely don’t see him as a peer/someone on their level. And it would probably hurt if he realized that they think of him and talk about him as a kid when he’s not around.

    3. Remi is definitely the “good” twin in this case, which is most certainly different than Joce and Luc were! ^_^

    Thanks for your comment 😀

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      1. Yeah Riv is very Jade-like in her attitude toward hooking up and stuff 🙂 I think River would like a real/lasting relationship someday, but for now she’s just having fun


  5. *Sniffs* What’s the smell? OH RIGHT! It’s drama. Sounds like this party will have a fun beginning and a tragic ending. Why? I can picture everyone getting drunk and passing out, maybe someone sleeping with another, or maybe there will be massive fights! I’ve seen lots of pictures and videos from my fellow college friends and trust me, those college parties are CRAZY! Not sure if Zayne will get out of that party alive. *Prays for Zayne*

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  6. Here comes drama! Can’t wait to see the party and how it unfolds. Is it bad that we all are drooling for the drama? 😈

    And River is sleeping around? 😳 Interesting. Seems like Remi is the one that is thinking of the consequences for Zayne even though he let River pressure him into inviting him. I hope he looks out for him but If he gets wrapped up with his own personal problems with Coleen that will take his focus from Zayne.

    And my Mindy. 😍 She looks so cute paired up with Rich. Perfect. It’s so fun seeing everyone’s sims in the story and hearing their names mentioned in anticipation of the party. What a great idea way to include us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you liked seeing Mindy there! 🙂 She seemed like a great fit to be friends with Remi and River! (And after I picked Rich as another friend, I realized they looked cute together and decided to make them a couple hehe glad you approve!)

      I’m happy you’re looking forward to the drama! Remi is definitely the more “conservative” one when it comes to the whole Zayne thing… I think he’s nervous about the whole situation, but obviously not so nervous that he won’t kinda go along with it haha. And River is… rebellious in many ways. Hahaha and as for the Zayne situation, as mean as this sounds, I think River’s mindset is “Whether he succeeds or fails, this whole thing is going to be extremely entertaining. Let’s sit back and just let it happen and enjoy the show” 😛


  7. Probably selfish of me to ask when you got over 40 submissions, but will I be getting a glimpse of Holly coming out of her writer-cave to check out this party or will it be later on? (I obviously realize that you aren’t going to be able fit 40+ sims in one party!)

    … If she’s a neighbor and not invited, I can totally see her being absolutely furious about the noise and how is she going to get her homework done, or any writing, with all of that going on? And don’t they know she’s got classes and she needs her sleep? And causing trouble for the group by calling the police or something. She’s usually pretty good natured due to the Cheerful trait I gave her, but in the course of playing her, I’ve found that her lack of the Good and Friendly traits can make her have some interesting reactions (and arguments) when other sims do things she doesn’t like. I actually had her cheat on her alien fiance in my game (I normally wouldn’t have allowed the cheating to go past love emails, but her alien fiance is Jealous, Insane, and Romantic. It made for good drama, and, well, I might have some second thoughts about my romantic partner, too, if he were the clingy creepy jealous type like hers is)… and the guy died from too much woohoo. And how did Holly react? “That was great woohoo. I’m having a great day. Sad? Why should I be sad?” It both amused me and creeped me out. I guess she wasn’t close enough to him on her friends bar to care that much, even though she had a pretty high relationship with him on the “romance” bar. I’ve also known her to pursue noisy neighbors outside of the apartment building to start arguments with them, and had her roll wants to leave passive aggressive notes to her neighbors. So yeah, get her stirred up and Holly becomes a major pain–but an amusing one.

    Anyway: Prediction: Zayne, being a “fun kid,” ends up being the life of the party. Which is how he’ll manage to get invited to the next ones, and end up with a hookup or two.

    But he ends up in trouble (obviously). Maybe a hookup with someone who’s already got a boyfriend? Or maybe they hook up with him then find out about his age?

    So… His GPA is going to suffer. He’s going to have a cockroach infestation. He’s going to get someone very angry at him for lying about his age and possibly other things as well. And then he’s going to call Joce or Clara or someone and hope that they can tell him how to fix the messes he’s gotten himself into.

    But he’ll be too stubborn to go home, so he’ll have to mature and learn how to solve his problems for himself.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. HAHAHA that story about Holly is a whirlwind! Love it! XD

      If I remember correctly, she’s not at this party (sorry! 😦 ) but everyone is gonna be at at least one party at some point, so she will be appearing! 😀

      I find your predictions for Zayne really interesting! And also quite possible… We’ll see! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah for some reason, autonomy (and possibly bad Sims playing but shhhh!) results in a lot of bizarre moments for my sims in TS3 and TS4. I remember being like: Where did Holly go? Where is my right-click camera taking–why is she arguing with the neighbors???

        Liked by 1 person


    I’m actually in game now screenshotting what my characters would have looked like as toddlers ^_^ Expect a link to a photo gallery along with the next update!

    And I already promise that we will definitely see toddlers in the future!

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  9. Right, because noooothing goes wrong at college parties. Right.

    Remi, you better not be hammered when you see Coleen, ya hear me?! (As if…;)). Also, I’m pre-diagnosing River with Sleeparound & Drama Rosebrook Syndrome. She is climbing that cliff that her predecessors fell from; I can feel it. I just hope it doesn’t hurt too much.
    The cycles drive me crazy sometimes. Everyone gets involved in so much drama that they get an equal or higher karma from their kids.

    I feel a little bad for Zayne, he’s trying to grow up too fast (like certain someone). Liar, liar, pants…well, you know. Here’s to hoping he finds a circle closer to his age soon.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahahaha “Sleeparound & Drama Rosebrook Sydrome” is brilliant 😂 Hopefully she won’t make the same fall!

      And my Rosebrooks definitely fall into dangerous cycles, it’s true! They love to make mistakes 😂

      Liked by 1 person

    When I eventually go to college I’m staying completely away from parties.
    I know my sister went to one, and she may have actually saved a guys life? He already had a neck brace or something, and he was completely wasted. My sister got him on his side so he wouldn’t choke on his puke and then called for medical help. It was a much more wild story.
    I’m too much of a wallflower.

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