5.18: So Far So Good

Well, so far so good, I guess.

I’ve survived my first week in the apartment… And this weekend, it’ll be two!

I won’t lie – it’s pretty exhausting. But fun too. And that’s the most important part, isn’t it?


Working down at the restaurant isn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. I mean, it’s not the most glamorous job in the world, but it could be way worse. My coworkers are pretty nice, my boss is cool, and the people-watching during dinner shifts can be pretty interesting.

Being up to my elbows in gross dish water isn’t my favorite way to spend the evening, but meh. What can you do?


School’s the same as it’s always been, pretty much. I gotta get up earlier in the morning to make it there on time, so that part kinda sucks. But it’s nice not having Tante Joce and grandpa always bugging me about getting my homework done. My job’s been taking up a lot of my free time lately… So why would I wanna waste the precious hours I have left on homework?


Anyway, besides work and school, everything else is pretty awesome! I get to leave my clothes and trash around without anyone yelling at me to clean up. I can stay up as late as I want. I can do whatever I want. I can even eat whatever I want… More or less.

I mean, I’ve pretty much been living on takeout and microwave dinners. I can’t really eat anything else. I mean, I literally can’t, since the crappy stove in my kitchen doesn’t even work anyway. But even if it did… I can’t.  I’ve never actually cooked anything on my own before. I don’t really want to.

Every time I even think about turning on a stove, I just kinda freak. Which I know is stupid, but…


Anyway, right now it’s pizza, Chinese food, and ramen… Not the worst diet ever, right? Tante Joce would probably flip if she saw what I’d been eating… But I don’t have to worry about that anymore. We’ve talked on the phone a couple times since I left, but she still hasn’t come over to visit, and I haven’t gone back home either. I really wanted to the first couple of days… But I got over that pretty quickly.

And I’ve been too busy seeing other people anyway. Dom’s come over to hang out a few times, and I’ve been over at Remi and River’s place a bunch too. I even got to meet a couple of their friends. They’re so cool! They don’t treat me like I’m a kid or talk down to me or anything. It’s awesome.


And I’ve kinda-sorta gotten to talk to my neighbors too. Well, two of them. Damion and Laurel live across the hall from me. Remi knows Laurel from one of his classes, and Damion’s her brother. I bumped into them on my way back from work the other night (still wearing my awful uniform of course. Talk about embarrassing!). But they seemed pretty cool. Really friendly.

It was a little weird when they started asking me about myself though… And I guess I panicked, and kinda-sorta lied when they asked if I was going to uni too… But how the heck was I supposed to tell them I’m only sixteen?! I couldn’t.


Anyway, while we were talking, that was when my other neighbor walked by… It was my first time seeing him in person, actually. He’s been pretty quiet, but I’ve heard him a couple times through those paper-thin walls… Either laughing along with a bunch of other guys, or hooking up with some girl (usually not the same girl, from what I can tell).

This time he had a guy and a girl with him… So that was different, I guess. And he wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. He was a lot shorter than I thought he’d be. Long hair, leather jacket — There was just something really… cool about him. But almost intimidating too, even though I have a good two or three inches on him. Laurel and Damion got really quiet when they walked by, but they didn’t say anything to me about it… And I didn’t wanna ask, so I didn’t.


Well, I guess that pretty much covers all the important stuff. Going to school, working, meeting my neighbors, not having to deal with curfews or rules… Definitely a pretty good couple of weeks, right? And once I get more used to my work schedule, I think it’ll be even better.

Tante Joce was wrong. I am ready for this. And I’m so glad she decided to give me the chance to prove it.



38 thoughts on “5.18: So Far So Good

  1. So happy he getting into a groove however dropping your homework isn’t such a good idea and lying to your neighbors isn’t very neighborly. Watch out for that suspicious guy I have a feeling he’s going to either cause problems or be a bad influence. Glad you got through two weeks almost but I’ll wait to see what happens at the end of the month 😝

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  2. Pfffft. Keep skipping out on doing your homework and we’ll see how “ready for this” you are when the principal calls your aunt! The rug will be pulled from under you so quick, you won’t know what happened LOL.

    His assessment of the neighbor is exactly what I felt too lol. Cool but intimidating. That smirk!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Hahaha yeah, Zayne definitely isn’t being very responsible with his school work… I don’t think Joce would be too happy if she found out!

      And yeah, that neighbor is a little shifty, huh?

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  3. Who wants to be that neighbor is going to end up screwing Zayne over in some way?

    Best he not get cocky now, anyway. Not doing homework is pretty much having the educational equivalent of a death wish. (Don’t do homework? Don’t think you’ll graduate)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You bring up an excellent question there… Clearly Zayne is a son to her, and she loves him very much. Will she actually be able to sit back and let the bad stuff happen? Or will she crack and try to interfere? Hmm… time will tell!


  4. The homework thing is going to bite him big time. But even more than that, telling your friends you are older than you are is no good. He is going down a slippery slope on both fronts. The neighbor….he’s going to be trouble for Zayne when he starts trying to fit in with the older crowd. That dude will take advantage of him big time. I see so much drama unfolding!!!! 🙂

    Ohhh …. the first sight of casting call neighbors?

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    1. Sorry for the super late reply! It’s so odd, your comments weren’t in the spam folder, but I also never got WordPress notifications for either one of them! This is super strange, but thanks for pointing it out to me!

      You are right that he is on a very slippery slope right now! He’s kind of setting himself up for something to go wrong… by hey, maybe he’ll get lucky and it won’t? 😛 (and yes, casting call folks incoming!)


  5. “Scary ass motherfucker” was an epic description 😂😂

    He really is still such a kid. And that fire phobia really does make him so vulnerable! I hope everyone learns from this too 🙂

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  6. I’m very curious to see how this all turns out! Zayne’s coping for now, it’s been just a week and not doing his homework will come back to bite him on the arse! He does have River and Remi there, so he’s not entirely alone, along with creepy neighbour dude. Hmmm, not sure about him? It’s probably going to spell trouble for Zayne. Can’t wait to find out!

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    1. I’m glad you’re curious/eager to see what happens 🙂 There’s definitely a lot that can happen from here… It’s only been a week so far. And as for creepy neighbor dude… we will see 😛


  7. My prediction about grades looks to be coming true…

    Are the neighbors and friends some of the casting call sims or will they only appear at parties? For some reason, I wasn’t able to see who got uploaded when I searched that tag before!

    That neighbor guy is trouble and Zayne better watch out, especially if he ends up with a girlfriend. I smell trouble.

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    1. The neighbors and friends are all casting call sims (including scary neighbor dude 😛 ). I’m very excited to finally start using them ^_^


  8. Haha, lying to his neighbours about his age? The proverbial Rosebrook circle of lies starts again. Skipping homework, not cleaning after himself, he better not invite any girls in. I see a lot of rodents in his future. Not to mention that uncleanliness can cause you some health issues too, and the bad smell will send neighbours pounding on your door.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Things are definitely not going quite as well as Zayne seems to think they are 😛 Lots of potential issues if he keeps this up… time will tell what will happen!


  9. You know, I’m foreseeing another problem here besides just a drop in his GPA. He’s not doing such a great job cleaning up… that attracts vermin. Like roaches, mice, rats… and he’s in the city so cockroaches and rats are gonna be a real issue if he doesn’t fix things fast. And even if he starts cleaning up it’s hard to get rid of critters once they are there!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Okay, so here’s the plan:
    1) Invite Zayne over to the Rosebrook house. Serve up a feast. I’m talking Roast Chicken, Taco Casserole, Butternut Squash, Vegetable Tempura, the works. Feed him and remind what he’s missing when he’s home alone.
    2) Pop up to visit him and show up with a casserole or pie. Stick around in the doorway long enough for a neighbor to walk past, then ask how high school is going.
    3) Start having family game nights, but do it on a weekday and start at 9p. The family togetherness will make him miss it even more, and if you’re lucky we’ll get the added bonus of him struggling even more to get to work and school on time on Thursdays (sabotage!)

    What do you think? Who’s in?

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  11. Is that alcohol on his table?!?!?!
    His apartment is disgusting.
    Not doing homework will only end poorly.
    His lies will fall through.
    Zayne get your head out of your butt!

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  12. Zayne, my friend, you need to do your homework. There’s a thing called college and it’s a little necessary for good jobs.


    1. Hahaha welllll that all depends on what kind of field he wants to get into someday… but yes, he shouldn’t be slacking so much with his schoolwork! He’s such a dumb kid 😂


  13. Finally got back to reading these chapters again. I stopped for a while because i had other things to do and also got caught in the current chapters xD But now i’m ready to continue my re-read 🙂

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