5.17: What the Hell?

Dear Diary,

What the HELL?!

I can’t even believe this is happening, but Zayne is MOVING OUT… in TWO days!


I know I was trying to be supportive and give him advice and all that… But I was just trying to be nice! I didn’t really think it’d happen! Is mom on crack or something? What was she thinking?! Me and Alex and Tony are a whole year older than he is, and I know mom would never let one of us do this. Not in a million years.

I guess I can’t help feeling pretty pissed about it.

And this isn’t even about the moving out part. I meant what I said before – I think Zayne’s in way too much of a rush to grow up. I don’t mind living at home for another year or two. And honestly, I want to.

The problem is just…


Okay, you know I hate writing about this kind of thing. It makes me sound like some kind of whiny brat or something. But I can’t help how I feel about this.

I guess I just hate that Zayne ended up getting exactly what he wanted… And he didn’t even do anything to deserve it!

But I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised that he got away with it. For as long as I can remember, mom’s always seemed to pick Zayne over us… Sometimes it almost feels like she cares more about him than her own daughters.


That sounds awful of me, doesn’t it? And that’s exactly why I can’t say anything to mom about this. But this is exactly the sort of thing that always happens with mom and Zayne. It’s the same thing that happens with dad and Adam too. And after all these years, I’m still not 100% used to it, no matter how hard I try. Tony and Alex have never really seemed to mind… But I just can’t get past it.

And you know what? It almost makes sense, in an awful way. Me and Alex and Tony have been shuffled back and forth between mom and dad for as long as I can remember. Normal kids are with their parents every day. They spend their holidays and birthdays with both parents. They don’t get passed back and forth like a damn football!


Zayne gets to see mom every day, just like Adam gets to see dad every day. I guess it’s a lot easier to love a kid you don’t have to share with someone else, huh?

Now, I’m not trying to say mom and dad don’t love us. Of course they do. I know they do. But sometimes I can’t help but wonder who they love more

12-26-16_11-34-53-pm 12-26-16_11-35-57-pm

I mean, mom and dad never planned to have us. We were a ‘surprise’, they say. But that’s just a nice way of saying we were a mistake. Dad and Emma wanted Adam. And mom chose to take care of Zayne when Onkel Luc died. She could have let Tante Clara and Onkel Florian take care of him. But she didn’t.

Zayne’s always complained about how much mom babies him, and how overprotective she is… But she was never as overprotective with the rest of us like she is with him. That’s gotta mean something, doesn’t it? And now here she is, letting him get away with something she’d never dream of letting me or my sisters get away with!


I dunno. I guess I should really be happy about getting Zayne out of the way, huh?

Don’t get me wrong – I love him. He’s like a brother to me. But I think it’ll be nice to not have to compete with him for mom’s attention for once.

Maybe now she can finally spend less time worrying about him, and more time thinking about her real kids.


57 thoughts on “5.17: What the Hell?

  1. Oh, Charlie.

    If only you knew the trouble Zayne will likely end up in.

    That said, she sounds a little bratty here to me, for some reason. Like she’s taking what she does have for granted. Yes, her parents aren’t together. But they’re alive, unlike Zayne’s. Doesn’t that count for something? Anything? 😦

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    1. You do bring up an excellent point here — I bet Zayne would give ANYTHING to have Luc and Hazel be alive but not together. I just think Charlie struggles to see it that way because she sees Jocelyne and Mark as Zayne’s “parents”, since that’s what she’s grown up with for the majority of her life. I also think that Jocelyne dotes on Zayne in a way she doesn’t with her own kids because she’s trying to kinda compensate for him not having parents… But the result is Charlie harboring some resentment toward them, because she sees it as her mom putting Zayne first. The whole moving-out situation has definitely made these feelings flare back up (as we can see today)

      Sorry for writing a novel haha I think the bottom line is that I 100% see how she comes across as bratty in this chapter. But I also think that her feelings come from a place of genuine hurt, so I feel bad for her in that regard (unlike Zayne, who’s just whiny and spoiled… LMAO)

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  2. Hmmm. Jealous much? Sibling rivalry rearing its head big time. I hope she eventually gets over it as she matures. Wonder if she will be who he calls when he gets into trouble and how she will twist it to make her look good and him bad…I can see it now. She tells Zayne one thing and her mom another. 🙄

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    1. Hahaha we’ll have to wait and see if Charlie is really bitter enough to pull something like that. She definitely has some major jealousy here, and I think she’s really hurting a lot. Hopefully she can move past it as time moves on!


  3. Had recheck the names and pictures did we just time travel cause I could have swore we were listening to the diary entry of young Jocelyn😆 Im glad there not all okay with this decision but I hope she doesn’t get bitter about and this rift causes her to make mistakes.😝 Dang it Jocelyn don’t just love those characters that complain about their parents but ironically unintentionally end up doing the same thing! i know she doesn’t want to upset her mother but please don’t development Rosebrook Syndrome please talk about this I’m begging you Charlie😫

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    1. “Rosebrook Syndrome” LMAO! Hopefully that won’t happen! We definitely did see first-hand how Joce’s resentment toward Luc ended up snowballing and getting WAY out of hand when they got older… Hopefully history will not repeat itself!


    1. I think the reason she sees it as a choice is because Luc did put in his will that Clara and Florian were backup guardians if Jocelyne did not accept the role. So she did have a little bit of a choice (but she decided to go with her brother’s first wishes, of course)


  4. Oh,Charlie…As it has been said, she behaves just like Jocelyn about Luc, and I hope history don’t re-do itself with Zayne able to get on his own, and Charlie being bitter about it, (besides Joce, that wanting or not, I think, deep down, she want’s this experience to teach him something.)…Now, either way this ends, there is going be trouble, if Zayne can’t randle the pression, a lot of problems involving him could happen, and Charlie would be okay, because I think something Joce would tell everyone this was a text, right? And deep down I think she would be happy for him to fail…And if he succeeds, Charlie would be pissed and the fight with her mom would happen…And as I know you won’t miss the opportunity to make a fight happen, I know that, somehow, both things might happen..

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    1. There’s definitely a potential for trouble ahead! It would be interesting to see how Charlie reacts to any future trouble for sure. And as for a fight… Haha well I do love some good family drama 😉 But we’ll have to wait and see!


  5. I feel bad for her. It’s just her diary she’s supposed to share her feelings, especially the ones that are complicated and maybe she’s confused about or ashamed of. She’s still a teen of course she’s a little bratty!

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    1. Yeah, I feel bad for her too. She’s hurting for sure, and having so many complicated feelings about it, like you said! Being a teen is tough haha

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  6. I actually have noticed that you usually go with one theme in one generation, then take that theme and turn it around in the next generation. Like the generation before Joce, you had a relationship between an older person and a younger one that was predatory and unhealthy. But Joce had a similar relationship and they both genuinely did care about each other. Before that we had two versions of teen pregnancy/parenthood. The first was a result of Jade (I think?) sleeping around, the next was her son being with a girl he really cared about–and he stepped up and made a great parent.

    I like it. Because there’s more than one way a situation can turn out.

    And now we’re seeing parental favoritism, or perceived favoritism. I think maybe Joce was right-even though sometimes the perceived favoritism made sense, Luc did seem to be her mom’s favorite. In this case, though, Charlie is convinced that Zayne is the favorite when really there’s quite a bit if pity and sympathy involved. He’s spoiled, but he’s not the favorite. And the biggest error Charlie is making is to say Joce ought to care more about her own kids. At this point, Zayne IS her kid. You’d think, what with considering him like her own brother, that Charlie would understand that by now.

    But I totally get where Charlie is coming from. There are people who insist parental favoritism doesn’t happen, at least not with “good parents.” I suppose it’d be easier to avoid if you only had one or two kids. However, in a home with more than one child, there’s generally going to be one kid who actually needs (or gets even if it isn’t needed) extra attention, for whatever reason, and whether the parents love them all the same or not (and in some cases, I’m sure there really IS a favorite), the kids will draw their own conclusions. Charlie’s failing to see that there’s a reason for Zayne getting extra attention other than his simply being around his mom more. She’s forgetting that his parents died in a fire and he was there at the time (he was what, 6?). So he’s probably got trauma from that even now, ten years later.

    Whether he actually needs the degree of attention he’s getting is debatable. But maybe this experience will help him grow up–painful though it may be.

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    1. I wish WordPress had an ‘insightful’ button like the forums does! 🙂 You have caught my ‘formula’ hahaha. I purposefully re-visit certain themes but show them in a different way/different outcome, yes 🙂 (Another example, if you’re curious, was back in gens 1 and 2 🙂 Jade was ‘promiscuous’ but she did so by choice and was responsible and enjoying herself. Mari was promiscuous for self-destructive and unhealthy reasons).

      You’re very correct that the situation with the perceived favoritism is very different this time around, given Zayne’s situation. I think Charlie just struggles a lot because she has to deal with having four siblings (counting Zayne and Adam) AND divorced parents. I imagine it’s very difficult for her. But hopefully she can gain some perspective on the situation in the future.

      Thank you for your awesome comment!


      1. Yup, I remember that! Second generation and third generation. For some reason it didn’t come to mind right away.

        I think it’s interesting that you use so many real-world situations and show how they can be both bad and good. You could probably have done an entire legacy around just one of these themes, because there’s so much variety in how these different situations can happen and what goes on with them.

        So I’m seeing that “parental favoritism/perceived favoritism” is one of the current themes. But sometimes you pair these things up so I’m not sure what else to expect!

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  7. That is a good observation! I think Charlie doesn’t necessarily make all the connections to Mark that you have — she is kind of viewing this very literally and straight-forward, placing the “blame” on the people directly involved (Joce and Zayne). But the points you brought up are all very valid!

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  8. I think Joce needs to talk to her kids about why she let Zayne move out- once Zayne has moved out, of course. I mean, if he overheard the explanation of why she caved… that would certainly be a recipe for drama, wouldn’t it? 🙂

    (I’d italicize “drama” above if I could, hehe.)

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    1. Hahahaha I’m laughing imagining the “drama” in italics for some reason 😛 I agree, maybe explaining her reasons to the girls would help! But I don’t know if she’ll do it. We’ll see!

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      1. Oh, I forgot to mention RE: my casting call girls that you can make them over any way you want so long as you keep Kaylin’s necklace. It’s precious to her, she never takes it off.

        I did deliberately try to hint at some sort of broken home scenario- Kaylin is old enough to live on her own, but why is her sister living with her? Make up anything you want even if it never gets published- you are the drama master!

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        1. Awesome! I was definitely wondering why her sister lives with her. It’ll be some potential drama for sure! Expect Kaylin to pop up at a future party! ^_^ (so far I’ve only screenshotted one party and not all the casting call Sims attended. But I’m gonna make sure everyone appears at at least one!)

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  9. Poor baby.

    All of her feelings are natural for any child but especially children of estranged parents. I grew up with both parents, but I have a half sister who is 17 years older than me. She tells me how she used to feel about our dad. She said she felt like he forgot about her and chose his new family over her. I am acquainted with many people who have half siblings who are younger, and they all feel the same way.

    Dear Charlie,
    You should talk to your mom about how you feel. I’ll be you a million dollars she has no idea. In other news, once you find out that she’s NOT on crack and that her decision to let your pseudo bother move out was a strategic ploy to make a point, you’ll see that this was not favoritism at all. Just sit tight and grab some popcorn.
    Someone who cares

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  10. Oh Charlie…
    Dealing with divorced families is never easy on the children, is it? I understand why Charlie (and probably her sisters) feels Zayne is the favorite kid, and I get why it’s frustrating. It’s okay to feel that way, but I hope Charlie doesn’t hold it inside too long, that’s when bitterness is born. When people become bitter, they fail at seeing the bigger picture (as she is now doing). I know she probably won’t talk to Joce about it (at least not in a while) which is why I really, really hope she talks to her siblings. Getting it off her chest and learning the point of view of others in the same situation might ease her mind, even if it’s just to blow off some steam.

    As a tv show would say: Good luck, Charlie 🙂

    **Btw, this story tends to make me feel like some sort of psychologist, which is pretty cool, but freaky.

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    1. Hahahaha I’m glad you get to practice some psychological analysis with my characters 😂

      I think you’re right that this has the potential to turn into some deep bitterness if she doesn’t get these feelings out! Her sisters do seem like they’d be good people to talk to about it. But we’ll have to wait and see if she chooses to open up to anyone about it.


  11. Wow, that’s a big opinion. Glad she’s keeping it between herself and her journal.

    She keeps thinking her mom is choosing Zayne over her, but she has no idea. It’s not like her mom could choose to let one kid move out amongst all those who stated a desire to go and THEN picked Zayne.

    She’s being unreasonable here. It’s not like she even wants what Zayne is getting! And it’s not like her family missed the opening night of her big show to go to Zayne’s unpaid gig, smh.

    But she wouldn’t be a proper teenager if she wasn’t considering SOMETHING a major injustice.

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    1. Well I think Charlie’s feelings go deeper than this one particular instance. She’s in a tough family situation, with multiple siblings to “compete” with for attention and two households to be shuffled back and forth between. I think it’s easy for kids in her shoes to feel like they’re lost in the shuffle and overlooked.

      I understand how she comes across as unreasonable here, and I’m sure she’s exaggerating the situation and making things worse than they actually are. But she’s genuinely hurting from this situation. It’s hard for her. And yes, as a typical teen, she must internalize it and make it worse than it probably is 😛

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      1. I hear you, but unless I missed it, we’ve got no examples of Joce (who I admit I sympathize with her motives and actions far beyond any other character) actually picking Zayne over her kids. At this point, isn’t it just a perception? Based on very real feelings obviously, but not supported by actual life events.

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        1. It is true that we really haven’t seen any examples of favoritism on her part, that is true! But we did skip over 10 years of their lives, so who knows what could have happened during that time?

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  12. I can understand where Charlie is coming from. I like hearing her thoughts and I do think Jocelyn overcompensated with Zayne out of guilt. Zayne, to me, seems the spoilt one and this is because everyone around him has over compensated from the death of his parents. I think it will do him good to be on his own for a bit. I’m really curious to see how he goes! I’d like to see a little bit more of Mark and Jocelyn’s interaction. I know you gave us a bit a couple of chapters ago, which was so sweet, but I guess I’m just being a bit selfish 🙂
    I think Charlie’s feelings are validated. I wonder if her other two sisters feel the same way or do they cope better with it?
    Great chapter!! As always I just love your screen shots!

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    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 I’ll try to show some more Joce and Mark later on 😛 (When Zayne is a YA they are gonna be shown more frequently too!)

      As for the situation in this chapter, I think you’re very right about Zayne being spoiled to overcompensate. And unfortunately Charlie has noticed!

      I don’t think Alex and Tony have the same perspective Charlie does. I think they roll with it a bit better than their sister.


  13. Poor Charlie. I can definitely see why she’d be bitter about this, even though moving out is not necessarily something she wants for herself. These kinds of things build up slowly over time (as we saw with Luc and Joce), and obviously once something “big” like this happens, it’s only intensified by all the little things before. I kind of hope she brings it up to Joce in a passing bitter comment for them to have a real conversation about it and clear the air, but… that obviously ain’t gonna happen in the Rosebrooke house 😂

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    1. Hahaha the odds of communication are definitely less when you are a member of this family tree 😂

      And yes, this is definitely something that’s been building. Charlie doesn’t usually think about these thoughts/feelings on a day-to-day basis… but this situation with Zayne has definitely brought them to the forefront of her mind!


    1. Charlie’s feelings go a lot deeper than Zayne moving out. She doesn’t even want to move out herself, it’s the principle of the thing. She’s lived most of her life feeling like Zayne (and Adam) gets all the attention while she is overlooked, and this situation has brought those feelings back.


        1. Yeah I guess personal experience can affect our perception of a situation. I feel like it’s a bit unfair to have zero sympathy for her but I get why you feel that way

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  14. Thank you so much for the compliment about my teens hahaha. I am a teacher (though my oldest students are 14/15, so a little younger than Charlie and Zayne) so I do spend a lot of time with youngsters. I try to use that to help when writing these sorts of things 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your own personal experience with your brother! I hope Charlie is able to have that sort of perspective one day 🙂 Right now it’s just a lot of hurt. Poor thing!

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    1. Yeah, a lot of what Charlie says in this chapter is definitely based on assumptions. Like you said, talking to Jocelyne about it would probably help… but three guesses whether or not she’ll actually do that… 😉

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  15. I totally get where Charlie is coming from. After all, it does look like Zayne got exactly what he wanted. And I understand the feeling of being shuffled back and forth.

    Wonder if she’ll ever talk to her mom about her feelings…

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    1. She may not have Jocelyne’s last name, but Charlie is still basically a Rosebrook… so the likelihood of her talking to her mom is not great… 😂 But we’ll see! 🙂

      I’m glad you understand her POV!

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  16. Oh, Charlie 😦
    I can sympathize with her. Struggling with divorced parents, and then feeling unwanted. Being in a big family, fighting for attention. It can’t be easy. Then seeing everything getting handed to Zayne (I mean his parents died, but like I guess he can’t cruise on that forever.)
    I just know Zayne is going to get into trouble. Charlie will probably then either bail him out or get dragged down with him. It’ll be interesting.

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